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  1. ChrisMetal86

    FREE! PER Fab5 1x10 CabPack - Eminence Ragin' Cajun

    Heck yes! The demos on this one sounded killer so can't wait to give these a whirl this weekend! It is supposed to be a rainy day Sunday, so I will try these out all day! Thanks PerChr, you are awesome sir!
  2. ChrisMetal86

    My NEW SLASH PATCH! (1976 Ibanez Les Paul Custom test) - MLSoundLab cab

    Sweet patch. When I make a Slash patch, I blend a couple IRs from Cabpack 7 & 8.. The Mesa Standard with V30s & Marshall (forget what model) with Greenbacks if I'm not mistaken. Can't remember exactly which ones and the settings in CabLab, but I used my ears and went back and forth for a while...
  3. ChrisMetal86

    Ownhammer vs ML Sound Lab IRs Test, who is better?

    I agree with this, the first example does not sound like the same speaker to me as well. I first listened with my phone's speaker and and it was pretty evident. Then listened through my studio monitors. It was even more evident in the monitors. However they all sounded great to me. OH & ML make...
  4. ChrisMetal86

    Yngwie Malmsteen - Arpeggios from Hell cover

    As always, your playing is top notch! Always enjoy your videos dude!
  5. ChrisMetal86

    Eminence Patriot Ragin' Cajun 10"

    Ah I see that now. I'm half asleep so forgive the blindness :confused: Will give these a run next weekend.
  6. ChrisMetal86

    Eminence Patriot Ragin' Cajun 10"

    Sweet, this is great news. I still use your RNDI Carvin Legacy captures pretty regular. These sound excellent as well! Thank you for your hard work! Is the bass pack still up? I recently started playing bass and would like to give those a go when I get a few free minutes next weekend.
  7. ChrisMetal86

    Eminence Patriot Ragin' Cajun 10"

    Wow that demo sounds insanely good! Would love to see a cabpack on this speaker. Have never had any experience, but your clip sounded super nice!
  8. ChrisMetal86

    Holiday Gift Ideas

    Finally had a chance to play bass for a few hours without interruptions. I was only able to play at bedroom volumes, but they sound killer for bass.
  9. ChrisMetal86

    Front ported monitors (Presonus E5) placed in the corner...

    I have those monitors and they are awesome! You can't beat them for the price and they sound great! I have my desk set in the corner and my monitors about 1-2 foot away from the walls. I leave them at default and they sound damn good! I also have my room treated with bass traps and acoustic...
  10. ChrisMetal86

    Soaring, Sustaining, Leads-a la Scorpions, Nightranger

    Man I love the Scorpions lead tones! They had some of the best of all time, and killer players to boot.
  11. ChrisMetal86

    Fractal Audio DRIVE models: Bit Crusher

    I remember going through the drives when I first got my XL and came across this one.. I was like WTF is that some kinda software glitch in the Axe? o_O
  12. ChrisMetal86

    So, the whole Klon thing

    Ah, the Klon.. I have never played one, but had a brief discussion with an artist who owns one. He was showing me some of his huge pedal collection in the studio and says to me, "Hey, have you ever tried a real Klon?" I was like, "Nope, but I hear tons of great things about them. What's the...
  13. ChrisMetal86

    Merry Christmas :0)

    Merry Christmas Larry, hope you and your family had a wonderful holiday!
  14. ChrisMetal86

    One killer dream album - Artists you'd like to see do a collaboration album

    So I was going through my catalog of music this morning at the office and thought, man how cool would it be to have some of these amazing musicians do a collaboration album together. I know some of them have worked with each other a few times, but I mean a full album with all of them working on...
  15. ChrisMetal86

    New FAS Video w. Larry Mitchell + Free Presets!

    Oh wow can't wait to try these out! Larry is an incredible musician! He's got some insane shred chops that can cross your eyes and make you fall out the chair backwards.. trust me I've seen it first had on a few occasions while he was testing the new AX8! Gonna download these tonight and give em...
  16. ChrisMetal86

    Holiday Gift Ideas

    I'm not sure just yet since I'm not a bass player. However, I ordered me a lower end Ibanez bass that should be here Thursday. It had great reviews and was very affordable, so I'll see how it works with the bass once it gets here. I know that when I play guitar through them or songs I've...
  17. ChrisMetal86

    Holiday Gift Ideas

    I have the eris E5 monitors and I they have been excellent since 2014 when I got them. I highly recommend them to everyone. For the price you can't beat them.
  18. ChrisMetal86

    Which Midi Keyboard would be best for me?

    Thanks for all the help guys, I went ahead and ordered the M-Audio 49 model :-)
  19. ChrisMetal86

    Which Midi Keyboard would be best for me?

    Yes that is what im referring to. I think I'll go ahead and order it tomorrow then, thanks Diego!
  20. ChrisMetal86

    Which Midi Keyboard would be best for me?

    I was looking at those earlier. My question is if the Piano is 73 keys, is the Midi keyboards range/position adjustable to use different areas of the virtual piano? I hope what I'm trying to say makes sense lol.
  21. ChrisMetal86

    Which Midi Keyboard would be best for me?

    So for Black Friday, I bought some more software for my DAW. Got the Nashville EZX and EZKeys Small Upright Piano stupid cheap! I'm looking for a Midi Keyboard to use with programming drums and possibly some Piano parts. I'm not really familiar with the Midi Keyboards, but the Point & Click...
  22. ChrisMetal86

    Fremen's Friedman BE and ML Brit Collection into Reaper

    Nice work dude, great tone and playing as always!
  23. ChrisMetal86

    Release of my Blues CD has finally happend

    Purchased first thing this morning, really enjoying listening to your work. Keep it up!
  24. ChrisMetal86

    Release of my Blues CD has finally happend

    Nice work Tony! Will be buying this tomorrow when I get paid! Always love hearing you playing man!
  25. ChrisMetal86

    Bug? MFC-101 MKII bug with Axe FX II XL w/ Q4.0???

    Thanks M@ for the reply. I feel a little stupid right now.. I never noticed this until the Q4.0 update because I always tune down a half step.. I'm wondering if I never noticed that until I changed tuning on the same day as the update because I think the flat symbol might have been in that blank...
  26. ChrisMetal86

    Let's talk about Drum Plug-ins baby...

    Shoot I'll check when I get back to my computer and see if it will let you.
  27. ChrisMetal86

    Mixing Advice - Snare Drum Saturation

    Thank you Justin! I really appreciate what you are doing with this. Reading over your blog since you first started posting it has helped me understand things so much better and has helped me get better at doing recordings and mixing/mastering. My only drawback is not enough time to do it...
  28. ChrisMetal86

    Let's talk about Drum Plug-ins baby...

    A lot of what I do is loops. But I also copy certain parts out of the loops and past them, then add onto that midi file to create my own beat. I also use the on screen midi keyboard inside of EZ Drummer 2 and program from scratch (which by the way is a pain in the ass because I am not very...
  29. ChrisMetal86

    Let's talk about Drum Plug-ins baby...

    Congrats on finding something you like! EZ Drummer 2 has been great so far for me with no complaints at all. I think you made a solid choice. It is very flexible IMO and there are tons midi files on the market for it to give you something to work with. You can also copy and paste certain parts...
  30. ChrisMetal86

    Bug? MFC-101 MKII bug with Axe FX II XL w/ Q4.0???

    So I did factory resets on both the MFC & XL. Reloaded the newest firmware. And still have the same issue with the tuner display being off. I guess it is time to open up a support ticket :-(
  31. ChrisMetal86

    Laptop for recording question

    I always wipe if it's a name branded preassembled purchase. The tech who does our network maintenance might build me one instead of me buying preassembled stuff. The specs I remember him talking to me about were along the lines of: 256GB SSD for the OS, programs, and plugins. 1 terabyte HDD...
  32. ChrisMetal86

    Let's talk about Drum Plug-ins baby...

    Yes there is a Humanize option in the EZDrummer 2. I agree that the Metal Machine is outstanding and I use it the most.
  33. ChrisMetal86

    Let's talk about Drum Plug-ins baby...

    I'm using EZDrummer 2 and it sounds pretty damn good to me. I'm not a wizard at programming drums, but I am getting better. I am not totally sure what the main differences in the SD and EZD programs are outside of SD having more flexibility in sound due to their samples being more raw and not...
  34. ChrisMetal86

    Laptop for recording question

    After browsing through this thread, it raises a few questions for me. I'm going to be upgrading my recording computer from my laptop to a desktop next month. My question is, will a desktop with 4.0ghz processor and 8 gigs of ram be sufficient? Maybe upgrade to 16 gigs of ram? I run reaper with a...
  35. ChrisMetal86

    Question for EZDrummer Users

    Thanks for this! They do have a sale going on right now that had just over 1 day left! I might have to try some of these out. Will give the samples a listen when I go on lunch break today.
  36. ChrisMetal86

    Bug? MFC-101 MKII bug with Axe FX II XL w/ Q4.0???

    Thanks for the help! I will give the software fixes a try this weekend when I am near my axe. Hopefully that will fix it. If not, then I will open a ticket. I might be able to before this weekend, but I'm very limited on time right now unfortunately.
  37. ChrisMetal86

    Bug? MFC-101 MKII bug with Axe FX II XL w/ Q4.0???

    I guess I will try all of those things this coming up weekend. Hopefully one of those things will fix it.
  38. ChrisMetal86

    Bug? MFC-101 MKII bug with Axe FX II XL w/ Q4.0???

    Here is the tuner issue. The gibberish hasn't popped up again, but if so I will upload a pic. This didn't happen until Q4.0
  39. ChrisMetal86

    Bug? MFC-101 MKII bug with Axe FX II XL w/ Q4.0???

    So I updated to Q4.0 last night. First thing I noticed was that when I used the tuner on the Axe, it shows up with some of the dots out of place something like this ......>E <....... like there is a gap in between the arrows and the note being tuned to. So the next thing I notice after...
  40. ChrisMetal86

    I hate iLOK

    Fixed that typo for you bud ;)
  41. ChrisMetal86

    I hate iLOK

    No kidding! I miss my Windows 7 :(
  42. ChrisMetal86

    I hate iLOK

    That was one of the things I have tried. It worked until I rebooted, then it stopped and restarting services did nothing until I wiped and reinstalled. I finally did a system restore to a date from 2 weeks ago. Then reinstalled and restarted service. Everything seems to be okay now. I had some...
  43. ChrisMetal86

    I hate iLOK

    Great now I'm having trouble with iLok! I updated to the newest version and it keeps telling me that a software component is missing. I've completely removed all things associated with iLok on my computer and did a clean reinstall. It keeps giving me the same message. I've tried everything I've...
  44. ChrisMetal86

    Suggestions for new studio gear.

    Ah yes, I forgot about that. I always set different drums that way for level balancing/compression/eq. I knew I was forgetting a few things without having my computer in front of me hahaha.
  45. ChrisMetal86

    Suggestions for new studio gear.

    Browse through your folders on the hard drive. There will be a dll file inside the superior drummer folders that needs to be moved to the plugins folder under the reaper folder. I'm not near my computer or I could screen shot it. After it has been moved, restart reaper, add a new track and...
  46. ChrisMetal86

    Marshall 1960AX, G12H anniversary and Greenback, Sennheiser MD441

    Thank you sir! I will give these a good run this weekend at the house if my elbow cooperates with me! (Tennis elbow in your picking hands arm kinda sucks :( )
  47. ChrisMetal86

    Marshall 1960AX, G12H anniversary and Greenback, Sennheiser MD441

    I don't recall seeing those posted unless I missed them somewhere.. Thank you for the hard work, I can't wait to give these a try this coming weekend. Also, I only see the SM57, e606, NT1, and Line Audio OM files, besides the mix & combo ones. Were the MD441 files named wrong?
  48. ChrisMetal86

    Why do you like Reaper?

    Pretty much what others have said.. cheap price, very customizable, powerful, works flawlessly with every plugin I've used with it, lots of tutorials on it available, and it works well. Plus the included tools are pretty decent right out the door.
  49. ChrisMetal86

    Suggestions for new studio gear.

    I would highly recommend Reaper. There are tons of VST plugins out there that work excellent with it as well. I run easy drummer 2.0 through it for drums and have no issues whatsoever. You did the most important thing already, treating the room for frequency build up and sound reflections. There...
  50. ChrisMetal86

    Marshall 1960 AX with Celestion G12H 70th anniversary speaker

    Awesome, can't wait to try these out aziz! I have been getting into more vintage style tones lately, so this should be fun! I have a custom built strat that will be finished in about 2-3 weeks (going in for clear coating today), so can't wait to use it with these IRs to see how they pair up!
  51. ChrisMetal86

    Studio One or Reaper or Pro Tools?

    I use REAPER as well. Frequent updates, completely customize everything I want in it, lots of really great tools out the door, every VST plugin I've tried has worked flawlessly, and it is pretty user friendly. There are tons of videos, tutorials, and topics on the REAPER forum and youtube. Plus...
  52. ChrisMetal86

    Random Guitar Player List

    Love this band! Their album does not have one song that does not fit together perfectly. Greg is one of my favorites and Megan's voice is incredible. Easily my favorite female vocalist! I believe it was you in previous thread about music who recommended me checking them out because I did not...
  53. ChrisMetal86

    Guitar pickups getting electronic noise that I can't pin down

    I feel your pain. My current home sits really close to a huge right of way, and not far up the line, there is a HUGE substation. So my house constantly has noise due to that. Other houses in my neighborhood that sit close to it have the same issues, however I'm the only guitar player in my...
  54. ChrisMetal86

    How can I reach a mod if none are online?

    I'm pretty sure posting intense political views will get the ball going too? If I'm not mistake, it is a political/religious free board ;-)
  55. ChrisMetal86

    Bonamassa's Dumble

    Yes, Steven is a good guitar player. I've seen pics of some of his collection a few years ago and it was quite nice. First time I saw an album with him on it, I was like what a funny photoshop.. but then I found some of his music and it wasn't too bad. Hes actually a pretty good soft blues player.
  56. ChrisMetal86

    Electro-Voice ZXA1 monitor

    The bass response is pretty good, never felt the need to use a sub with them. Then again my guitar tones aren't super bass heavy either. Of course it won't carry the bass as well as a 12" monitor, but for guitar I find it to serve me perfect.
  57. ChrisMetal86

    Electro-Voice ZXA1 monitor

    I have a pair of them and like them a lot. They sound just fine to me. They are pretty powerful and get loud for their size. The best part is they are roughly 20 Lbs which makes them super portable.
  58. ChrisMetal86

    Designing tones with recording in mind?

    I tend to record with reverbs and delays on in my axe. I know some people swear against it and add them after the fact. However on drums, I add some reverb in Reaper DAW if the drums need it. I don't have many Reverb or Delay plugins to experiment with, so that is why I use the Axe's reverbs and...
  59. ChrisMetal86

    Designing tones with recording in mind?

    Always use inspiring tones! Just sometimes what sounds super killer in the room while jamming, does not sound good in the mix, so I have to adjust accordingly. A lot of times, my tones I use to just play and write in the room will be too dark in the mix, so I have to brighten things up to get it...
  60. ChrisMetal86

    Designing tones with recording in mind?

    If I am recording, I tend to build my guitar tones to fit the mix. I like to have everything going into the recording shaped to fill the right spot of the mix so that there is very minimal EQ and compression going on, and mostly adjusting levels to balance everything. I'm new to recording, so...
  61. ChrisMetal86

    Your room is shit. Fix your room.

    I ordered from Next Acoustics (formerly Auralex if not mistaken). I got 8 bass traps, and 48 of the 24"x12"x2" soundtrax panels. The difference was night and day. I think i spent somewhere around $300 or less.
  62. ChrisMetal86

    Your room is shit. Fix your room.

    Get you a dehumidifier. They work wonders and are only a couple hundred bucks for a good one. I have one in my house because I live in the south, and even though my heating and cooling system has one built in, the extreme humidity here sucks. My dehumidifier made a world of difference in the air...
  63. ChrisMetal86

    Your room is shit. Fix your room.

    Room treatment is very much needed if you record/mix. My whole house is tiled floors and hardwood walls, so the echo and frequency buildup was causing ear fatigue really bad. I did some research and ended up putting a placement rug in the room to help with the tile floor reflecting sounds. Then...
  64. ChrisMetal86

    So, about those factory presets...

    None of the previous factory presets ever did anything for me. I will give these a shot next weekend and see how they are.
  65. ChrisMetal86

    For those about to headbang

    This made me LOLOLOL
  66. ChrisMetal86

    Big wave of buyer's remorse.....help calm me down.

    I had buyer's remorse when I first got my XL, but it was because the factory presets were just horrible in my opinion. They were nothing like the clips and videos I had watched before buying. It took me a couple of days to start out tweaking my own presets from scratch and surfing the incredibly...
  67. ChrisMetal86

    Neal Schon's pedalboard and MFC-101

    I was just about to say the same thing lol :tearsofjoy: Def one of my favorites as well.
  68. ChrisMetal86

    Fractal Audio AMP Models: PDF Guide

    Wow, thanks for all the hardwork! This was crazy informative.
  69. ChrisMetal86

    'The Secret to Steve Vai's sound' (new article)

    The Bogner Ecstacy model ;)
  70. ChrisMetal86

    SRV Number One

    I'd imagine you will need to lube up before ordering from the custom shop because I'm sure you will get reamed lol
  71. ChrisMetal86

    No new firmware in May.

    Cliff will drop in, stir the pot, and walk away for a bit.. or thats usually how it goes haha
  72. ChrisMetal86

    How do you setup your guitar's whammy bar?

    I only play Mann Made USA trems. All of my guitars are custom made and the trem cavity has a recess on them so the trems are set up for floating. I get damn near the same range on both dives and raises as a Floyd Rose trem, but none of the hassle of setting up and locking it all down. The Mann...
  73. ChrisMetal86

    HSS Pickup Suggestions Sought

    Another vote for the DiMarzio PAF 36th Anniversary. It also splits nicely for single coil-ish sounds as well.
  74. ChrisMetal86

    New YouTube channel and my first mix tutorial video!

    Welcome Jon! Keep up the awesome work bro.
  75. ChrisMetal86

    New YouTube channel and my first mix tutorial video!

    Gonna have to subscribe when I get home. Your mixes are some of the best I've ever heard.. swallows most big time studio guys IMHO ;)
  76. ChrisMetal86

    Legato Etude from Hell :)

    I just quit guitar after this one... anyone interested in some nice guitars and some fractal stuff? :tearsofjoy: Awesome playing dude! Very impressive for sure!
  77. ChrisMetal86

    Anyone Else Toss Gear in Garbage?

    Usually, if I can't use it anymore or I can't sell it, I end up giving it away to friends who might find some kind of use from it. It is usually things like pedals, pickups, other guitar electronics. Years ago I went through so many phases of trying all kind of pots, caps, pickups, etc.. so I...
  78. ChrisMetal86

    Gate help please!

    Indeed. But that lil box is nothing! The substation right up the line from me is about 100 yards x 100 yards in size and it's only a couple hundred yards up the right of way from me. Those huge transmission lines carry the noise too. Sucks but it is what it is. The further away I play from them...
  79. ChrisMetal86

    Gate help please!

    All great tips, as I stated above with my situation, I've determined that the interference is coming from the huge right of way beside my house. The determining factor was moving to another room temporarily and trying my gear in other homes in my neighborhood. The other homes I tried that were...
  80. ChrisMetal86

    Gate help please!

    I feel your pain with the buzz and noise issue. My current home sits right beside a 150ft tall cross country line with smaller ones all under it on the same right of way.. my music room is literally 40ft from the right of way. The farther I move through my house away from it, the less the noise...
  81. ChrisMetal86

    Happy Birthday Matt Picone!!!

    Happy Birthday Matt!
  82. ChrisMetal86

    John Petrucci fans pay attention!

    What about the rest of the packs like 8,9,16?
  83. ChrisMetal86

    John Petrucci fans pay attention!

    If the packs have been converted to Ultra Rez 2.0 and you own the original packs, do we get to redownload them so we can have the 2.0?
  84. ChrisMetal86

    Axe-Fx II Quantum 3.02 Firmware Release (3.01 We Hardly New Ye)

    I stand corrected! I was close right? lol
  85. ChrisMetal86

    Axe-Fx II Quantum 3.02 Firmware Release (3.01 We Hardly New Ye)

    Wow, I am still on beta 3.02 or whatever I updated to a couple days ago.. 3 firmware updates since then! That is what real customer service is all about! Thanks Cliff, I will be updating tonight if I get home in time.
  86. ChrisMetal86

    Output settings... throubleshooting

    I was just about to post something similar and ask if he had check the output levels in the preset to see if output1 was set to zero. If anything, maybe a factory reset then check to see if it is still silent.
  87. ChrisMetal86

    Bug? Name timeout issue on the MFC Q2.04

    Man that has to be a big bummer.. Since I updated to Q3.2 beta (haven't had time to get on official Q3) I haven't had the first name timeout as of yet (fingers crossed). You might be better off to update to Q3.
  88. ChrisMetal86

    Axe-Fx II Quantum Rev 3.00 Public Beta 2

    Couldn't wait til the weekend so I updated to Q3.2 beta last night around 9PM.. when my hands stared getting tired, I looked at my phone to see what time it was.. It was 3:06AM! Ugh it was hard getting back up at 5AM this morning to start my day haha. Played all those hours and not one "Name...
  89. ChrisMetal86

    RIP Prince...

    Man this year has been so brutal to the artists we all love and respect :(
  90. ChrisMetal86

    Do Pro Users Record the Axe-Fx through a mic pre?

    I'm nowhere near pro, but I always use USB because its simple and straight forward with the best quality.
  91. ChrisMetal86

    Welcome JOE SATRIANI to the Fractal Audio Systems artist roster!

    Won't be long until Bonamassa & Timmons see the light... I hope lol
  92. ChrisMetal86

    Multiband compression

    This is what I'm wondering too. This was really cool to share these settings because I've never used the compressors much.
  93. ChrisMetal86

    ML Dizzy Preset-Cab Bundles

    A few of those riffs make me wonder if you even tighten your strings bro? :-p sounds good though ;-). I'm not as familiar with the D style cabs, so def something different than what I'm use too (Mesa & Bogner). Would like to hear some not so low tuned demos as well kind sir :) Not to get off...
  94. ChrisMetal86

    Wah help - it changes the sound

    Sounds like you have the percentage for it to engage set wrong and even though it is supposed to be bypassed, it is engaging because the position to engage percentage is not set properly. You have to set engage to a certain percentage so that when you start moving the pedal, it will engage...
  95. ChrisMetal86

    Axe-Fx II Quantum Rev 3.00 Public Beta 2

    Hmmm more interesting facts about amps and how Cliff is dedicated to accuracy in his modeling :)
  96. ChrisMetal86

    My new favorite Marshall cab! (OH MAR mode four and Q3.00 rock tones)

    Nice! Never played a Mode Four, but from what I understand they can handle tons of power pushed into them. Always heard great things from the people who actually owned them. Its def an underrated cab.
  97. ChrisMetal86

    Axe-Fx II Quantum Rev 3.00 Public Beta 2

    Awesome! Even though I rarely load beta firmware, I might have to update tonight after work then because of the name timeout on Q2.04.
  98. ChrisMetal86

    Axe-Fx II Quantum Rev 3.00 Public Beta 2

    Does this one fix the name timeout issue between the MFC and Axe?
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