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  1. Saabmugen

    Demo song of AxefxII with and Analog overdrive pedal

    Hi All, This is a demo song i recorded using the AXEFX with the AMT Electronics Heater Overdrive pedal in the loop. I think it works very well. Do let me know what you think :)
  2. Saabmugen

    Helix Short Demo Song

    Hi All, Recorded this song using the Line 6 Helix. All effects are from the Helix itself. I have used no processing from the DAW whatsoever nor have i used any IRs. All stock factory cabs. So as to make this sort of an unofficial but authentic demo of the unit. The comparison heat...
  3. Saabmugen

    My entry to the Kiesel Solo Contest

    Hi All, This is my entry to the Kiesel Guitars Solo contest. Used standard factory amp sims on this one. This is immediately after the Quantum 4 upgrade. Hope you like it :)
  4. Saabmugen

    Pick Shootout!

    Hi All, Here is the link to a pick shootout video i did comparing the Dunlop JazzIII, Ibanez PG signature and Redbear Big Jazzer Picks. Do drop in what you think about these picks and which sounded better to you. Enjoy!!!
  5. Saabmugen

    Nili Brosh Solo contest entry

    Hi All, This is my entry to the contest hope you like it .
  6. Saabmugen

    Please Play Djently!!!

    Hi All, This is my solo for a Djent style track i had done for a friend. Hope you like it!!!
  7. Saabmugen

    Triggering Preset, X,Y, Effects on-off changes through Cubase

    Hi All, I would like to know if there are any videos, writeups or tutorials on how to trigger Preset, X/Y, Scene,Effects on/off etc. changes on my AXEFX through Cubase that i am using for recording. So during the mixing process or playing live with tracks, it would be very...
  8. Saabmugen

    Charvel GG Vs Tom Anderson Clean tone Shootout

    Hi all, This is a clean tone shootout between the two. Used my wonderful. Axe clean Patch. Using the Citrous Clean amp on this one.
  9. Saabmugen

    Charvel GG vs Tom Anderson Angel Shootout-The Crying Machine

    Hi All, Did a Charvel GG vs Tom Anderson Angel Shootout. So played Steve Vai's 'The Crying Machine'.
  10. Saabmugen

    Monster Arpeggio Tap Etude

    Hi All, These are the most extreme tap arps i came up with. So made it like a short etude.
  11. Saabmugen

    Intense Metal Solo!!!

    Hi All, Just came across this #Solocontest2016 competition on on Facebook but it was too late by then and the entry submission date was over. The track however was awesome so thought i'll compose something over this. Used the AxefxII XL+ and Suhr Custom 7 on this one. Hope you enjoy!!
  12. Saabmugen

    Tuning Offsets template

    Hi Guys, I just got a Tom Anderson Angel! This guitar uses a Buzz Feiten tuning system. So i was just wondering if it is possible to load the tuning offsets for the Buzz Feiten and save it as a template?? This way i can recall the template whenever i use the Angel. Thanks a...
  13. Saabmugen

    My entry to the Strandberg Guitar solo contest.

    Hi Guys, Below us my entry to the Jamtrack Strandberg contest. I decided to go melodious and play some 7 string chords for this one. Do click the thumbs up if u like it https://jamtrackcentral.com/contests/strandberg/entry/108/ Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  14. Saabmugen

    My first recording using the recently aquired AXEFXII XL+

    Hi All, This is a quick and short demo of my Hi-gain preset on the AxefxII XL+ that i got recently. Used my Suhr Custom 7 Stringer on this one. Hope you like it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xfmZEPzEHMY Cheers :)
  15. Saabmugen

    Reamping issue with Preset

    Hi Guys, I ran into a little issue with a basic preset that i had created. For some reason this Higain preset when reamped via USB, outputs massively distorted gibberish!! No clue why. Does not happen with other presets. Any help will be most appreciated. Below is the Axe-Change...
  16. Saabmugen

    Using Boss GT-100 as MIDI Controler-Nos sound in AXEFX after 5 mins

    Hi Guys, I got an AXEFXII XL+ recently. Was just trying to get my GT-100 to work as a basic MIDI foot controller. I got the expression pedal to work for a Wah in one of my patches but there is a problem. After about 5 mins of use, i get no sound from the AXEFX. I have to...
  17. Saabmugen

    Crackling Sound Via USB, CPU overload and Laney equivalent Amp

    Hi Guys, Just got my AxeFXII XL+ earlier this month and upgraded it to the Ver 18.12. I am not going to talk about how awesome this unit is as everyone already knows. Just had a couple of well, should we say hiccups. Hope you all can help me out with it.;) 1. When connected...
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