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  1. guitarded

    Meteor Shower!!! Orinoids!!!

  2. guitarded

    Meteor Shower!!! Whoo Hoo!!!

  3. guitarded

    RIP Chuck Yeager!

  4. guitarded

    December Meteor Shower!!

  5. guitarded

    Meteor Shower coming soon

    https://www.amsmeteors.org/meteor-showers/meteor-shower-calendar/#Perseids One of the best of the year...
  6. guitarded

    Drum Machine question... Possible Alesis SR 16

    Does the Alesis sr 16, or any other cheap drum machine do this?... Can you program different beats onto the 12 pads, then play them back live in any order by pressing the different pad... leeme try to explain. I DON'T want to sequence the parts into a song and then just play the song. I don't...
  7. guitarded

    December Meteor Shower!!!!

  8. guitarded

    Help Identifying this song (Religious Content)

    First: To the MODs, I'm not trying to get away with something here ;) if you feel this breaking the rules, I apologize and please feel free to delete this post with my blessings. Second: I AM NOT looking for, NOR will I engage in a religious debate... I'm just trying to find this dang song...
  9. guitarded

    Meteor Shower... Perseids!! this month

    https://in-the-sky.org/news.php?id=20180813_10_100 Excellent family time!!
  10. guitarded

    R.I.P. R Lee Ermey

  11. guitarded

    RIP John Mahoney

  12. guitarded

    commercial jingles??

    I don't why, but I am always interested in the music going on in commercials... even when it is totally background filler. I appreciate that talent. Has anyone one here composed, or been involved in anything that might be recognizable? Hope this is not out of line in any way... I am just curious.
  13. guitarded

    RIP Jerry Lewis :(

  14. guitarded

    2017 Solar Eclipse 8-21

    Wooo Hooo!! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solar_eclipse_of_August_21,_2017
  15. guitarded

    Meteor Shower... SOON!!! ;)

    https://stardate.org/nightsky/meteors Keep an eye on these... It's sad but the big one in August looks like it might be ruined by a bright moon :mad: Still some viewing options... just puts you up quite late (or up quite early) Anywho... just an early FYI
  16. guitarded

    How'd I miss this?? Chuck Barris Died this year... March 21

    Host of the original Gong Show!!! What an eclectic show it was... Barris had the most onstage energy of any host ever!!!
  17. guitarded

    Did the praise and worship forum die?

    I know several people on here are members there also...
  18. guitarded

    MF deal of the day. Pigtronix fat drive...

    IF you need one.. .this is a good time to get one... http://www.musiciansfriend.com/stupid?src=3TP7EAA&mscr=2075720_40022
  19. guitarded

    MF has a decent deal of the day.

    If you need this kind of thingy.... ;) http://www.musiciansfriend.com/stupid?src=3TP7DCA&mscr=2073723_35849
  20. guitarded

    RIP John Glenn

    Not sure if this was posted yet... I just found out! :( http://www.breitbart.com/news/john-glenn-the-1st-american-to-orbit-earth-dies-at-age-95/ One of my personal heroes!! Last of the original Mercury 7
  21. guitarded

    Space Station/Satellite Tracking!!

    For those interested in this kind of thing... Go the Web sight, input your zip and change the drop down to ISS or whichever satellite you want to see, but the ISS is by far the brightest and easiest to see, and it will give you visible traverse time across your local sky. It is pretty cool that...
  22. guitarded

    Another cool J.T. guitar lesson from the master

  23. guitarded

    MF has a decent deal of the day.

    http://www.musiciansfriend.com/stupid?src=3TP6KSE&mscr=2060860_53039 This is by no means a top of the line speaker... but would prolly make a great vocal monitor.
  24. guitarded

    Meteor Shower... "OUTBURST" Perseids!!

    This year is supposed to be superb according to NASA... http://www.space.com/32868-perseid-meteor-shower-guide.html
  25. guitarded

    Upcoming 4th-Be Safe!

    This IS NOT a political or religions thread... Just want to give a word of wisdom. The upcoming independence day is a "prime" time for terrorist activity... Large crowds, in the dark, lots of noise, and distracted people, looking up at fireworks! Just be safe and take notice of your...
  26. guitarded

    MF has a decent deal of the day.

    http://www.musiciansfriend.com/stupid?src=3TP6CFE Don't know anything about it... but a poly tuner under 30 bucks seems kewl.
  27. guitarded


  28. guitarded

    Meteor Shower... SOON!!! ;)

    The Geminids are considered to be one of the more spectacular meteor shower during a year, with the possibility of sighting around 120 meteors per hour at its peak. From the web... 2015 Geminids meteor shower In 2015, the Geminids will peak between December 13 and 14. A waxing crescent Moon...
  29. guitarded

    Meteor shower tonight!

    From Earth-sky: Late night November 17 until dawn November 18, 2015, the Leonids Radiating from the constellation Leo the Lion, the famous Leonid meteor shower has produced some of the greatest meteor storms in history – at least one in living memory, 1966 – with rates as high as thousands of...
  30. guitarded

    Meteor Shower coming up!

    The Perseids! Below is a clipping from the Washington Post! Looks like August 12-13th will be the peak! Get some lawn chairs and some bug spray and enjoy the free show! Get as far away from city lights as possible! Provided we get clear, cloudless night skies, the annual Perseids...
  31. guitarded

    RIP Saruman!!

    Sir Christopher Lee dies at 93 - latest reaction and tributes - Telegraph
  32. guitarded

    Any Traynor love on the forum???

    I got this custom valve 40 several weeks ago... The clean channel is friggin awesome!! I don't really care for the drive channel tho... at all so far! But to be fair I also haven't used it but once or twice and only for a few minutes, then it was back to the clean!! Overlook the rough pedal...
  33. guitarded

    FRIDAY 13TH NE1 superstitious?

    I am not! In fact I got married on Friday 13th over 20 years ago! :0
  34. guitarded

    Meteor Shower (THE Meteor Shower!!!)

    [from a website] The spectacular Geminid Meteor shower hits peak activity this weekend. Though competing with some unfortunate moonlight, the shower still should make for a must-see astronomical event. While moonlight will somewhat hinder this year's Geminid meteor shower, intrepid...
  35. guitarded

    Meteor Shower Tonight

    Just an FYI: North Taurids Tonight … meteor forecasters are calling for November 11-12 to be the peak night of the North Taurid meteor shower. On a moonless night, this shower is usually best viewed for several hours, centered around midnight or 1 a.m. However, in 2014, it might be more...
  36. guitarded

    Meteor Shower Oct. 20/21

    The Orionid meteor shower is next, and this is an excellent year for this shower, because there will be only a slim crescent moon in the sky during the shower’s peak hours. These meteors stem from the most famous of all comets, Comet Halley. They’ll become visible in their greatest numbers on...
  37. guitarded

    Guitar humor to start the day!

    sorry if it has been posted already... this is the first I have seen of it.
  38. guitarded

    Lyrids Meteor Shower Tonight 4/22

    Don't think it is considered a major one, but it has been known to surprise occasionally. http://earthsky.org/astronomy-essentials/earthskys-meteor-shower-guide?gclid=CJzH_9aH9L0CFQIT7AodZEkA6g#lyrids
  39. guitarded

    EASTER Sunday Song List?

    I don't have one together yet but was goona see if I could get some good Ideas. Will prolly do "God is alive" by: Fee for one. ...and that's all i got so far :( anywho... just curious.
  40. guitarded

    Draconid Meteor Shower

    Draconid Meteor Shower Peaks Monday Night -- October 7 2013 | PlanetSave sorry for the late heads up ;)
  41. guitarded

    Meteor Shower next few nights

    The Delta-Aquarids should begin flying soon! EarthSky's meteor shower guide for 2013 | Astronomy Essentials | EarthSky
  42. guitarded

    Axe Wraps or Guitar Skins anyone using them?

    https://www.axewraps.com/wraps/ Was wondering if the held up good and was easy to apply if anyone has used them? I liked some of the nature ones.
  43. guitarded

    old standard you hated to play!!!

    when i was in a band... playing bass... I HATED having to play "Old Time Rock n Roll" It was on the list almost every gig! MAN did I grow to hate that song... wont listen to it to this day!
  44. guitarded

    Latest Worship Songs?

    Hey all. I know lots of you are on worship teams. just looking for some ideas on what songs you may have recently added or even some old ones that seem to go well with the congregation. I like seeing these posted from time to time, so i hope others do too ;) I'll start... most of these are...
  45. guitarded


    Victor Wooten will be at Guitar Center in Memphis TN this weekend. *edit January 12, 2013* Starts @ 1:00 I am really hoping to be off work so I can go. You don't have to be a bass player to enjoy Vic. He will blow your mind! You Tube if you don't know who he is... also look up Bela Fleck and the...
  46. guitarded

    12/21/12 THE END IS NEAR!!!!

  47. guitarded

    zoom g3, any users/triers on here?

    was wondering what your thoughts are on it... mostly as an effect only kinda thing. no amp or distortion modeling. I plan to put it in front of the amp after a couple of OD pedals and use it for delay and modulation. thanks!
  48. guitarded

    Hard day at the office!

    Work is a little slow... this is what most of my day will be!
  49. guitarded

    August Meteor Shower !!

    According to the Boston Globe, 2012 will mark a particularly stellar year for viewing the Perseid meteor shower, as the Earth is expected to encounter the "core" of the Perseid swarm, where meteoroid concentration is densest, on Aug. 12. Meteorologist David Epstein said, "Saturday and...
  50. guitarded

    James Taylor Guitar Lessons- Pretty Kewl!

    Guitar Lessons - JamesTaylor.com If you are a James Taylor fan and didn't know about this... just passing it along
  51. guitarded

    meteor shower tonight!!

    April Meteor Shower be sure to catch it. evevn though it is one of minor ones it should still be wort the effort
  52. guitarded

    Line 6 support

    I know they have taken a beating at times, and maybe rightly so, but I just called and got excellent CS. My HD500 Power Supply is starting to crap out... at least I think so. I called and was expecting to have to jump through hoops. I sat on hold for 15-20 minutes or so but when i finally got...
  53. guitarded

    Link color in a thread

    Was wondering if it would be possible to make the links in a thread pop out a little more? Maybe either changing the color or bolden the font? I never noticed it before today but as I was reading a pretty long thread I passed a few links and thought I would come back and check them after I...
  54. guitarded

    Axe Sighting Steve Vai

    short clip. This may have been posted already... just passing it along. Looks like a big gig... tons of equipment on stage. It is tagged as a demo for the Zoom Q3 HD. EDIT: Also appears to be playing through the stage monitors as the sound changes quite a lot as the camera moves closer to him...
  55. guitarded

    What String Gauge do you use on electric (strat)

    I have been using 9s for as long as I have been playing, mostly because I am a weenie, but have lately been trying to get a good Lincoln Brewster tone, namely… LB Sample.wav - File Shared from Box.net - Free Online File Storage , but have had trouble getting a good balance between the lows...
  56. guitarded

    ? for Tech21 Liverpool Pedal owners

    I know a few people own these… I was wondering if someone could comment on how well they handle having a drive pedal in front of them? I suppose all the character series “work” the same way, so anyone who owns any of them… I would appreciate your insight.8)
  57. guitarded

    If you have time to help I would appreciate it ;-) ...

    My son and his wife entered their son (my grandson) in a local contest. If you have time to vote, you can go onto facebook and "like" his photo. I'm not sure how it works... (my wife did my voting for me, I am not too facebook savvy) BUT... I think you have to go here and "like" the main page...
  58. guitarded

    Switch 1/2 (none Axe related) Question

    this has possibly been covered before... if so please forgive and point me the right direction... This is what I am trying to do... I Have the FCB w/Uno I also have an old Lake Butler MFC-10(? I think ?) I want to use the lake butler unit to control the FCBs latching footswitches to change...
  59. guitarded

    Waaka-Waaka Wah groove on my new 4 track

    http://kevinandmelba.com/Wah.mp3 Just some horsing around...please don't flame too badly, I am not too good at recording...
  60. guitarded

    BB preamp by xotic

    I am somewhat new to the forum so if I am going about this wrong, please forgive... I would really like to see a model of the BB preamp...I think it would be a great enhancement to the unit. Plus I think it would be different enough from the other drives to warrent adding. do a search on youtube...
  61. guitarded

    Vernon Reid

    does anyone have a Vernon Reid patch uploaded I am thinking along the lines of "Cult Of Personality" and also one for the intro to "Open Letter To A Landlord" the glassy clean sound.
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