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  1. solo-act

    Announcing the New FM9 Amp Modeler/FX Processor

    Thanks. That's a bummer. I've been out of the upgrade cycle since the II. I'll spare everyone the details, but basically my needs are either a new 2-rack unit or a more powerful floor unit superior to the axe II feature set that can fit in a rack. Unless I'm mistaken, neither have happened...
  2. solo-act

    Announcing the New FM9 Amp Modeler/FX Processor

    That’s a given. They had all preamps and conversion on stage and it stayed digital until it got inside the speaker cabs. Probably standard now but pretty cool 12 years ago.
  3. solo-act

    Announcing the New FM9 Amp Modeler/FX Processor

    Do any of the demo videos show whether it’ll fit into a rack (or not?) I was told earlier it’s too wide. It’s less than 4” high. Sounds like it might fit a low profile rack drawer. That lets a user control it remotely live and make tweaks, but then pull it for detailed dialing in a studio…or...
  4. solo-act

    Announcing the New FM9 Amp Modeler/FX Processor

    With digital taking over live boards, and with the AFX doing great conversion already, why do another conversion at the board? I’ve been using AFX AES ever since I went to a digital board. About a decade I think. I had a chance once to chat with Sting’s sound man just before Sting went on. He...
  5. solo-act

    Announcing the New FM9 Amp Modeler/FX Processor

    Exciting news. Sounds like it's wider than a standard rack. Are end caps removable so it can mount on a rack shelf?
  6. solo-act

    Favorite Coffee

    1/2 Kona Cofee, 1/2 Dunkin Donuts coffee
  7. solo-act

    RIP Charlie Watts

    Keith is actually a giga-tardigrade - very rare: they sacrifice 2 limbs and a couple thousand years life span to achieve their massive size, but they gain an added advantage of being able to metabolize - almost exclusively - all variations of alcohol and a number of drugs without any significant...
  8. solo-act

    RIP Charlie Watts

    major bummer...but what a life he had!!
  9. solo-act

    Any EBMM owners?

    After a little looking around, the Cutlass appears to be voiced closer to 60's vintage. Any owners with Cutlass HSS / Strat HSS comparisons are welcome to chime in.
  10. solo-act

    Any EBMM owners?

    Thanks - can't remember which video but I think the Silhouette is the one with the 60's voicing. I could be wrong though.
  11. solo-act

    Any EBMM owners?

    Lazy guy’s question: is there an EBMM superstrat with 60’s voiced not-silent singles, 70’s PAF bucker, roasted maple, alder, floating bridge, that actually sounds like a vintage strat but with advantage of the MM neck/playability? I glanced through the catalog, too many model names and too many...
  12. solo-act

    PSA - Check your guitar tone knob...

    Having volume a “pinky away” on my strat style guitar is very convenient and it forces me to rein in the right hand so I’m not flailing too much. Because volume is so close to the bridge pickup, I can align the knob with the height adjustment screw so the screw acts as the number indicator. I...
  13. solo-act

    Replaced gig dolly casters: surprisingly satisfying

    I doubt it. This thing is ancient. It’s all steel with every feature possible. It even has extension bars welded at either end for hanging clothes bags (very handy BTW). 70lbs easy. It’s kept me in shape over the years. If had the $$$ I’d have an aluminum version. The magliner equivalent is...
  14. solo-act

    Replaced gig dolly casters: surprisingly satisfying

    I pounded the hell out of these for over 20 years, and my dolly had already lived life as an airport dolly for who knows how many years. Went to buy front wheels locally, but on closer inspection these were frikken industrial grade. After some internet searching, turns out the same company is...
  15. solo-act

    Damn I miss the 90s

    Yea -- Sammy wasn't warmed up on Dreams. They should've done The Who first. The high note scream in The Who is the same note as the highest MELODY note of Dreams. It's not enough Sammy is super human -- in Dreams he had to sing repeatedly just below a note he would usually scream, and then he...
  16. solo-act

    Anyone sell all their tube amps?

  17. solo-act

    Mohini Day Countdown

    Also a video which blows out the whole day-job-band drummer argument that they can't play at a lower volume -- LOL -- look how close his sticks are to the practice pad.
  18. solo-act

    Mohini Day Countdown

    OK...I had to look it up. It's made in Poland. She's playing the Mayones Comodous Classic and her own signature version. Bass sounds like "modern-Jaco"vibe to me, thus the clear 5th string. Here's her YT page https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzce8f7aBRRhha2i5OMJadA I thought Mayones rang a...
  19. solo-act

    Mohini Day Countdown

    What bass is that? Usually the 5th string sounds like mud.
  20. solo-act

    Movie Review: Tenet

    Trust me when I say it's not a boo. The big reveal that we jacked up planet and the future had to turn back is actually mumbled in passing and VERY easy to miss. Everything that happens, happens as a reaction to that. Without that premise in your mind, you'll get lost...just like all the...
  21. solo-act

    Movie Review: Tenet

    Actually...that map is a great visualization of where & when characters move back in time, where they go and what they do. Also shows how fast everything gets F'ed up and complicated if you do that.
  22. solo-act

    Movie Review: Tenet

    LOL on the reviews. That said, I like the core concept that if the ability to reverse entropy / flow of time existed in the future, and we'd jacked up the planet so bad that civilization would eventually have no choice but to reverse entropy of the planet, what are the implications of that, and...
  23. solo-act

    Wireless System from Guitar to FM3

    I tried the 2.4ghz systems from line6 and Shure (GLXD16) and had to ditch them -- not consistent enough signal or range in crowded wifi environments. If you want lower cost, consistent and reliable, I recommend a used Shure SLX4. If you want minimal compromises at higher cost, you can find a...
  24. solo-act

    Got a newsletter from an amplifier manufacturer today... Clearly they haven't tried Cygnus! Lol!

    Thanks - I perform for a living, but my writing effort is mostly consumed by another project I'm doing. If successful, it could be amazing. If curious, shoot me a PM and I can send some info.
  25. solo-act

    Got a newsletter from an amplifier manufacturer today... Clearly they haven't tried Cygnus! Lol!

    BadCat makes some awesome amps. For them and many other builders, it’s a labor of love for a device that is kind of wondrous to behold, thus the somewhat humorous, gushing and not completely accurate love letter. Typical of any love letter if you ask me LOL. That said, IMO Cliff shares that...
  26. solo-act

    This will be odd.

    or...put another way...
  27. solo-act

    Acoustic Players Using Drum Loops Live

    LOL...and a solo act able to read & work the crowd and make a steady transition from mellow acoustic to party music with electric and tracks. It still amazes me how many solo acts don't, won't or can't do that.
  28. solo-act

    Acoustic Players Using Drum Loops Live

    ...and how that context changes during the gig. I had a corporate gig where they wanted me to sing outside the big tent where everyone was boozing and eating. They wanted me singing campfire songs by some stupid little fire pit, and a fake one at that, with a blowing-cloth flame machine inside...
  29. solo-act

    Acoustic Players Using Drum Loops Live

    FYI to OP, I do an all-of-the-above approach singing most of the time with only a couple instrumental: acoustic-only no looping, acoustic with looping, acoustic with tracks, and electric with tracks. I do that at nearly every gig, and the audience calls the show from the request list (which...
  30. solo-act

    Acoustic Players Using Drum Loops Live

    Worse. Cheesy = ignored, with or without a drum machine, but definitely more likely with a handful-of-patterns drum machine
  31. solo-act

    Acoustic Players Using Drum Loops Live

    IMO, drum machines with patterns are really cheesy especially after the audience has heard your library of patterns over and over and over. It’s a great way to get ignored. I wanted drums so I bought pads & sticks & sound module, learned actual drum parts for songs, played / recorded /...
  32. solo-act

    Rituals before you play live?

    Typical stuff. Rituals after meeting venue/event management and setting up: verify my footswitch has control of mixing board mutes and vocal fx channel sliders and backing tracks and sending midi to axe-fx; verify all software is seeing the audio interface; meet audience and connect with them as...
  33. solo-act

    Looper / Backing Track solutions

    With Ableton live and a massively programmable midi foot switch, you can build a looper with 3 different song sections/loop types, ability to add / remove layered recordings on each section/loop, ability to solo, add effects, etc. Problem is majority of typical audiences don't want to sit...
  34. solo-act

    SetList (Lack Of) Frustration

    I got around Fractal limitations and setlist management by abandoning the whole concept. The only thing I manage is one list of every song I know. In my foot switch each song is assigned a bank, and each bank is assigned a 3-digit number. I tap the 3 switches for that bank #, and the bank...
  35. solo-act

    NBD - Dingwall NG3 6-string!

    The perfect answer from anyone except a bass player, especially a guitar player - LOL
  36. solo-act

    NBD - Dingwall NG3 6-string!

    Doesn't look like it'll sound anything like a jazz or precision. If not, what does it sound like?
  37. solo-act

    Wish Hand size Axe?

    It’s doable if you exclude one dimension, i.e., a palm sized circuit board, but 10 of them stacked vertically…viola! a palm sized AFX3.
  38. solo-act

    commercial jingles??

    I sang on a jingle for a piering company (home repair). I was in college and got paid $100 for 6 seconds of work, first take. I’ll have to dig that up. Another was the same pay, but even shorter. I sang “North Star Hyundai” and was done LOL.
  39. solo-act

    Axe-Fx II "Ares" Rev 2.00 Firmware Release

    There wasn't room for Ares. Even after deleting what he could get away with, Cliff could not fit all of Ares. What he did fit was an awesome upgrade. For a couple years it's been my understanding there is not room to fit anything from Cygnus.
  40. solo-act

    Tone Delve: Who Are You?

    I didn’t listen yet, but I bet it sounds nothing like amp in the room everyone been griping about forever. In the mix is where it’s at.
  41. solo-act

    Rush - Limelight Cover

    Are you outside USA? Sounds like English isn't the singer's first language. He has good tone BTW. I like the guitar but don't remember it sounding as aggressive as you've dialed it.
  42. solo-act

    My Fractal-versary

    I think I got mine around June 6, 2007 and been gigging full time on Fractal ever since. It's the ultimate combo of tone, variety, convenience and consistency. Currently on Axe-Fx II and holding out for another 2-space Fractal product. One can hope.
  43. solo-act

    Unboxing most powerful floor modeler in the UNIVERSE

    …and no sluts…not factually correct though. Churches have sluts too.
  44. solo-act

    Unboxing most powerful floor modeler in the UNIVERSE

    And a one-off custom doesn't have to be promoted on a retail gear forum without disclaimers. Otherwise, you end up with a thread full of people thinking it's a product: asking price, how to get, saying why it won't work as a product, etc.
  45. solo-act

    Unboxing most powerful floor modeler in the UNIVERSE

    Just to make sure I'm caught up on the real-ness of this... There is no price... It's not a product people can order... Therefore there is no product to order. And if there was, there will be no support for the product. Sounds real to me!!!
  46. solo-act

    Unboxing most powerful floor modeler in the UNIVERSE

    Just another unknown drunk woman at a bar gig, except I was recording video. Speaking of people falling onto foot switches, what I wish I had on video/avatar was a halloween when Wonderwoman and Catwoman were making out and tripped over my floor monitor.
  47. solo-act

    Unboxing most powerful floor modeler in the UNIVERSE

    11lbs for the combo is nice. If next gen chips run cooler, a slimmer (possibly lighter) version of this would be very useful. Still, seems like it’d get damn hot in the sun on 95degree day.
  48. solo-act

    Unboxing most powerful floor modeler in the UNIVERSE

    Never underestimate what hammered people are capable of. At one of my gigs a couple who could barely stand were dancing and wiped out. The woman’s head hit my footswitch so hard it triggered the bank-up switch. As usual, I kept going, but as I was singing and playing and looking to see if she...
  49. solo-act

    Intervals by ear

    To each their own. I learned moveable Do, where the root in Major is Do and the root in minor is La. Didn't start till junior year in high school. In 3 months I was sight-reading at level of seniors who'd been at it forever. In college I got placed immediately into the advanced ear training...
  50. solo-act

    Axe-Fx IV release estimate?

    Hoping for a 2-space version eventually (that isn't a 2013 model).
  51. solo-act

    Bluechip Picks

    I moved to one pick type to make guitar switching faster / easier, and because I occasionally trigger video and audio recording while I'm performing (sometimes as I'm switching guitars). Tortuga are on the hard side. The medium Tortuga 351 doesn't "chirp" on acoustic like the heavy does, yet...
  52. solo-act

    Pirate midi BRIDGE 6

    Well organized site. Would like to see a 12 switch version (10 with up/down). An interim manual would be nice so we can get past the marketing and into how it works. Didn't see any conditional logic implementation or midi commands list. They are thinking a lot less limited than other boards...
  53. solo-act

    Bluechip Picks

    I did a "negative review" and posted it in this thread. Nice pick, too dark for my needs, still have it but don't use it. I tested out Red Bear and some other expensive picks. I used Jazz III Eric Johnson for a few years - great on electric, limited on acoustic (for me). Even bought a pick made...
  54. solo-act

    BIG WRECK - GHOSTS Live at Suhr Party : Pure ear candy!

    That Suhr bass sounds great! I gotta find a way to get me a used Suhr or Sadowski Jazz...sigh...until I dig out from Covid that's a wish list item.
  55. solo-act

    Bluechip Picks

    I bought a BC for acoustic. Was too dark sounding for my guitar which already sounded full and rich. Needed a pick with more bite on high end. That said, I still keep the BC along with others I’ve tried. Long story short, I’ve been on Fender Tortuga for some time. I switch between acoustic and...
  56. solo-act

    Fractal Audio Price Increases

    Not sure if this is related, but I've been keeping an eye on used 14tb helium sealed HDD, and prices have doubled in recent months.
  57. solo-act

    New Beefy Hambucker $5000 Pickup

    For just $29.99 you can make your Hambucker the "roasted maple" of pickups 🤘
  58. solo-act

    Need a Sitar type patch - any out there?

    Off topic, but every time someone mentions Sitar around here, this pops in my head.
  59. solo-act

    Story concluded: trying out a high-end acoustic

    Guitar for a lifetime. Congrats. You won't regret it. I suggest being vigilant on humidification and temperature range. Even with that, don't be surprised if things shift a tiny bit as it settles in. If you think it sounds great now, play it every day for 10 years, and when you leave the house...
  60. solo-act

    Just checking in to remind y'all that the AxeFx2 rocks.

    Believe it or not, my gear, rack, transport and load-in are all built around a 2-space fractal product. After seeing amount of empty space inside the Axe-Fx 2 chassis, didn't think they'd have to go to 3 spaces. Hopefully they can get back to a 2-space rack product some day. If not, maybe I'll...
  61. solo-act

    NBDGD PRS Special Semi Hollow

    Just a rumor, but I heard that women who gift PRS specials are on back order. Congrats!
  62. solo-act

    Story concluded: trying out a high-end acoustic

    I tried a high end Taylor 3 minutes before I tried a Collings. That was was 25 years ago and I've had the Collings ever since. Hopefully where you're going doesn't have any Collings.
  63. solo-act

    Ghosts? Anyone Ever Experience Unexplained Things?

    When I was in college, I had a dream about a guy I knew from high school. I hadn't seen him in years but he drank a lot, and word was he was drinking too much in college out west. The dream started with an image of a car on the side of the road, burned and black, with a feeling of death...
  64. solo-act

    Spam from Roswell NM

  65. solo-act

    Spam from Roswell NM

    We are the interstellar lunch meat.
  66. solo-act

    Gearslutz changed it’s name!?

    They should've renamed it to GearCatz
  67. solo-act

    Fuchs ODS in Cygnus

    I owned a Fuchs for a while. Wasn't that musical to me. Did a bunch of mods that made it better. Ended up moving to a Suhr which became my last tube amp.
  68. solo-act

    First week with FM3 - What I hear on Youtube is just not true

    Welcome to the internet.
  69. solo-act

    iMac M1 24" yes or no?

    I'm holding out for the compact Mac Pro tower [insert broke musician joke here]
  70. solo-act

    John Petrucci interview discussing the use of his Axe-Fx III

    Man...if JP pushes the beard thing much further, he'll be in Radagast the Brown territory
  71. solo-act

    More sound science, literally

  72. solo-act

    PRS SE Hollowbody II Piezo

    What?...an entire PRS Hollowbody II thread and no photos? What’s wrong with you guys?
  73. solo-act

    Need recommendation on a Compressor Type for Taylor Acoustic

    I just looked at my presets. I have 2 opticals in my chain. They say two compressors set to lighter compression can be more musical than one set to aggressive compression. Both of mine are in-line, not parallel. I think they're mostly at default except for compression level. First compressor...
  74. solo-act

    Post Your Axe-Fx III Rigs Here!

    I think you're slacking here -- way too much white not covered in speaker.
  75. solo-act

    Song Exploder on Netflix

    If you thought that was disappointing, watch the song exploder for Dua Lipa.
  76. solo-act

    Song Exploder on Netflix

    I saw the Dua Lipa song exploder Then I saw the "classic albums" stuff - on Amazon Prime I believe Dua Lipa was basically laptop-slinging jingle/hook writers, writing by recipe and doing all the work. Then Lipa comes in, does what they tell her to do, writes the lyrics and then calls it her...
  77. solo-act

    Home Gym stock thread

    Holy Schwartzenegger Batman. That said, those 100+ dumbbells are lookin a little neglected - LOL
  78. solo-act

    You guys are in for another treat.

    Not quite - What he did was discover a new algorithm for talent BIAS that effectively neutralizes the bias, thereby make everyone sound -and feel - like a rock god.
  79. solo-act

    Roy Clark has Johnny Cash dumbfounded performing this solo with a glass

    Back in the dark ages when evening TV music was professional musicians and entertainers and talent shows were scarce. It's the other way around now. Cash's low notes and tone are awesome, and Roy is full ham mode.
  80. solo-act

    Home Gym stock thread

    You guys are going to laugh - my home gym is my live gear. Two 4-space racks function as heavy dumbbells I combine racks with a spare 1x12 cab for dips. The 1x12 is great for step-ups. Burpees plus step-ups get the heart pounding. Then it's typical sit ups and pushups.
  81. solo-act

    How loud?

    WHAT? I can’t hear you.
  82. solo-act

    Axe-Fx III 16.00 Beta 5 "Cygnus" Firmware - Public Beta #2

    That was a missed opportunity to say, "my preferred number of the bias is 66.6%"
  83. solo-act

    Which Audio Interface Is Your Favorite with Axe-Fx III?

    Another Metric Halo user here. The minimal live board is ULN-2, small and light and upgraded to 3D, and second is ULN8 3D at home. The CAT cable daisy chain is convenient for practice between gigs (remember those?) Hearing my vocals, guitars and tracks through it at a gig is audio ecstasy. The...
  84. solo-act

    Who had the dumb idea of making 12" speakers the standard for guitar?

    Thanks guys. I was talking about 2x10 IRs. Agreed the real-world version sounds great, yet so few solid IRs. Wish there were more.
  85. solo-act

    Who had the dumb idea of making 12" speakers the standard for guitar?

    And 2x10 cabs... IIRC, there are very few out there and not much effort put into them, even though they were definitely part of the musical landscape.
  86. solo-act

    YES! (SpaceX)

    SpaceX rocketry is built on a foundation of solutions from several of the people in this list of video interviews. It ranges from a clerk typist to big brains talking about HUGE difficult problems they solved, some working daily with Wernher Von Braun.
  87. solo-act

    YES! (SpaceX)

    and NOOOOOOOO!! Looks like there was an unscheduled ignition and "re-launch" several minutes after landing upright on the pad. No RUD, but it hurled the entire vehicle and flattened it on impact. Mission accomplished on data and control however. Maybe they all looked at each other and said...
  88. solo-act

    YES! (SpaceX)

  89. solo-act

    To Pull This Off at Age 69 Is Incredible

    Hmm...what's worse? Being an old geezer today, swooning over ELO and other ancient bands who had incredible talent, bled their souls into every second of their songs and were promoted by a talent-obsessed industry? Or being a future-geezer -- young and bulletproof today, but when it's time for...
  90. solo-act

    Which pedalboard are you using?

    Pedaltrain classic 2 here.
  91. solo-act

    New Guitar Days: Wolfgang Specials

    sarcasm alert I'm doing so well in this covid gigging economy I was able to do my first big gear purchase since March of last year (true).... ...a $40 used clip-on tuner
  92. solo-act

    You Guys/Gals Are in for Another Treat

    Fractal competitors creep around here for hints of intellectual property and Cliff's big giveaway is "rubbing 2 rocks together" LOL 👍
  93. solo-act

    Watching the feed from NAMM - Van Halen 1978 performed at Melbourne Guitar Show 2019 - SIMON HOSFORD

    And then there's Eruption played by a Jawa in stop motion animation. Might've been easier to learn the actual solo LOL
  94. solo-act

    Using Axe-Fx III with acoustic instruments

    It's Axe-Fx II, but this is how I do it. Input 1 front: electric Input 2 rear: acoustic cabled direct
  95. solo-act

    Next big thing for Fractal

    Brains of the III scaled back or brains of the FM3 beefed up - in pedalboard format, screen, minimum knobs & buttons included. There could be two versions/enclosures: one with 10 switches for complete stock solution, and one with zero switches so users can run with their preferred...
  96. solo-act

    Ceramic Coating Vehicle

    https://liquidglassshield.com I think this is the continuation of a tech from at least a decade ago that deployed silicon at nanoscale to create a wearable surface that helped temporarily protect surfaces: easier to disinfect meat processing stations, paint protection, etc. Always wanted to a/b...
  97. solo-act

    Banjo or sitar patches

    Since Men in Black 3 every time I hear the word sitar, this scene pops into my head.
  98. solo-act

    Conspiracy theorists are crazy

    January 6: the day conspiracy theories stopped being funny in the USA, and talk about them stopped being light hearted. I recommend closing this thread asap.
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