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    Power to 2nd FC-12

    Hey there Fractal folks, Not sure where this belongs or if it's already been expressed, but I use 2 FC-12's and would really love it if there was a way to upgrade the hardware so that power could flow to the second unit and eliminate the need for a separate power supply. Any chance? Still...
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    A bit of Sunday

    Hey all, thought I'd share this clip from our humble team from our little church on the corner. :) We've been streaming our services of late like so many others. Certainly lots of room for improvement, but given that we're using iPhones and a kluged together analog headphone mix I thought it...
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    FC Power Supply

    Can someone point me to a source for the right power supply for the FC-12? There are so many different options and I'm not sure of the connector size requirement. Would this one work well...
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    Vol Inc/Dec

    Hey all. Quick question (did a search but came up with nothing). Trying to set Vol Inc/Dec to IA but they do not show up. Menu option goes from Scene 1/2 to None, skipping Vol Inc and Vol Dec. Help!? Any answers? Thanks, Mike
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    Need some help troubleshooting

    Axe Edit and Fractal Bot have stopped recognizing my II. I'm getting a message from both that says the firmware version can't be identified. I've upgraded the USB driver. The II acts fine in Digital Performer via USB. I've also reinstalled Axe Edit to no avail. I'm running Quantum 1.0. Was...
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    Amazing Player

    Listen to/watch the short tunes at the beginning of these product demos. Curious how many of you have heard of Shawn. He's an amazing player. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxR6V2YBGXJtEdQ8mFCBTyw
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    Typical Entropy

    Hey guys, here are some tracks my son Zachary (18 years old) has been working on. He did everything - writing, playing, recording, mixing, etc. - with a few suggestions from me (emphasis on few). He's looking for feedback so bring it on (constructive please - he's brave enough to put himself...
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    Tone and Feel of the Board

    I bought the Amp Factory Legends IR pack this evening and spent a few minutes trying them out. I really liked what I've heard so far and was happy I bought them. I jumped on the board to add my thanks to the News thread regarding the product. I was dismayed to find yet another thread...
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    I can't get over how much more organic all the amps sound. Seems like Cliff made some comments about non-linearity, or unpredictablility, or something to that effect. The Dirty Shirley is uncanny. Blooming, harmonically rich and varying tones with massive pick sensitivity. Bends sound like a...
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    Quick Thoughts on 10

    Upgraded this weekend. Over-wrote my old presets and am starting from scratch. A little jarring at first as everything seems brighter. However, with a little tweaking that soon gives way to the realization that things are indeed better than ever. Won't reiterate all the superlatives and...
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    Ultra died - question...

    Ultra died this afternoon - starting breaking up the pop then dead - burning smell - display and front panel lights blinking on and off. It seems apparent that the blinking is an indicator of some kind. Question: has anyone seen this and does anyone know what is indicated by the blinking...
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    Curated Section

    I would gladly pay a subscription fee to access a curated section of this forum. Essentially, it would be a sub-forum populated by posts that are relevant, helpful, instructive, and/or news-worthy for Axe Fx users. The posts would be selected from posts available on the wider forum, but would...
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    Mountain Lion Compatibility

    Just ordered a new Macbook Pro. Expect it to arrive in a week or so. Am concerned with multiple mentions of Mountain Lion compatibility issues with Axe-Edit and Axe Fx. Does anyone know enough to summarize what is actually going on? I expect the laptop to arrive with Mountain Lion installed...
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    Choosing a Mac

    OK. I know this is a mistake. But I'm going to do it anyway. :) I'm going to buy a Macbook Pro. Here are my choices: 1. Retina Display 2.6 w/16GB RAM 2. Pro 2.6, 8GB RAM with 128GB SSD & Hi Rez Antiglare 3. Refurb 2.2, 4GB RAM, 500GB 5400RPM HD w/Hi Rez Antiglare Let the opinions...
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    Live with 7

    Played my first gig with 7 tonight. I really didn't even spend that long tweaking. I've gone through my main patches (about 8 w/various stomp boxes) and tweaked a couple of times this past week. Mostly turned down bass, adjusted drive, master, tone, and compression. Same cabs, no change in...
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    Picking Technique

    I've always been unhappy with my picking technique - kind of a figure-it-out-as-you-go-along kludge of a method. It's sloppy, noisy, and inefficient. To get any kind of speed, I basically anchor my picky on the guitar, drop my wrist, and use a bastardized alternate picking style. I've been to...
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    So I've had the II for quite a while, but I hadn't ever tried the headphone jack. Out of curiousity, I plugged a cheap set of Sennheiser noise cancelling headphones in. Uh...wow. I may invest in a good pair and practice a lot more through headphones. Quite enjoyable actually - and...
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    Custom Panel from Best-tronics

    Just took delivery of a new custom patch panel from Best-Tronics / Guitar-Cable.com (Guitar Cable). Very good quality in every aspect. Build quality is top notch. The panel itself has a shelf to secure the cables and protect the solder connections. Labeling is great. All in all am very...
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    First Use Live

    So, I used my II in a live setting for the first time this evening. I've had it for quite a while. I've been using my Ultra live and have had the II in my small studio at home. I certainly didn't intend to wait this long but frankly found it difficult to dial in the tones I had become...
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    2290 Not Working

    Has anyone had the 2290 delay simply not work - e.g. no delay? The delay block works on every setting but 2290. Weird.
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    Anderson vs. Tyler vs. Suhr

    What's your take? How do they compare - neck feel, playability, tone, etc.?
  22. Y


    Ever have one of those everything-I-play-sounds-like-crap-I-hate-my-gear-and-my-playing days? Yeah. Me too.
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    Custom Patch Panel

    Has anyone had Best-Tronics/Guitar-cables.com build a panel?
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    Egnater TOL 100

    I want to take a shot at tone matching my pre-Rocktron TOL 100. Would anyone happen to know the 4 amp models that most closely approximate the 4 channels on this amp, including tone stack config, etc.? Thanks, Mike
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    THD Longhorns

    So, I made a mistake this afternoon. I pulled out my Egnater TOL-100 and THD 2X12 w/Longhorns to see what it was like after 2 solid years playing through the Ultra and the II. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't an "oh my God what have I done" moment. It was just that I had forgotten how cool that...
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    Thru Tone

    Recieved a Jr. EX-S pedal a few days ago. THRU-TONE FX & Modifications - Expression Mod Very nice. If you're an Ernie Ball vol. pedal fan, this is an excellent option. Great service too. I emailed Justin on a Saturday and he responded almost immediately. He had one in stock and sent it...
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    Stereo or L+R

    So what's the prevailing practice these days? I've been running with output set to stereo but just realized that the rotary sounds much better set with output set to L+R. However, it seems to me that I've read several times that summing stereo effects with L+R can lead to phasing effects. My...
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    Tone Evolution

    I'm lazy when it comes to gear. I've had few "rigs" in my life...really only 3 - Boogie Mark IIB w/EVM 12L for almost 20 years, then an Egnater TOL 100 for the next 10 years, and now the Axe Fx Ultra/II for the last few. I've never been a pedal board guy and have used few effects - basically a...
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    Egnater TOL100 Channel 2

    I used to use the Eggie model to approximate this. Seems like I read here somewhere that it was like a blues jr with sag at 0. Can anyone confirm this or give me other ideas of how to come close to this amp?
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    Plans for sale start date

    Cliff and team at FAS, would it be possible for you to share how Axe FX II availability will be communicated? Thanks, Mike
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    MFC, Axe-Edit, and Midi Merger

    I've been using a modified midi merger to run axe-edit and the MFC-101 for a couple weeks now. Performance is "ok". The MFC seems to lose connection periodically when I change patches and displays the generic "X001" label vs the actual patch label. It often clears itself when I reselect the...
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    Unbalanced Output 2

    The powered speakers I'm currently using have this advice regarding system gain and level control (there are no level controls on the speaker): "The sensitivity is designed to match with a wide range of professional line level audio equipment with nominal operating levels of 0 dBu (= 0.775...
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    DC Power Jack Size

    Can anyone tell me what the DC power input jack size is? Is it 2.1mm or 2.5mm? Thanks.
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    FRFR and "Getting the most out of your Axe-Fx"

    There have been several comments on the forum stating that the better the FRFR solution, the more you get out of your Axe-Fx - or that you cannot truly experience the potential of the Axe-Fx without a monitor design that is usually accessible in solutions that end up costing in the $2000 - $5000...
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    Renkus Heinz Sygma SGX/SG121

    Can anyone tell me about these? Is there anything particularly special about their "conic design" horn? They look interesting.
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    Passive FRFR poll

    Which passive FRFR do you use? Feel free to reply with details if you selected "other", or if you want to elaborate.
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    Active FRFR Poll

    Which active FRFR solution do you use? Feel free to reply with details if you selected "other", or if you want to elaborate.
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    PRX612M and the saga of my tormented mind...

    I'm currently leaning toward returning the JBL's. But I have to say that it's nerve racking. I need a FRFR solution but am worried that I'll not be happy with these long term. I suspect they have poor resale value as well. But I appear to have exhausted the options in this price range. I...
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    First time live with JBL PRX612M

    So I played a set tonight with the 2 PRX612M's. Advance warning: this'll be a long post. I'm still very new to this thing and need some advice. Go easy on me. : ) My current patches were dialed in at home using Event PS8's. They're pretty basic (in other words, not much dialing): 1. Vox...
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    Line Mixer Solution

    I've been unable to find a simple, high quality line mixer to mix the monitor send from the FOH board with the Axe-Fx send to my monitors. I want something that has the following: L&R XLR with L or R sent to stereo outs if used alone (or at a minimum 1 XLR input sent to stereo outs) for the...
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    7 Pin Female Panel/Chassis Mount Connector

    Does anyone know of a 7 Pin female connector other than the neutrik: http://www.redco.com/shopexd.asp?id=1662. I'm not crazy about that one but can't find any other listings. Anyone know the brand Fractal uses for the Axe-Fx's 7 pin? Thanks
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    Copy Out 1 to Out 2

    I'm wondering if you all can help me figure out what I'm missing here. I can't get this to work. I have output set to "stereo" and copy O1 to O2 set to "on". There is no loop in the grid. I'm using only the left channel of out 1. I can't get anything to come out of out 2. And if I have...
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    JBL PRX612M

    Pulled the trigger on 2 PRX612M's. Chose them over K12 and DSR112. In the end, I found I preferred the mid tonal range of the JBL's. And to my ear, they sounded the flattest. Never got to try an HD1221 or a 12ma, which bothers me. I hate the feeling that there's something better out there -...
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    Another 12ma question

    I've noticed a few variations of the 12ma as portrayed in various pictures online: 1. Single front facing port with black FBT logo. 2. Dual front facing ports with black FBT logo. 3. Dual front facing ports with blue FBT logo. What is current? Anyone know why the change in port config and if...
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    12ma cost

    Anyone have any insight as to why the cost of the 12ma went up $200 from last year?
  46. Y

    12ma vs. other options

    OK, since I can't seem to find a way to audition 12ma's in person, let me ask a question from a different perspective. There are clearly very strong 12ma proponents on this board - for good reason. It's a good speaker. But I'm interested in the opinions of those who chose other options to the...
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    Main Control Knob Wierdness

    My main control knob suddenly has an increased friction to it and makes a scraping noise when I turn it. Has anyone experienced this?
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    Soft Racks & Rack Bags

    I'm currently using an old Mesa Boogie soft rack. I'm looking for a replacement that has zippered front and pack panels. The velcro'd panels on the the Mesa rack are a nuisance. I also had to move the rack rails back an inch so the handles on the front of the Axe-Fx would not protrude -...
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    FRFR Speaker Auditions

    Typical scenario here. I'm a new Axe-Fx owner (about a month into it now) trying to choose a FRFR solution. Well, I spent about 3 hours at Guitar Center today auditioning 4 solutions and thought you might like to hear my opinions. My patches are pretty straight forward - Vox, Fender, Egnater...
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