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  1. Scented Meat

    Seeking a simple method for iPhone video recording using audio from Axe-FX III

    Back in 2015 (which might be the last time I created a video) @Mark Day posted a method for recording video content directly into the iPhone using the Tascam iXJ2. I used it successfully then but now find that the unit is no longer supported (the TASCAM app used for it is defunct) and in any...
  2. Scented Meat

    Was that an FM9 I saw on SNL stage this weekend?

    In front of the indefatigable Taylor Swift's guitarist? (Sorry, I couldn't find a pic anywhere)
  3. Scented Meat

    Looking for best online guitar instruction to improve technique

    As of yesterday the OL and I are empty nesters. I have the need, motivation, and--at last--the time to bring much-needed improvement to my playing skills. There does not seem to be a teacher around who's available when I need them to be, so I think I'm stuck with virtual instruction. I have a...
  4. Scented Meat

    Happy Birthday @Burgs!

    aka Brett Kingman...and thanks for your many awesome presets!
  5. Scented Meat

    RIP Ned Beatty

  6. Scented Meat

    Travel bag to hold FM3 and 13” laptop?

    Can anyone suggest a good one?
  7. Scented Meat

    How Great is Cygnus...?

    There's a gaping hole where my Suhr SL-68 used to be: It's actually liberating to be rid of my last remaining amplifier.
  8. Scented Meat

    My Birthday Present. Friday Night Lights Content.

    For my birthday my son sent me his interpretation of the theme music for one of our mutually favorite shows. All guitars recorded with Axe-FX III.
  9. Scented Meat

    Please help with X-Load and Axe-FX III: No return signal

    On the meters page I can see signal passing through chain up to and including Output 3. No signal at all at Input 3 block (or after, of course). My Out 3 knob on front panel is turned up to 2 o'clock. I have a FAS humbuster cable (black end) running out from Output 3 on back panel into JVM 410...
  10. Scented Meat

    Trying to use a plugin "live" with Axe-FX signal chain

    Actually this is quite timely because I have a (probably stupid) question that will likely reveal my utter DAW noobosity. I just recently downloaded the Sunset Sound Reverb plugin and opened it in Logic Pro X. I was hoping to use it live, essentially at the "end" of my Axe-FX III signal chain...
  11. Scented Meat

    “How to Build a Guitar”

  12. Scented Meat

    Finally a magazine just for me!

  13. Scented Meat

    Strange FM3 Behavior. Seeking Advice Please.

    I'm running latest beta FW and latest FM3-Edit. MacOS 10.15.4 (Catalina). I created a preset with a Friedman in Amp channel A and a JM45 in channel B. There's also a pitch block with a custom shifter in one channel and a dual harmony in another. Obviously the goal was to use the different...
  14. Scented Meat

    For any Apollo aficionados in need of a distraction

    https://apolloinrealtime.org/13/mobile/ There’s an even better desktop version as well.
  15. Scented Meat

    [Solved] Unable to hear USB audio from computer

    I recognize the high likelihood I'm doing something stupid. I have headphones connected to output 2 jacks and can hear my grid (guitar) output just fine. I checked USB audio playback levels and they are at default (i.e., not turned all the way down). I'm connected to FM3-Edit so I know my USB...
  16. Scented Meat

    [Solved] All 3 Footswitches Read "59 Bassguy" After FW Update

    Turning the Value knob changes presets as expected, and FM-3 Edit shows full preset list as expected, but with the Preset Layout active all 3 footswitch windows show 59 Bassguy, no matter what preset I'm on, and regardless of whether I bank up (by holding FS3) or down (by holding FS1). I tried...
  17. Scented Meat

    [Solved] Trouble calibrating expression pedal (EV-2)

    Using latest FM3 FW (1.02). I calibrated my EV-2 in the usual manner. When completed, the full excursion of the pedal yields only about 60% progress along the linear graph when I attach the pedal to, for example, the "control" knob of a Wah block (though I've tried it with other controllable...
  18. Scented Meat

    Wishing our Australian brethren safety from the fires.

    The images are horrifyingly familiar.
  19. Scented Meat

    NGD...Dragon Suit sold separately

    I’ve coveted one of these since that first midnight show I saw in 1976 as a ninth grader. But the best gift I got was this from my (much more creative) daughter:
  20. Scented Meat

    Wish Vox UL730

    Could be an amp...or a drive. Either way it might be possible already to replicate this in the Axe, but I'm insufficiently savvy to execute that.
  21. Scented Meat

    Control Switch help: what am I doing wrong?

    I am trying to set up a CS on my FC12 to work AdminM@'s Andy Summers ("Message in a Footswitch") pitch block. In Axe-Edit III I've set the Pitch block voice 1 (the third) level to CS1, with min 100% and max 0%, and voice 2 (the fifth) level to CS1, with min 0% and max 100%. I've set my FC12...
  22. Scented Meat

    Pocket Operator Article

    https://www.nytimes.com/2019/07/25/magazine/electronic-music-synthesizers.html?action=click&module=Editors Picks&pgtype=Homepage
  23. Scented Meat

    Question about color ring for toggle switches

    I have an FC-12 switch set to toggle between Scenes 5 and 6. If I'm on, say, Scene 4 and I activate that switch, Scene 5 becomes active and the color ring lights up. If I activate that switch a second time Scene 6 becomes active (as desired) and the color ring goes dark. I realize this is...
  24. Scented Meat

    "Nine Nasty Riffs"

    What my son's into (recorded with XL+): Kids these days....
  25. Scented Meat

    My Son's Christmas Present

    He knows how this fossil loves fossil rock, so he made this video for me with the XL+ I bequeathed him when I upgraded to the III earlier this year. He played all the guitars and bass; the keys (Logic) and drums (GetGood) he programmed. Edit: I realize I posted in the wrong recording forum...
  26. Scented Meat

    Cab-Lab 3 Plugin not appearing in Logic Pro X

    Latest version of Cab-Lab (freshly downloaded and installed). Logic 10.4.3. MacOS High Sierra 10.13.6 Any hints would be much appreciated. Google and Forum searches have failed me. FWIW I see other installed plugins (Bias, for example). Edit: Solved by rescanning in Plugin manager and it...
  27. Scented Meat

    Berlin recommendations

    Traveling there for the first time in 22 years (to visit family) at the end of November. What shouldn't I miss?
  28. Scented Meat

    Coma Berenices: New EP

    All guitars with Axe-Fx II Music: Max Fliegner Cover art: Julia Fliegner
  29. Scented Meat

    Seeking help with Logic MIDI control of Axe-Fx III

    I'm accustomed to using Logic Pro X to control preset and scene changes with my previous units (Ultra, II, and XL+), but having trouble getting this up and running on my III. On the Axe-Fx MIDI/Remote menu I have MIDI channel set to OMNI, Program Change On, and I'm connected via USB to my iMac...
  30. Scented Meat

    Please help with XPedal control of delay FB

    I was trying to set up my EV-1 to control the number of delay repeats in the "Walking on the Moon" preset (which sounds awesome, BTW). I attached the pedal to External 1 and attached External 1 to the feedback parameter. I set the maximum sweep (toe down) to give me the 20% feedback that comes...
  31. Scented Meat

    Question for Oz Noy fans...

    I gravitate to fossil rock (being a bit of a fossil myself), but my sister-in-law turned me on to Oz with a gift of Twisted Blues vol. 2. I see he has quite a few recordings; which do you recommend? (Or indeed of other similar artists--if such exist?) Karsten P. S. I'm going out on a limb...
  32. Scented Meat

    Blank (but backlit) screen on AX8 after latest FW update.

    ...and naturally won't communicate with editor or FractalBot. Any special power-cycling tricks? Thanks, Karsten Edit: I contacted support as well, but thought I'd see if anyone knows a quick fix...
  33. Scented Meat

    Putting my EV-2 to work

  34. Scented Meat

    How Appropriate that "clams" is another word for "money"

    Just a few clams short of a solo.
  35. Scented Meat

    A Clean Slate for a New Year

    "Tabula Rasa" by Callum Graham, performed by Max Fliegner. For this video, the Axe-Fx is strictly decorative... Happy New Year to all fellow Fractalians!
  36. Scented Meat

    HSS Pickup Suggestions Sought

    Hoping to replace the stock pickups on MIM HSS Strat. Highest gain sounds I would use would be Van Halenesque, but would like to manage bluesy (strat) tones as well. Suggestions?
  37. Scented Meat

    So How Do YOU Filter by Color?

    Okay this post is somewhat tongue-in-cheek, I'll admit. After all, grouping amps by color is, in the end, arbitrary. But as I scanned the amp list I immediately confused myself (I'm easily confused): If high gain amps are "Red", what do I do with the Dizzy Blue(s)? Citrus should be Orange (or...
  38. Scented Meat

    Are You Kidding Me?

    Ordered EV-1 and some cables 20 minutes ago. Just got shipping notification!
  39. Scented Meat

    NGD (and 25th Anniversary present)

    How did she know? Built last winter, before "the sale".
  40. Scented Meat

    Unable to add user cabs since loading Quantum

    Using XL+ Not sure if this is a bug or expected behavior with Quantum beta. but I've tried both Fractal-Bot and Cab Manage to load user IRs. With Fractal-Bot I get a message that the transfer is complete, but the user slot remains empty, even after refreshing cab names (and the accompanying...
  41. Scented Meat

    Quantum Bug? Preset bundle IR doesn't load.

    Not sure if it's a bug, or if I'm the one malfunctioning. When I load a preset bundle using Axe-Edit 3.2 (I realize it's not fully updated) the cab block indicates the IR is in scratchpad 1, but that slot is empty (and the preset consequently silent). Happens with TAF bundles and ML's bundle...
  42. Scented Meat

    Assistance, Please. No sound from my computer through Axe via USB

    Not encountered this before. On Mac OS X. USB return level set to -3.1 (I've fiddled with the value and it makes no difference). On FW 19. USB connected directly to back of iMac. No sound whether it's iTunes or Logic Pro, but if I set Mac's output to desktop speakers it sounds fine. And I...
  43. Scented Meat

    "Check for Updates" Reveals Axe-Edit 3.2 Available

    AXE-EDIT RELEASE NOTES - PLEASE REVIEW BEFORE USING THE APPLICATION In general after updating: If Axe-Edit does not connect to your Axe-Fx II, manually de-select and re-select the ports under Settings: Preferences: General. If Axe-Edit does not show new Axe-Fx parameters after a firmware...
  44. Scented Meat

    Does Expansion Out Defeat MIDI Out?

    My MFC 101 Mk1 interacts with my Axe-Fx II via the expansion port, but I would like to also control my FX-8 with the MFC simultaneously. Can I also use the MIDI out connection from the MFC to control the FX-8? Edit: Tried it; seems not to work, but MIDI Thru from Axe did the trick (Duh!)
  45. Scented Meat

    Separated at Birth...?

    ...or just made for each other?
  46. Scented Meat

    The New 50W Plexi Treble Preset

    LONG LIVE ROCK!! Thank you, FAS!
  47. Scented Meat

    Wish: Rack-mounted FX8...

    ...to serve as a "CPU sink" for my Axe-Fx II. I can dream, can't I? :) Such a device would doubtless call itself: The Fractal Audio Systems Rack-Fx.
  48. Scented Meat

    It's Time to Face the Truth: I'm an IRaholic :(

    How did it start? How do these things always start...slowly, insidiously. At first, I didn't even notice I was using them, so focused was I on the amps. Then I started buying in bulk: Redwirez, Ownhammer...oh, did I get Ownhammered! Pretty soon I moved on to the harder stuff: mixed IRs. I even...
  49. Scented Meat

    Just came across this Seymour Duncan video with Axe-Fx II

    I apologize if it's been posted here before; I don't recall seeing it.
  50. Scented Meat

    Pretty Cool Detroit-area Band...

    ...I just "discovered". Dude can play and sing, and actually writes musical songs :o Imagine! Mike Leslie Band I hope to introduce him to the Magic Box. Er..., by which I mean the Axe-Fx.
  51. Scented Meat

    Headed to London for 3 Days with Family...

    ...and none of us have been there. What must we not miss? Suggestions appreciated. I'll be with 18-yr old son, 11 year-old daughter, and my wife.
  52. Scented Meat

    Frozen Fractals All Around: Rockin' "Let it Go"

    Acoustic guitar mic'd directly. Electric guitars via Axe-Fx II. Vocals by friend of the guitarist (Flanagan). Other "instruments" Logic Pro X.
  53. Scented Meat

    My Kid with Axe-Fx II at School Variety Show

    Pardon the Zoom Q3HD recording.
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