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  1. Rich5150

    Let’s see those guitars

    Just picked this one up on Monday thanks to my Wife, love that she supports my habit LOL. And the current stable of guitars and the misc stuff.
  2. Rich5150

    Epic 70’s songs and bands

    This was always a special song by Cat for me, A friend I always had a huge crush on through high school turned me onto it, she got married and we lost touch but every time I hear this song it’s a time capsule for me as a lot of songs usually are Was there ever a better time than the 70’s for...
  3. Rich5150

    Epic 70’s songs and bands

    Cannot forget Journey
  4. Rich5150

    Epic 70’s songs and bands

    Love 70's rock, being born in 1970 its ingrained in me.
  5. Rich5150

    Rick Nielsen's collection...

    it was a fantastic watch, but they didn't even scratch the surface of his collection
  6. Rich5150

    Is Neal Schon still using the Axe Fx III?

    I remember going to the PRS Factory when they had the 30th anniversary(was my 1st time there) and me and my wife just walking around looking at the stuff in the factory, and we came across Neal's NS14's in a rack during mid build, When i was talking to the builder that was standing there to...
  7. Rich5150

    Post Your FC-12 and FC-6 Pedalboards Here

    So I shrank my board to a Volume Pedal and A Wah, with a modified MXR Tap switch to activate my Strobo Rack tuner. I found myself not using the other 2 exp pedals that much and seeing as I still had my Duo 34 it was an easy choice. added the side input and I have to option to run the other 2...
  8. Rich5150

    Tremolo springs a ringing

    I just lay a thin piece of foam in the trem cavity and then put the cover back on, Works for me and kills the ring.
  9. Rich5150

    Def Leppard JMP-1 Settings

    Not sure, I know at one point there was talk of them sharing presets much like Steve Stevens, Pete Thorn and Devin T. Dont know what ever happened to that though, I would have liked to have seen them
  10. Rich5150

    Oh okay, NOW I understand PRS!

    I was always fascinated by PRS, at 1st it was a visual thing i just thought they were beautiful looking guitars, then i got a chance to play one and that was it, i was hooked. Ive paired it down some over the last 2 years from 16 to 11 and pretty much the ones i will always keep. Some of them my...
  11. Rich5150

    Capo, the real thing you use on a guitar

    G7's for me
  12. Rich5150

    Such a Great story...

    We have known our dog since he was 2 days old, my sister in law was fostering a mom who had just had 9 pups and when my wife saw ours it was done she had to have him. I had no idea how hard it was gonna be up multiple times at night to take him out, and there were a few times when I really...
  13. Rich5150

    Neural DSP Quad Cortex still alive?

    I have one and still use it regularly as well as my III, I like it and though its not on the level of the III for deep tweaking. I kinda dig the fact that its not, I can just go in and dial in an amp and get a good tone, if I want to go deeper ill fre up the III and go to town. There tools and a...
  14. Rich5150

    NGD X2

    So a couple of weeks ago I was finally able to pick up a EVH Frankie locally. I love the detail on it, is it a perfect replica no not by a long shot but it honors one of my main influences so in that respect im glad to have it. Now as for the Lynch, as I was walking in to pickup the Frankie this...
  15. Rich5150

    How long does your power conditioner/bars last?

    Ive had my one Monster 2500 for years now its been my main rack power since ive owned it, like @la noise said its heavy as shit and it just works, I was bummed when they discontinued them but I found another one for my desk.
  16. Rich5150

    What Wattage Soldering Iron...

    for the longest time I was using one of those cheap Radio Shack irons and was never getting good results, then I bought this station from stewmac https://www.stewmac.com/luthier-tools-and-supplies/tools-by-job/tools-for-electronics/solomon-sl-30-soldering-station and wow did everything change...
  17. Rich5150

    Epic 80's Song that needs recognition

    And if were gonna put Styx in here please not Mr Roboto LOL. Tommy Shaw is still one of my favorite performers both vocally and on guitar and still delivers live to this day.
  18. Rich5150

    Epic 80's Song that needs recognition

    Agreed I saw them on the In the Heart of the Young Tour, was leaning right on the stage in front of Reb and was blown away.
  19. Rich5150

    Epic 80's Song that needs recognition

    Going to put up another Badlands tune Jake's playing aside, we all know he just rips. How killer was Ray Gillen's voice, such a shame he passed so young.
  20. Rich5150

    Epic 80's Song that needs recognition

    Ive been on a big Hair Nation kick on SiriusXM for awhile now, not that I dont dig newer stuff, I guess I am just reliving my 80's youth lol. ive even got a hair metal playlist on my iPhone that ive been jamming at work. And some of my favorites
  21. Rich5150

    Dream Theater/Petrucci Fans: This Guitar Tone is Beyond Amazing!!

    Love this tune, and the Live in London Version is killer as well. I think he also runs a Boss OC-3 on it live to fatten it even more if that possible This is what made me get a Gremlin Sparkle Majesty though I dont tune it to drop D
  22. Rich5150

    Your reason/justifcation for buying more guitars? help!!

    Yea I need to stay out of them as well lol, I really probably shouldn't have bought the Lynch but the price was too damn good on it. I really dont do impulse buys like that as a normal habit. And like you I dont really sell what I have, When it happens though its for a reason like it doesn't get...
  23. Rich5150

    Your reason/justifcation for buying more guitars? help!!

    Because I can and want to LOL. I actually picked up a Used EVH Frankie today at a local GC and as I walked in there was a used LTD Lynch Serpent hanging so I grabbed that as well, I have issues and im not ashamed of it :p. Ill have pics up when I get them restrung and cleaned up.
  24. Rich5150

    Tell me about 12-String Guitars

  25. Rich5150

    Tell me about 12-String Guitars

    I picked up a used Taylor 12 string last year simply for the fact that I wanted one, Do I play it a lot no not really but like you said it does a thing and when I want that thing I break it out.
  26. Rich5150

    Help on setting up and maintaining floyd rose guitar?

    They did come out after the Ibanez, It does work the same just more options Trem wise. When I bought the Key there wasn't another option, used it once and threw it out as it was to much of a pain to use.
  27. Rich5150

    Help on setting up and maintaining floyd rose guitar?

    I had the Key and TBH found it cheap feeling, I also have the Ibanez one and this is just like the Ibanez but works for all of them and quite well https://www.ebay.com/itm/194413351738?epid=22029179626&hash=item2d43f0533a:g:BaEAAOSwWMld6I3b
  28. Rich5150

    Mitch malloy pete thorn vh experience happening right now. Jesus this guy can play

    This was the board he had put together. I just picked up a QC for myself and while is not the AxeFX 3, I do find it a lot better than the Helix and KPA its super easy to navigate around and I programed up a preset that sounds really close to my main patch on the 3.
  29. Rich5150

    about Picks/strings etc..

    Dunlop gator grips 2.0mm as of late, and Daddario XT's 10-46 for the majority of the guitars.
  30. Rich5150

    Why Are Guitar Players Obsessed With Vintage Gear?

    If I had the ridiculous money some people have I would most certainly own a burst and a 61 Strat why because I could. That said about as vintage as I get is mid to late 90’s PRS’s it’s about what I can afford lol.
  31. Rich5150

    EVH anniversary

    Cranked some VH and this was my attire for the day Still unbelievable that he passed, as long as he was still alive there was always the hope of new music (aside from what's archived at 5150).
  32. Rich5150

    Health Update

    You got this, Yes the treatment is the main part of it, but even more important is the attitude keep it as positive as you can. aside from your immediate family, you've got a lot of people sending the good vibes and prayers your way as well.
  33. Rich5150

    Is the Mk I now a little outdated?

    I have a set template I use for my presets with any effects that I will use already in it on my Mk1, I truly dont need more preset spaces as I generally live on one preset, I do have other rigs that I have created but I always kick back to my main one. That said if I was buying now, yes I would...
  34. Rich5150

    The music that got you going

    Grew up on Motown, heard Jimi, Floyd and Zeppelin and it was awesome.Then MTV came along and totally changed everything seeing the visual of music is what made me want to seriously play (still trying to LOL), Then Metal came along a friend gave me a Mixtape with Metallica, Slayer and a few other...
  35. Rich5150

    Health Update

    Praying for you Brother.
  36. Rich5150

    Any Chicago Residents Catch Metallica Last Night?

    Saw Cantrell back on the Metallica Load tour @ Giants Stadium NJ, Days of the New were the opener and DeGarmo from Queensryche played with Cantrell
  37. Rich5150

    PSA 20% Off Cables for Fractal products

    This? https://btpa.com/Guitar-Line-Level/Guitar-Y/ADP12RS-XX.html
  38. Rich5150

    studio/ office chair with moveable arms?

    I got this one from staples for 99.00 a few months ago its 149 right now but back to school sales might happen. https://www.staples.com/staples-gaming-chair-black-and-grey/product_2829477
  39. Rich5150

    Where is the Quad Cortex???

    Do I want to check one out, yea eventually hell I like to check out gear like anyone else. I will wait till there really available though and have had some more updates. It also seems like Kiko is using them for the new Megadeth Tour, and if im not mistaken Arron Marshall is also using it for...
  40. Rich5150

    NuGD PRS

    Its a fun problem to have to be sure, I will genrally just grab whatever and usually ill play 3 or 4 of anything I have a day. I have my favorites but I try to play everything I have, which is why nothing electric stays in a case.
  41. Rich5150

    NuGD PRS

    These are my 3 98's (there are others as well) the CE flanked by the CU's. My Brother in Law's Father's boss has an Artist IV in his office for plinking on during the day, Blues lawyer LOL.
  42. Rich5150

    NuGD PRS

    LOL got it at staples, got it because the arms fold up and out of the way.
  43. Rich5150

    NuGD PRS

    I cant remember the last time I saw a wrap tail CE but I have seen them, I have a 98 wrap tail CU22 though. Ive really been digging the late 90's Cu-22's and try to scoop them up when I can lol, this is the 1st CE if picked up and hopefully ill find a few more when I have the funds.
  44. Rich5150

    NuGD PRS

    Picked this up last week, had to do a little work on it, 98 CE-22. I enhanced the one photo to get the top to pop more.
  45. Rich5150

    Boss Waza Tube Amp Expander

    I got the bug to pickup a couple of tube amps in the past year and I picked up a Waza TAE to run them through, I dig it I dont run my Axe through the loop, it doesn't capture IR's I dont really need it to though. I like the fact that the level is linear and not notched like the Ox.
  46. Rich5150

    Show your partscaster!

    I put this together a few years ago, all warmoth, Mahogany body, Roasted Flame Maple Top, Roasted Maple neck. Set up currently in Drop C# with the floyd dive only old school floyd arm
  47. Rich5150

    Options with a third expression pedal?

    Yep im pretty much the same 4 pedals. 2 spring loaded for Wah-wah and whammy and one for delay feedback and level, my 4th is a dedicated volume pedal though
  48. Rich5150

    Killer Acoustic IR’s!

    I picked the 614 based purely on the fact that its my favorite Taylor LOL.
  49. Rich5150

    Killer Acoustic IR’s!

    Picked up the 614 pack. Wow sounds killer with my Majesty’s
  50. Rich5150

    Post Your Axe-Fx III Rigs Here!

  51. Rich5150

    Post Your Axe-Fx III Rigs Here!

    My current setup, Although the AxeFx III is a monster and still my main setup I actually added a couple of tube amps to the stable as well. Picked up the 5153 last year after Eddie passed and just recently picked up a JP-2c. Honestly after playing the amps in the Fractal world I really wanted...
  52. Rich5150

    StratArena - preset/demo

    Killer Preset, Thank you
  53. Rich5150

    Soldering Question

    This is a great course that Seymour Duncan put out a few months ago, it gets a little repetitive but it is thorough https://tech.seymourduncan.com/p/101
  54. Rich5150

    Soldering Question

    Personally while it may be ok not being fully in contact with the pot the potential for failure is there, I make sure that ive got a solid connection to the pot and flow the solder over the wire and pot.
  55. Rich5150

    NGD: Friedman Vintage T P90 Neck

    If you click the X it should take you to the pic, IDK why it doesn't show does that sometimes for me And Jack makes anything sound good, he's extremely talented
  56. Rich5150

    NGD: Friedman Vintage T P90 Neck

    Same here, I happened to be checking out GC's used section and came across it and pulled the trigger. Not one regret after I got it.
  57. Rich5150

    NGD: Friedman Vintage T P90 Neck

    Congrats they are Killer guitars, I really dig my Vintage T
  58. Rich5150

    Bluechip Picks

    I have a Blue Chip, Red Bear, BHL and Hawk picks, And lately ive been using either the JP Trinity or the JP Flow. I like trying out picks but I usually just go back to some sort of Dunlop pick in the Jazz III area.
  59. Rich5150

    Any EBMM owners?

    My Majesty's and my StingRay 5
  60. Rich5150

    NBDGD PRS Special Semi Hollow

    Yea its definitely got some different and cool tones compared to my other guitars, the only one that's kinda close would be my Paul's Guitar and even still its not the same.
  61. Rich5150

    Cage Match: PRS vs Suhr

    These are my 2. The hsh is all mahogany and the HH is roasted swamp ash. There both just killer guitars
  62. Rich5150

    NBDGD PRS Special Semi Hollow

    It is but it isn't, it was speced that way for the pickups that are in it, they changed them on the new core model to 58/15LT's but these are 58/15MT's. This is the original Limited video
  63. Rich5150

    NBDGD PRS Special Semi Hollow

    Wood library. 10th anniversary run from a shop I've felt with before
  64. Rich5150

    NBDGD PRS Special Semi Hollow

    No piezo, they are coil tap switches for the humbuckers
  65. Rich5150

    NBDGD PRS Special Semi Hollow

    New Birthday Guitar Day Thanks to my incredible wife yet once again I'm proud to own yet another killer PRS. With everything that has happened in the last year this is actually a combo 50/51st Present. I can't thank her enough, Now Pics
  66. Rich5150

    NGD: Charvel USA Select DK24 HSS Autumn Glow

    Beautiful congrats
  67. Rich5150

    Cage Match: PRS vs Suhr

    I as well would go for the Natural.
  68. Rich5150

    Ghosts? Anyone Ever Experience Unexplained Things?

    I've experienced my fair share of unexplainable things. The one that always stands out was when my Dad passed in 2000, he had gone in for an angioplasty on 2 arteries and when they collapsed the ballon on the 2nd one he had a massive heart attack, they had to open him up and do a quadruple...
  69. Rich5150

    Cage Match: PRS vs Suhr

    I own both Suhr Moderns and PRS cu24's and honestly imo you cant go wrong with either, yes the Suhr will have a different radius a compound mine are 10-14" that can be set up a little lower than the PRS's straight 10" but honestly they both set up really nice and I can play any of them quite...
  70. Rich5150

    Liquid Tension Experiment LTE3

    I got my Deluxe edition on launch day and really dig the packaging, Ive not had a chance to listen to it as of yet aside from the released songs and Rhapsody but im digging them, Ive been on a big DT kick lately so this will make the rotation quite soon. I saw LTE in NYC in 2008? I think it was...
  71. Rich5150


    Yea im not that petite either lol, they just play so effortlessly though I can get around the size a little.
  72. Rich5150


    Yep ignore what I said about owning a 7 in my last NGD lol, Saw this and couldn't resist getting it and ive been on a major DT kick lately so I really wanted a 7 to jam on some of the tunes. This was my other color I was considering when I bought the Gremlin Green and it was my favorite stock...
  73. Rich5150

    Other hobbies!

    I've always dabbled in Photography, and try to go Target Shooting when I can with ammo prices up its a little tougher though, over the past year my wife has purchased me some of the more intricate Lego Sets and they are fun to build.
  74. Rich5150

    NGD Majesty

    I owned an original run Arctic Dream 7 when it 1st came out and ended up selling it fantastic guitar but Ive just come to realize im not a 7 string player although I get the bug for them once in awhile lol.So around a month or so ago I came across a used Majesty 7 and I sold a guitar I wasn't...
  75. Rich5150


    Glad it made it out, we had the same situation a few months ago. Sadly it didn't make it we had the FD out and everything, no idea how long it was in for. It was quite sad.
  76. Rich5150

    Steve Vai and hand surgery

    There is another video where he talks about the injuries, and he actually has a clip of the video of the surgery on his thumb. This is post operations which makes it even more insane lol. Full Video
  77. Rich5150

    Anyone played or own a Jackson USA Chris Broderick Soloist 6?

    I had no issues with the build quality, and it set up great even with the straight 12 radius I was able to get it to a nice low action I dont remember the exact specs though. And I had put EMG's in mine as well 57/66 sets I liked them better for how I played.
  78. Rich5150

    Anyone played or own a Jackson USA Chris Broderick Soloist 6?

    I had 2 of them a few years ago and they were amazing playing guitars I wasn't to thrilled with the pickups as they were based off of the DActivator's and there not my favorite pickups. I will say they are insanely heavy though they were both around 9-10lbs each. I kinda wish I had kept one of...
  79. Rich5150

    NGD Jackson Mick Thomson Pro

    Ive been curious to check one of these out since they were announced, found this one used and though there are some small imperfections I would have to have to say it doesn't disappoint. Sounds massive and sets-up and plays amazingly well. On the hunt to find a white one to go with it.
  80. Rich5150

    Post Your Axe-Fx III Rigs Here!

    Picked up an FC-12 and added a hush inline with the wireless as I was getting some hiss
  81. Rich5150

    Need a new pedalboard... Let's chat!

    I mounted both my FC-6 (When I had it) and my FC-12 to my Temple board with screws, the holes line up just fine. I cannot remember the size of screw I used but I know the info is in the FC section of the forum.
  82. Rich5150

    Post Your FC-12 and FC-6 Pedalboards Here

    Got my Trio 43, I really wish they made a Duo 43 as I dont need the depth but it is what it is, Glad I could fit all 4 EXP pedals on it as ive just gotten used to using all 4.
  83. Rich5150

    New Guitar Days: Wolfgang Specials

    Probably just the rolled fretboard edge to make it feel more broken in, Pretty much all of my USA guitars have it and Im fairly sure they do it on the imports as well
  84. Rich5150

    New Guitar Days: Wolfgang Specials

    I sold off a few that weren't getting played as well, but more for the financial end of things with times being what they are. And I actually do have a guitar coming in tomorrow, one of the Jackson Mick Thomson SL2 Pro's curious to see how the Indo guitars are if it will stay.
  85. Rich5150

    New Guitar Days: Wolfgang Specials

    They look killer, Ive Had to curb my buying but I can’t wait to find a few more EVH’s
  86. Rich5150

    Post Your FC-12 and FC-6 Pedalboards Here

    I tried squeezing them on there, but its just not working out id probably have to redo the plates and I really dont want to do that again
  87. Rich5150

    Post Your FC-12 and FC-6 Pedalboards Here

    So i got the FC12 and as much as i loved the FC6, the 12 is just better and more intuitive for the way i layout my presets. Although i do need to find a solution for my other 2 EXP pedals, good thing is i no loner need the stand in switches. Im going to have to look into the Temple 43 and see if...
  88. Rich5150

    Post Your FC-12 and FC-6 Pedalboards Here

    Ordered the FC-12, time to reconfigure the board when it gets here. Should be fun lol
  89. Rich5150

    What is the height of your strings on the 12th fret?

    Generally all of mine are around 1.5mm on the low E & 1.4mm high E
  90. Rich5150

    Who is your favourite James Bond?

    I voted for Craig Like a few have stated, I also grew up with the Moore Bond though he got a bit campy in the later movies, and he was always my goto Bond, Connery was just the best. Brosnan's was ok but everything was just so over the top understandable for the time period of the movies though...
  91. Rich5150

    Runnin' With The Dweezil

    He might try and do video for the finding the brown sound episode. But I believe all of the interviews will be audio only. I’m not a podcast guy but I found the 1st Vai episode was an easy listen and so many great stories from both of them about EVH. Can’t wait for the 2nd when they dig into VH1
  92. Rich5150

    Runnin' With The Dweezil

    Yea it’s the red headed step child. I actually dig that album it’s got some good tunes on it, and I saw that tour Cherone could actually sing all of the catalog.
  93. Rich5150

    Runnin' With The Dweezil

    ordered it, and looking forward to it. I wonder when the presets will be coming out.
  94. Rich5150

    Let’s see those guitars

    Just got this one in, found someone not trying to profit off his passing, Its a really killer guitar sustain is crazy on it and it's just a really smooth player.
  95. Rich5150

    Trying to profit from tragedy.....

    I got lucky and found a used Stealth Grey USA Wolfgang that was a decent price so i grabbed it.
  96. Rich5150

    5153 Preset

    Not trying to truly capture EVH, but i made this up after his passing and I've just been jamming and having fun with it Hopefully some else enjoys it as well. also included the FC-6 layout
  97. Rich5150


    Apparently they did repair there friendship earlier this year, https://ultimateclassicrock.com/sammy-hagar-eddie-van-halen-made-peace/ For good reason there was nothing said, Eddie must have been in really bad shape these past few months. Im hoping that him and Mikey were able to reconcile as...
  98. Rich5150

    My New Guitar, Warmoth build.

    I have a vintage t, hands down one of my favorite guitars. Your build looks killer congrats.
  99. Rich5150

    NGD - McCarty 594 Artist

    Stunner congrats
  100. Rich5150

    The Pets Thread

    This Is Asher, my Sister-in-Law was the foster for his mom and 8 siblings, we've known him since he was 2 days old and my wife fell in love with him so she had to have him. 19mo old and just full of energy but he can be calm when he wants to be as well. And this is Vader, she's psychotic LOL
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