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  1. lauke-lux

    Opinions on Boss Katana?

    Nothing in common with FAS - not the same ballpark - but these are fun for kicks at a low price BTW. Tried one in a music store just before this covid shit and found it funny. Anyway give me a guitar and something to process sound of it and I will get my kicks.
  2. lauke-lux

    "All In One" Live Rock Preset

    Descriptions are really cool, looking forward to get back close to my FM3 tomorrow night and try these out. Never tried reverb before delays BTW, wouldnt know how this could be done in the real world.
  3. lauke-lux

    They All Sound the Same Part Deux

    Difficult this one. It's a guess but 4 amp, 3 FAS no idea for the others. Like the 2 also though.
  4. lauke-lux

    They All Sound the Same Again

    1 amp 2 FAS 3 a bit dark
  5. lauke-lux

    They All Sound the Same Part Deux

    Just back from rehearsal. You turn us on on this ! Tomorrow morning with fresh ears I'll try to dig this to the bottom....(not sure that will be enough).
  6. lauke-lux

    Does a USB cable affect the tone?

    Audiophiles will nuke us underground but money makes the world go round. Have a nice weekend !!
  7. lauke-lux

    They All Sound the Same, It's About Workflow

    Maybe but no comparison with the sound of Left and Right speakers breathing in plain air of a room.
  8. lauke-lux

    They All Sound the Same, It's About Workflow

    There are differences; some subtle some less in textures. As I don't play deluxe amps cranked with gain at 10 (no gain on the real amp only volume)...whether it be real amp or modeller...not too much to comment intelligently on a sound I don't use on a regular basis whatever be the source. Sure...
  9. lauke-lux

    They All Sound the Same, It's About Workflow

    Maybe 3 generations of Fractal modeĺlers ? Would be terrific
  10. lauke-lux

    They All Sound the Same, It's About Workflow

    The 3rd has some bass growl going on I don't quite hear in the others. But to say I better like this or that I'd need to play around with it myself and for a longer time. The chosen riff is a bit harsh to my ears. I have to admit that I never played my DLR, when I had one, with volume on...
  11. lauke-lux

    Display Protection for Fractal Gear

    I'd like to buy one of these magnetic ones but don't find any in Europe; even considered creating the article in small series for 15 Euros each including postage.
  12. lauke-lux

    Display Protection for Fractal Gear

    I've got it also. It effectively is easy to install. I found it pretty thin though and I doubt this will protect the screen if a jack falls down on it from one meter height. Any information available to what extend this protection is effective ?
  13. lauke-lux

    Combo amp recommendations

    If I could buy a small tube amp for kicks I'd go for an Orange TH30 combo. Edit : oops 49lbs....still it sounds killer
  14. lauke-lux

    8.9 MB ...

    My first computer with windows 3.1 an AT386 had a very luxuriant hard disk of 20MB. It could do at acceptable speed spreadsheets, word and even some Adobe application called Pagemaker....
  15. lauke-lux

    Axe-Fx III Firmware 19.00 Beta 1

    Wow, kitchen sink well filled ! Maybe do the dishes ? ;-) Thanks for the comparison, not sure it only comes from the amp block maybe though
  16. lauke-lux

    NAS Hard Drives

    To my expensive experience Seagate HD had some heating problems in the past. Only burned one but what a shit when it happens overseas...
  17. lauke-lux

    Axe-Fx III Firmware 19.00 Beta 1

    Not an fx3 owner, small question; does this new algorythm also reduce cpu usage ? Terrifying quickness BTW, absolutely astonishing.
  18. lauke-lux

    Have we reached a point

    For me sound-heaven was already reached with Axe Fx II FW 14 or so....anything that came since is goodies to me. Extremely happy to have new FW of course and also not to have them every week or month as I prefer concentrate on playing and not spent too much time on adapting my presets. Whatever...
  19. lauke-lux

    Easy demonstration of how sound in the air comes through guitar pickups

    To my experience this happened only once at "ear killing" band level, on a floor monitor . At normal level I just experienced "normal" feedback. BTW would limiting the bandwidth on cab block or power amp diminish this phenomena ? (I guess "no" as the coupling you described does not involve the...
  20. lauke-lux

    Easy demonstration of how sound in the air comes through guitar pickups

    This morning I noticed with a lead patch that when I coughed just above my axe it came through the headphones, some prehistoric sound of deep earth; incredible fun yelling at my axe for a few minutes. String / speaker interaction is IMHO the thing where axe fx beats all others; at band level...
  21. lauke-lux

    FM3 Firmware Version 5.00 beta 1

    Why not try the new buttery amp ? Here's a link for a FM3 translation from Axe Fx III patch made by MarcoFanton and shown on G66.eu. For some reason the Axe Fx III version will not load on the FM3 so I permitted myself to translate it and check with the video. Sounds killer IMHO, great amp this...
  22. lauke-lux

    FM3+ Could this be a thing?

    Heats your feet in winter...
  23. lauke-lux

    FM3+ Could this be a thing?

    Another way to turn around this, instead of spending precious time on the internet, is spending hours and hours, playing and tweaking the FM3, digging the blocks and the way they function really, and you might be surprised how much you can get of the FM3.
  24. lauke-lux

    This Is Weird: I Had To Adjust My Trem Screws After A String Change

    May depend also on for how long you have been stocking these 6 packs of opened strings (not to be.confused with sixpack). Production methods changes over the years and just changing core material and the roundwound material of the wound strings in the factory may alter string tension. BTW Sure...
  25. lauke-lux

    FM3 Firmware Version 5.00 beta 1

    Absolutely agree, until the small red line came up today I even never noticed this tuner.....genious tool.
  26. lauke-lux

    FM3 Firmware Version 5.00 beta 1

    Reloaded this early afternoon and all seems OK now. Maybe some fatigue yesterday also late at night. EDIT : got back for another hour or so on it and, well, this is like tasting a good wine I guess. Very floral in fact ;-)
  27. lauke-lux

    FM3 Firmware Version 5.00 beta 1

    Compressor on or off didn't change much. Seems definetely amp related. Maybe the input block gate to check. Will give it a try later but do not have the time to tweak too much until next weekend.
  28. lauke-lux

    FM3 Firmware Version 5.00 beta 1

    Maybe something got wrong but all my patches sound squishy, no dynamics whatsoever left. The new reverbs seem to be excellent, weren't it for this overcompressed amps sound whatever the patch. Switched back to 4.01 as I have rehearsals to prepare. Will give this another try in the coming weeks.
  29. lauke-lux

    FM3 Firmware Version 5.00 beta 1

    Only 3 hours to drive left for getting back home and test the new FW; yessss !
  30. lauke-lux

    FM3 Firmware Version 5.00 beta 1

    Good news....aargh I'm out on a business trip until tomorrow night; what a nightmare. Looking forward.. Thanks FAS
  31. lauke-lux

    Homemade 9V Power Out for pedals on FM3

    Check on the forum, in the "show FM3 rigs" there's some info about that if I remember well. The FAS link provides 12Vdc that I fused to feed a Hotone midi-controller that I sell as there are no leds and a few operational flaws on the hotone. I checked with Voes for the MX5 that I'm saving money...
  32. lauke-lux

    1 or 2 Cabs?

    1 cab UR, rarely 2 cabs. Guess the block is blending before calculations. If not separating the cab block in 2 separate mono blocks could be a great opportunity to reduce CPU load.
  33. lauke-lux

    Homemade 9V Power Out for pedals on FM3

    I'd rather not add anything in the housing that adds heat, which is the case here. Why not use a fused external solution on the FAS link connector ? So much, safer, easier and protecting your warranty.
  34. lauke-lux

    Homemade 9V Power Out for pedals on FM3

    It is probable cheaper, and safer, to buy a complete solution like Voes MX5, or a Morningstar MC6. I'd prefer the Voes as I have big feet and hate to hit other buttons at the same time, it's more spacious.
  35. lauke-lux

    Anyone else think the Axechange can benefit from a refresh?

    Yes of course but we have to live with that. OTOH, some users run older FW related to CPU load issues or simply because they gig a lot and are not systematically updating. I guess that what may be a loss for certain users can be a bargain for others.
  36. lauke-lux

    Anyone else think the Axechange can benefit from a refresh?

    It just my opinion, but keep things as simple as possible to encourage users to share. We know not every patch on axechange is usable for everybody's instrument and style. The ability to join sound samples is useful as it will show what was intended at submittal.
  37. lauke-lux

    Anyone else think the Axechange can benefit from a refresh?

    IMHO it's a great tool that needs a refresh and I read some very good ideas in that direction hereabove. I found a lot of well build patches there that with a few tweaks can be adapted to your needs and instruments. Also I think there's a lot more commercial patches nowadays what makes their...
  38. lauke-lux

    Midi and the axe fx 3

    A 2x2 interface or 2x2 USB like the midi sport could solve that by just deriving your midi to axe fx iii. Used to do that with axe fx 2 to solve a midi through problem.
  39. lauke-lux

    How has your QUEST for Better Guitar TONE evolved in 2021 ?

    Very easy, just playing in a band remade my fingers and better sounds.
  40. lauke-lux

    Urgent Help: Output not working

    And the output block is activated....
  41. lauke-lux

    Plaques de protection écran LCD Axe Fx III, FM3 ou FM9 France

    Ma hantise avec le FM3 est qu'un jour lors d'un changement de guitare je fais tomber le jack sur l'écran du FM3... J'hésite à me faire faire une plaque de protection polycarbonate transparent épaisseur 3mm juste pour recouvrir l'écran. Les plaques CEBA sont les meilleures mais avec les frais...
  42. lauke-lux

    Which modeler to use as a backup to my AX8?

    Very true, OTOH chances are low for having an AX8 that wouldnt work. Maybe just wait a next sale even if that could take another year
  43. lauke-lux

    Hotone Ampero Press with FM3 range issue

    Yes indeed THIS ^^, didn't notice you mentionned you use a standard guitar cable.
  44. lauke-lux

    Hotone Ampero Press with FM3 range issue

    Hello, happy new year. I'd suggest you use the EXP OUT, not OUT.
  45. lauke-lux

    Happy New Years

    Happy 2022 to everybody
  46. lauke-lux

    Adobe Sucks

    Even when you own Acrobat from time to time bit at least once a month it will block and you have to re-enter your account ID and licence nr. No comment
  47. lauke-lux

    Help please moving scene 8 to scene 7 slot

    Don't have the III but guess this is what you need :
  48. lauke-lux

    rectifier bias excursion time

    Maybe a stupid question, is this related somehow to what seems to happen when a tube amp gets kind of "heated" after half an hour or more and seems to become more "souple" and "spongier" (at least for what I remember when I still played tube amps).
  49. lauke-lux

    Anyone come up with a good Brent Mason style country guitar tone?

    Check Doug Seven's website. In the free stuff there's a tutorial about how to construct a nice country tone with analog equipment. EDIT : checked on the web and it seems this site and or the guy has gone bad and one should NOT buy anything anymore there. I actually abandonned the site in 2019...
  50. lauke-lux

    Anxiously awaiting FM3 firmware 5.0 beta

    Same here haha, like a x-mas calendar every morning
  51. lauke-lux

    Anyone using 2 FM3's?

    I'd rather get a pitch and reverb effect in the fx loop and connect over midi with the fm3; or just buy an axe fx 3. .
  52. lauke-lux

    Converting Axfx III presets to FM3

    Don't use Fractool for converting presets. I tried once again with a preset from Burgs 2 weeks ago and had a lot of unexplainable and uncorrectable sonic artifacts. Best is to load the axefx III presets via FM3edit and redo the connexions between the blocks on the grid. Please note that FM3...
  53. lauke-lux

    Can i blow up my FM3? (Powerstage)

    Happened once with my axe fx 2. Nothing got broken; problem discovered with all powered on but before we raised on the volume from the mixer to the power amps.
  54. lauke-lux

    BadBots III - Dissonant, Ambient Preset based on the Reverb Pitch Shifting facility.

    Thanks for all these great contributions one more year & have a very merry X-mas and happy 2022. Really impressive how powerful the Axe Fx III is. Happy with an FM3 here but in the coming years this machine will join the house for kicks.
  55. lauke-lux

    Tom Morello - Calm Like a Bomb Tone

    I might be wrong but don't you think this wah is taken directly in a parallel circuit from the bass guitar's signal, not from the guitar ?
  56. lauke-lux

    Los Angeles Guitar Quartet: The Nutcracker

    Beautiful, just listened a TV of the nutcracker concert last Sunday with a symphonic orchestra. REFRESHING !!! Sometimes it's hard to imagine that when this came out it was a discovery like rock music was some decades ago.
  57. lauke-lux

    Anxiously awaiting FM3 firmware 5.0 beta

    But that is because maybe you have over a hundred songs what is quite respectable anyway. If you have a very strong back you can always use one of those double neck guitars, but 3 sets is quite a long haul with 7kg hanging on your strap...
  58. lauke-lux

    Muse Presets

    There's an enormous thread on this for the FX2 fr 2019 or 2020. As effects of fx2 are quite easily transposable to fm3, you might try to find these and just edit amp settings via fractool. Will see if I find back this thread. Edit : this one...
  59. lauke-lux

    How to best make Fractal sound like the real tube amp and AITR it is modeling?

    You will get close to AITR at real amp band levels with a CLR, personnal experience but never had the others discussed here. Otherwise get any of those floor power amps and a real cab to taste with a real guitar speaker you always liked. Edit : ask yek for the second solution, he has some...
  60. lauke-lux

    Owned Axe FX 2, 3, FM3, and sold them all. Couldn't get decent tones. What was I doing wrong?

    Of cours it is....it's too evident, pfffff....some funny answers there though haha.
  61. lauke-lux

    Anxiously awaiting FM3 firmware 5.0 beta

    Also with a second Eb-tuned guitar, if the band has only 10 songs, this would permit to alter the key between every song and at least add 10 minutes of podium time related to guitar changes between each song...just kidding.
  62. lauke-lux

    Channel mix fading for delays

    I guess this is not possible, howbeit.. : Tried to balance delay mix values for a patch I made. In this patch I change from (multi delay quad tap) delay block channel A (8% mix) to B (30% mix) using the same effect block with different mix and feedback settings. Actually this results with some...
  63. lauke-lux

    Owned Axe FX 2, 3, FM3, and sold them all. Couldn't get decent tones. What was I doing wrong?

    Not posting earlier and then come pissing on a forum in the aftermatch. Seems you have money to loose...at least you could have send the Axe III to me; I think I could have gotten some nice tones from it !
  64. lauke-lux

    FM9 Firmware Version 2.0 public beta

    Try the multiband compressor fx block also, great tool
  65. lauke-lux

    Travel speaker for FM3?

    I ve been using the bose Soundlink mini II since 2015. Great overall guitar sound at low volumes and great also for listening just music. Will fit in any bag. The latency really is not a subject as I'm not in 1000notespersecond styles.
  66. lauke-lux

    Boost Scene

    I could imagine at least 10 ways to do this : For example one here : Use the scene level page of the output block ?
  67. lauke-lux

    Had to reboot FM9 both gigs

    Have a few presets over 85%. Never blocked my FM3. The unit blocks when I have a computer connected : On windows time out (always) when I leave and continue the computer running for several hours When having two interfaces connected like for example cubase and Fm3 edit (sometimes)
  68. lauke-lux

    FM3 DSP Help

    Oops, didn't see you just ordered; howbeit, FM3 is fantastic (one year at home and lately with a band again now and totally satisfied). If somehow it's too short for your needs, you always can resell and get yourself an FM9 when it will be more readily available.
  69. lauke-lux

    FM3 DSP Help

    This with Reverb on economic mode, (it's a commercial Marco Fanton patch I optimised for my use; but not available, or check 122 - MF EURO patch in bank A), thereunder also the version I use myself with a looper. CAB on UltraRes, comp on optical, delays 2290, plexdelay on Plex Verb, chorus 4...
  70. lauke-lux

    I miss my Fractal...

    Related to it's footprint when used together with other equipment like expression pedals, I personnaly still prefer the FM3, but FM9 surely is more performing not that much bigger and an asset if you don't want to encounter any cpu load problems sooner or later.
  71. lauke-lux

    I miss my Fractal...

    Switched from axe fx ii to FM3 about one year ago. Took me quite some time as I had the fx2 for 8 years and worked a lot it's sound. Any unit with Cygnus will give you satisfaction I think
  72. lauke-lux

    Max world champion F1!!!!!!

    Didn't see the race but my son said it was crazy. Nice! Wait and see next season now.
  73. lauke-lux

    Strat fret buzz coming through the amp

    Check if the saddles are well adjusted and following neck radius, lift a bit more the lower strings compared to higher strings. If this is not enough then check neck relief by relieving the thruss rod. If even that doesnt do the job : check for a high fret or get rid of that axe.
  74. lauke-lux

    Do you build separate pre sets for live volume?

    All this and maybe have sufficient mid frequency which is what will keep your axe standing in a mix. Watch out with cleans on volume balancing. At equal dB value cleans will often tend to sound out too loud.
  75. lauke-lux

    Anxiously awaiting FM3 firmware 5.0 beta

    Thanks a lot, looking forward to load & try this new FW.
  76. lauke-lux

    Two night ago, about $20K worth of gear stolen from trailer.

    I replaced my ii with an FM3 (cheaper than Helix ah ah 😉). Took me some time to get my sounds together but it largely fulfills the job. I loved the sound of my ii though and if you have 400 patches to do, I'd rather opt for a 2nd hand II and reinstall the backups....
  77. lauke-lux

    High pitched squeal with high gain amp?

    Are you sure that your computer's mic and usb audio are "off" ?
  78. lauke-lux

    Best Tone for Slide

    You have to do a lot of left and right hand damping/ghost notes to get a good slide sound. Check this vid of Joe Bonamasse, whether you like him or not (please no comments on that, we've already read all possible comments here), he nails it imho. Also for amp settings, maybe not too much...
  79. lauke-lux

    How many use only presets, or do you roll your own?

    You told it as it is for many I think, or at least for me. The only "commercial" preset I use on a regular bases is a Marco Fanton Toto preset, that I adapted with some minor tweaks for my use as I prefer the old commercial version better than the free version he did with the latest FW. MF's...
  80. lauke-lux

    Creating Presets From Scratch...Wow So Much To Do!

    Great suggestion the looper block for testing; how come I never thought about something that simple...?
  81. lauke-lux

    Wish List Display Zoom

    Just yellow on black would be already sufficient to me but the format you propose is perfect for me. Thank you very very much !!!
  82. lauke-lux

    Wish List Display Zoom

    Yes but this thread is not for the compressor but for the display ;-)
  83. lauke-lux

    Happy Birthday Cliff!

    May you stay forever young. Happy Birthday
  84. lauke-lux

    Wish List Display Zoom

    Yes I guess you are right on that, but I think it is a major wish for many users,,,,so maybe ?
  85. lauke-lux

    FM3 and MIDI pedal board

    "Roadready" pedalboard, as if it were made for that.
  86. lauke-lux

    REVIEW: Red Sound MF.10 FRFR versus Matrix GT1000FX with real guitar cab

    As Jan said.. at higher levels this difference tends to disappear. I experienced that too, but at home and small rehearsals you can't make that for your fellow musicians. Maybe one of these small floor frfr amps yek presented a long time ago with a 1x12 cab can help for these situations, mono...
  87. lauke-lux

    REVIEW: Red Sound MF.10 FRFR versus Matrix GT1000FX with real guitar cab

    Totally agree with you. I have an FM10 original, not the g66 version. Cuts great and nice through any band mix due a kind of mid boost. Stand alone I confirm it tends to sound a bit boxy and too focused. Anywa it t is no comparison with a CLR, the CLR sounds better imho. Wish I could try your...
  88. lauke-lux

    Is there any acoustic guitar preset

    Check axechange, i posted one a long time ago but will repost it with correction later on. There's a lot of good patches without having to pay. Check also Marco Fanton's and other free patches on G66.eu
  89. lauke-lux

    British vs. Chinese Celestion Speakers

    "Dunno"; played one rehearsal in Holland over a London City chinese reissue tubeamp with it's 4x12 with chinese V30's in 2007. Sounded really kick ass; rock 'n roll; lower parts of the pants moving etc... Much is happening in the head, isn't it.
  90. lauke-lux

    Hotone midi controller

    Quite soft step and comfortable but a few remarks after a rehearsal yesterday. 1) the scene changes operate at button release which is confusing in the start 2) to change banks you need to push 2 buttons the same time, not always easy to achieve. Inversely, as buttons are quite close, it happens...
  91. lauke-lux

    Midi Controller - Axe-Fx 2

    Voes are the best adapted and most easy to parameter. I have a Hotone with only 4 buttons that better fits my pedal board but during rehearsal I have to conclude the absence of leds for the buttons does lead to confusion occasionally.
  92. lauke-lux

    FM3 Loud Pop

    I don't know, but even $10000 sound devices can pop when you put them on and off with a power amp or PA connected live. I don't understand the question maybe.
  93. lauke-lux

    FM3 Loud Pop

    This is true for any preamp/effect device; whatever.
  94. lauke-lux

    FM3 Midi Out ...... does it send out Midi Data ?

    You can also define midi data on PC change in the MIDI/Remote menu (Mapping Page), check the manual P113.
  95. lauke-lux

    How can I get the tone of my Axe Fx 2 preset with my new Axe Fx 3? Axe Fx 2 still sounds better :(

    Exactly that. For the D30 I mainly use, copying the axe FX II settings seemed a good start but in the end turned out to be a dead end road and a considerable loss of time. Just spent one or two hours for starting at scratch and all should go well in the end.
  96. lauke-lux

    I think I may not need my Axe Fx III +FC6 after all...

    Yeah, rock'n roll ! But why did you keep Simone Vza ? She's very beautiful though
  97. lauke-lux

    FM3 Midi Out ...... does it send out Midi Data ?

    You can send Midi data on PC commands or CC commands using a midi block on the grid.
  98. lauke-lux

    Blocks Guide Update 4.5

    Ah we love that...together with the "relatively soon" expressed earlier today, seems there's even more fun ahead here in a few days. Really looking forward to that. Am digging a lot my FM3 these days and am astonished every time what is possible to get out of that tiny thing.
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