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  1. svl

    Vibrato on a Les Paul?

    Have them on a couple Dean Caddys, an Ibanez Iceman, two Reverends (Tricky & a PA), an Explorer, a Tele and a Les Paul. Rollers vary, I use Rev rollers for the Reverends, and Tone Pro and Schallers on the rest. Best tuning stability out there and a great variety of tricks (they mimic most trems...
  2. svl

    Vibrato on a Les Paul?

    I use Duesys on a bunch of guitars. ABSOLUTELY get a roller bridge, its a must.
  3. svl

    Giving Tuesday request

    Guys & gals- I'm on the board for an organization called the SRCA, which has helped adults with disabilities for over 70 years. They are in desperate need of support, if you can please consider making a donation. Also please feel free to share the donation link to your friends and family...
  4. svl

    Where Are The John 5 Fans?

    He pulled out of the tour... https://www.blabbermouth.net/news/john-5-withdraws-from-yngwie-malmsteen-u-s-tour-out-of-an-abundance-of-caution/
  5. svl

    FS Fractal XA-1 and XA-2 adapters BRAND NEW NEVER USED

    Brand new, never used, still in package XA-1 and XA-2 adapters. If you're looking at this you know what they are, and that they're harder to find than hen's teeth (especially in unused condition). $150 shipped in the continental US.
  6. svl

    Wish How about a Plasma infusion?

  7. svl

    Health Update

    Sorry to hear it, Todd. Wishing u all the best with your recovery.
  8. svl

    The Fart Pedal

    I think Cliff should create a "WAP Queef Pedal" and blow this stinker away.
  9. svl

    Anybody using Stage Traxx w/ AX8?

    Wondering how your experience is reliability-wise. Just switched over to using my AX8s to gig with and would love to program and control the whole shebang from the iPad running Stage Traxx for my backing tracks. Thanks in advance for any advice/comments/etc...
  10. svl

    Pete Thorn - EVH Tone pickup deep dive

    I've found the WCR Godwood to be my fave pick for that EVH sweetspot (covers multiple VH album tones amazingly). Would have loved it if Pete had that in his deep dive...
  11. svl

    Time to retire the AX8

    I just bought a second AX8 as a backup (switched from gigging my 2 Axe FXs to the AX8 this year). Thing is a beast and sounds as good as anything out there, including the AF3- like they say about guitars sounding good, it's all in the fingers (and ears, tweaking is an art not all can master...
  12. svl

    Kominsky Method

    Love the show, but hate they seemed to fast forward through the 3rd season (could have drawn it out a bit and crafted a couple extra episodes). And I really missed a particular character...
  13. svl

    Review - Axe FX 3 - After a year of using it.

    That's just f'ed up on so many levels...
  14. svl

    FM3 Fan issues after Cygnus

    I would hope u can use the unit outdoors in the heat without issue- outdoor fests/shows are common in my working experience.
  15. svl

    FC Setlist and Song modes

    It's what has stopped me from upgrading to the III. Luckily my two IIXLs still sound amazing...
  16. svl

    WTB AXE 8

    Have an AX8 for sale, Chicagoland area. $900 (AX8 only, board/etc not included)
  17. svl

    WTB Explorer Style guitar Epiphone etc. SEARCH ENDED

    I have an Epi Korina Explorer (a '98- best year for these babies). Upgraded with locking Grovers, TV Jones Classic Plus pickups, roller bridge and Duesenberg Les Trem II. Killer guitar, amazing tonal range, lightweight, low action, crazy stable tuning even with heavy bar use. LMK if interested.
  18. svl

    Dark Mode for the Forum?

    Many thanks for the Dark Reader tip, that did the trick!
  19. svl

    Dark Mode for the Forum?

    Where do we set the "dark dark" mode? Thanks in advance!
  20. svl

    Dark Mode for the Forum?

    Plus 1 for Dark Mode. Use it on every site I can, love to have the option here.
  21. svl

    My Niece.

    Absolutely awesome. My daughter is in the same boat, but is only a Jr in HS, so this is beyond appreciated by me. Wishing your niece all the good mojo the world has to offer!
  22. svl

    FC Setlist and Song modes

    Only thing stopping me from replacing my two Axe IIs.
  23. svl

    FS Allen & Heath GL2-S mixer in Road Runner M8URR case

    Allen & Heath GL2-S 16 channel board, perfect working condition. Racked in a Road Runner M8URR rack case with 8 space below the tilted board, excellent condition, never gigged. $350 for both, PP Gift. Local pickup (Chicago)
  24. svl

    FS EV ELX112 speaker pair

  25. svl

    FS Roland JV 1080 w/ manuals, 3 expansion modules

    Selling my Roland JV 1080, studio kept/racked, original owner. Has manual, power cord and 3 installed Expansion modules (SR-JV80-02 Orchestral, SR-JV80-05 World and SR-JV80-13 Vocal). Local pickup (Chicagoland area) preferred. $600 PP gift
  26. svl

    FS Roland S50 Sampling keyboard w/ Director S, manuals, case

    Selling my Roland S50 sampler, great condition, studio kept, original owner. Comes with all manuals, 3.5 sound discs, power cord, everything originally included. Also throwing in the custom Grundorf case I had built for it- thing is a tank, only used to cart the keyboard from house to studio...
  27. svl

    Sold a guitar, it arrived damaged

    In this climate, citing science is a bit like this-
  28. svl

    FS EV ELX112 speaker pair

    Great passive speakers- lightweight but sturdy (wood not plastic), really sweet sounding speakers. Perfect working order, fantastic condition, never gigged (house rehearsal only). Local deal only (Chicagoland area), $375 for the pair PP Gift .
  29. svl

    Wife Accidentally Brewed Regular Coffee Today

    This is exactly what happened to Oppenheimer one morning in the early 40's... I think we may be in trouble.
  30. svl

    Proud Parent Moment!

    Fantastic, M@, Scented Meat & Nikk! Always love hearing other proud parent's "creations". :) Here's a piece from my daughter, this one from last year (she was barely 15 at the time). She has a great love of musical theatre, Motown/R&B and '40s jazz- this year has been a real PITA for her, as...
  31. svl

    If a guy's standing there, facing you...

    Analagy- I sense a Freudian Slip in the Force, Padawan...
  32. svl

    FC Setlist and Song modes

    I pop in to this thread every couple of months to see where FAS is with the Songs/Setlist on the III. The minute it hits I'm in for a couple IIIs &12s, with the number of bands I work with its a must.
  33. svl

    Tiger King...

    Perfect storm for the producers- insane, unbelievable content you can binge in an afternoon and Covid-19 quarantine. Once in a lifetime windfall. Loved the show BECAUSE I hated the participants so much. Love the fact that Carol is under investigation for her hubby's murder because of the show...
  34. svl

    Probably the most interesting guitarist today

    That's the youngest looking 25 year old I've ever seen. Bad ass guitar wizardry right thar....
  35. svl

    QSC.2 users, what preset are you using?

    According to a few recording sites, Studio setting seems the way to go. The phase is slightly better and the EQ curve is a lot more flat across the entire range. This preset might actually be a better starting point for most things than the default setting.
  36. svl

    EVH Recorded most of DLR eara on Les Pauls?

    It was, strictly because of the toggle switch...
  37. svl

    What were your first amp modelers?

    Art SGX 2000. Left the stacks behind forever after that first dip in the pool...
  38. svl

    FC: Setlist?

    unix-guy, yes, without a laptop.
  39. svl

    FC: Setlist?

    Pretty easy on the MFC, actually. I have a fairly busy schedule, and have taken to programming my sets at the gigs- takes me all of 10 minutes to program a three set night of 50 tunes.
  40. svl

    2 Axe-Fx 2 - why?

    I have 2- one is a backup.
  41. svl

    First Axe-Fx III Gig - Whole Band Direct

    Two words: in-ears. It'll change your life.
  42. svl

    Temple Audio Pedalboard for AX8?

    For mine, took off the feet and used Dual Lock. Been on there for two years, never a problem. Use a Temple for my MFCs as well, same deal, Dual Lock. :)
  43. svl

    Will the FC controllers work with the XL?

    Thanks, Yek. Guess that means the III is a must for me, because those controllers are exactly what I've been hoping for from FAS...
  44. svl

    Will the FC controllers work with the XL?

    Praying it will, but got a feeling it won't. Any hints, FAS?
  45. svl

    How Do You Organize Backing Tracks on iOS?

    Stage Traxx. My fave app, very versatile for start/stops/continues, quick switch/adds, track to track volume, etc, also has scrolling lyric/chart capability.
  46. svl

    Happy Halloween- new young band (15 year olds), all Axe recording

    Thanks for the kind words. They're very conscious of feel and letting the soul of the music dictate "how they steer the bus"- first lesson I tried to impress was to serve the song, even in a cover context.
  47. svl

    Happy Halloween- new young band (15 year olds), all Axe recording

    A new, young band (15 year olds) I'm producing has released a special song/video for the holiday, all guitars, bass done with the Axe FXII & AX8... Band is called Vs. (as in "versus", their tagline is "It's Us Against Them")- http://vs-band.com/ If ya dig it and are on Facevook, Twitter...
  48. svl

    It's Alive!! Axe Fx Tips and tricks videos are here again...

    Nice tip vid, gotta check out more soon.
  49. svl

    Barefoot Buttons

    Have them on my AX8 & both MFCs. Wouldn't leave home without 'em.
  50. svl

    AX8 V8.02 Public Beta

    Those saying this FW is brighter than 8.0, how would u compare it to 7.2?
  51. svl

    Purple Rain Clean Tone

    It's actually a Ric on the original recording, not a Tele, but the PUPs in the Ric were modified to Seymour Duncan bar magnet single coils. Here you can see Wendy playing the Ric during the live recording that Prince used for the final product-
  52. svl

    A pedal to simulate guitars is on its way

    http://lnx.sim-one.it/ Looks like the Axe FX of guitars and guitar pickups. I'm definitely watching with interest.
  53. svl

    Tiny Expression pedal!

    Shorter is ok, but I wish someone would make a THINNER version....
  54. svl

    Rockabilly AX8 tone-age

    A piece from one of my band's new demos, thought y'all might enjoy...
  55. svl

    So i found a beat up original 1974 stratocaster in my closet needs work..

    I'd fill the extra routs, refinish and sell it, probably make a decent bit of coin. But then I'm not a Fender Strat guy (particularly CBS era)...
  56. svl

    AX8 "Peep Durple" Organ Preset

    Love it, M@. I just did something similar, but dig yours way more. Danke!
  57. svl

    Is the power supply in the AX8 the same as the Axe FX II?

    Have a spare power supply for my two XLs, wondering if it's also a direct replacement for the AX8. Here's the part- http://www.mouser.com/ProductDetail/Emerson-Astec-Power/LPT42/?qs=sGAEpiMZZMsPs3th5F8koC2sObuvShnMftt3EqbU9U4%3d Thanks in advance.
  58. svl

    Wish Ability to program External switches to control Scenes

    Trying to keep the size of the box down (slimline Bright Onion style) for the pedalboard size and weight and keep from spending so much (BO switch $70ish versus $230 for the midi box).
  59. svl

    Wish Ability to program External switches to control Scenes

    It doesn't here- u still have to turn the F1 off or the F 2 or 3 acts as a bank up or down.
  60. svl

    Wish Ability to program External switches to control Scenes

    Still have to push one of the F switches (whichever you program for the task) to get to the toggle. I'm sure this is doable, but it's a FW issue that would need to be addressed.
  61. svl

    Wish Ability to program External switches to control Scenes

    Yep. Not what I want to do- I want to leave the AX8s switches for presets, but use an external box of four switches to change Scenes at the same time without extra tap dancing. :) We can do this with the MFC, hoping to get the function into the AX8, as it's incredibly useful.
  62. svl

    Wish Ability to program External switches to control Scenes

    @joe rogers, I see that but would like to give each pedal input a switch to assign each of the first four Scenes to, as you can do with the MFC. Just a really nice feature on the MFC- no back and forth hitting Reveal, just being able to change presets and banks and then immediately jump from...
  63. svl

    Wish Ability to program External switches to control Scenes

    One of the biggest things I miss flipping from the II to the AX8 is the ability to program external switches to change Scenes. Love to be able to "tap dance" less- having to continually tap F1 and F3 each time I change presets is tough when you're singing, playing, fronting and entertaining.
  64. svl

    External switches to change Scenes

    I have scoured the web and the site to find out how to program external switches to change Scenes (1-4) to no avail. Hoping someone can help. I want to be able to do what I do with the Axe II and MFC and use an external switching box to change Scenes while still using the AX8s switches to...
  65. svl

    Software FracPad III - iOS/Android/Mac/Win Editor for the Axe-Fx II/XL/XL+, AX8/FX8, Axe-Fx III and FM3

    Al, try sending info/video links/etc to places like premierguitar.com and the like for review. It might also help if you could get one of the bigger boys (Dallas Schoo for Edge, Vai's tech, Pete Thorn, etc) to try/use it and give you some quotes. I know Vai using the MFC tags gave them a good...
  66. svl

    Helix Native

    Axe Edit has nothing to with it- this is a plug in. Two completely different beasts.
  67. svl

    Pedalboard power amp options for guitar and bass for fly rigs

    New Stealth Ultra Light. 1/2 pound.
  68. svl

    Scene Switching Lag

    God bless ya, Phillip!!!! I recently started using my boy's AX8 for smaller gigs and couldn't for the life of me figure out how to eliminate the Scene lag (god forbid I read a manual, but after almost 8 years with the Axe FX I thought it'd be similar enough- wrong was I). That X/Y...
  69. svl

    AX8 power cord question for FAS

    I'm looking to swap out the original cords with 1 and 2 footers in a rack (and on an AX8 pedal board)...
  70. svl

    AX8 power cord question for FAS

    Any particular AWG recommended? Is 18 good enough, or would 14 be a better gauge? Anyone try the Hosa's?
  71. svl

    AX8 power cord question for FAS

    Quick question for the crew- is the power cord for the AX8 the same as the Axe FX II power cord? Is this a direct replacement for the AX8 cord? https://btpa.com/FAS10-II.html Thanks in advance.
  72. svl

    Strange behavior in 6.02 [FIXED in 6.03]

    Is it only XL+s experiencing this so far, or have any XLs had the issue?
  73. svl

    "Crappy mode"

    Using a powered monitor? Just had this same issue (more or less), ended up the monitor needed service (it's at the shop now, waiting to hear what the exact problem is). If you are using a monitor, switch over to a set of headphones (or another monitor, or if using a power amp and passive...
  74. svl

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 6.02 Firmware Released

    Or happen on a version of FracPad...
  75. svl

    Barefoot Buttons

    Mine came today as well- 28 buttons, all in perfect shape. Brett also sent me three allen keys and extra screws, and that badass Barefoot Buttons sticker. :) Thanks again for setting this up, Klaus. I think from now on you'll be know as SANTA Klaus(houz). :) And many thanks to Brett &...
  76. svl

    The true Green Hornet, Van Williams, passes away

    http://variety.com/2016/tv/news/van-williams-dead-dies-green-hornet-1201933644/ Huge '66 Hornet fan, met Van many times over the years. He was an amazingly kind man, this is truly a sad day.
  77. svl

    Kinman or Zexcoils for a Strat?

    I have the Kinman P90 noiseless (the Nasty 90 Heavy) in a guitar, love it. Got it used at a killer price off TGP.
  78. svl

    Software FracPad III - iOS/Android/Mac/Win Editor for the Axe-Fx II/XL/XL+, AX8/FX8, Axe-Fx III and FM3

    Yes, it does. You need to open the Midimitte app and engage the MD BT01, then go to the FracPad app. At that point you'll see the MD BT01 when before there was only the "midi" option.
  79. svl

    Kinman or Zexcoils for a Strat?

    I went Dimarzio Areas and have been thrilled with them. Bought the solderless prewired pickguard, just screwed in the two wires and Bob's yer uncle. Put them in both my Strats, I was so happy with the first set. Got the first via a coupon at Musicians Friend for a total of $230 shipped, and...
  80. svl

    XA2 FASLINK adapter

    Ian said it all. Same here.
  81. svl


    Owned and operated by Chicago Music Exchange. Great place, have bought& sold there with no issues.
  82. svl

    Well I ordered an AX8...selling the Axe Fx II XL

    Def a dif in gaps on AX8 vs XL. I got my son the AX8 and have played with it a good bit, had thoughts of using it for certain gigs but the latency (and block limitations) just don't work for me.... yet. I have every belief that Cliff will be rectifying most of the AX8's shortcomings soon.
  83. svl

    Well....doing my first 100% FRFR gig tomorrow. Nervous!

    This is why I went IEM- no matter where I go onstage my guitar is always right there with me. :) Even when I do gigs that require an FRFR onstage for bandmates (I run it across the stage versus towards the crowd) the IEMs are a a must.
  84. svl

    Software FracPad III - iOS/Android/Mac/Win Editor for the Axe-Fx II/XL/XL+, AX8/FX8, Axe-Fx III and FM3

    Yea! Just updated, workin' good here, Al. :)
  85. svl

    Software FracPad III - iOS/Android/Mac/Win Editor for the Axe-Fx II/XL/XL+, AX8/FX8, Axe-Fx III and FM3

    I meant creating a preset from scratch inside FracPad- you can't name it. Can save it, just can't name it from within the app. Awesome on the BT support. It works right on here so I'm a happy camper. :) One suggestion for those having any issues with the Yam MD BT01- be sure to download the...
  86. svl

    Software FracPad III - iOS/Android/Mac/Win Editor for the Axe-Fx II/XL/XL+, AX8/FX8, Axe-Fx III and FM3

    Like I said, MD BT01 working well here. Well, the only thing that really matters for me at this point is wireless. Worse case scenario is I stay on 1.0 if you kill Bluetooth support. It would be disappointing but c'est la vie, I guess I jumped in too soon. Any detailed instructions on how...
  87. svl

    Software FracPad III - iOS/Android/Mac/Win Editor for the Axe-Fx II/XL/XL+, AX8/FX8, Axe-Fx III and FM3

    Working for me on both iPhone 7 Plus & iPad mini (new one) with Yamaha MD BT01. :) Had a little trouble at first getting the parameters of the blocks to load, but deleting and reinstalling the FracPad app solved it. I have one question- how do you name presets created in FracPad? I made a...
  88. svl

    Cheap band mates

    Hell, ianx, where do ya live? :)
  89. svl

    Oh. No.

    Ian, so sorry to hear this. I have a great luthier who could make it right as rain- Jay Kolanda in Nashville. Former Gibson PRO (not consumer) Custom Shop guy, he's fixed far worse for me. Great guy, super talented and super reasonable.
  90. svl

    Best FracPad wireless midi interface

    Thank god- I was researching and waiting, but finally ordered an MD this morning, and then started reading about all the trouble. Good to hear it works well with the iPad.
  91. svl

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 6.00 Firmware Released

    Sorry if I missed this somewhere in the thread- is there any difference for XL users between the beta and the final version? Thanks in advance.
  92. svl

    Axe-Edit 3.10.0 Released

    Many thanks!
  93. svl

    Software FracPad III - iOS/Android/Mac/Win Editor for the Axe-Fx II/XL/XL+, AX8/FX8, Axe-Fx III and FM3

    Whoever tries the mipuc let us know if it connects without the extra app pretty please.
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