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  1. LoPaN

    New pedal for next FW...

    I'm reallt gassing for one of those pedals lol
  2. LoPaN


    The amount of Wah pedals alone that Kirk goes through will be enough income to keep Fractal going for years lol Love me some Kirk though :)
  3. LoPaN

    What drive pedal do you prefer in front of a Marshall in the Axe FXIII?

    The Super OD is fantastic with a crunchy Marshall tone.
  4. LoPaN

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 16.04

    I'm guessing he says "YEAH"
  5. LoPaN

    2x12 cab question

    Well I did a quick test on my lunch break today and setting the AxeFx to sum L+R and the matrix poweramp to mono plus the cab switch set to mono was way better, much tighter sound, in stereo it was very congested especially in the low end. Come to think of it there’s no benefit to tuning a 2x12...
  6. LoPaN

    2x12 cab question

    I’ve been running two Xitone FrFr wedges in stereo for a long time now powered by a Matrix GT1000 power amp. I recently acquired a Randall 2x12 V30 loaded guitar cab, the cab can be run in stereo or mono. Is it even worth running it in stereo? Or is mono better suited?
  7. LoPaN

    Wish Arcade Mode Graphics for Axe Edit 3!

    All it does is suck CPU time from somewhere, I agree it looks pretty but it just bloats the software and interface.
  8. LoPaN

    Axe FX sounds better after a few minutes?

    Could be your amps warming up for your cabs/monitors etc other than that it’s just yours ears adjusting. EDIT: oh see i see you are using headphones then it’s definitely just your ears adjusting.
  9. LoPaN

    Oasis - Don't Look Back In Anger Cover

    Man I havent listened to Oasis in years, takes me back to being out clubbing back in the UK as a young rebel lol great job!
  10. LoPaN

    Cygnus USA 2C++ / Preset included

    I have one on order too :)
  11. LoPaN

    Tell me about cool Hot Rodded Marshall style amps like the Friedman

    Splawn when pushed with the Super OD is a monster.
  12. LoPaN

    Virtual capo

    Thanks!! I'd say for my use then as a simple down tune device before the amp will be just fine. I remember trying this on my Axfx2 and never got good results, the AxFx3 though does a pretty good job.
  13. LoPaN

    Virtual capo

    I gave the virtual capo a try today to downtune to D I mainly play in E standard. I put the pitch block first in the chain does it matter if it's first or could it even go after amp/cab? Thanks Alan.
  14. LoPaN

    My Dream USA ESP

    Yeah it really is a joy to play, never purchased a high end expensive guitar before now and probably never will again but I had to do it once in my lifetime :)
  15. LoPaN

    My Dream USA ESP

    So just before I purchased my AxeFx3 I got this dream guitar, its a USA ESP Horizon in Lynch burst, never played a guitar that has such perfect fit and finish. The neck is so comfortable and the fret work is outstanding. This is one of those guitars I know I will never sell its a lifer :)
  16. LoPaN

    Gain Enhancer Appreciation Thread

    Wow just tried this setting for the first time, it took my favorite Herbie 3 preset and added just a little something to it, not a groundbreaking difference but just one of those easy little tweaks that add up to making a fantastic sounding preset.
  17. LoPaN

    Axe-Fx III 16.00 Beta 11 "Cygnus" Firmware - Public Beta #8

    I made a herbie 3 preset that's in the preset forum, its my favorite amp at the moment. https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/herbie-ch3-cygnus-beta-10.171290/
  18. LoPaN

    Cygnus - For Heaven's Sykes - "Is This Love"

    What amp model did you use? Sounds really nice and thick like the original.
  19. LoPaN

    Axe-Fx III 16.00 Beta 11 "Cygnus" Firmware - Public Beta #8

    I recently upgraded from an AxeFx IIXL+ I’d used for five years, only regret I have is not doing it sooner! The feel and realism of the 3 amazes me every time I play through it. Before I sold my AxeFx 2 I plugged it back and and geez the 3 has spoiled me the 2 just had a fake boxy sound to it...
  20. LoPaN

    Axe-Fx III 16.00 Beta 11 "Cygnus" Firmware - Public Beta #8

    Wow I’m loving the Spider 5 amp model!!
  21. LoPaN

    Axe-Fx III 16.00 Beta 11 "Cygnus" Firmware - Public Beta #8

    The new Speaker Time Constant default of 2 seconds doesn't work to well on my existing presets it makes them very bass heavy and loose sounding, for me I just dialed back to 200ms and all is peachy once more :) other than that little tweak all is good so far. EDIT: Wait I went back to beta...
  22. LoPaN

    Herbie CH3 (Cygnus beta 10)

    I'd can highly recommend the York Audio MES 412 OS-V2 pack, I just purchased it, hard to find a bad IR in this pack.
  23. LoPaN

    Herbie CH3 (Cygnus beta 10)

    I purchased this pack from Fractal Audio, Its the York Audio bipolar pack and the exact IR is "YA RECTO ST 412 57V b G" I also now run it with another York Audio IR from the 5153 412 VH20 pack "YA 5153 412 57v-CE1" running them both together yields a nice result.
  24. LoPaN

    Herbie CH3 (Cygnus beta 10)

    You'll love it even more now once the FM3 is on Cygnus! Ive been using the IIC++, Uberschall and a 5150 III for the longest time first on my AxeFx2 then on the Axefx3, while messing with different amps in Cygnus I selected the Herbie Ch3 and I just wish I'd tried it a long time ago, Ive always...
  25. LoPaN

    Herbie CH3 (Cygnus beta 10)

    I just twiddle knobs and listen :) such a killer amp model though.
  26. LoPaN

    Best way to use The Axe III with Fr/Fr ...

    Just do a test, first try low output from the Axfx with higher volume on the Xitone then try the opposite and see which you prefer, there really isn't a wrong way to do it its all down to preference, I prefer my AxeFx lower output and push the Matrix amp more, and then having said what I...
  27. LoPaN

    Best way to use The Axe III with Fr/Fr ...

    I use a pair of Xitone passive wedges powered by a Matrix GT1000 poweramp, I like to have the output from the Axefx at noon or less and have the Matrix running higher it seems to work better for me.
  28. LoPaN

    Herbie CH3 (Cygnus beta 10)

    Herbie CH3 Scene1 Rhythm, Scene 2 Rhythm + filter to reduce low end, Scene 3 Lead, Scene 4 lead + Chorus. Really nice chunky chewy sound :) I use a purchased YA cab but I found a factory YA cab after a little high cut low cut was really close.
  29. LoPaN

    Post Your Axe-Fx III Rigs Here!

    My setup is pretty simple, AxeFx3 mk2 into a Matrix GT1000FX through two Xitone passive wedges.
  30. LoPaN

    Axe-Fx III 16.00 Beta 8 "Cygnus" Firmware - Public Beta #5

    Nice! Are you able to share the IR's? I'd love to give them a try, cheers.
  31. LoPaN

    Axe-Fx III 16.00 Beta 8 "Cygnus" Firmware - Public Beta #5

    Oh boy I just found of couple of new friends, the Herbie channel 3 and the Splawn Q-rod OD2-3, these suckers don't need a boost that's sure, WOW!! Chugfest with a "YA RECTO ST 412 57V b G" cab IR.
  32. LoPaN

    Your favourite Axe-Fx 3 “stuff”?

    If you like watching your bank account empty out go down the IR purchasing rabbit hole, that’ll take care of any free income you have lol
  33. LoPaN

    Gary Moore SGTB

    No it’s a free cab I used a long time ago on my AxeFx2. If it sounds bright we’ll today I found an issue on one of my Xitone wedges where the tweater on/off switch was wired wrong so one of the wedges was really dull, I rewired it correctly today and holy moly my presets are so damn bright now...
  34. LoPaN

    Axe-Fx III 16.00 Beta 5 "Cygnus" Firmware - Public Beta #2

    It’s just crazy how dynamic and real this release is, only had the Axe3 a week now coming from an Axrfx2 and it’s just stunning me every time I play through it, last night I was on one of Fremens Mesa MKIV high gain lead presets playing an ESP EII with high gain pickups in the neck position and...
  35. LoPaN

    Computer noise when using FM3 as audio interface?

    I second this, when I use my Imac or mac mini I get zero noise, but on either of my desktop PC's there's noise especially when moving the mouse.
  36. LoPaN

    Gary Moore SGTB

    Yes, it’s just one preset and a cab.
  37. LoPaN

    Gary Moore SGTB

    Took a try at the Still got the Blues tone, Used a JTM45 and a BBpre to try and emulate the Marshall guvnor tone. It always surprises me just how much gain Gary used and controlled it all so well with volume and tone on his guitar. Adjust to your setup, scene 1 amp alone, scene 2 where the magic...
  38. LoPaN

    Metallica -Justice

    A four scene attempt at some rough sounding Metallica And Justice for all tones, probably need to tweak to your setup. Scooped to hell just like the real album :P
  39. LoPaN

    Visual graphic EQ

    Nevermind I found it its a block :)
  40. LoPaN

    Visual graphic EQ

    Okay so I've had my Axe3 for a few days now, I've see pics of the screen with a live graphic EQ visual but cant for the life of me cant enable it? yes I even tried reading the manual lol, Added a pic for reference. thanks
  41. LoPaN

    Mesa IIC++ Cygnus

    Just got my new shiny Axfx3 and decided to give a filthy IIC++ preset a try, 5 scenes. Scene 1 Crunch, scene 2 Heavy, scene 3 Lead, scene 4 Heavy with a Multicomp, scene 5 clean. I actually use an aftermarket IR but for the upload I used a factory IR that did a really good job. Give it a try...
  42. LoPaN

    Axe FX 2 --> Axe FX 3 Upgrader Person

    I had the same experience, I never felt the Axefx2 was lacking anything it served me well for years, I plugged in the 3 and the sound and feel improvement was really evident, played for a while then plugged the 2 back in and it sounded well let’s say very fake sounding. I love the FC12 too it’s...
  43. LoPaN

    The Cygnus amps

    No idea if it was updated or not but I'm just loving the Mesa IIC++, just upgraded this week from an AxeFx2 and I loved the IIC++ on that too but on Cygnus on the 3 its addictive!!
  44. LoPaN

    FM3 Power Amp Question

    I have a set of jbl308 too and with the fractal they sound awesome. I also use a matrix poweramp with Xitone wedges but the JBL setup is fantastic.
  45. LoPaN

    SOLD AxeFx 2 XL+ and MFC-101

    Looking to sell my AxeFx2 XL+ and MFC-101 3 foot controller, I purchased the Axe new direct from FAS. Foot controller has a few small imperfections but the rack unit itself is near perfect a you can get. $1300 obro + shipping. USA only. It will be shipped in two boxes and shipping fees...
  46. LoPaN

    Coming from Axe-Fx 2 XL+

    Hi guys I receive my FM3 today, I’ve had my XL+ from new since 2015 and still love it to this day. Is there anything different I need to know that’ll catch me out or is it basically same deal as the XL+ just better sound. So any tips I may need as a day one FM3 user? I run two Xitone passive...
  47. LoPaN

    What do you miss about the Axe-Fx III now that you have the FM3?

    There’s no ultra res IRs on the FM3? I have that currently on axefx2. I have an FM3 on order so I’m learning about it, I thought it had the Horizon drive? Oh well no biggie.
  48. LoPaN

    Axe-Fx III 16.00 Beta 4 "Cygnus" Firmware - Public Beta

    Damn ive owned an XL+ for years and just ordered a FM3 and don't want to plug it in until it has this beta firmware LOL We'll see once I get it.
  49. LoPaN

    Axe-Fx with Fryette PS2

    I just got a deal on a 2u Matrix GT1000, I owned the 1u version years ago but sold it. The fryette would have been nice but at least with the Matrix there's no need to worry about tubes.
  50. LoPaN

    FS ART SLA2 Poweramp

    200watt 1u poweramp, I've used it with guitar cabs and FrFr speakers and its a fantastic poweramp, plenty of clean power. looking at getting $200 + $25 shipping, shipping will almost certainly cost me more than that due to the weight but a $25 flat rate fee within in the USA only is fine.
  51. LoPaN

    Axe-Fx with Fryette PS2

    Can you disable cab emulation on the Fryette and use an IR in the preset instead? The reason I ask is that I'm using Xitone FrFr cabs.
  52. LoPaN

    Guitar EQ differences

    Ah so I'm using an AxeFX 2XL+ so no RTA block is available, I'll use Reaper and do as jefferski suggested, ill report back with any inof or questions, thanks all.
  53. LoPaN

    Guitar EQ differences

    Thank you! I will give this a try today.
  54. LoPaN

    Guitar EQ differences

    Hi all I have two guitars that are the same make model etc same pickups and one of them has way more low end (thicker muddier sounding). Is there any way to see a graphical representation of where the guitars frequencies differ? thus allowing me to EQ a particular guitar? Thanks Alan
  55. LoPaN

    Avenged Sevenfold - Afterlife Instrument cover

    Kickass guys! what amp model did you use on the AxeFx!!? Subbed on Youtube ;/
  56. LoPaN

    USA IIC++ Lead

    Love the IIC++ I blame Leon for that lol and dude watching your fingers on the neck damn so precise but very musical.
  57. LoPaN

    Axe-Fx III Package Deals!

    Will there be any package deals again soon? Long time XL+ user here looking to take the plunge. cheers
  58. LoPaN

    ToneQuest - Episode 4 - Gary Moore this time!

    What firmware was the preset created on? It's very loud and distorted on my XL+. Cheers
  59. LoPaN

    Axe-Fx II "Ares" Rev 1.03 Firmware Release

    Ive tried 1.01, 1.02 then 1.03 but I prefer the 1.00 firmware, I'm guessing thats pre cathode modeling update? But this is the good thing about modelers you can use whatever firmware is pleasing to your ears and presets. I'm totally happy staying with Ares 1.00 it does all I need and sounds...
  60. LoPaN

    Axe-Fx II Firmware "Ares" 1.00 Public Beta

    Ive been using 10.1 for so long I was kind of scared of updating lol . its been a while :) . I'm so at home and used to 10.1 but the power of Ares compels me hehe
  61. LoPaN

    Metallica - first 5 albums [5 tone match presets]

    Well I just tried them again and all is fine now, I think the lack of beer in my system yesterday hindered my efforts . lol
  62. LoPaN

    Metallica - first 5 albums [5 tone match presets]

    Are these just the tonematch block or a full preset? I have an XL+ and couldnt load them as a preset. Cheers
  63. LoPaN

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 10.01 Firmware Release

    You must have had a backup though right? :)
  64. LoPaN

    Rock Blues by Marshall Plexi 1987 and JTM45

    Sounds great but isnt this in the wrong forum?
  65. LoPaN

    80s/90s kinda tone

    This is based off one of my Mesa IIc++ presets, added some chorus and an enhancer, scene 1 is dry rhythm and scene 2 I think is the via without the drive engaged, scene 3 is where its at :) full on solo mode. Oh and I'll give props to Mikka for his free best ever IR :) Preset made on an XL+
  66. LoPaN

    Metallica ‘Orion’ cover

    Awesome!! what amp did you use? preset share? :) I'm always looking for new Metallica presets.
  67. LoPaN

    Axe-Fx III & light dimmers

    What kind of dimmers do you have? if they are older analog versions swap them out for digital dimmers, they made a big difference in my room.
  68. LoPaN


    I dont know why I like this IR as much as I do, I have lots of other really great IR packs but I just keep coming back to this one!! It's either some black magic or some kind of mind trick lol. Either way I'm looking forward to seeing more :)
  69. LoPaN

    8.02 to 10.01 back to 8.02 fixed the mud lost the sparkle

    Ive been on 9.02 for a long time, I tried 9.04 and didn't click with it, I've been going back and forth between 9.02 and 10.01 this weekend and I'm staying with 10.01. When I go back to 9.02 now it sounds very compressed and muffled. But as far as having to be on the latest and greatest I stay...
  70. LoPaN

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 10.00 Firmware Release

    So does this improve all amp models or just the new additions? I pretty much stick to the IIC++ on firmware 9.02.
  71. LoPaN


    I tried it with my of my own existing C++ presets and didn't like what I was getting, I tweaked the preset a little to match up with the IR more and I must admit it sounds pretty killer! I can get good low end from it without getting flubby and still have plenty of high end without that shrilly...
  72. LoPaN

    Rolling the trolls - USA C++ Metal

    If you are stuck in a Pentatonic Prison are there rooms to rent because I'll gladly live there :) I too love the C++ and have gained so much knowledge from watching your videos, keep doing what you do mate there's always going to be haters who are basically jealous little kiddies ;/
  73. LoPaN

    SinMix [Custom Presets & IR] Producer Pack Out Now!

    I just purchased the Hesu IR pack, very nice indeed. I'm actually liking the 2x12 cabs a lot! I tried the .sys files first I'm guessing they are Normal res because I found when converting the .WAV files to Ultrares in Cablab they sounded better to my awful ears . :) . I need to stop...
  74. LoPaN

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 9.04 Firmware Release

    I only just installed 9.04, I stayed with 9.03 because I was too lazy to tweak my presets ;/ I found that I had very little to actually tweak but the benefits in dynamics from 9.04 was worth it to me. So what I'm trying to say here is if this is the last firmware my XL+ ever receives that's...
  75. LoPaN

    MetalHeads, what's your fav amp block for metal and WHY?!

    IIC++ is my go to amp, for me it can go from mild overdriven blues almost clean to fire breathing nasty evilness :)
  76. LoPaN

    Angry IIC++ preset.

    I was using scene 2 for testing tweaks, not even sure whats there right now . :D
  77. LoPaN

    Angry IIC++ preset.

    This preset is been through a lot of revisions, I pretty much live in the IIC++ lol . Included is a Free Hesu cab with the permission of Gzegorz Kulawiak of http://www.sinmix.pl/ . I love this cab with the IIC++ it sounds like a fire spitting monster! Preset was made using the EMG Het Set so...
  78. LoPaN

    Crackling sound in the tail off

    Ive had the same issue and it was the input gate. I had mine set too agressive, backed it off and good to go.
  79. LoPaN

    Pantera - Vulgar Display of Tone Match!

    Very nice indeed, are you going to share the preset at all? cheers.
  80. LoPaN

    Metallica tonematch/preset extravaganza Quantum edition Vol.4!!

    I'm staying with my XL+ so count me in for the presets :)
  81. LoPaN

    A real overdrive pedal

    I picked up this beat up original UK made Guvnor this week and it just sounds awesome with my XL+, its a little reliced :) gain pot shaft is broken off almost in the dimed position where it actually sounds killer. I usually go with built in drives and get the sound or really close to it...
  82. LoPaN

    Good time to get an XL, or two ...

    Because on Ebay or Reverb you can use Paypal credit and get interest free credit for a year where with FAS its credit card only.
  83. LoPaN

    Firmware rollback 9.03 to 8.02 ... how dangerous.

    I stayed with 8.02 for quite some time, I had a couple of presets I prefered on it. But I tried 9.03 and even though I still prefered the same two presets on 8.02 every other preset was better on 9.03, I tweaked the old fave 8.02 presets to be prety much the same on the latest firmware no...
  84. LoPaN

    Metallica tonematch/preset extravaganza Quantum edition Vol.4!!

    Hey Jon, any updates on how the presets are going? I know we are pretty fresh out of the holiday season and this is probably a low priority project for you with work/family and all, but just thought I'd check in to keep you on your toes :D cheers.
  85. LoPaN

    Horizon Devices Precision Drive Modern Metal Test

    Is it much of an upgrade over the built in drives? I gave my Maxon OD808X a try on my AxeFx and to be honest it wasn't worth the extra clutter over the built in drive.
  86. LoPaN

    Legacy Presets [Moke's Custom Presets] Axe-Fx II Master Thread - Updated to Q9.04/10.01 - New presets, Videos, & Discounts

    A first take quick test of the Metallica preset with all my mistakes and all . :)
  87. LoPaN

    Did you stay on Fw 8.x Or move to 9.x (poll)

    I use the IIC++ 99% of the time and for some reason I prefer 8.02, ive gone back and forth between 8.02 and 9.02. I'm now on 9.02 because I wanted to try out someone else's presets and I decided to stay with 9 seeing as Jon is working on his new Metallica presets that will be on the latest...
  88. LoPaN

    Focusrite 2i4 + Axe FX XL + = not working. Help.

    Plug the monitors into the AxeFx, connect the AxeFx to the Imac via USB, go to the sound preferences on the Mac and set the output to AxeFx. This is how I get computer sound and AxeFx sound through my monitors, you dont need the 2i4.
  89. LoPaN

    Need a more natural growl

    A while ago I had an Angry Charlie pedal that was sitting around gathering dust, there was a certain sound I liked from it to push Marshall amps on my AxeFx, I took some time and matched it pretty much spot on using the BB pre on the AxeFx, it was so close I sold the pedal. Ive tested a TS9 and...
  90. LoPaN

    Not a Bug MacBook with OS High Sierra crashes after turning AxeFx on

    Ever since going to Sierra I've had some weird issues too, if I switch my AxeFx off then on again my Browsers will lock up when trying to play any audio, also when I do a restart on the Mac once this issue has occurred then the Mac freezes on boot needing a hard reset, never had an issue before...
  91. LoPaN

    York Audio Presents: The Bipolar Pack

    Another very satisfied customer here, after watching Leon using the IR's on his channel and testing the free IR I had to get the pack, these are my favorite recto IR's to date. Ive tried them all and never been 100% happy. Dropped them into my fave IIC++ preset and with minimal tweaking there's...
  92. LoPaN

    Recent UPDATE affecting tone?

    I mainly use the Mesa IIC++ amp, I dont know what it is I dont like about Q9 firmware but for the life of me after endless tweaks and back and forth with firmware 8.02 ive come to the conclusion that I'll just stay with Q8.02 and to be honest I'm fine with that, it does everything and more than...
  93. LoPaN

    what albums has the axe been used on?

    They used the Axe for live performances but used real amps in the studio, maybe someday they will go all AxeFx.
  94. LoPaN

    Beta 9 test with the USA IIC+Brt/Dp, Stereo BBD and OH Zilla IR's

    Man that sounds so nice, I was going to wait until the final release but I think you just convinced me to give Q9b a try :) Oh and I think I need to get Fremen's new preset pack, I've used the one of his older preset packs for a long time but this new one sounds fantastic.
  95. LoPaN

    What External Pedals Are You Using With your Axe-Fx?

    I tried a few pedals on my XL+, first off a Maxon 808, after a few minutes I could get the excat sound from a built in overdrive pedal, same for my Angry Charlie, I forget which overdrive inside the Axe I used but I could get probably 95% of the same sound without the need for extra power supply...
  96. LoPaN

    Taming the FW 7 harsh top end

    I think you are mistaking the harness with what a real tube amp gives, amps sound harsh period.
  97. LoPaN

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 7.00 Firmware Release

    With firmware 6 I was at a point where I thought I may not bother with future firmwares seeing as my XL+ sounded so damn good to my ears! then I had to go and try the 7 betas, now with this final 7 release I'm so glad my curiosity got the better of me, Axe Fx the gift that just keeps giving...
  98. LoPaN

    Studio Monitor Frustration!

    For the price I love my JBL 308, I used to use a pair of Tannoy 802 but they sounded really scooped to me, the JBL have way more midrange and plenty of low end.
  99. LoPaN

    Metallica backstage part 2!

    Hey Jon, does James have the raw necks on his guitars? pretty sure ive seen one of his guitars with the paint sanded off the neck. Oh and when are you going to make some new presets based on what you witnessed? :) Cheers for all the info bro, I'd love to have been able to crank a few riffs...
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