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  1. Henry

    Paul Gilbert's Great Guitar Escape 2022

    Awesome list of instructors here too! Maybe I'll make it to this one :) https://greatguitarescape.com/
  2. Henry

    Vai Academy 6.0 - 2022, Las Vegas

    Just saw this announcement in my inbox. https://vaiacademy.com/ Pretty stellar list of instructors.
  3. Henry

    Electric Guitarist of the Year 2020 winner is Igor Paspalj

    Fellow Fractal user Igor Paspalj, well-deservedly I may say, won this GuitarWorld award. https://www.guitarworld.com/news/your-electric-guitarist-of-the-year-2020-winner-is-igor-paspalj
  4. Henry

    My band will be fully Fractalized!

    Just heard from two of my band mates (for rhythm guitar and bass) that they both ordered the FM3 as well! Can't be a coincidence ;). Will be quite the learning for them, these are their first modelers.
  5. Henry

    Not a Bug Cannot completely turn off Input Noise Gate (Solved, no bug)

    I can turn it OFF in Edit but it doesn't actually turn off entirely in function. For example: I turn volume down to 0 on guitar, hit a harmonic, then slowly turn up the volume on guitar. FM3 out is completely silent until a threshold is hit somewhat abruptly, and then if I lower the guitar...
  6. Henry

    Closed Select different colors on Scene Toggle

    When using Scene Toggle as a switch function, be able to select two different colors based on the selected scene. (Instead of just selecting one color and the brightness changes based on selection).
  7. Henry

    Crossroads - the head-cutting duel (parody)

    Too funny!
  8. Henry

    Optical Pickup

    Interesting. The video in the article was not heavy on sound examples, so unclear how this really sounds. https://newatlas.com/music/opik-optical-guitar-pickup/
  9. Henry

    FM3 and wireless IEM transmitter on one pedal board: Silly?

    Is that silly, trying to put a wireless IEM transmitter together with the FM3 on a pedal board? I tried to find references in the AX8 forum but didn't find any. I think one user mentioned a similar plan here on an FM3 post. If it does make sense: any do's and don'ts how to go about that?
  10. Henry

    FM3 Edit

  11. Henry

    McRocklin launches online guitar school

    https://schoolofmcrock.com/ Anyone have any experience with online guitar schools? Good ones, bad ones?
  12. Henry

    George Lynch KXM Interview on PremierGuitar

    https://www.premierguitar.com/articles/29638-kxms-songs-from-the-pressure-cooker One of the greats in my book. He has aged so well, in all aspects. I saw him a few months ago with Lynch Mob. He's definitely not playing it safe or hiding behind tons of gain either.
  13. Henry

    JPGU 3.0 Announced

  14. Henry

    Doable: Auto-Engage Modifier in one scene, Bypass in another?

    Here is my scenario: I have a Wah in Scene 1 with a Modifier on Control using Expression 1, and Auto Engage On (Med Pos). I would like Wah to be totally off in Scene 2 (so I can use Expression 1 for something else). I see in the manual that Modifiers settings are shared between Channels of a...
  15. Henry

    John Petrucci Guitar Universe 2.0 - NY August 2018

    Anyone here going? Or is an alumnus from last year? I'm not sure what to expect. I assume people bring a guitar, right?
  16. Henry

    Implemented Looper: Hitting ONCE while in RECORD should stop recording but not start playing immediately

    The current looper control does not allow for a loop to stop and not play immediately. At least I have not found a way so far. The II looper implemented this by: - stopping the recording when you hit Record (while recording) - and setting the Immediate Play to Off. The III looper goes into...
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