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    Epic 70’s songs and bands

    I like this far more than Tommy. Much better overall. I don’t listen to a whole lot of music from my youth, but this one still grabs me.
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    Epic 70’s songs and bands

    It was a ridiculous decade for music. So many different threads of music came together and actually had at least some popularity. As is the case with many others, I could post on and on.
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    Have we reached a point

    Did you see this thread started by Cliff recently? I don’t think he’s stopping any time soon. https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/the-cnfb-method.180088/
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    Regarding SPDIF to optical (apollo twin x)

    I‘ve done this. Had to set clock to Axe in the console.
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    Owned Axe FX 2, 3, FM3, and sold them all. Couldn't get decent tones. What was I doing wrong?

    I play at whisper volume through mediocre monitors and can’t get my clean sounds to emulate a Fender Twin Reverb. What’s wrong with the Axe?
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    Playing lap steel with a Cuban rock band using my FX-III

    What studio is this? It’s massive, and that console looks like it belongs at NASA.
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    Holy grail: David Grissom - anyone get close?

    Love Grissom. Huge 2nd for Saxon pub gig. Fantastic setting. I got to hear him in a tiny place in Houston maybe 3 years ago where he used amp, no mic in a little room. His amp in the room tone was just as good as it gets and his trio is killer. He had Glenn Fukunaga on bass that night and...
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    Jackson Browne Austin City Limits

    Greg Leisz is an incredible player. I was just listening to a bootleg of him with Bill Frisell playing material off their Lennon record and they were absolutely astounding. Greg has played with everybody from Joni Mitchell to Willie Nelson as well as years in various Frisell projects. Love...
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    12AY7 Preamp tube for tweed Deluxe and Bassman models

    I think input trim is your friend. It's huge parameter for me in getting the gain staging right which is the biggest thing. I have a 58 Tweed Deluxe (actually the first one Cliff used when he put a Tweed Deluxe in the AxeFX) I'm guessing he has his own now. I've never had it confirmed or...
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    underwhelming sound through headphones advice

    That's what did it for me, too. I tried a lot of phones and when I got to these, I stopped searching. Expensive, but worth it.
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    Tech 21 Power Engine original with FM3

    That's interesting. I had a Power Engine 60 and it wasn't horrible for certain sounds, but it wasn't versatile and I moved on. I certainly liked the form factor. If this speaker transforms it into a decent platform, that's awesome.
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    Wish Two Rock Traditional Clean!

    I’d love more. Just got the Classic Reverb Signature and holy sh%#*+!!! What a great variety of clean into singing gain tones. Might already be my fav amp and I have a boatload of great amps.
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    Any Singers.... Or Wanna-Be Singers Here?

    I was late to singing. Wish I started earlier. I‘ve done some lessons, various practice techniques, and then just sung songs. One of the best, simplest tools I’ve found is an app called Voice Master. The ui hasn’t been updated and there are things that irritate me about it, but if I just run...
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    Wish A "Bright Pot" in series with the "Bright Cap."

    Seems like a good idea. I already like ability to set bright cap, but even more control of those freqs would be great. I often find with Fenders (both real and FAS) I want something between bright switch on and off.
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    Aeros Loop Studio and Axe-Fx III

    They’re like the anti-FAS. Development is terrible, but their ads all all over, promising the moon and sun. FAS has great development and, if anything, undersells themselve.
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    How much does actual amp change Axe Fx Tone?

    That's a good idea. I went through many different speakers before arriving at CLRs. They're the only ones I've used where I don't feel something out of balance or overly sheeny.
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    How much does actual amp change Axe Fx Tone?

    You've got go-kart tires on a Ferrari. The better your playback system, the more you'll hear what the Axe is really capable of.
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    FM3 - Baritone tunings and hefty strings?

    The ability to control input trim and gain stage properly makes it easy to accommodate different instruments.
  19. M

    Can I record FM3 on iPad?

    The one with extra usb-c allows you to power ipad at same time as hooking up to FM3. Either will work.
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    Blues Lovers...

    Freddie is the man. Got to hear him open for Clapton as a youth. Lucky me. Listen to “1933-1976” cd tracks with Clapton and Freddie.
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    FM3 setup with UAD Apollo Twin X

    You’re going into the digital input this way. You can insert Uad plugins if you want, but you are bypassing mic pres and the whole unison thing. I just got little converter box for spdif/toslink and it works great. Gotta run sessions at 48k, but that’s fine by me.
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    50 Years Ago Today.....

    Love Aqualung. Saw them once in 77 and they were fantastic. I was shocked. Don't know why I should've been shocked, but I thought I'd moved on from whatever I thought they were by the time I saw them live. They were ridiculously tight and just a great band. Plus one on them and King Crimson...
  23. M

    Problems with my new AXE-FX III: It does not sound good?

    I was dissatisfied with headphones until I bought some Audeze phones. Also plus one on system reset and reinstall firmware.
  24. M

    Duplicating USB audio (for general playback) to Out 1 and Out 2 simultaneously

    Loopback is very cool. Yes, it's a PITA to need it, but it's super flexible and you get a ridiculous amount of control over audio routing on Macs.
  25. M

    Does any know how to program the Fender Deluxe ( with out any breakup) High Headroom..

    Input trim is your friend when trying to get really clean.
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    What is your favorite single cut?

    Dgt is great guitar. Easiest guitar I own and I own a lot to get a great classic bluesy rock singing tone from. lots of other tones, too.
  27. M

    Spare rig at gigs - Boss Katana Head!

    I think the Katana is a ridiculous bargain. If I'd had one when I started playing guitar I'd have learned a boatload about amps that took me a long time to learn. I joke with my music store friends that every guitar player in music school should start with a Katana and have to show their...
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    I'll never understand what makes it so difficult...

    I have no idea what to do with lots of amps in the Axe. That's also true of the real world. The higher the gain goes, the less idea I have. I don't blame the Axe. I do have some idea of what to do with Fender, Vox and other assorted low to mid gain amps. With the Axe, I do the same things I...
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    Forgot How Loud Tube Amps Are

    I just got a studio space where I can put a bunch of amps I have and crank them with nobody else caring. I'm mostly a Fender/Vox 15-50 watt amp person, so not metal loud. I agree. I cannot believe how freaking loud some of these things are when they starting singing. Super...
  30. M

    SMH. Sirius XM.

    I had similar but much more drawn out story with Comcast (during which time I found out they consistently rate at or near the bottom of customer service for all US companies). I bought a small building for a studio. I was having security put in on a particular day and I needed to make sure the...
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    Axe-Fx III 16.00 Beta 4 "Cygnus" Firmware - Public Beta

    OMG!!! I don't know what just happened here, but WOW. I have an original III at my house and a new III at studio. I updated to 16 at house, reset parameters and posted the thing that Cliff responded to about needing the new Axe Edit to see the Normal volume. At the studio I updated newer III...
  32. M

    Axe-Fx III 16.00 Beta 4 "Cygnus" Firmware - Public Beta

    I just installed this and went directly to the Deluxe Tweed. I love the drive sound and the touch sensitive nature of the amp. What I found not realistic is the fact that I can't ungain it. I have a 58 Tweed Deluxe and if you keep the volume low enough you can get a perfectly decent clean...
  33. M

    Apple Silicon M1 owners - what's your verdict?

    I drank the kool aid and got both Mac mini and 13" MacBook Pro. They both work great. Cool, quiet. I have a 15" MBP with 32 gb of ram, 6 core i7. Most $ I ever spent on computer. Could have bought 6 M1 Mac minis for same price. 15" MBP is now in shop for 4th time. It sounds like a small...
  34. M

    Axe-Fx III Sound System Advice

    I went through many different powered speakers (finally have 3 Atomic CLRs that I'm very happy with). First ones where I felt like I was hearing what I wanted to hear were RCF NX12 which was great, but very directional. Also had a little more sheen than CLR. The best cheap solution I found...
  35. M

    Believe it or not... Can't get the Tweed amps to sounds fizzy enough

    You should try to blast a real Tweed Deluxe sometime. Until you've turned it up, it's just another amp. Crank it and playing with the various knobs on your guitars and different guitars (SC/HB/P90) and you'll realize how much you've heard these sounds over the years.
  36. M

    Believe it or not... Can't get the Tweed amps to sounds fizzy enough

    I have a real Tweed Deluxe. I also have UAD Tweed Deluxe. The fizzy stuff you hear in the UAD is a modeling abomination in my opinion. FAS completely smokes the UAD in capturing what a real tweed deluxe sounds like. If I wanted the fizzy stuff, places I might start would be bright switch on...
  37. M

    Official Welcome to Kurt Rosenwinkel!

    That's a great addition to the FAS user group. Kurt is a great player. Really great.
  38. M

    Aeros Loop Studio and Axe-Fx III

    Sorry, it's Midi Maestro, not Midi Buddy. Vastly over promised and under delivered.
  39. M

    Aeros Loop Studio and Axe-Fx III

    If you’re getting use from the looper, lucky you. I bought a Midi Buddy based on programmable features advertised that haven’t been implemented many many months later. Don’t advertise what you’re not delivering. They lost me as future customer. I contacted them maybe 5 months after buying it...
  40. M

    Guitar Center To File For Bankruptcy

    I don’t know any details, but the email I got said they’re going into Chapter 11, restructuring and staying in business. I don’t know how many stores might be trimmed in the process, but the letter states that they’re going into Chapter 11 in order ultimately to stay in business. I would miss...
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    Wish Wish List: New Amps

    Blake Mills’ Austen Hooks modded Filmosound 385. Have an At Mars 385 which is pretty great, but not quite the magic I hear in Mills’ sounds.
  42. M

    Best Combo amp for use as an effects return?

    Have run into Hot Rod Deluxe with great results
  43. M

    SOLVED: FM3 as interface?

    What he said. Set FM3 as in and out. Also works great with Ipad. Can get some crazy sounds with IOS fx apps blended with FM3
  44. M

    Time for a new audio interface?

    Now I’m not sure my idea would work. Looks like spdif has to come into input one which means you couldn’t route FM 3 digitally through Axe III without killing guitar input of III. I’d be curious if I’m missing something in routing options. It’s too bad if you can’t if that’s true.
  45. M

    Time for a new audio interface?

    Why not just use Axe Fx III? You can run FM 3 into it with spdif, then get a badass mono or stereo preamp to go into Axe Fx III. Otherwise you’re doing extra ad/da conversation with one unit or other into interface likely.
  46. M

    Les Paul Peter Green Overdriven Tone (Carol Ann) + Preset inside!

    Enjoyed the hell out of that. Great tone, feel and chops. This should be on the example page for people wondering if you can get great sounds for blues/rootsy stuff with Axe Fx.
  47. M

    12.09 - Tiny But Mighty

    Sounds great. We're at a sweet point. I have never played presets much, but on 12.09 (or 1.04 on FM3) I find myself doing it much more. Adjust gains and tone to suit and bam, lost in the sound. Any as noted, so much variation then comes from different pickup/gtr vol and tone combinations...
  48. M

    Alex Weir

    Yep, this is a great concert film. Got a lot of people into the Talking Heads which is a good thing.
  49. M

    Wish MIDI over USB

    Yes, please USB midi. This would be useful in particular for use with Ipad. One of the great features of the FM3 is that it works as usb audio interface. If you have Ipad and CC kit, you owe it to yourself to plug Ipad into FM3 and see just how cool it is to process FM3 sound with some of the...
  50. M

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 12.09

    My take on this FW is that it should've had its own number, maybe its own zip code. The bounce in the firmware and as indicated, the beauty of the gradation between clean and driven is stunning. I got someone who owns a II to get on the waitlist for FMIII by taking it into his music store...
  51. M

    First 3 days with Axe FX 3, I thought it was the worst sound ever (b/c I didn't read the manual)

    For me, input trim has been important. Particularly with Fenders and other clean amps using humbuckers I sometimes have trouble getting the clean headroom I want until I turn input trim to .5-.6.
  52. M

    Why I already love FM3 in 30 short minutes

    I've had my FM3 for .5 hour. I wasn't supposed to try it out or write this post because I don't have time today, but damn. I've been on FAS train since Ultra, including III. I plugged in the first guitar I could find (semi-hollow LP with P90s) into preset 1, figured out how to adjust gain...
  53. M

    Post here if you've received an invite for the Headphone Jack model!

    Wait list 1:09 AM Central 4/24/19, invite for headphone May 28th 12:08 PM. Purchased immediately.
  54. M

    I think my Les Paul is a dud

    Totally agree about Gibson inconsistency. My first good guitar was an ES335 which I pawned and lost years ago. For a long time after that I would periodically try 335s and never have anything like an aha moment for anything like a reasonable price (except for one 68 ES345 beat to hell that I...
  55. M

    Wish A Klon-type Drive block

    I had an original Klon gold pedal. It was the first boutique pedal I bought and it was fantastic. It was great as a cleanish boost and as a midrange heavy clearer tube screamerish low to mid gain pedal. I wish I still had it. I sold it when it reached what I thought was the exorbitant price...
  56. M

    Post Here if You've Received An FM3 Invite!

    I'm 1:09 AM 4/24 and just got invite. I'm going to pass. I want the headphone jack. I have several other Fractal products including a III. For something portable that can be a USB interface I definitely want a headphone jack, and not to have to use one other thing to make it work for my purposes.
  57. M

    New mega zip file of ambient Presets and Blocks to download

    OMG. There is some amazing stuff here and I've just scratched surface. Headed to donate.
  58. M

    New BluGuitar Amp X - Holy $#!%

    I didn’t know that. I’m definitely someone going for more vintage or at least vintage gain level type sounds, so it makes sense that I’d like my Gen 1
  59. M

    New BluGuitar Amp X - Holy $#!%

    I have an Amp 1 and I think it sounds damn good. It's very simple and straight forward to operate, too. If this thing has an equivalent level sound, it'll be a great piece of gear.
  60. M

    Is Guthrie Govan the Best* player?

    Check this for someone who Josh Smith isn’t destroying. Jack Pearson is one of baddest players around. Josh is great, but I like Jack better. And I’d be willing to bet Josh has studied Jack like crazy, too because he integrates a very similar jazz sensibility into some his stuff, Jack’s jazz...
  61. M

    Mark Speer (Khruangbin)

    Love those guys. Will have to try preset. Thx
  62. M

    Axe-Fx III clean amp sounds compared to Kemper cleans

    Cleans are fantastic on Axe III. I have several BF Fender amp, Red Plate, Groove Tubes and others and the III can satisfy me for clean. It was a problem with Ultra, greatly improved by end of II and now they’re excellent.
  63. M

    RIP Dr John

    Yes, huge loss. A giant of New Orleans music which is the epicenter for much of what I love about music.
  64. M

    FracTool - ultimate multitool for FAS devices

    Thanks for latest update. I love your devotion to this app. It’s such a great tool for FAS.
  65. M

    Some people say Axe-Fx is not for blues.... I think they're wrong

    What Cainer said. Many guitarists are luddites. "Digital sucks. If Humbert Sumlin didn't use it, then I won't either." Axe Fx sounds great for blues and whatever else you want to do. I've played next to people using some of the best amps ever made playing blues and blues/rock and totally...
  66. M

    Sonny Landreth: Fractal Artist and very under rated!

    Sonny is great. That he uses Fractal speaks volumes. He's a tone monster. Personally I prefer Derek, but they're super different. Derek has a deeper blues/jazz sense than Sonny and is more adventurous, but Sonny is a total pioneer in the way that he plays behind the slide for chords and...
  67. M

    Does Axe-Edit Not Work (Properly) With Mac OS?

    Don’t know if it’s related, but I heard something about USB 2 being weird in some newer Macs. I run an i9 MBP with my Axe Fx III and Axe edit is ok with usb c dongle to usb. I read someone suggesting using a thunderbolt dock with usb 2 to avoid issue, but again, I have no idea if this is...
  68. M

    Quality of everything is getting worse

    I have latest greatest MBP 15". Most I've ever spent by long shot on computer. I'm not especially happy with the keyboard, but it's worked fine. The crazy thing is that my MBP completely bricked a couple of months ago. Took it to Apple store. They sent it in to be fixed. They said problem...
  69. M

    My main live preset - Super Verb

    In Houston you might try The Big Easy.
  70. M

    UAD Apollo Twin Aggregate

    Where are you monitoring your click? You ought to have a choice of where the click is routed to. Seems like Axe is destination for click. Aggregate device isn’t problem. You have to route click to Apollo output, not Axe. To record amp’d and DI, use Axe inputs...1/2 is amp output. 5 is DI.
  71. M

    What are your favorite guitar tones ever?

    Endless choices for tone. Duane Allman Dickey Betts Derek Trucks Albert King Snooks Eaglin (turn that Twin Reverb up) Mark Knopfler (almost any, but Brothers in Arms live shows are great) Bill Frisell (personal fav if I had to pick one...love when he hits his drive pedals, but love it all and...
  72. M

    Anyone interested?

    I would be stunned if that Black strat sold for only 150K. Given the amount of love Gilmour has, the amount of $ some baby boomer loving guitarists have and the $ other iconic guitars have gone for that seems really low.
  73. M

    Thunderbolt Dock

    I have 2 of the Thunderbolt 2 docks mentioned above including one hooked to Thunderbolt 3 Macbook Pro via adapter and they have worked great. Huge problem solvers.
  74. M

    Amp simulator vs “the real thing” argument

    I love real amps and still have a bunch. What I most love about the Axe III (and ll and Ultra and Ax 8) is that I can get great sounds regardless of volume. With cleanish amp and pedals it’s always a balance of exigency. If I can be as loud as I want, I can get clean headroom, responsiveness...
  75. M

    UAD question

    Difference between interfaces (Apollo and Twins) vs Satellite is ability to track with plugins. For mixing only, Satellite is good, but tracking with UAD preamp emulations (aforementioned Unison technology) is a beautiful thing and a big part of the appeal to me.
  76. M

    Favorite ‘big clean’ amp?

    USA Clean as some have noted is awesome. Clean Mesa which I've always thought was some of the best clean ever. Not so mid-scooped as Fender. That said, it's hard to know where to start with Fenders. One thing I know is that I tend to turn the input trim way down otherwise it never gets as...
  77. M

    Tedeschi Trucks

    Totally agree. For a while (maybe still) the Axe seemed to get more love for heavier sounds, but I think it’s just as great at lower to mid gain sounds that totally work in a roots/jam context.
  78. M

    Tedeschi Trucks

    Just saw 2 shows in Mpls. There’s no Fractal in sight there, but for my listening pleasure they’re one of the best live bands I’ve ever heard and I’m a live music fanatic. Derek Trucks is the most expressive blues rock player alive to my ears (love his pal Jack Pearson for a jazzier take...
  79. M

    Atomic CLR & Ae-FX III - Gain Staging LED's Show Nothing?

    My head explodes when my III is plugged into my CLRs and it’s louder than I can possibly handle, but no lights.
  80. M

    Sonny Landreth with John Hiatt Live tonite at Ravinia

    Agree that playing with Hiatt is a great context for Sonny. Should be a great show. Last time I saw Sonny was in jam situation with Oteil Burbridge and John Vidacovich. NOT a great context. Sonny lead and played mostly blues stuff which I don’t think he really has a good feel for in spite of...
  81. M

    Mac Audio Cuts Out

    The audio periodically (not often) cuts out on me and I just pull the usb cable out and plug it back in. That always works for me.
  82. M

    Long road music

    Guitar instrumentals Any Duke Levine CD Jim Campilongo Dixie Dregs (great driving music)
  83. M

    Firmware 1.11

    I did an experiment a couple of days ago. I got on real amp jag and have a Bogner Atma and Mesa Mark V 25, both of which are great 20ish watt amps. I played around with them both for a while, getting some very satisfying clean to mid gain tones into an Allen 2-10 cab with Weber alnicos. I...
  84. M

    Nektar Pacer....thoughts?

    Hadn’t seen that before. Nektar makes some very cool keyboard and fader/knob controllers for computer midi gear. What makes them different from a lot of others is how many custom mapped templates they have for different DAWs and VSTs. This looks like a pretty cool option for the price.
  85. M

    Initial learning curve

    I don't adjust them exactly the same, but my presets fall into a few recognizable categories based on what I like to play and how I expect the guitar/amp interaction to be. Mostly the difference has to do with whether the context I'm in needs the basic clean to be super clean (jazzish or...
  86. M

    Axe-Fx III wait list: Let us know when you get notified...

    Confirmation: 1/29 9:45 AM CST Invitation: 4/2. 3:15 PM CST Ordered confirmation : 4/2 6:07 PM CST
  87. M

    Post Axe-Fx III Launch ... Amp Model Requests

    Plus 1 on AustinBuddy’s PRS Grissom request Carr Skylark Goodsell Super 17 Ampeg Gemini II Redplate Blackverb Jim Kelley FACS (old or Suhr version) Supro Comet
  88. M

    Back in the saddle at last (Finally loving my Axe-FX again)

    Welcome back. I’ve been not playing much live and exploring real amps more. This is a good reminder. I had one of the original tweed Blues Jr’s that I gigged for several years. It worked great at getting a decent clean tone and then responding quite well to pedals. I’ve heard vast...
  89. M

    Tone is in your fingers debate

    I'm totally on the side saying most of tone is in player's hands. Gear is an enhancement and certainly needs to be to some standard to work with player. I sound like me almost no matter what I plug into.
  90. M

    Crazy advice. A Retirement Account online?

    2nd Vanguard.
  91. M

    SRV Little Wing Tone Test

    Nice go at it, particularly outside your zone. His original tone has the amps on the verge of explosion. That's hard to cop.
  92. M

    Atomic powered wedge v CLR Neo - for AX8

    For me, they're night and day. The original wasn't remotely FRFR. There's probably some decent sounds to be gotten out of it, but the CLR Neo is worlds beyond. If you're using your FRFR to judge what you send to a PA, the original Atomic is terrible at that. There are a ton of powered PA...
  93. M

    Country Tele-Twang Presets

    Crank it up. Volume I mean. Any of a variety of clean to light breakup amps would get you in a ballpark. I tend to find these tones lacking until I turn my frfr or monitors up. Can you get these tones through a real amp? Set the Axe up the same way.
  94. M

    AX8 does Grateful Dead -- Mutron III effect

    Just saw Dead and Co in Chicago and have gotten off into learning Dead tunes I vaguely know better. Slow to realize what great web video stuff is out there that makes some of the technique much more obvious that I'd realized before. Set a wah similar to this with drive pedal after and the...
  95. M

    Glenn Delaune AX8 Presets

    I'd never known of Glenn before trying the presets he posted for the AX8. At first I was a little lukewarm on them. Then I turned my FRFR up and found them to be the most gig-ready presets I'd ever plugged in that I hadn't made myself. I almost always make my own, occasionally starting with...
  96. M

    Greg Koch in Austin tonight

    That would've been fun. Love going to hear David Grissom there when I'm in Austin.
  97. M

    Dirty amp or Clean with a drive pedal

    I've run forever that way, usually with some Fender or Fenderish (or occasionally Voxish) amp with drive pedals, usually one at a time. Sometimes I'll use an EQ boost and/or compressor in front of the drives. I don't play anything high gain though. Clean to medium gain. That's my sense of...
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