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  1. Raab90

    New Song. Need feedback

    Such kinds words haha thank you so much!
  2. Raab90

    New Song. Need feedback

    Oh thank you! I didn't know that band but I just listened to a few songs and I guess it does have a similar vibe
  3. Raab90

    New Song. Need feedback

    It was indeed. Thank you! We'll check that out!
  4. Raab90

    New Song. Need feedback

    Hello, New song with my band. All guitars and bass were done using the Axe Fx. I want feedback regarding the mix and the song if possible. No idea what genre this really is so you may be better starting at the middle. Thank you.
  5. Raab90

    Considering an Axe, have a few questions.

    I use it as a soundcard and have had no problems with it. Reamping is brutally easy and convenient. I own a Dual rec and had a Mark V and you won’t be missing on absolutely anything, sound and feel-wise. The amps look cool tho but that’s the only point. As far as amps go in general, having an...
  6. Raab90

    Tune for a furry friend

    Sorry for ur loss man. It’s always a heartbreak to lose a good fren
  7. Raab90

    AC/DC "Rock n roll ain’t noise pollution" solo

    Ooh man. Oof. The thiccnesss. Jesus.
  8. Raab90

    Releases from my band

    Hey guys. I made a new band sort of. It's just two sorry ass guys and I suck but here's what we do. It's all AXE FX III. Advice on mixing would be appreciated too bc I know it's giga poo. Wish you all a hamsterrific 2021
  9. Raab90

    Ideal vs Authentic

    Authentic here unless I’m trying to achieve something very specific.
  10. Raab90

    Closed Polyphonic synth block

    That’s it. It would be a cool addition to make weird ambient sounds and just different things in general.
  11. Raab90

    Wish Synth block update?

    A polyphonic synth in the Axe would be beyond great. One of the reasons I got into Fractal was for the ability to make weird sounds with reverbs and synths.
  12. Raab90

    Wish Implementing an "Expert" Mode on AX3

    That would be amazing. Just imagine the possibilities man.
  13. Raab90

    Guitar Rig vs Axe-Fx III: is there really a better tone?

    The Axe Fx III is worlds apart from Guitar Rig 5. There is really no comparison. If the question had been a difference between the Helix, Kemper and the Axe III, I would’ve been a lot more detailed about an answer since those three units are on the same league. But comparing the Axe Fx III to...
  14. Raab90

    Question about Axe-Fx

    A head is a preamp + power amp. The Axe FX is a preamp, so it’s only half the equation. But if you plug into a power amp, you get a head.
  15. Raab90

    Power Amp Advice, Please? - Updated, 4/21

    If you to feel like playing through an actual amp, get a Matrix GT1000FX and plug it to an actual guitar cab. You can also build a 4x12 with FRFR speakers, and use IRs and EQ to make it more flexible. I tried this once and it’s amazing. There’s almost no live (in the room) sound you can’t...
  16. Raab90

    CoverPot for Axe-Fx 3 and FM3

    For me this is great since I hate the fact that my fingers may leave oils and dirt in the knobs, and I can't just take them out to clean them. I can just put these over the knobs, take them out and wash them once in a while.
  17. Raab90

    AC/DC - "Back In Black" Tone Match

    Spot on bro damn. Imma try this with my SGs at full volume
  18. Raab90

    Anyone buy their first 'real' amp inspired by their AXE?

    The Rockverb models got me into the Orange sound, so I bought an Orange TH30 which I think has that dirty sound while at the same time not being absurdly loud. I also got a Dual Recto Reborn precisely because I really like the Recto 2 models, and I’m plannning on getting a Mesa Mark V because I...
  19. Raab90

    Wish Orange/Matamp

    These are probably absurdly hard to find, but if Cliff models this amp I'll build a little shrine and light him some candles.
  20. Raab90

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 14.00

    Isn't Verilog an HDL? How do LISP and Verilog go together?
  21. Raab90

    Little Tune, ODS on both guitars

    Oof bro
  22. Raab90

    Need help with Bass guitar settings

    When it comes to recording bass, this is a usual problem. There are two ways to solve it in my opinion. One is to put a multiband compressor after the cab block, set the first cross over (or low band compressor) to around 300Hz, and do some hard compression on the lows. This works good for pop...
  23. Raab90

    Elemento - Desapego (New song using the Axe FX III)

    Hello, New song by my band. Despite the ENGL being turned on at the back, all guitars and the bass were done using the Axe Fx III. (I'm the guy with the mask) Enjoy!
  24. Raab90


    I was reading about the JTM50, and it turns out this particular amp has a split cathode topology. Maybe this is why the JTM50 is a lot less fizzier than the JTM45, while keeping the same thumpy bass response due to the high negative feedback?
  25. Raab90


    Maybe you could help us get closer using an existing amp model?
  26. Raab90


    Well, I split the signal into a high path and low path. Then I use a modded and cranked 100 watt plexi with bass IRs and a hi pass filter for the high path, and an SV400 and a low pass filter for the low path. I then use the RTA block to make sure the crossover is around 300Hz (or whatever area...
  27. Raab90


    That's my new favorite amp tbh, it's the sound I've always wanted, and I'm considerng buying a Metro replica or something. I tried getting a similar tone by modding a JTM45 in the Axe but I couldn't quite get there, maybe bc there's no way to change some cap values. Or maybe I just suck at deep...
  28. Raab90


    I use it a lot, especially for crafting bass tones when I’m after a Lemmy type sound
  29. Raab90

    Amp Input Gain

  30. Raab90

    Anyone switched from Kemper to Axe-Fx III?

    Glad I'm not the only one who notices this. It's like all amps have a Kemper flavor.
  31. Raab90

    JTM45 bug?

    Hello, is the JTM45 supposed to default to EL34s?
  32. Raab90

    Marshall JTM50 simulation

    Makes sense. This is the one and only amp I've actually heard sounds like Angus solos. Out of all his videos, the one where he uses the JTM50 are in my opinion the only ones where he actually nails perfectly the Angus tone. I could close my eyes and think it's Angus.
  33. Raab90

    New song recorded using the AXE FX III

    Hello, My band ELEMENTO is releasing a demo, and we're also doing "live" versions of our songs during quarantine. Here's our second video "Huellas", sort of translated as "trails" All guitars and the bass were done exlcusively using the AXE FX III. Btw I'm the guy with the mask and SG. Also...
  34. Raab90

    AXE FX III possessed by el mismo diablo ayayay

    Nevermind this, I already fixed it by doing a hard reset. EDIT: It seems I was possessed as well. I tried the rectos the ther day and they are dead on as usual. Could blindfold myself in front of the 4x12 and not tell which is which. What a pleasure this little machine is goddamn. Goddamn.
  35. Raab90

    AXE FX III possessed by el mismo diablo ayayay

    Okay so I've had my Axe for about two years now and I haven't had any problems so far, until these last few days where I noticed a few things after updating to fw 12.11. I'll try to be as thorough on my descriptions as possible: 1) Distorted audio playback while playing guitar over Reaper: So I...
  36. Raab90

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 12.11

    Has there been any changes to the input gate block lately? I had to lower the threshold in a few of my presets bc it's cutting off too much signal.
  37. Raab90

    Stereo Amps vs. Axe-Fx III

    That ENGL cab looks SLICC
  38. Raab90

    Retro looking AX FX III - Gator seafoam green picts

    I've always wanted something like thi, but with a knob panel to control the amp's settings. Looks slick tho
  39. Raab90

    Axe-Fx III vs The real deal tube amp

    An amp can't violate the laws of physics, and will always have an energy limitation. In this case the actual limit is 20A, and protection means the unit's gonna cut the power off around 20A because it's is limit, and you'll destroy it otherwise. If those speakers were not designed to be driven...
  40. Raab90

    Axe-Fx III vs The real deal tube amp

    This is interesting. Is Zilla planning on selling those? I'll eventually get an FM3 bc I'm using an ENGL Ironball for gigging but now I'm starting to need effects and more sounds, and there's no way I'm carrying around my entire rack + a 4x12 or a 100 Watt head. Reducing the load from a lunch...
  41. Raab90

    Axe-Fx III vs The real deal tube amp

    Remember to turn the cab block off
  42. Raab90

    Axe-Fx III vs The real deal tube amp

    If you compare 'real amp + cab' against 'axe fx (amp->cab IR) + FRFR' then don't expect them to sound the same, as the latter is like listening to a recorded guitar from an album or something. They sound drastically different that way. If you do 'amp + cab' against 'axe fx (just amp block) +...
  43. Raab90

    Running 2 amps in stereo, at gigs

    Yeah. It’d be like failing to quadtrack a guitar and make it sound muddy in the mix
  44. Raab90

    Wish Tone/Saturation switches per amp when applicable

    For example, instead of having 4-6 models for each combination of pull switches on Mesa mark amps, why not just put some toggles of those switches on those particular models? It’s already been implemented with the presence shift control on some modes. This way, amps like the ENGL Savage could be...
  45. Raab90

    “Rounder” amp to pair with a 5150 Block Letter?

    Try the mesa Mk series, or the ENGL Savage.
  46. Raab90

    A/B With Guitar Cab and Matrix GT 800FX

    Regarding the transformer interaction, the whole point is to emulate a high voltage current source magnetically coupled to a low voltage, high current reactive load, using a voltage source directly driving a load. That’s what the the Axe does. And it’s great at it
  47. Raab90

    A/B With Guitar Cab and Matrix GT 800FX

    This is interesting. I have an ENGL Ironball here and the first time I played through it, master on almost 0 (just loud enough so I could practice), and thought it sounded awesome. I would always use it to practice at extremely low volumes. One day I took it to a gig, and cranked it loud. When I...
  48. Raab90

    Production approaches for that "dueling guitar" sound + vocals?

    Have you ever seen a band where both guitarists use the same guitar, same amps, same effects, and eq their amps the same? Then why would that happen in a studio setup? Rythm guitar and lead guitars are usually very different. Different amps, different guitars... think of the tracks as...
  49. Raab90

    Need a tip about a 1972 Marshall 50w 1987 type sound

    If that’s the case, maybe you could upload a few clips so members here can help you pinpoint the issue.
  50. Raab90

    Need a tip about a 1972 Marshall 50w 1987 type sound

    First things first. How are you comparing them? Are you playing the JMP through a cab, and the AXE through headphones or FRFR speakers? If that’s the case, you can either: 1) Mic up your JMP in an isolated room, send the sound to a console, listen to the mic’d up amp through head phones or...
  51. Raab90

    The Axe Fx III remains!

    Yeah I get you. I only use my real amps when it’s just the guitar and the amp. Anything else gets noisy, cumbersome and impractical. For gigs, I have an ENGL e606 I can just bring everywhere and hook up to whatever cab is available. It’s lighter than the Furman+Axe+Matrix combo, and less bulky...
  52. Raab90

    Real Friedman BE-50 or Axe-Fx 3?

    I never got that “nothing beats a real tube amp pushing air on ur face” thing tbh. I have my own tube amps and an Axe FX III, and yeah, if you run the Axe through studio monitors or an FRFR setup, don’t expect it to feel like a tube amp. But if you run it through a Matrix power amp and an cab...
  53. Raab90

    Any Physicists Here?

    I don’t know if I’m too late or not, but some people have discussed similar theories before without much success. A different way to see this, is that since space-time is a sort of fabric that gets deformed by mass, and gravity waves are a thing now, eventually a particle would produce...
  54. Raab90

    Playing Outside - Freezing Cold

    How are your fingers even gonna move at all out there?
  55. Raab90

    Mesa model reccomendations for pushed clean, slightly dirty, and overdriven

    It’s weird you mentioned the raw mode in the recto. I never liked it, but when my friend plays through it with his LP loaded with Alnico II Pros it just roars.
  56. Raab90

    Ares vs FASpice?

    What a spicy thread this is
  57. Raab90

    Marshall amp question

    To my ears, It’s like almost a JCM800, but it isn’t. Maybe I could tweak the JCM to get there?
  58. Raab90

    Marshall amp question

    There is a 81’ JMP 2204 but it sounds and feels really different than the 79’s I’ve tried
  59. Raab90

    Marshall amp question

    Hello, What would be the closest model to a 79’ JMP 2203? I’ve always loved those amps, and been wanting to recreate one. Thanks!
  60. Raab90

    Power Amp Power Tube Type Selection

    Why not making an “authentic/ideal” switch or something that controls how parameters such as transformer matching or HF/LF speaker resonance are adjusted to the tube type?
  61. Raab90

    Power Amp/Cabinet Modeling ON/OFF!

    Maybe your cab block’s level is set to a higher value than the default, so when it’a activated, it also increases the volume/acts as a boost
  62. Raab90

    Hard questions from someone that does not have access to hardware.

    Can you a give us an example of a tone with enough “depht”? Depth could mean many different things, so maybe you could give us a reference tone that you’d want recreated in the axe fx
  63. Raab90

    Axe-Fx III Vs other Axe-Fx units

    I stand corrected papi
  64. Raab90

    Axe-Fx III Vs other Axe-Fx units

    Long story short: AXE FX III is the newest Fractal rack unit, and it sounds and feels a tad better that it’s predecesor, the AXE FX II. It has like 8 times the processing power though so expect it to be highly improved over the next couple months/years. The FM3 is a Lite floor version of the...
  65. Raab90

    Amp sims have low gain and little-to-no distortion?

    Did you check the input levels? Go to I/O > Input, and adjust the input level until the red led on the input meters is lit briefly when you ply the hardest. Extremely low settings on this parameter cause overall low gain across every model I had this same issue. And this fixed it.
  66. Raab90

    Axe-Fx 3 Amp Block Valve Configurations?

    There's a Wish List sub-forum for all types of requests in case you'd like to see a non-optimized substitution feature.
  67. Raab90

    Axe-Fx and Ohms?

    I think what you’re looking for is xformer match
  68. Raab90

    Drive block vs Tube Pre

    The tube pre is technically a tube amp, so I don’t think it would “fit” inside a drive block. They are completely different things
  69. Raab90

    Instrument input

    Thank you! I'm not doing that because it's for recording purposes. I record each instrument separately.
  70. Raab90

    Instrument input

    Hello, I have a Line 6 UX2 that I'm using as phantom power for a condenser mic. I want to then come out of the analog outs of the UX2, into either of the instrument inputs 1 of the AXE FX III, so I can process the mic signal and record it using the AXE FX as an audio interface. Is this...
  71. Raab90

    Suggestions for Live Application with Matrix

    Have you calibrated the speaker page? Makes a big difference.
  72. Raab90

    JVM sounding weird

    Maybr works for stoner rock?
  73. Raab90

    Speaker Resonance page

    I use this a lot. It’s probably the most important control along with xformer match when paired up with a real can IMO. However, it’s a pain to set it up for every preset I do, considering I tend to use the same cab. Is there a way to select a global setting for the speaker page? Most of the...
  74. Raab90

    Making the switch From Friedman BE-100 to Axe-Fx III

    I’m curious as well. I use my axe with a 4x12 and a Matrix GT1000FX and I get indistinguishable tones too. I do this because the other guitarists uses an actual amp + 4x12, so I use that setup so the axe feels “in the room” with the amp.
  75. Raab90

    Guitar Pickup Representation

    I hear a pretty brutal difference. Actually, I have a guitar with a JB on thr bridge position that can be used in the following configurations: Series/Paralell/Single coil(N)/Single coil(S). And I can hear a pretty noticeable difference between each one of them. Just imagine when I switch guitars.
  76. Raab90

    Vicarious GAS

    Kinda If I had the money I’d probably get a few real life counterparts. Why? Not sure, as I’m aware that I’d be able to make them sound and feel the same. But maybe to take them to gigs for simplicity and show off. Besides, it’s always fun to crank an amp loud
  77. Raab90

    [SOLVED] How can i get a more dynamic feel?

    Lol people complaining about the AXE not being dynamic enough... and here I am figuring out how to make mine less dynamic. I’m serious. Ever since I started using the Cornford it’s been the amp of my dreams but dear god the dynamics I swear. Last week I spent 2 hours recording a single riff...
  78. Raab90

    Maroon 5 Axe-Fx III Awesomeness

    Mine didn’t come with a film omg
  79. Raab90

    POD XT Live as foot controller for AXE-FX III

    I manually set every switch one by one, by each preset, using the learn function. It's not fancy, but it's functional.
  80. Raab90

    POD XT Live as foot controller for AXE-FX III

    I used a POD X3 Live as a foot controller fpr my AXE FX II and it worked just fine. It did all the basic stuff like switch things on and off, control the wah pedal position, and changing presets. I haven't tested it with the III but I guess it should be about the same when it comes to functionality.
  81. Raab90

    Cornfed M50 - new go to amp

    Great amp. I tried the model years ago back around FW 16-17 (before quantum) and didn’t really like it. I saw this thread and decided to give it another whirl, and I haven’t stopped playing it since. It’s a monster of an amp and it became my new favorite too. I currently drive it with a Rat in...
  82. Raab90

    Differing amp model output levels

    With the output VU meters. After you're done tweaking a patch, check the output level at the output block and get it as close as you can to 0. Rinse and repeat. Also, why 0db? IT's good practice to do so because it improves sigal to noise ratio.
  83. Raab90

    Differing amp model output levels

    Just tweak your tones until you like them. Then click on the output block and tweak each until levels match. Also, you have VU meters in every block now. Normalizing volumes doesn't make any sense. Changing any parameter in any amp is going to mess with the output. Let's say all amps are...
  84. Raab90

    Dreampop tone - Crush (Cigarettes After Sex)

    Hello. Check out this song. At the intro, there seems to be guitar with heavy reverb and some sort of synth behind. I know this is possible with the AXE, but I don't know where to start regarding the synth, and I also some of you are experts at ambience and background synths. Any clues...
  85. Raab90

    Do you all pretty much leave stock settings on amp for live?

    Usually just BMT, but sometimes I mess with the Sag parameter and LF/ HF resonance, especially when I change tube types. Wheb using marshalls, I usually play with the bright cap. It’s a very powerful control
  86. Raab90

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 2.02

    wew When did he he say he was gonna add it?
  87. Raab90

    FFFR tweaking at home vs in a band and live: The do's

    I gave up on adapting tones already. This is why I use the AXE as an amp when playing with my band. I’ll explain. When I play home, through headphones, I make complicated tones with lots of effects and end up creating new presets that I would use for recording eventually. When I play live, or...
  88. Raab90

    Favorite Clean amp in the III?

    Double Verb
  89. Raab90

    New Axe-Fx user looking for some guidance

    Leon Todd of Ragdoll makes videos regularly. Check this one out, it’s a very practical guide on advanced amp tweaking:
  90. Raab90

    Real Mesa Dual Rectifier vs Axe-Fx III and input impedance woes...

    By “Input through” you mean the DI is bein bypassed? That would mean it’s not loading down the pickup. If you plug into something you’re producing a similar effect than cascading the axe into the recto, loading the pup down and shifting the res freq
  91. Raab90

    Real Mesa Dual Rectifier vs Axe-Fx III and input impedance woes...

    Let me rephrase: a) Recording of the real amp (signal chain: Guitar->Real amp) b) Recording of the real amp (signal chain: Guitar->Axe->Real amp) c) Recording of the tone matched model (Signal chain: Guitar->Axe-Real amp) I’m basically saying that putting both units in series shifts the...
  92. Raab90

    Real Mesa Dual Rectifier vs Axe-Fx III and input impedance woes...

    Try the following. You, currently have 3 recordings right? a) Real amp through guitar->recto (brighter) b) Real amp through guitar->axe->recto (darker) c) Tone matched model through guitar->axe->recto (darker) Now plug the guitar straight into the axe and do a record with your tone...
  93. Raab90

    Real Mesa Dual Rectifier vs Axe-Fx III and input impedance woes...

    Would it be possible to add the cascaded AXE FX into the Recto?
  94. Raab90

    Real Mesa Dual Rectifier vs Axe-Fx III and input impedance woes...

    Not really, because what’s important here is what’s done to the input signal, not the input signal per se. So as long as you feed both platforms the same signal, and it stays within the dynamic range of whatever system you’re feeding, there should be no problem. Otherwise, using differeny...
  95. Raab90

    Real Mesa Dual Rectifier vs Axe-Fx III and input impedance woes...

    It's not like amplifiers have some impedance magic. Actually, they have very high input impedances (a very big resistance to ground) to be able to work with a strong input signal. Remember they work with input voltages. This is why unlike fuzzes, amps don't interact with your pickups when you...
  96. Raab90

    Dialling in the Marshalls

    How are you comparing them? AXE->monitors Amp->cab ?
  97. Raab90

    Don't take the Axe-Fx III for granted! (Tried Line6 Helix)

    This is sad considering I’ve been having my eyes on a HX Stomp for practice and some live situations. You’re completely right though. I’m too used to see the AXE as an actual amp. I don’t even use presets anymore. I just have a single preset with a cab block. I pick up an amp model, tweak BMTP...
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