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  1. J

    Sevenstring.org Forum

    Is there anyone seeing this who is, or may know a moderator on the SevenString.org Forum?
  2. J

    Recording Studio Electricity

    I know most studios tend to spend a tremendous amount of money on electricity/wiring for clean power. I'm having tons of work done on the house and the electrician is coming soon to do a ton of things. What exactly do people have done in the studio for electricity? or what would you recommend...
  3. J

    Studio Lighting?

    I'm completely renovating every inch of my house... maybe half way through right now... I've always had a decent home studio- plan is to focus more on youtube/video/content... Any ideas/suggestions on LED/Recessed lighting? I'm surprised I haven't seen more youtubers actually install stuff on...
  4. J

    So... I got a Kemper and an Eventide H8000 & Austin Buddy...

    I'm a firm believer in that demo-ing at home is the way to do it. Trying something at a store or watching youtube isn't the right environment to truly get a feel for something. But once you own it, it's different- especially with money involved... I don't have to worry about selling this or that...
  5. J

    2019 Grammy Nominations!

    Here's the complete list... https://www.grammy.com/grammys/news/2020-grammy-awards-complete-nominees-list Out of the hundreds of songs, artists and albums- I've literally heard 3 songs... an 1 I like (Sucker- Jonas Bros!) Even alt/metal/rock-- there's people I've never even heard of.
  6. J

    Studio PC Hard Drives

    6 years ago this month I built a PC, and I think even by today's standards it's still good.. Last year rehoused it from a 4 space rack mount chassis to a silent/soundproof case, with noctua fans and cooler. The computer has 6 hard drives and after 4-5 years decided to start fresh/reformat...
  7. J

    New Pickup Day!

    Finally got my new guitar pickup I bought a few months back... It's broken... but it's still pretty cool
  8. J

    New Wah & Monitors

    I'm bored, so I thought I'd share my thoughts on two new things I got... Good and Bad... Good... I picked up used and cheap a BBE Wah pedal... it was supposed to be a Clyde McCoy/1967 Vox copy... One of my biggest regrets was I think sometime last year I sold my original '67 Clyde. I sold it...
  9. J

    Any thoughts? Studio Upgrade- Saffire 56 - Apollo Quad - etc

    I'm switching up some gear- Thought i'd post what I'm doing and if anyone had thoughts or insight feel free to chime in... Currently have... Saffire 56, Octepre Mk II and Octepre Dynamic Do I have a need to record 30+ tracks at once? no way I dislike some aspects of the Saffire 56-...
  10. J

    A Little Thunder - New Octave/Guitar Pickup

    Yesterday the Kickstarter went live for this- and I wanted to share it with the forum, because it seems like something a lot of Fractal people would embrace. My friend Andy Alt, amazing guitar player, inventor- unveiled his new product/invention to the public and is crowed funding it to get...
  11. J

    Overkill Axe2+G-System

    For a while I've wanted a G-Major 2 to rack up with my Axe2 for studio use... kinda for the hell of it... no particular reason... (I've owned Gmajor/gforce/gsystem/etc) Long story short- I traded a guy a guitar I bought at a pawn shop 2 days ago for $120 for a G-system... pretty good...
  12. J

    Sorry but I have to say it... JC120

    I'm going to make some enemies but I thought this for a while... The Roland Jazz Chorus model in the Axe Fx II- in every firmware- sucks. There it is... I said it. It's not better than the real thing or near as good... I wish it were better. I still have/own/use the real thing.
  13. J

    Axe Fest/10year Reunion

    I pulled the trigger on an Axefest ticket AND a flight back and fourth to my 10year high school reunion... Got to ditch Axe fest at like 3 on saturday fly back and fourth and i'll be back by noon sunday please don't do anything cool from 3-6 saturday.
  14. J

    Change presets= cabinet screen

    while using axe edit changing presets through axe edit are fine when i change presets on the unit while connected to axe edit after 5 seconds the screen changes from the RECALL/PRESET screen to the cabinet block screen (so when i go to the next preset i'm only changing the cabinet)
  15. J

    Pink- Who Knew Acoustic Cover

  16. J

    New recording gear

    After using Digidesign gear for the last 10 years (Mbox, Mbox 2, Digi 003, Digi 003+) I'm ditching my Digi 003+ and Presonus Digimax LT For.... Focusrite Liquid Saffire 56 and Focusrite OctoPre MkII I think it's a good choice, good up grade. I'll be running PT10 with it After I...
  17. J

    Blind Acoustic Tests

    Just wanted to share my thoughts of today open to any thoughts/comments/ideas/etc I've never spent more than $120 or so on an acoustic (I've never spent more than 500 on a guitar either but i spend thousands on amps i don't need no problem) I want and NEED a GOOD acoustic I was in a writing...
  18. J

    Don't be jealous....

    Of my new license plate....
  19. J

    New Recording Computer

    I thought I'd share with all of you the new recording PC I am building -All the parts are shipped on and the way to me from various places.... Basically- I've used a 003 for a while, and scored a great deal on a 003+ (also have another 8 channels w/Presonus Digimax LT Lightpipe) I realized...
  20. J

    Ernie Ball Cobalts and Axe II?

    Anyone every try Ernie Ball Cobalts? They feel great and have really strong output It its basically like going from stock pickups to superhot pickups or using an overdrive pedal at all times... Sounds a little too agressive and clippy with the axe (all the fenders and early presets are...
  21. J

    My thoughts of Namm and the Axe Fx II

    Went to NAMM for the second time last weekend, (the second time I've been) I had a great time- but best of all met many people from the Fractal community... I literally drove my friend crazy talking about the Axe II with everyone I met or talked to... Many booths had Axe Fx II's and...
  22. J

    It's Christmas Music Time Again

    So I wanted to SPAM everyone again with my recording of Sleigh Ride... Please listen and share...thank you. I took the entire score to Sleigh Ride recorded each part on guitar. There are over 30 guitars going on all at once...every guitar was done with the Axe Fx recorded direct. Thank...
  23. J

    Call Me Maybe All Axe Fx II

    I recorded a hard rock cover of CALL ME MAYBE using only the acapella track of the original recording I did everything and all the instruments... All guitars and bass were recorded direct using the Axe Fx II
  24. J

    Effect Block Preset Library

    I posted in the 'wish list' an idea about focusing on effects rather than full presets and how many of the factory presets were wasted on single ideas and how we're better off exchanging effect blocks than full presets because we all have different guitars/tastes in tones/and the amps/everything...
  25. J

    "amp room" instead of presets

    I'm very indecisive and overwhelmed with everything the Axe can do... Does anyone have their Axe patches set up like an "amp room" instead of individual presets? I'm thinking instead of having it set up with different presets with effects and all... settling it up for recording... have no...
  26. J

    IR/Mic Question?

    I've been thinking about cabs/IR's/Mics and all that stuff and it's got me thinking... Is a high end mic or particular mic more desirable because of its behavior/frequency response than its actual build/quality/parts etc Aside from the quality of mic preamps and outboard gear and...
  27. J

    Tone Match: My Chemical Romance: Teenagers BEST EXAMPLE IMO

    I really like the tone i got tone matching the MCR song Teenagers Sounds great to me Had to take out the first clip of the original recording because soundcloud blocked it so its first, the original recordings guitar solo'd, then me solo, then with the original as a backing track
  28. J

    Tone Match: My Chemical Romance: Famous Last Words

    I'm happy with it... sounds good to me JCM800 btw
  29. J

    Super Quick! Tone Match Mesa Boogie Road King Head

    I did this tone match literally in about 2 min just to see what would happen... very happy with the results I took the #15 Recto Red Preset, In between the AMP and CAB inserted the TONE MATCH block [AMP>TM>Cab] Plugged the SLAVE OUT of the Road King into Input 2 of the Axe and played for...
  30. J

    I tone matched...MYSELF!

    In 2008 I was in a band called halfMute- we recorded a 3 song EP that I'm still very proud of... Since I have all the master tracks- I tonematched myself. On a song called Soul Spill I recorded it in 2008- using a Crate Blue Voodoo head, (and maybe a tubescreamer and ISP Decimator)... The...
  31. J

    Make Sure You...

    Hit Store after you hit enter after getting the reference sound and your own guitar sound... if you save the patch right away the tone match wont be stored right and there will be no output. So hit STORE after ENTER and you'll be set PS- this is HELLA EASY and I'm blown away
  32. J

    Axe Fx II, National Anthem A's vs Giants

    So... Here is my National Anthem performance from Saturday 3-17-12 As you can see prominently displayed is my Axe Fx II In case you're interested here is a detail of my rig: Guitar into the front of the Axe Fx II The Axe Fx II had a preset called ACTIVE PICKUP METAL that I came...
  33. J

    I get to take my Axe Fx II out of my house for the first time tomorrow...

    Tomorrow will be the first time I get to use my Axe Fx II live... and it's in front of 13,000 people. I'm playing the National Anthem at the Oakland A's vs SF Giants... sold out for months- biggest game of spring training. Did sound check yesterday- sounds great (vs last years dates...
  34. J

    Axe in High End Studio experience? TUBE PRE AFTER?

    First in a bit of shameless self promotion on the holiday season, please checkout my cover of the full score to sleigh ride, i did it all (40 guitar tracks) with my Axe Fx... Jeries Alfreih: Sleigh Ride (Complete Score) Electric Guitar - YouTube So... My question is does anyone have a...
  35. J

    40 Guitars, All with the Axe-Fx

    I took the entire score to sleigh ride and recorded every single instrument, every part, every note on electric guitar... I did it all with my Axe-Fx Jeries Alfreih: Sleigh Ride (Complete Score) Electric Guitar - YouTube
  36. J

    Sleigh Ride Complete Score Electric Guitar

    Hi All... I took on quite an undertaking I wanted to share with you all... I took the entire score to SLEIGH RIDE and recorded every instrument, every part on electric guitar... All the guitars were recorded direct with my Axe-Fx Ultra Enjoy Jeries Alfreih: Sleigh Ride (Complete...
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