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    (Fixed) Front panel metronome knob

    Is anyone else's front panel Metronome knob in the tempo settings not turning? Sonically it is working, visually it doesn't turn. Thanks guys.
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    Amp Builder Tweak-OFF?

    Six big names in the Amp building world tweak each others amps in under a min. I stumbled upon this in the midst of a YouTube worm hole and thought others might enjoy.
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    Wish Global Amp Speaker Parameters

    I use a power amp and cab setup for the III and try to use Low Res parameters to help sync the amp sims better with my cab as per cliffs suggestions in the tech notes forum. I absolutely love the Axe III but while scrolling thru presets I need to reset these parameters over and over again and...
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    Joe Bonamassa Amp and Guitar Collection

    Pretty amazing collection. This must be what the storage room in Fractals new building looks like. :D
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    Bug? Pops in cab preamp section FW 19-B3

    Running an Axe fx MKI 19B3 Noticing pops when scrolling thru the PREAMP TYPE and SAT parameters within the CAB block. CPU is just below 80%. I have included a preset also. This could be user error but I thought it might be worth the post. Thanks for your time guys. *update* Does not happen...
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    MFC-101 Died...

    So, it stopped died in the middle of a gig and i can't seem to get it to start up at all. I've tried MIDI with phantom power from the Axe FX II, ethernet cable and plugging in straight the back of the unit. No results. It's probably close to 2 years old but i have never excessively damaged it in...
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    Looper Concerns

    Is there any way to have the "once" feature react the way it did in previous firmware? For example, if you hit "once" again it restarts the loop from the beginning. Also is anyone having issues with stacking and undoing? I can stack and undo fine once but if i try to stack again it doesn't...
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