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  1. Lohengrin

    Axe Fx III - FM3 preset portability. Bug?

    The use of a common engine between the AFIII and the FM3 was one of the most interesting features of the FM3 for me. I expected to quickly share presets between my live and studio setups. I have spent a couple of months creating presets with the FM3 at the rehearsal room to the point of feeling...
  2. Lohengrin

    In-grid sum to mono?

    I'm trying to squeeze a bit more of a complex routing from the FM3. Currently, FOH goes to OUT1 XLR. I want to send two different mono signals to OUT2: the dry, preprocessed input to OUT2-L, and a mono sum of the wet FOH signal to OUT2-R. However, currently, I am using the mixer for this: OUT2...
  3. Lohengrin

    FM3 vs. Axe Fx II as a racked device.

    I have received my new FM3 yesterday. I have a quite specific use case: I want a processor to be racked in my band’s rack for live use, so it should replace an AF2 XL. I understand the FM3 was not initially designed for this, but was attracted towards the FM3 because of the added portability...
  4. Lohengrin

    Best way to rack an FM3?

    I'm planning to keep the FM3 in the band's rack to fasten gig setups. What would be the best way to rack it up? A Velcro rack shelf?
  5. Lohengrin

    Help on building a dual wireless setup for a zero-cable rig

    I'm struggling with a routing problem to build a zero-cable rig. I’d like to know if there is anyone out there with a stage setup where a signal is sent wirelessly to two different receivers, and advice on how to implement it. We run a rack hosting IEM bases, IEM mixer, PA patchbay, backing &...
  6. Lohengrin

    Aviator Custom Guitars

    Last year I took the plunge and ordered a custom from this young european boutique. I fell in love day 1 with her and she's been my axe of choice for gigging. It's on par with other tier-1 guitars I've played (I had been playing Caparisons before with my band, for instance). Since they are not a...
  7. Lohengrin

    Ambient, round, Mike Oldfield solo tone

    Hi all, This is my first message in the board since I recently got my Ultra, though I have been following the boards for some time now. I would like to seize the opportunity to congratulate you all for the great community you have built. Just starting to get the thing going now, but it seems...
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