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  1. Jack Napalm

    Wish Songs: sets of scenes

    Any news on this?
  2. Jack Napalm

    Is a tablet touchscreen a good editor without kb/mouse?

    I had a Surface a few years ago and tried Axe-Edit with it. Didn't like the Surface at all. Horrible for editing. Got rid of the Surface.
  3. Jack Napalm

    Talk me into purchase

    You can tell the difference. Don't wait. If you have had an XL for that long you know the life of these machines. The last update isn't that old. Stop being a sissy and just buy it.
  4. Jack Napalm

    FC-6 Main Display Blank

    Check, double check, and triple check your cable. Make sure you are on the latest firmware, axe and fc.
  5. Jack Napalm

    2 guitarist 1 axe 3 , 2 FC 6

    The cool thing with scenes and an FC is that either guitarist, the one closest to the controller, can change the scene at the right time. Even more powerful with 2 FC's. Setup your preset with scene 1 (verse/rhythm), scene 2 (solo), scene 3 (chorus). Each guitar can have a fully independent...
  6. Jack Napalm

    2 guitarist 1 axe 3 , 2 FC 6

    Depends on how much flexibility you want. It can do more in this config than anything else out there. Still, someone will come along and whine it doesn't do everything. You can setup a preset and assign all 1's to one FC for easy on/off of effects, all 2's to the other FC. You basically...
  7. Jack Napalm

    Puzzle me this Batman - USED FC-12 insane price at GC - LOL

    Its not like you don't get 6 months to pay for it.
  8. Jack Napalm

    Delay Block Update

    This thread is worthless without clips. :D
  9. Jack Napalm

    two guitars input at once

    Post your patch
  10. Jack Napalm

    What Thickness for HDPE pedalboard

    The width with three pedals seems like it would bend some at 1/2". I would go 3/4. Much more stable, at the very least 5/8. I have a 2x4x3/4 sheet of HDPE and I know it would be stable.
  11. Jack Napalm

    Fixed Axe Edit III - Can't drag to second monitor on Mac?

    No problem here. I moved my second display to the top. I'm on 10.15.7 and latest Axe-Edit
  12. Jack Napalm

    Setting up Volume pedal in per preset mode

    If you have it connected to an FC then you need to select the FC controller and pedal input. Something like FC 1 Pedal 1, not the External X entries.
  13. Jack Napalm

    Wish Control switches turned off on preset change (global setting)

    If it was done then this would be marked as implemented.
  14. Jack Napalm

    Axe-Fx 3 Seamless No Gap Scene Switching

    Authenticity is an ever elusive goal.
  15. Jack Napalm

    tone change

    Look up Scene Revert in the manual.
  16. Jack Napalm

    How many expression pedals/switches with FM3 + FC6?

    The FC6 only has 4 pedal inputs and 2 switch inputs that use a stereo connector for 4 switches in total. Yes, you can use them all. You can use the pedal inputs as on/off switches. You still probably need to send it a CC message but you can set the values so that it's either on or off.
  17. Jack Napalm

    Mouse Scroll not working in Axe Edit iii?

    Or check this. :D
  18. Jack Napalm

    Mouse Scroll not working in Axe Edit iii?

    I can still use mine. Catalina 10.5.7 and Logitech MX Master 3. Latest firmware and axe edit as well. Check your setting in Logi Options and see if something is off.
  19. Jack Napalm

    Convince Me Not to Sell My Axefx

    Get rid of it. If you don't want to learn how to use it find something else that works for you.
  20. Jack Napalm

    Negate function possible?

    Layout links, reveal hold, not thinking like I'm limited because some other product has something specifically the FC don't have. A control switch goes a long way too.
  21. Jack Napalm

    Pre-purchase question (AXE III)

    My thoughts are if you had an Axe II and followed along you know their track record of releasing hardware and firmware updates. Stop listening to most people and use your head to the make the best decision for you.
  22. Jack Napalm

    Dual amps Mute/unmute vs Multiplexer block

    I am sure there are other scenarios but I have always viewed the multiplexer as a tool if you have multiple ins and outs you need to switch between. If you one in and multiple outs then just bypassing blocks is efficient enough. That's my rule of thumb.
  23. Jack Napalm

    Axe-Fx III 16.00 Beta 10 "Cygnus" Firmware - Public Beta #7

    Maybe Cliff could make the boot time the same time it takes for tubes to warm up. You know, for that added realism.
  24. Jack Napalm

    Axe-Fx III 16.00 Beta 10 "Cygnus" Firmware - Public Beta #7

    It means that everything that is wrong is someone’s travesty, on the internet. You might not see it as much as I do. I see a few people got it.
  25. Jack Napalm

    Axe-Fx III 16.00 Beta 10 "Cygnus" Firmware - Public Beta #7

    Yeah, it's too bad their isn't one guy that oversees all the modeling. You would get the same quality in both products then.
  26. Jack Napalm

    Wish Peavey JSX 120

    All the Yes to this.
  27. Jack Napalm

    XLR not working

    I would put in a support ticket.
  28. Jack Napalm

    XLR not working

    Two things, post the patch and swap your cables.
  29. Jack Napalm

    Creating a setlist

    You can set the Lower and Upper limit of your bank selection. You can also call a preset by #. Best is a matter of preferance. Try them both and see what you like.
  30. Jack Napalm

    OK so I have to ask...before I just say...bleh...and stay with the II

    I think that's a good thing. The FC paired with a III is a huge step above and beyond what the MFC/Axe combo provided. Sure, their are some wishlist items that would be great to have. One of the challenges I have seen is that many people expect the new product to work like the old. Instead of...
  31. Jack Napalm

    FC-6 - Foot controller settings?

    Look at Scene Revert setting. Check the manual for specifics. I can't remember it off the top.
  32. Jack Napalm

    How accurate is Fractal's amp modeling?

    I have been called worse by far better men than any corksniffer.
  33. Jack Napalm

    How accurate is Fractal's amp modeling?

    I think we are at the point that the question needs to be turned around. It's not how accurate the AxeFX is? It's can a tube amp sound as good as the AxeFX? You have considerable more control in the AxeFX to make it sounds any way you want. You don't with a tube amp.
  34. Jack Napalm

    ADA MP II Into Axe-Fx?

    This. Not going to debate the why. Use the ADA in a send/receive style and then you still have full access to everything the III has to offer without coloring the sound of the ADA for every patch.
  35. Jack Napalm

    Should I buy an FC-6 or an FC-12

    Buy what you can afford if you don't have a specific use. You won't hate having the 12. I like the 6. The 6 with two foot pedals fits nicely on a stage. It's all I need. I wouldn't mind having another 6 to put on the other side of a stage that would support it.
  36. Jack Napalm

    Announcing Axe-Fx III Mark II

    Queue the "my AxeFX III is now worthless" posts.
  37. Jack Napalm

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 12.09

    It's also not just about how accurate the modeling is but how accurate the controls respond to their real world counterparts. Every change seems like it is easier to dial things in without resorting to excessive tweaks and tricks.
  38. Jack Napalm

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 12.08

    Like the version they just posted? https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/axe-edit-iii-1-05-13.162241/
  39. Jack Napalm

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 12.08

    But it's not Friday yet. :D
  40. Jack Napalm

    [implemented] Axe-Edit Meters?

    Like the meters page you can you use the page buttons to get to?
  41. Jack Napalm

    Wish Twin Tracker function

    will the second one play better than I do?
  42. Jack Napalm

    Upgrade question

    If you can afford an FC pedal to go with the III do it. You won't be disappointed. I used my MFC for a while with the three. It's mostly usable. It will leave you wanting more. Get the FC if you can.
  43. Jack Napalm

    Expression pedals

    You see a lot of Mission pedals as they were one of the first marketed to Fractal users, among others, early on. It was years later the EV series came out. I'm considering picking one up for the layout of the jacks.
  44. Jack Napalm

    Favorite "combo blocks"?

    What's the reasoning behind this?
  45. Jack Napalm

    Save preset button?

    There is an Amp Level and Save function. Look in Utility.
  46. Jack Napalm

    Change scene by turning on Wah?

    Take a look a this thread. https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/how-do-i-use-a-wah-block-w-no-pedal.161728/ Set your wah block to either option 1 or 2 in that thread. Make a scene with the wah block engaged. It will be on immediately.
  47. Jack Napalm

    New factory presets?

    The hell with new factory presets. Check out the new Pete Thorn Artist Presets. https://www.fractalaudio.com/artist-preset-series/ Better use them now before they become obsolete once 12.08 releases. :D
  48. Jack Napalm

    Free Presets of the Week for Axe-Fx 3 and FM3

    Had the same problem with Firefox on a Mac. Had to click and drag the slider to get it to scroll. That page is a disaster. Other pages works fine.
  49. Jack Napalm

    Help Needed to set up FC-6

    Look at the Quick Start Guide. Section 5
  50. Jack Napalm

    Too many amps for meaningful differences?

    Now I want an amp named the Royal Petticoat TR-30.
  51. Jack Napalm

    Wish DigiTech Mosaic Polyphonic 12-String Effect Pedal

    I hadn't thought about using the crossover. My main live patch uses a VOL block with a pitch follower that sends higher pitched sounds to a delay. That way when I'm playing the high notes get a little extra and chords don't. For the most part. Works great for some songs so I don't have to be...
  52. Jack Napalm

    Wish DigiTech Mosaic Polyphonic 12-String Effect Pedal

    I bet you could create a patch that would do this. Probably need both Pitch blocks, Vol/Pan block with a pitch follower, maybe two. There is probably some overlap in the notes that are played that would be both doubled and an octave higher. Probably higher up on the neck. Someone with more...
  53. Jack Napalm

    12.08 Pitch shifter latency - tremendous improvement

    What's the consensus on tracking settings now for the Virtual Capo?
  54. Jack Napalm

    VH Modded Marshall

    Levi has been a great contributor over the years here. I'm sure once he feels it is ready he will post it.
  55. Jack Napalm

    Almost no change in CPU 1 vs. 2 amps?

    queue the "Cliff should let us use all the power of the processors for what ever we want." posts...
  56. Jack Napalm

    Noise Reducer Gate - Wow!

    I have no idea why setting it at 0 works but damn. I may change my global block now.
  57. Jack Napalm

    FC-12 droptune preset?

    Take a look at this. https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/virtual-capo-on-off-across-all-scenes-in-a-patch.161015/
  58. Jack Napalm

    Virtual Capo on/off across all scenes in a Patch

    Exactly what DLC86 said. One thing, change your Min to BYPASSED and MAX to ENGAGED. They are reverse by default. Se the Source to whatever Control Switch you want to use. On the FC set the Category to Control Switch, Function as Latching and select the switch you set. Works great. I use...
  59. Jack Napalm

    Steve Vai's David Lee Roth-era Jose Arredondo-modded Marshall Super Lead

    His video walks you through everything you need to create your own.
  60. Jack Napalm

    "Drop" Switch for Humbucker Guitars

    I missed that too. I ended up putting Output Level from Input 1 as a global performance control. It was as close as a way I could find.
  61. Jack Napalm

    Possible Control Switch Bug

    That does it. Thank you! When I discovered views had been added for the FC6 and set this up. It worked the way I wanted. If nothing changed I must have fat fingered it along the way. Odd, because I generally don't go in messing with these settings.
  62. Jack Napalm

    Possible Control Switch Bug

    When I step on the switch I want it to go to Layout 2 first, then a second press Layout 1, Layout 2, etc...
  63. Jack Napalm

    Possible Control Switch Bug

    I swear it worked before, I could be mistaken. Just upgraded to the beta firmware. Have not rolled back. I did try that. It doesn't work in reverse. :D It goes to Layout 1.
  64. Jack Napalm

    Possible Control Switch Bug

    Screenshot of AxeEdit for visualization. When the lower limit is set to 2 and Upper limit is 1 when selecting the control switch it always goes to 2. Works great when it is reversed. I did it this was as I want my first press to always go back to view 2 at first press. It's somewhat my get...
  65. Jack Napalm

    Best most compatible DAW for Axe-Fx/Edit 3?

    The best one is the one you have the most command of.
  66. Jack Napalm

    Axe-Fx III & Tascam GB-10 Guitar Trainer Marriage

    Get a splitter for a headphone cable and go into Input 3 or 4. Then mix the signals in the preset.
  67. Jack Napalm

    audio drop

    Post a preset.
  68. Jack Napalm

    Closed Simplifying the preset system

    Don't use scenes if they are too complicated for you, just use presets. It will work like every other effect unit then.
  69. Jack Napalm

    Upgraded version of FC-12 with software version

    For many of us that have been following along at home we all know the AxeFx is more than software and why it won't run on existing pc's. Keep wishing, we'll keep chuckling when we see the posts. Hell, I want an bluetooth FC12 with AxeFX on my phone and wireless guitar transmitter, it can be...
  70. Jack Napalm

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 12.06 Public Beta (Beta 3)

    I missed a few updates and just installed this. To the person who invented views and took it to the FC6. This is for you. Great addition. I feel like I have an FC12 now. Please don't make me pay for one. :D
  71. Jack Napalm

    George Lynch // Lynch Mob tone w/patch

    Damn fine work Sir!
  72. Jack Napalm

    Anyone sell all their tube amps?

    Yes, sold 4 of them.
  73. Jack Napalm

    Axe FX III Tuner Accuracy

    Yeah, I certainly wrote that backwards.
  74. Jack Napalm

    Axe FX III Tuner Accuracy

    On electric the G string is wound. That would be my guess.
  75. Jack Napalm

    satellite volume pedal possible?

    This seems worthy of a wish list item if it can be accomplished.
  76. Jack Napalm

    Fractal Audio is searching for a Fender 1963 Vibroverb

    This is the Internet. You don't have to admit anything.
  77. Jack Napalm

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 11.01

    Ended up taking a break for a bit and haven't had a chance to play through my Axe and I came back to this. Hell of a lot of good changes since I last updated. Nice!
  78. Jack Napalm

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 7.00

    Couldn't have come soon enough. Hadn't used my FC in a while and last night I noticed "things". Tried again this morning and was about to write a post. Saw this and applied it and all seems to be good now. Great timing.
  79. Jack Napalm

    Axe-Fx IV release estimate?

    The bigger question is how long before someone else comes in and asks this question?
  80. Jack Napalm

    SKB Travel Case for Axe-Fx III and FC-12

    I am know a little intrigued. How big of a pedal board can the top accommodate? I don't have an FC12 but a larger Pedaltrain.
  81. Jack Napalm

    CPU usage of shunts

    This is normal. Use as few blocks as necessary, that includes shunts.
  82. Jack Napalm

    Why not Rivera?

    You choose what you like. I don't wonder. It's a relatively known process at this point. Fractal acquires schematics and said amp, then a lot of work is done to model it accurately. If there is enough demand for an amp and it is determined by Fractal that it is worthy of modeling then let's...
  83. Jack Napalm

    Why not Rivera?

    Yes, people like different amps for different reasons. The more the better.
  84. Jack Napalm

    Axe-Edit III 1.01.10

    Looking for confirmation. I can't find any thing that says the latest version of AxeEdit supports the new Layout Inc/Dec function. I have an FC 6 and can't get to the switches I configured for stand in switches, switches 11 and 12. I did that with AxeEdit. Would like to use the new feature...
  85. Jack Napalm

    FC Internal Firmware 1.08

    There is at least one other thread that talks about people changing the midi timeout time to 800 or 1000. Also, make sure you have the new Fractal Bot.
  86. Jack Napalm

    FC Internal Firmware 1.08

    Reload the firmware.
  87. Jack Napalm

    Got it never mind

    6.03 is the latest official release. Load that if it did not come with it.
  88. Jack Napalm

    Got it never mind

    Beta may and most likely will still have bugs. It will also have the latest and greatest feature set. Beta may not be compatible with AxeEdit, unless their is an AxeEdit update, most likely another beta. Generally no one needs the beta. They may want it.
  89. Jack Napalm

    Any wireless users out there?

    Don't overthink it. Use your gear. If you experience wireless problems it won't be because of the III. It will be the reliability of your wireless.
  90. Jack Napalm

    Can the Axe-Fx III do this?

    Why use 2 different wireless systems? I have one receiver and 2 transmitters. I just turn one off and turn the other one on when I switch guitars.
  91. Jack Napalm

    Wish Ability to exclude blocks from scene changes?

    You can do this now with Control Switches.
  92. Jack Napalm

    FC Stays in Failsafe mode after update

    Thank you. That did it.
  93. Jack Napalm

    FC Stays in Failsafe mode after update

    Anyone experience their FC staying in Failsafe mode after an update? Anyone know how to resolve. I submitted a support ticket just in case.
  94. Jack Napalm

    FC12 Capabilities

    Yes, at least 2 ways, scenes and control switches. Maybe more. It's very versatile.
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