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  1. groovenut

    FS RAC12 For Sale

    great condition, original owner, just sold my last AxeFxII XL+ and need to let this find a new home comes with right angle short midi cable for connection to the AxeFx and a right angle USB $200 shipped Con US contact for shipping rates outside the US
  2. groovenut

    Tube Driver Drive Block Issue

    I did a quick search and didn't hit anything, so I'll post a quick question about this issue. I experience no output from either Tube Driver drive blocks (3 or 4 knob) with the gain (drive parameter) at zero. My experience with the real pedal doesn't mimic this so I am wondering/asking if it...
  3. groovenut

    I Need A 3U Rack Bag With A Laptop Pocket! Any Suggestions?

    For the last 4 years I have been using a Gator Sutdio2Go 2U rack bag and it's been great. It survived everything Ive thrown at it and is still in great shape. However, I just added the RAC12 to my setup and now I need a 3U with a laptop pocket and cable through port. I looked at Gators current...
  4. groovenut

    LPD Preset Mal's Down Payment Blues ACDC XL

    So How could I pass up this intro after having the tone most of the way there. A little tweaking was all it took. First half of the clip is Mal on the right, LPD on the left. Second half of the clip is Angus on the right, LPD on the left. Used the same Les Paul as in the Riff Raff clip...
  5. groovenut

    LPD Tone Clone Preset In Honor Of Malcolm Young, Mal's Plexi Riff Raff

    After the release of 16.02 and the new modeling, the Plexis are just Holy Shit! So I thought I would honor one of my favorite rhythm guitarist with a Tone Clone. It will be sad not seeing him on tour this year with the band. The left channel of the studio recording contains mostly Mal with...
  6. groovenut

    LPD Tone Clone Hotel California Solo Both Parts One Gtr One Preset

    I had a YouTube request to update this preset (V6) to V14.x. I decided to rebuild it from the ground up using one guitar (Gibson Les Paul) and one preset. Scene one is Don Felder's solo part and tone, scene two is Joe Walsh's solo part and tone. On the recording I believe they both used the same...
  7. groovenut

    Klon Capture IR of Most Common Clean Boost Settings

    Ok so I did a capture with the Treble at noon (neutral), the Gain at 9 oclock and the Output at ~ a 3dB boost (this probably makes no difference in the tone but I wanted to make sure the settings are like most use it.) With the gain at 9 oclock there is no clipping to the signal but there is...
  8. groovenut

    New Vid Up! Trial By Fire (Blackened Soles) YouTube

    New Vid Up! Trial By Fire (Blackened Soles) YouTube with patches! With patches!! all guitars, synth and bass are AxeFx, drums are V-Drums in to Superior Metal Foundry Leave me some feedback and share! Law
  9. groovenut

    In The Bleak Mid-Winter Lawrence Petross

    Here's another one from Eclectic Christmas. Enjoy! https://soundcloud.com/lawrence-petross-music/in-the-bleak-mid-winter Merry Christmas!
  10. groovenut

    Щедрий вечiр (Shchedryk) Metal Lawrence Petross Eclectic Christmas Youtube

    This is a promo YouTube video of Shchedryk (AKA Carol Of The Bells) from my Christmas album Eclectic Christmas. Metal style :) All electric guitars and bass were recorded direct using the AxeFx. I hope to get a performance style video up for this before Christmas. Thanks for watching...
  11. groovenut

    O Holy Night Lawrence Petross Eclectic Christmas Guitar Playthrough Youtube

    Hey all here is a guitar play through of the song O Holy Night from my Christmas album Eclectic Christmas. I had fun arranging and playing this one. It's got those nice soaring melodies and the lead tones seemed to fit just right to me. I've included the preset as well. Scene 1 is the beginning...
  12. groovenut

    LPD Bogner Uber Les Paul Flydust OWR Single Release

    Hey all, I thought I would give this it's own thread. Awhile back I posted the video of the solo to this song. Today we released the singe to iTunes so I thought I would put it up so everyone could hear what the full song was all about. All the guitars and bass are AxeFx. Cleans as well. Really...
  13. groovenut

    Eclectic Christmas - Lawrence Petross (Groovenut)

    Hello all! My Christmas album, Eclectic Christmas, was just released. It's mainly an acoustic album, however several of the tracks feature the AxeFx so I thought I would post here. The two main songs featuring AxeFx are Track 4 O Holy Night for the leads, and Track 10 Shchedryk which is...
  14. groovenut

    Lawrence Petross new single release Trial By Fire now on iTunes!

    Hey all! I've been busy these last six months or so completing a handful of musical projects. Here is the first release from my upcoming album Shadows Taller Than Souls. The track is called Trial By Fire. All the instruments were recorded using the AxeFxII with the exception of the drums of...
  15. groovenut

    LPD Randall RG100ES Amp Match

    Hey all since I have one of these amps, I thought I would give a run at matching it. Now since there is nothing similar to the RG in the AXE, I decided to use the model it was basically modeled after. IMO the RG100ES was designed to be a FET version of a slightly modified revoiced JCM800. No...
  16. groovenut

    LPD Bogner Uber Les Paul Flydust OWR Lesson

    Hey all! This is a video lesson of sorts I put together for some of my students. I recorded this for a project that recruited me to write and record guitar parts for a handful of their songs for an upcoming release. I used my trusty Les Paul, JB in the bridge, and the factory preset for the...
  17. groovenut

    LPD Tone Clone Lesson Queen Killer Queen Guitar Solo Tone Match

    Hey all! I just finished this one for my Lick Of The Week series on my Sonoran Dog Studios Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sonoran-Dog-Studios. I am due to post it Monday but thought I would post early here. There is no TMA block in the chain, just good old fashioned ears and...
  18. groovenut

    LPD Tone Clone Lesson Def Leppard Photograph Guitar Solo

    Hey all here is a quick lesson I did for my YouTube page and I thought I would share it here since as always it's all AxeFx
  19. groovenut

    LPD Tone Clone Lesson S.A.T.O. Guitar Solo and Breakdown V10.x

    LPD Tone Clone Lesson Randy Rhoads S.A.T.O. Guitar Solo and Breakdown V10.x Hey all! Here is a Tone Clone of one of my favorite Randy Rhoads solos. This song is from the Ozzy Ozbourne album Diary Of A Madman. I went for an exact match on the rhythm tones, but for the solo tone I shot for...
  20. groovenut

    LPD Tone Clone ACDC Hells Bells Solo With Lesson

    Hey all, I have been doing a few small lick/solo/song lessons to promote my teaching studio on Facebook. Most of the videos are not Tone Clone worthy per se, so I haven't posted them here. However, I thought I would let the community know in case there is interest. There are a small handful of...
  21. groovenut

    LPD Bass Tone Clone Attempt Red Barchetta

    Let me know what you all think! Thanks!
  22. groovenut

    SRV Mary Had A Little Lamb solo with lesson

    There's tab for the lesson and it's played at 75% during the second half of the video. Enjoy!
  23. groovenut

    LPD Solaris into AxeFx II Fender Twin Factory preset

    Hey all! I thought you might enjoy this. I built this pedal design for a client and did a test demo using the AxeFx II Fender Twin factory preset. Fun stuff!!!!
  24. groovenut

    V10.2 TMA Experiment

    So with a few people reporting issues with the TMA in V10 sounding like it has room reverb or is in a tunnel or has a blanket over it, I thought I would do some experiments to see if I could track down where these issues might be coming from. I have done a few tone matches, but not since V6 or...
  25. groovenut

    Tuning Ball "freezes" on Bass Low E

    I noticed this while tuning my bass. The first, second and third strings tune fine and the ball appears to function as it should, but when tuning the fourth string ( low E ) the balls freezes. The tuner center bar appears to continue to function. Can anyone confirm this as a bug?
  26. groovenut

    LPD Tone Clone Presets Briam Adams Summer Of '69 Axechange

    Here is the preset Axe-Change - Download Other - Summer 69 Cab2 - by Groovenut Axe-Change - Download Preset - LPD Summer 69 Tone Clone - by Groovenut If you find this preset useful, please consider donating.
  27. groovenut

    LPD Originals Black Paper Moon Solo Lesson Video

    Here is the link to the lesson http://forum.fractalaudio.com/axe-fx-ii-recordings/59464-lpd-originals-black-paper-moon-instrumental.html#post742538
  28. groovenut

    LPD Originals Black Paper Moon Instrumental

    This is my instrumental cover of Tommy Heavenly6's Black Paper Moon. Fans will know this as one of the opening themes from the anime series Soul Eater. A few years ago my teenage daughter and I watched the series together. I thought the story telling was great and most of the music used in the...
  29. groovenut

    LPD Tone Clone Presets - The Scream/Bruce Bouillet Let It Scream AxeFxII

    This is a demo of the LPD Tone Clone preset for The Scream's Let It Scream CD. In case some of you are unaware, this band was half of RacerX. After Paul Gilbert joined up with Billy Sheehan to form Mr. Big, Bruce Bouillet and John Alderete put The Scream together with John Corabi on vocals and...
  30. groovenut

    LPD Tone Clone Preset Extreme/Nuno Cynical Axechange

    Preset is up on Axechange Axe-Change - Download Other - LPD Tone Clone Nuno Cynical TM - by Groovenut Axe-Change - Download Preset - LPD Nuno Cynical TC - by Groovenut There is a custom IR that belongs in Cab2. The preset will not function as designed without it. Enjoy and remember to donate...
  31. groovenut

    LPD Tone Clone Presets - Bryan Adams Summer of '69 AxeFxII

    I received a request to do this one so I spent a few hours getting it together. First lets talk the base tone. I know Keith Scott generally uses Strats and Marshall Plexis. I believe you could probably get this tone with a plexi, but to me it sounds like a Vox. Here's the interesting part, as...
  32. groovenut

    LPD Tone Clone Presets - '68 Marshall Plexi Super Lead Refined AxeFxII

    This is the first time I have tried this approach with any tone match, let alone one as difficult as matching an amp from an audio file. This preset has two cab blocks each loaded with a custom IR and then a TMA after that. The playing is not as close to the original as I would have hoped but...
  33. groovenut

    LPD Tone Clone - Dokken/George Lynch Lightning Strikes Again Preset AxeChange

    Hello all! Here is the preset and Cab IR Axe-Change - Download Other - Lighning Strikes Cab IR - by Groovenut Axe-Change - Download Preset - LPD Lynch Lightning Strikes TC - by Groovenut AxeChange has a new feature!!!! You can now access the associated Cab IR from within the preset...
  34. groovenut

    LPD Tone Clone AxeFest West 2012 Green Day American Idiot

    For anyone interested in messing around with the preset I did on stage at the AxeFest West 2012, I thought I would put this up on AxeChange. I did a little tweaking to it with the parametric EQ block after the TMA. If you want the tone M@ and I had on stage, just bypass the Para EQ and boost the...
  35. groovenut

    My "Eternal Thanks For Those Involved In Making AxeFest West A Reality" thread

    First of all, I am absolute crap with names but I never forget a face or a story so if I miss you here I apologize in advance but know if we chatted you will never be forgotten. Thank you so much to everyone who attended AxeFest West 2012. You all helped make it the smashing success it was...
  36. groovenut

    LPD Tone Clone Presets - '68 Marshall Plexi Super Lead Basketweave 4X12

    This is a very interesting way to do an amp match. Via recorded high res audio file. I dont have any idea what the control settings on the amp were, so I was really guessing here. I also did not play the first example in the video. That was from the original sound file. Guitar is a Gibson Les...
  37. groovenut

    LPD Tone Clone Beta Preset UFO/Michael Schenker AxeChange

    This is a beta release of the LPD Tone Clone for UFO/Michael Schenker. There is a TMA block. Leave the delay and drive off for rhythm, his lead tone should be achievable with the drive and delay block included in the preset, but may need some adjusting. I know there was a request a few weeks...
  38. groovenut

    LPD Tone Clone Preset TNT 10,000 Lovers AxeChange

    Here's the preset Axe-Change - Download Preset - LPD TNT 10,000 Lover Tone Clone - by Groovenut This preset includes the LPD Tone Clone of the Boss BF-2 with LeTekro settings and is quite different from the previously posted LPD TNT Intuition preset.
  39. groovenut

    LPD Tone Clone Preset Thin Lizzy AxeChange

    Here's the preset Axe-Change - Download Preset - LPD Thin Lizzy JB Tone Clone - by Groovenut and the tone match IR Axe-Change - Download Other - LPD Thin Lizzy JB Cab 2 - by Groovenut Enjoy!
  40. groovenut

    LPD Tone Clone Pat Travers Preset Axechange

    LPD Tone Clone Preset Pat Travers Preset Axechange Here's the preset Axe-Change - Download Preset - LPD Snortin Whiskey TC - by Groovenut And the tone match IR Axe-Change - Download Other - LPD Pat Travers Cab2 IR - by Groovenut Enjoy!
  41. groovenut

    LPD Tone Clone Preset for Van Halen You Really Got Me AxeChange

    Hey all, This preset is up on AxeChange Axe-Change - Download Preset - LPD VH 1 YRGM Tone Clone - by Groovenut
  42. groovenut

    LPD Tone Clone - AxeFxII V8 High Res TMA Test Green Day

    So with the advent of V8 Cliff has so wonderfully given us the High Res TMA block. As a test I thought I would do some Green Day. Partly because I have always loved Billie Joe's guitar tone and partly because it's about all I can muster and not stress out my tendonitis :) I have heard he has a...
  43. groovenut

    LPD Tone Clone Presets for ACDC V7 on AxeChange

    Here they are! Axe-Change - Download Other - ACDC Jailbreak TM - by Groovenut Axe-Change - Download Preset - LPD ACDC Jailbreak ToneClone V7 - by Groovenut Axe-Change - Download Other - ACDC If You Want Blood TM - by Groovenut Axe-Change - Download Preset - LPD ACDC If You Want Blood V7 -...
  44. groovenut

    LPD Original Preset for New Favorite Clean is up on Axechange

    Preset is up on AxeChange Axe-Change - Download Preset - LPD New Favorite Clean - by Groovenut
  45. groovenut

    Tendonitis Management

    Hey all, for the last 3 weeks to a month I have been fighting a mild to medium case of tendonitis in my left index finger first joint. I dont have to tell you guys how much we use this finger and joint. If it were a severe case I would have been to see a hand specialist by now but I currently...
  46. groovenut


    .-- . .-.. -.-. --- -- . - --- - .... . -- --- .-. ... . -.-. --- -.. . - .... .-. . .- -..
  47. groovenut

    LPD Tone Clone Presets - PornograNuno He Man Woman Hater AxeFx II

    This is the LPD Tone Clone preset for the song He Man Woman Hater from the Extreme album Pornograffiti. The preset also includes the delay block setup to play Flight of the Wounded Bumblebee. If there were ever one tone to rule them all, this would be at the top of my list. It has everything...
  48. groovenut

    LPD Tone Clone - Pat Travers Cant Be Right / Snortin' Whiskey

    With this preset I matched both his live sound and the studio sound. Most of the available sound clips are of Pat Travers playing this live so I thought it would be cool to do both since I have the Crash and Burn disc as well. I used a separate Cab block for the live tone. Cab1 for live or Cab2...
  49. groovenut

    LPD Tone Clone - KingsX Ty Tabor FHL/Gretchen Tone

    This is a request response for some Gretchen/Faith Hope Love Kings X guitar tones. It was fun a n d challenging to do this one! This era for Ty Tabor has a really interesting tone, especially the way he was playing then. My personal favorite two albums! Please listen to the wav file audio...
  50. groovenut

    LPD Tone Clone - Thin Lizzy Jailbreak AxeFx II

    Up next is Thin Lizzy's Jailbreak Tone Clone. I believe the original tone has a fuzz on it and I included one in the preset, but chose not to use it on the recorded clip. I like the way the tone sounded better without the fuzz. I did some stereo enhancement and thickening with delay and there is...
  51. groovenut

    LPD Tone Clone - Buckcherry Lit Up Axefx II Axechange

    Hey all !!! Here is the preset! I hope you enjoy it! Axe-Change - Download Preset - LPD Lit Up Tone Clone - by Groovenut Your feedback is always encouraged and appreciated!
  52. groovenut

    LPD Tone Clone - Extreme/Nuno Cynical V7 Update AxeFxII

    This is an update to the Cynical Tone Clone that I did with V6.02. V7 definitely allows for closer results IMO. I used my Les Paul on this one because I dont have an N4 (anyone want to give me one!? :D). I'm gonna let y'all guess which is which on this one just for fun. Your feedback in...
  53. groovenut

    LPD Tone Clone - ACDC Firmware V7 Update

    I originally did these presets with V6.02. Firmware V7 sounds and feels even better than V6.02 did when I originally did these presets. Loves me some Young brothers. I almost didn't get this recorded as I was having way too much fun rocking out, rattling the walls and annoying my neighbors...
  54. groovenut

    LPD Tone Clone - Vitto Bratta/White Lion AxeFx II

    This is a demo of the LPD Tone Clone preset for White Lion / Vito Bratta.This will get you extremely close to the tone on most every song on the Pride CD. I used an Ibanez RG560 with a Duncan Lynch Screamin Demon for the match. This match is using a new method I have been working with. I cant...
  55. groovenut

    Bug? Mysteriously Self Activating Wah V7

    I did this video as an example of a rogue preset I have that the wah activates upon power up. At first I was baffled by the tone change upon power up, as I had not even remembered there being a wah in the preset. This took some time to sort out, but I found the issue via Axedit's grid layout...
  56. groovenut

    LPD Tone Clone AxeFxII Preset - Tool/Adam Jones Schism AxeChange

    Here you go party people! Axe-Change - Download Preset - LPD Tool Schism Tone Clone - by Groovenut
  57. groovenut

    LPD Tone Clone - Dokken/George Lynch Lightning Strikes Again

    This is a tone match of the rhythm guitar using the intro as reference. There is some reverb, slap delay, and what I think is immobilized flanger on the tone. I think this gets pretty close. I was trying a new technique with this one to see if I could get as good or better results in less time...
  58. groovenut

    LPD Tone Clone Preset - Tool Parabola Adam Jones AxeFxII

    LPD Tone Clone Preset - Tool Parabola Axe-Change AxeFxII Here you go guys! Axe-Change - Download Preset - LPD Tool Parabola Tone Clone - by Groovenut Enjoy and if you find any of my presets beneficial, please donate!
  59. groovenut

    LPD Original AxeFxII Preset Splawn 1st Gear OD1-Cold Desert Sun

    This is a tune I am currently working on. I wrote it mainly for a demo of my amp match preset of the Splawn Quickrod 1st Gear OD1. All the guitars are recorded using that patch. The guitar used is my Gibson Les Paul, Duncan JB bridge, stock neck. Bass is SVT model in the Axefx II. I hope to get...
  60. groovenut

    LPD Original AxeFx II Presets - My New Favorite Clean

    So I was goofing around with my Strat and some clean tones and wound up tweaking this up. It has so much of everything I love in a good clean; the ability to let the strat sound like a strat, lots of snap on the strings, good (really good) sustain, fat but not woofy, chimey but not piercing. I...
  61. groovenut

    LPD Original AxeFx II Preset - Save A Little For Me

    Hey all! Most of you know me from the Tone Clone presets, but today I decided to get creative with my own stuff. This is a tune I wrote and recorded today with a preset that I dialed in a few days ago. All the guitar tones and effects are from the same preset. The differences are accomplished by...
  62. groovenut

    LPD Tone Clone - Splawn Quickrod V7 All Gears OD1 and OD2 AxeFx II

    This is a demo of the LPD Tone Clone presets for my Splawn Quickrod gears 1, 2, and 3 both OD1 and OD2. I have to hand it to Cliff. The Splawn model in the AxeFx II is really spot on to how my Splawn reacts and sounds. I am fairly certain that Cliff modeled Gear 2 OD1 based on my experience...
  63. groovenut

    Thirty Days and Thirty Presets Later

    I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for indulging me in my obsessive nature with the Tone Clones. I am sure there are plenty of you out there who get tired of seeing the posts from me about matching this or that and think "Gawd is this all this guys does". I assure you it's not and I hope...
  64. groovenut

    LPD Tone Clone - Alice In Chains/Jerry Cantrel We Die Young AxeFx II

    Up next is one of my favorite all time rhythm tones, Alice In Chains / Jerry Cantrel We Die Young from AIC's debut album Facelift. Great Bogner tones here, really meaty stuff. Of course tuning to drop D a half step down doesn't hurt either. I used my American Strat Plus (maple fretboard) with...
  65. groovenut

    LPD Tone Clone - John Sykes / Whitesnake Preset On Axe-Change!

    Happy Monday people! Here it is! Axe-Change - Download Preset - LPD John Sykes WS Tone Clone - by Groovenut Let me know what you think when you get a chance to rock out on it! And as always, if you like em and use em, please donate! Thanks!
  66. groovenut

    LPD Tone Clone - Ronnie LeTekro TNT 10,000 Lovers AxeFx II

    Hello everyone! About a week and a half ago I posted a Beta version of a TNT preset for Intuition. Beta because I really only spent about an hour on it and ran out of time to do my usual fine tooth comb thing. So last week I had the opportunity to do a behavior/tone match combo on my beloved...
  67. groovenut

    LPD Tone Clone - Buckcherry Lit Up AxeFx II

    Hey all! This is another of my favorite Plexi type tones. Great and punchy with all the attitude a good three chord song should have. I am on the left, the original is on the right. I used my....wait for it...... Gibson Les Paul with the JB in the bridge for this one.
  68. groovenut

    LPD - Adventures in Tone Matching Stuff Part 5 SD-1 Firewater Mod Axefx II

    This is a drive block tone match. This is a tone match of a mod that I do to the Boss SD-1 called the Firewater Mod. I have always felt that the SD-1 was a great pedal with a few shortcomings. So I developed this to bring it more in line with the tone I like to get out of a dirt pedal. If I...
  69. groovenut

    LPD - Adventures In Tone Matching Stuff Part 4 Le Tekro BF-2 AxeFx II

    The Boss BF-2 is a great flanger and I would have been happy to try and tone match it as a flanger, but I didn't (at least not intentionally. It may actually sound really close as a working flanger to the BF-2). I was interested in doing a match on the Ronnie LeTekro settings. Rather than just...
  70. groovenut

    LPD - Adventures in Tone Matching Stuff Part 3

    So for this installment, I decided to try and match my LPD Solaris overdrive pedal. The LPD Solaris is a clone of the Klon Centaur. It sounds very close to the original Gold Klon Centaur I used as reference when I built it. Since there isn't anything in the AxeFx II that gets close to...
  71. groovenut

    LPD - Loading User Cab IRs Into AxeFxII Using Axe-Edit Demo

    Hey all! I did this video after a question on the forum yesterday about loading downloaded user cab IRs into the AxeFx II. This demo uses Axe-Edit and provides 2 methods. I actually discovered the second method while doing the video of the first method. Both appear to work effectively, but...
  72. groovenut

    LPD Tone Clone - George Lynch Wicked Sensation Preset!

    Happy Hump Day everyone! Go getcher Lynch on and show me some love! Axe-Change - Download Preset - LPD Wicked Lynch Tone Clone - by Groovenut Axe-Change - Download 4x12 - Lynch IR CabL - by Groovenut Axe-Change - Download 4x12 - Lynch IR CabR - by Groovenut BTW this preset has been updated for V7!
  73. groovenut

    LPD - And Now For Something Completely Different....

    In this thread this morning http://forum.fractalaudio.com/axe-fx-ii-discussion/56696-splawn-quickrod-model-how-dare-i-doubt-2.html#post712632, InsideOut and I had started a conversation about the TMA blocks in Cliffs presets and whether the information in the TMA contained the speaker cab IR...
  74. groovenut

    LPD - Adventures In Tone Matching Stuff Part 2

    Second installment. This one is an amp match. Let me introduce you to the Gearu Half Pint! Now for the Gear Head Geek Speak.... I designed and built this little guy about 2 years ago. He started off life as an AX84 Firefly built for me by our own Chris Hurley (thanks Chris!). I...
  75. groovenut

    LPD - Adventures in Tone Matching Stuff Part 1

    Hey all! So I've been designing and building tube amps and such for about ten years. One of the designs I did about a year ago is a high voltage tube preamp pedal that uses a SMPS for power (Realistically an external hard drive power supply). It runs the tubes at ~350 volts from a 12 volt wall...
  76. groovenut

    LPD Tone Clone - Custom Preset Examples

    Hello all! This is a video demo clip of a custom preset I did for a client. There are six examples of the different sounds the preset is capable of. This is specifically a rhythm tone. This was a different type of Tone Clone. The one in my clients head! The client informed me after hearing the...
  77. groovenut

    LPD Tone Clone - Longhorn Amps El Vaquero 3 Buttons Tone

    So I had missed this request until yesterday. I found some time to have a look at it and this is what my first attempt yielded. It's close, but I have nothing with P90s in it so I went with the tamest HBs I had. Gotta play it with your fingers or it wont sound the same at all. I also feel the...
  78. groovenut

    TMA Block Level After Match Question

    This is for anyone in the know. In some instances the TMA block requires no boosting after the match, but in others it requires a large boost to get back to the level the patch was at prior to the match. Is there an explanation for this? I would think maybe phasing, but I am having a hard time...
  79. groovenut

    Anyone Else Get This Error When Trying To DL a Patch?

    Errormessage: Duplicate entry '206-325-presets' for key 1 It appears to happen if I have downloaded the patch before even if the patch is no longer on my computer. Is this intentional? I am using Firefox 14.0.1 on WinXP Thanks,
  80. groovenut

    LPD Tone Clone - Tool Schism Adam Jones

    Hey all! Here is the latest in the Tool preset saga. Let me know what you think. One take is the original.
  81. groovenut

    LPD TNT Le Tekro Intuition Tone Clone

    Hey all! I did this one last night as a forum user request, but I haven't had time to do a recording or run it through the usual paces I do before releasing a patch to the forum. So I have a request. Lets say this one is beta and could you kind people test this patch to see how close it gets? I...
  82. groovenut

    LPD Tone Clone - Van Halen You Really Got Me

    Let me start by saying this one still needs some refining. I started building this preset with the ideal of having it sound just like the recorded track. Tone, effects, stereo panning etc all just like the album. After getting everything really close (like you're hearing it), I wanted to throw...
  83. groovenut

    LPD Badger Owens Avatar Vintage 112 Scumback M75 65W IR with Strat

    Here is an example of Tim's IRs with the Badger and a Strat. Please excuse my Hendrix...
  84. groovenut

    LPD Badger Owens Avatar Vintage 112 Scumback M75 65W IR Combinations

    My good friend Tim Owens did these IRs of his Avatar Vintage 112 loaded with a new Scumback M75 65W. I put them together with the new Badger amp model and a little delay and verb. The only difference between the samples is the IR. As you can see, the IR makes a huge difference in the overall...
  85. groovenut

    LPD Tone Clone - Tool Parabola Adam Jones V7

    In celebration of V7 and the new Dizzy, I thought this would be fitting. Adam Jones uses a combination of a Diezel and a Marshall Super Bass. It's a very interesting tone. It almost sounds to me like it was recorded direct either without a speaker cab or blending one in. There's a ton of high...
  86. groovenut

    Any word when Axe-change will allow edit rather than delete and repost?

    I have just discovered some minor discrepancies in newly saved V6 presets that I uploaded to Axe-change. I would like to fix them rather than delete and repost, but I dont think this is a feature yet. Any ETA? Thanks in advance!
  87. groovenut

    What is the equivalent Amp block Dynamics setting V6.02 to V7?

    In the amp block, the Dynamics setting in V6 went from zero. In V7 the Dynamics setting goes from -100% to 100%. Would the old V6 setting of zero be -100% or Zero in V7? Thanks in advance!
  88. groovenut

    Yeah! The like button is back!!!

    Yeah! The like button is back!!!
  89. groovenut

    LPD Experimenting With The New V7 Reverb

    Plus some delay too. Man the new reverb sounds lush. It really holds this track together and is crazy fun to mess around with. I guess the first part of this would be technically a Tone Clone. Can anyone guess the tune? Thanks for listening. Let me know what you think!
  90. groovenut

    LPD Splawn Riffage 2

    This wasn't meant to be a Tone Clone, but after I played with this tone a bit I thought it gets pretty close. Anyone notice the YouTube version of Extremes Kid Ego has different audio from the original release? Anyway, this gets pretty close to that vibe, though I wasn't aiming at duplicating...
  91. groovenut

    Anyone hit the help button on Axe-Change?

    Everything else is in English so I am pretty sure it's not my settings :)
  92. groovenut

    Something's I have noticed about V7

    The sustain. It is noticeably better across the board in V7. I think I noticed it first with the clean amps. It's not unnaturally long but very much more in line with the actual real world amps. Can anyone say "thonk and chirp"? Man the way the new models feel is truly amazing! I can wait...
  93. groovenut

    Splawn Riffage

    Here is the new Splawn model. Gain is pretty low ~3.5 or so with 2 factory OH 4X12s but I dont remember which ones. It's great! Has that same character my real QR does!
  94. groovenut

    /13 Goodness! St. Michael Blues

    I thought I would give the /13 a try with an original composition that I have been kicking around for years. This seemed like a good excuse to bring it to the public and the /13 doesn't disappoint! Really chewy and fat with just the right amount of controllable breakup and great dynamics. I used...
  95. groovenut

    A Little Mindless Super Brit Noodling

    I have to say this firmware is fun as hell to play! I just plugged in hit record an let it roll. Excuse the 2 minute ramble....the first 40 seconds are with the guitar volume at half... I used the new brit super model with factory #37 and #38 cabs into a reverb block. The next one I put up will...
  96. groovenut

    The like button

    Has our ability to like posts disappeared with the new servers?
  97. groovenut

    LPD Tone Clone - Whitesnake John Sykes Bad Boys / Still Of The Night

    Another of my favorite guitar tones from the 80's. The way this album was recorded, yielded huge sounding guitars. For much of the Whitesnake '87 album John used 2 Mesa Boogie Coliseum heads. These amps have a Mark III pre-amp section but use six 6L6 power tubes--giving the amps180 watts each...
  98. groovenut

    LPD Tone Clone - George Lynch (Lynch Mob) Wicked Sensation

    I have been a fan of George Lynch since just before Breaking the Chains hit stores. I have always thought he had killer tone in his hands, an easily recognizable vibrato and chops to burn. I saw Dokken open up for Aerosmith at the Cow Palace in San Francisco in 1987. What a great show. I...
  99. groovenut

    LPD Tone Clone Preset for Rush Red Barchetta

    Here's the preset http://forum.fractalaudio.com/axe-fx-ii-recordings/55818-lpd-tone-clone-rush-red-barchetta-guitar-solo.html#post703435
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