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  1. JJunkie

    Mini classical guitars

    Hey guys, I'm interested in getting a mini classical guitar for my daughter to learn on. She currently uses an Ibanez pgmm that i was surprised for a chinese guitar after a few minor modifications its pretty good and i ended up playing it regularly :) I want to get a mini classical mainly for...
  2. JJunkie

    Audio stutters and pops on Windows 10 PC

    Hi guys. I've had this PC for a year and a half. All's been well except only in the last couple of months I started to get frequent audio stutters etc., even when disconnected from wifi. My machine is optimally set up for audio, by turning off windows effects, power management and favouring...
  3. JJunkie

    Guitar tuning / setup question

    Oh, hey guys! I recently became the owner of a new Ibanez PGMM guitar (a short scale for my kid). Not a bad guitar, but have made various modifications to get it playable. There is one thing I still can't solve though and am not sure if it is to do with the overall setup of the guitar or what...
  4. JJunkie

    Ennio Morricone RIP

    What a legend RIP after a life well-lived and countless musical gifts
  5. JJunkie

    FS Axe-Fx II XL+ Sydney, Australia

    Hi Selling my long cherished XL+, which I bought new in 2015 - its up for sale at $2100. It is running Ares 2. The whole package is the Axe-FX unit and the power cord. 130 user cabs are currently on the unit. Cheers! JJunkie
  6. JJunkie

    My FAS dream.. what's yours?

    I had a dream last night about FAS. I guess my brain decided it was time to treat me with something different to the endless dreams about my real job. Does anybody have some interesting FAS dreams to share? Mine went something like this: Hi, I'm a FAS employee. Not sure what my role is, but...
  7. JJunkie

    Electromagnetic pest repellers - do they f with audio gear?

    Pretty random question, I know. And even after looking up a fair bit, still not sure if they actually are effective for their intended purpose lol. I'm just wanting to understand if the EM 'pulse' sent through the house wiring is something that is going to adversely affect my guitar playing or...
  8. JJunkie

    I think Output 1 just died

    I only use the axe-fx II XL+ at home. Suddenly, nothing coming from Output 1, even though the Axe's VU says there is signal coming out. I'm hooked up to reaper. SPDIF is still working. Tried power cycling. I'm in Sydney - guessing I am going to have to pop the hood to see what happened...
  9. JJunkie

    Creating Axe-fx compatible IRs from IK multimedia ARC2

    Hi guys I'd like to get back into home recording, but my new room is not ideal - bad shape (semi circle), walls have mostly windows and glass doors, so its not possible to put in corner traps. I have auralex panels in the places that aren't taken u by windows and they are doing a good job of...
  10. JJunkie

    Footswitch help

    Hi Here is something that I can't figure out myself and need help on. I have a couple of footswitches that I would like to use in the pedal inputs but it seems that the axe-fx only recognises their open/closed states. This causes problems for me because the initial modifier state is not always...
  11. JJunkie

    Laptop with firewire or expresscard port

    Hi My home recording PC is starting to fail and I am wanting a lappie this time around. The problem I have is that It is so hard to find a reasonably priced one with firewire (haven't seen any in fact) or an expresscard port so that I can still use my Saffire interface. Its a little more...
  12. JJunkie

    Ownhammer Update?

    I think its time for Ownhammer to fill us in on what he's been up to. Too quiet by far on this forum, seeing as how he has been busting out various cabs lately - Diezel and now Engl. Please tell us more! I have always been been a fan of the Engl Savage model in the axe and recently I have...
  13. JJunkie

    Bug? Am I crazy!? Axe-fx tuner half a step out!? Q2B3

    Can somebody on Q2B3 please check the tuner. Suddenly, all my guitars were sharp by half a step according to axe-fx. I tuned down, then noticed it sounds too flat, then checked with some reference material and yes, I am now definitely tuned to Eb, but the axe says its E. This appears to be...
  14. JJunkie

    just broke up a guitar catfight.. now what do I do?

    The left side is a small ding I can live with. The right side one is a chip a quarter size of my pinky nail, exposing the wood. This guitar is a PRS with a poly coat All advice appreciated
  15. JJunkie

    PRS Custom 22 soapbar - opinions?

    Hi guys, I have a seven string SE which I love and have since been on the hunt for a used USA PRS in my area (there aren't many), the main qualifications being 22 frets and then we see how it goes from there. I just found a guy selling a CU22 soapbar (rosewood fretboard) going at what seems...
  16. JJunkie

    FW Q beta 1 reverb block room types

    Not sure if bug or just a curiosity. Set size parameter to 1 to 6 on small med or large rooms and there seems to be a delay generated
  17. JJunkie

    Can anyone recommend a good guitar shop in Tokyo?

    Seems like I have some time to kill. Just looking for interesting shops and/or reasonably priced ones
  18. JJunkie

    Question for Fractal about plugins

    What will they be? Thanks Oh and.. 1st!!
  19. JJunkie

    Violin (XL/XL+)

    Not to take anything away from Simeon's great work! I had a Violin patch on my Ultra for a long time and just recently ported it over to the Axe-FXII XL. It's pretty good IMO. I don't know who originally made it (so long ago now), but if you see your handywork in this patch, do shout out. The...
  20. JJunkie

    Using Output 2 as additional out

    Hi, I use the Axe at home and I want to be able to monitor through speakers independently of headphones. Connected to PC with USB. The headphone jack is Output 1, so I plugged my monitors into output 2 and selected Output 2 echo Output 1 in I/O > Audio. My problem is that I can't seem to get...
  21. JJunkie

    Adya Clarity? Drinking water

    Very off-topic I know, so please don't bother posting if you don't know or care what I'm talking about Guys, I am interested by this product www.waterliberty.com which I believe is a mica-based flocculent to remove heavy metals, fluoride and chlorine from drinking water, plus add minerals in...
  22. JJunkie

    Fishman Powerbridge / Powerchip question

    I had them installed in my old epiphone LP standard with a single TRS output jack. My question is - is it normal for this setup that when the battery drains, I can't play through the mag pickups anymore? I'm just hoping that there is some wiring issue that can be fixed, or do I need to go...
  23. JJunkie

    IRs ARE Everything.. but don't forget about the pick!!

    Hey guys, Just thought I'd share some quick advice.. If you want to generally brighten / darken your tone, try changing your pick. Thinner pick > brighter tone Thicker pick > darker tone Its simple, it has a substantial impact on all types of guitar tones, and it might save you an hour or two...
  24. JJunkie

    Dream Theater 2013 - The Looking Glass guitar tone

    Hey, this is my attempt at matching the new DT album tone using the Ultra and Ozone 4. I dunno why, but whenever I "match" a heavy tone, there is always some mids lacking. Well I just cranked the amp sim's mid control a bit after doing the match, but it doesnt compensate in the right way. I...
  25. JJunkie

    Smoke damage

    Hey guys, There was a fire in my buiding earlier this week. No one was hurt but all our possessions are smoke damaged. Amongst sorting everything out, I was just wondering if anyone can share knowledge about what I should look out for, and if there are any particular cleaning / restoration...
  26. JJunkie

    Dave Mustaine on FAS website

    he just looks so pretty, covered with fairy dust and twinkly stars... it serves as a good reminder to us all that, yes! this man is a true pop icon, up there with the best of them including Britney and J.T, and he deserves recognition for that.
  27. JJunkie

    Guitar tone archive

    Hey guys, Just to start off, I don't actually use an axe-fx II, but I have used tone matching in my DAW and occasionally its useful, but mostly its just lots of fun. Anyway, I do own a meagre collection of guitars, and at times there has been struggles to get a good matched tone, for example...
  28. JJunkie

    "Mega Rig" - Liquid Tension Experiment live

    Hi, I have generally played Les Paul style electric guitars for most of my "guitar life". Last year, I found myself wanting more out of a guitar, and decided to get something with a different and modern design, plus some bells and whistles. The EBMM JPX really hooked me. I was never a fan of JP...
  29. JJunkie

    FCB1010 uno exp B stuffs with my tempo

    Hey, Can't work this out. I have "tempo tap" control set to Pedal 1 in the axe-fx. I control tempo with an external footswitch. But for some reason, the exp pedal B on my FCB1010 (midi CC 48 ) randomly changes the tempo does anybody have/had this problem?
  30. JJunkie

    FCB1010 uno and tap tempo issue - help appreciated

    Hi, I have tap tempo set up for repeated PCs. It works great, but doing this also resets the on/bypass state of the effects to their default value. For example, I want to change the tempo to match the delay to some part I'm about to play, but doing that then switches the delay to it's...
  31. JJunkie

    Synth issue

    Hi guys For some reason, the synth doesnt like certain notes I play, and seems to either "shit" itself, or jump up one octave after a second or two. For my ebmm JPX, its open G, G on the 4th string, 5th fret, and E on 1st string 24th fret For my epiphone Les Paul Standard (tuned half step...
  32. JJunkie

    Quad Chorus

    Hey, I just upgraded to an ultra from my standard. I am having some trouble figuring out how to program the Quad Chorus block. My searches within the forum so far have mostly lead to threads containing links to older posts, but the links are now either broken or the old posts are gone. I really...
  33. JJunkie

    FCB1010 uno - external pedals

    Hi, quick question that has been bugging me for 2 years: I dont have a clue how I can get my external footwitches to work when pluggged in the 2 external jacks of the FCBuno. Do they get assigned with CC values somehow? is there a guide to set that up? I dont like plugging the footswitches...
  34. JJunkie

    CLiff Burton Lead for a 6 string electric guitar

    Thought I might give this one a shot, just out of curiosity.... with my axe-fx standard and a 6 string guitar (ebmm JPX) I have come part of the way, i think, but listen to the clip Cliff Burton Lead by Justin Kabat on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free there is quite a...
  35. JJunkie

    When is firmware 12 going to come out??

    downloading 11 now. any news on 12 yet???
  36. JJunkie

    Google Image Search - Cliff Chase

    Look. TBH I dont really care what the guy looks like, but as far as this forum goes, he is god. Well. I was curious to see where all the praise is directed. I haven't narrowed it down yet, and I yea yea yea know there is more than one cliff Chase out there, but here some of the top...
  37. JJunkie

    Can we Give the Standard 4 PEQs??

    Multiple PEQs are now in demand for boosting, in addition to whatever users had them doing previously..... I would love to see 4 PEQs in the Standard I am not sure why 4 PEQs are only available in the Ultra (e.g. for marketing reasons or sofware/hardware limitations in the Standard??)...
  38. JJunkie

    Anyone else have trouble dloading old post attachments since new forum migration?

    I have tried downloading a number of rar files from older posts since new forum began - all I get are archives with corrupt headers / incomplete archives etc etc..... Anyone else with this problem??
  39. JJunkie

    hmm.... non-axe-related phenomenon. Any suggestions?

    Hi, playing single notes on higher-gain patches. There is poor note clarity, almost like a series of pulses or beats that occurs shortly after picking. You can listen to the attached mp3 of a 2 second long direct recording of a single note (you may need monitors or headphones to hear well)...
  40. JJunkie

    on/off switch for global EQ

    Hi, I have looked all over the axe and cant find a switch for this. It would be useful to include one (or let me know where it is if it already exists). I have one global eq setting i use approx 30% of the time (otherwise, I use flat global eq). manually setting it to zero and resetting it...
  41. JJunkie

    input volume zipper noise

    hi, I use an FCB1010 and have assigned input volume into the axe to be controlled by expression pedal A for all patches. When using external controllers for wah frequency etc, it is always good to assign some "damping" to avoid the "zipper noise", but as far as I know, this cant be done when...
  42. JJunkie

    2 Questions about pedals and the FCB1010

    Hi guys, I have an FCB with uno and I have 2 pedals running into the Pedal 1 and 2 inputs of the axe. my questions are: 1) is there a way to stop the axe from recognising the on/off states of the external pedals? for example, first i play on one patch and stomp on pedal 1 to engage the drive...
  43. JJunkie

    Acoustic Guitar IR's HERE

    Hey, I have been looking for IRs for acoustic guitar for a few weeks. Here is the collection I have built up so far, from various Axe user posts / axechange / web. I created this post with the view to have a one stop shop to get these. I know that some older forum content is no longer...
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