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  1. Larry Mitchell

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas everyone. :)
  2. Larry Mitchell

    Free Zoom Classes today from Montgomery College Rockville MD

    Hello everyone. I‘m doing a couple zoom class today that are free. Thanks to Montgomery college MD. You can register and get the link The livestreaming one is in about an hour and a half from now and the guitar calls is today at 4pm there will also be a production class tomorrow night 7:30pm...
  3. Larry Mitchell

    This Past Tuesday NIght Live, Live stream All Patches Rebuilt the from scratch

    Hello Every one. I decided last week to start over and rebuild all of my patches (57) for my songs that i play live. This was instead of just copying over my patches from either the FM3 or Axe Fx 3. Some of these patches have just been moved over from Axe 2 to AX 8 to FM3 and for awhile the FM9...
  4. Larry Mitchell

    A little time with the FM9 Saturday Stream.

    Hey Guys. As soon as the FM9 was announced I got a ton of Messages, Text, calls, I do not have all of the answers. I just tried to show a little bit here. Thank you for watching. :)
  5. Larry Mitchell

    Anyone in the Loveland CO area? Im doing a clinic today 5:30pm today

    If your in the area today Saturday May 15th 5:30 stop in. Lets talk guitars, tones and textures :0)
  6. Larry Mitchell

    Tuesday nights

    Thought I'd post, this is from Earlier. Thank you for Watching and listening
  7. Larry Mitchell

    Auctioning Time, Lessons. Fractal and Production for Guitars in The Classroom

    Hello Fractal Family. I am participating in raising some money for a great organization called Guitars in the classroom. Check out their website if can guitaristtheclasson.org There is a auction happening this week With Some of Jason Mraz's guitars he's used on tour Some cool Mandolins and...
  8. Larry Mitchell

    New EP(s) Out today

    Help Fellow fractalites, My New Electric EP "Shadows on the Soul" is up for streaming and Purchase on =AT3wjmXGB-lqZ9OoJosdSoJmO5MTmUfQGV6gQuspmQP-6RPGCJPjzDKRlYyH2NetMjFWggusnZMlDHIVxpOrc6aIpddM0SEKR7hcesUKb51ihF1y_M2BT06Pvw140ha0yNlqS7wRaBmA81WrO0fCpPWZQDk']larrymitchell.bandcamp.com The...
  9. Larry Mitchell

    I got to take the FM3 for a test drive this weekend

    Great tones all all speeds. :cool: I shouldn't have to say this but...... Please don't put your FM3 in the microwave. besides it only works if you get sent one of the tiny vacuum sealed FM3 meant for saving space during space travel to Mars. :-)
  10. Larry Mitchell

    Join me on the Fractal Facebook Page tomorrow. Let’s talk tones and effects

    Hi fractal family. I’ll, be on the Fractal Audio Facebook page tomorrow friday May 1st at 2pm. I’ll have my FM3 and my Axe FX 3 let’s talk tones.
  11. Larry Mitchell

    How I use the 3 foot switches in my FM3

    I have been using the FM3 for a bit now (beta testing) I’ve done a fair amount of shows, quite a few of my Facebook lives and youtube lives and I’ve gotten used to the three switches. It took me a minute but thats because I was deeply in the mind set of how my songs worked with the AX8. All the...
  12. Larry Mitchell

    Merry Christmas

    Hello fellow fractal Friends just dropping by to wish you all a very merry Christmas.
  13. Larry Mitchell

    Need to use an AX8 tomorrow for about an hour near LAX

    Oops. Work visa came in. I’m on the next flight will do the show from austrailia. :0; Hello Los Angeles fractal family. . Anyone here near LAX tomorrow Tuesday October 1st with an AX8 that I can use for about an hour to do my Tuesday night live Facebook. I’m near LAX on my way to Australia to...
  14. Larry Mitchell

    Any Fractal Users in Ice Land playing this Monday night?

    Hello fractal Family I am flying from germany to Seattle with a 22 hour stop over in Ice Land on Monday evening. Just thought I’d check to see if ay of you are out and about playing on a Monday. Night? My only night there July 1st. :)
  15. Larry Mitchell

    Dallas guitar festival.

    I’m here at the dallas guitar festival for Knaggs guitars. But I’m answering a lot fractal questions it seems :0) and always always fun to run I go fellow fractal forum users.
  16. Larry Mitchell

    Anyone in Seoul South Korea with an AX8 I can borrow for 2 days?

    Hi hello, Fractal family. I am headed to Seoul Korea Landing Monday April 22nd Doing a Video Tuesday the 23rd and an in store performance at Music Force for Knaggs guitars on Wednesday 24th I am wondering if theres any one there with an AX8 that I can use for those two days. Just thought id...
  17. Larry Mitchell

    Some Tuesday Night AX8 Tones

    hello everyone. On Tuesday nights I do a Facebook live show 9pm EST. thought I'd post last nights :-) All AX8 and Eventide H9 for spring reverb on some of the lead patches and a little extra delays here and there with the big spacey stuff. All direct into my iPhone with the Roland Go Mixer...
  18. Larry Mitchell

    AX8 family in Germany in June?

    hello Fractal friends, family and those looking thinking about getting an AX8 and wanting to hear one live. I’m in Germany (Hamburg at the moment) doing a few private and some small clubs solo. Come hang and let’s talk AX8 Tone’s and techniques. If your close by come hang. I have Monday and...
  19. Larry Mitchell

    Another Lick of the week video with my AX8

    hi guys. Here's another Lick of the week. Hope you dig it. :0) AX8 straight into the iPhone
  20. Larry Mitchell

    New lick of the week. Feb 4th

    hi guys. I got a little side tracked with NAMM and productions and travel. Here it is a few weeks off
  21. Larry Mitchell

    Very early in the morning last week. Waiting for the shuttle to the airport.

    This is old but fun firmware :0)
  22. Larry Mitchell

    Lick of the week Series starts again

    Hello Fractal family, Some of you may find this useful or just enjoyable. -)
  23. Larry Mitchell

    Some AX8 plexi love

    hello cello AX8 family. I'm in AZ hanging after Vai Academy and I shot some video for my weekly Facebook live on Tuesday while my friends had the cameras up I shot a few songs for YouTube. This is the 1987x plexi I believe with a FAS boost in front. Thank you for watching
  24. Larry Mitchell

    Happy Thanksgiving :-)

    I just wanted to say hello and Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and to all outside of America. Happy Thursday. :-)
  25. Larry Mitchell

    Guitar Connoisseur Magazine "guitar Connoisseur of the week"

    hey fellow fractal users. Guitar Connoisseur Magazine is doing a new Connoisseur of the week video series. They are looking for players to submit videos playing with a backing track or solo I believe. A new one every week so that's 52 of us a year. :0) just follow the link or go to their...
  26. Larry Mitchell

    Live concert stream yesterday. AX8 direct

    Hi guys, I was in Bothell WA yesterday doing a live to facebook stream. And I think it came out good so I thought I'd share it here. I'm useing the 1987x ? For all of the leads but with different drives in front (Fas boost, Timothy 808 mod etc. clean amps are the kieth urban tweed and the...
  27. Larry Mitchell

    Free guitar clinic this Saturday in chandler AZ

    hello fractal friends. If your in the Phoenix area this Saturday, stop on by and say hello.. This Saturday 3pm I'll be in chandler AZ just oudtside Phoenix at McNight Guitar Co. Free clinic workshop. You don't have to play guitar to come and hang. :0) ill be talking about music, touring...
  28. Larry Mitchell

    Merry Christmas :0)

    It's from a few years ago,but still merry Christmas. :0) some FX8 love
  29. Larry Mitchell

    AXE FX vs Real Amp, knobs 1:1 no difference!

    This past week I had the pleasure of going into the studio in MA with Matt Picone, Mark Day and the man himself Cliff Chase. The goal was to make some IRs and run the real amp (Marshall super lead, Peace 5150, Morgan and a Deluxe reverb) and the Axe Fx XL model through the same cab and dial the...
  30. Larry Mitchell

    Looking to borrow or rent two small powered monitors in Hamburg Germany Wednesday November 9th

    Hello forum friends. I'm in Germany. Doing a few events. I have a semi private solo show coming up this Wednesday (in couple of days) in a small wine shop in Hamberg. I'm wondering if any fellow axe fx/ax8 users live in Hamberg that might be willing to lend or rent me two small powered...
  31. Larry Mitchell

    Visiting Chicago music Exchange

    i was recently playing in Chicago with Native American artist Robert Mirabal Abd on the way to the Airport I stopped in at Chicago Music Exchange. A very very impressive store. I had only scene photos it in magazines. While there I met some really nice people including John who works there and...
  32. Larry Mitchell

    Traveling with the AX8 ...... (Very long post) :0)

    Traveling with the AX8 I'm just getting back from Italy. My first overseas trip with the AX8. I have to say it's been a breeze! I'm very used to traveling with the awesome AXE FX -ultra then the II and then XL. I've traveled with the AXE FX in a two space carry on bag and check the MFC 101 in...
  33. Larry Mitchell

    First AX8 lick of the week in 2016

    i hope I didn't break the rules by posting this twice in the lounge and here. I'm in a hotel room in Scottsdale just warming up for a show tonight and thought "I could do a lick of the week right now" :0) I'm using my AX8 and the little 2 to 1 headphone adaptor into a little JBL IPhone...
  34. Larry Mitchell

    First lick of the week in 2016

    Im finally recovering from running around NAMM. here's my first lick of the week in 2016 It's bluesy-ish
  35. Larry Mitchell

    In Phoenix /Scottsdale and fountain Hills area this weekend

    hi guys. I'll be doing a couple of house concerts this weekend. One is open if any of you want to come. I'll have my AX8 there. Info ; Larry Mitchell will be playing a special house concert at my home in Fountain Hills this Sunday Jan. 31st. 3:00pm-6:00pm $15 potluck. We have beer, wine, water...
  36. Larry Mitchell

    AX8 on TV

    this was broadcast yesterday morning but it was shot back in the first week of December. My first real run of doing my music with the AX8. All of the shows in November with it where sideman shows. Easy. :0) this on was a breeze to walk in with my double gigbag and small laptop case and pull out...
  37. Larry Mitchell

    LM Life Pad

    HI Guys I made a couple of Presets some of you may like. Here is the first one I call it Life Pad (W) the (W) means there is the Pedal is a Wah. It's easier for me to explain all the Scenes on video. So here is the video Link. :-) Thank you for watching Larry
  38. Larry Mitchell

    Merry Christmas.

  39. Larry Mitchell

    The First Modded AX8 (I believe) :0)

    Cherry wood veneer top and sides. That's it. Nothing else to see here folks. Just trying to make sure that My AX8 doesn't get confused with done else's while backstage at a festival. You know? :0)
  40. Larry Mitchell

    Lickif the week #7

    ;0) Thank you for watching
  41. Larry Mitchell

    Lick of the week #6 AX8

    i think I'm back on schedule with these now. :0) here is lick of the week #6 Lots of unintended notes going on but oh well. It was fun to do. :0) 1987 jump RW Marshall 4x12 121 cone edge 3" stereo tape delay Dual mode and then at the end I had to step up the gain with the ruckus drive. gain...
  42. Larry Mitchell

    Saturday night with the AX8 -carrying case, sounds and the solo gig

    Hello Ax8 members, I did a little video while getting ready to do my solo show. It was a show for my moms birthday so no band. Acoustic set first then electric set but with tracks. I used the looper the whole acoustic set. (Thank you Cliff) the only issues the whole night was I had to play...
  43. Larry Mitchell

    Lick of the week with the AX8

    1987 jump and a bit of delay from the AX8 With a Tele. Video and audio are slightly out of sync after I uploaded it.
  44. Larry Mitchell

    Third gig with the AX8. Awesome!

    i got my AX8 Saturday morning. Excitement!!! Spent a few hours getting to know it and then made 2. Presets and went straight to Room 5 in LA and played a sideman gig with singer Randi Driscoll. It worked great and sounded like my normal rig. Only the percussionist did a double take when he...
  45. Larry Mitchell

    Lick of the Week

    Hi Guys, I started posting on youtube and Facebook a Lick of the week. I am 3 weeks in and I think i can post one every week. These are not rather shatter shred licks. But ones i use more then any shred licks. If your into it I'll post them here as well and I can post the patch for each lick...
  46. Larry Mitchell

    Nice Job on the New Website!!!

    I think it looks great and the flow is very nice. Congratulations on it Matt and every one at Fractal and the beta guys testing.
  47. Larry Mitchell

    I played live last night with Quantum for the first time and it was Gorgeous!

    That's All Can't discribe it other than no changes to anything else the sound was just straight up gorgeous! :-)
  48. Larry Mitchell

    Congratulations To Fractal Audio on The release of the FX8

    Gratulations to Cliff, Matt, Joe the Beta team and everyone involved in making, building, programming, testing and believing in the FX8. All the best with this new peace of sonic bliss. Larry
  49. Larry Mitchell

    I love it when Axe-Fx and forum users come out to one of my shows. ;0)

    First show of the spring tour tonight in Columbus Georgia. And jazroc came out tonight and we talked guitars and Axe-Fx, Fx8 and rock and roll. Awesome to meet forum users out live.
  50. Larry Mitchell

    More FX8 fun. Into the front of a clean Marshall

    Mono. Into a clean Marshall as a pedalboard. = Awesome fun :0) http://youtu.be/msQ_coByw4A Thank you for watching.
  51. Larry Mitchell

    Merry Christmas FX8 style

    FX8 pitch block crystals with some med room reverb. :0) http://youtu.be/2tJkMuWYb6I Merry Christmas.
  52. Larry Mitchell

    I loving the new reverbs in FW 16

    Just loving it! :0) Loving the Axe Fx firmware 16 reverb Deep Space - YouTube
  53. Larry Mitchell

    Mfc's in anchorage Alasaka?

    Hey fractal friends. I'm flying to anchorage Tuesday to do a show and some rehearsals. I'm wondering if anyone's there that has an MFC that I could borrow or rent for Saturday oct 12th? I think I'm on mid day. Is a world music festival inside the Alaska native heritage center in anchorage ...
  54. Larry Mitchell

    I used firmware 13 the other night live for the first.

    All went great! It sounded thick. I didn't change anything else about my patches just the ultra res version of my main redwirez cab IR I have been asked a few questions about it so I made a little video actually a couple of dry ones as well on my YouTube page. This one I'm going back and girth...
  55. Larry Mitchell

    Merry Christmas

    Hello forum friends. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and happy new year.
  56. Larry Mitchell

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to you all. It's Been a very exciting year with the Axe FX I am sure that 2013 will only bring much more excitement!! Larry
  57. Larry Mitchell

    Show tonight is streaming online live (and working this time)

    Hey my Fractal Friends. I am here at the Live wire music hall in Savannah GA and the streaming is working tonight. We are about to hit the stage. So if your home check it out. Sounding in a minute then on. www.livewiremusichall.com Axe FX 100% all the way. :-) Larry
  58. Larry Mitchell

    Tips from the road. :0)

    I played a very cool blues festival last night in Kitchener ontario with the Ellis Hooks band. It started rain hard at the very early 9am sound check as well as during the show. I had posted a few years ago about carrying Zip Loc bags on the road. I have a 2 foot by 1.7 foot zip loc bag that I...
  59. Larry Mitchell

    Playing Livewire Music Hall in Savannah GA tomorrow night using 7.0 beta. Streamed li

    Hi guys. I have so much to catch you up but I'm a bit crazed right now. But I wanted to let you know since the last time we played there and it was streamed the response was great. Tomorrow night Saturday August 4th around 10:30-11pm ish they will stream my show live. Actually both sets. There...
  60. Larry Mitchell

    Tails from the Road---- Ray Guns, Mono PA, Smoke filled Bars.... Patches.....

    Hello Forum friends. I have been playing a lot of clubs/bars lately and it is very different than the venues I am used to Playing. :-) THere is still smoking in Bars in Georgia and some in Florida too. THat's gonna take a bit to get used to. And I have not run across many mono PA systems in...
  61. Larry Mitchell

    Live feed online tonight.

    Just found out that tonight's show has a live video feed online. Tune in if you can. :0) The Larry Mitchell band with russ garner on drums and Wade Allen on bass playing at the Live wire music hall here in Savannah Georgia 11:15pm EST. tonight June 7th LiveWire Music Hall: Savannah's...
  62. Larry Mitchell

    Video Lessons

    I did a few videos for Next level Guitar .com and they just put up the last one. There's some Axe Fx II love at the end. (Pre 6.0) :-) Rock guitar lesson Larry Mitchell teaches warm up arpeggio exercises and connecting scale licks - YouTube Thanks for Watching Larry
  63. Larry Mitchell

    Line of the night.

    "that's a pretty good sounding VCR you got there" I never thought of my Axe Fx II looking like a VCR but in the scope of things........ :-) coming from a observer at tonights in a night club rehearsal. I couldn't stop laughing the rest of the night. Larry
  64. Larry Mitchell

    Merry Christmas everyone :0)

    I hope that everyone had a great Christmas and cliff got some rest! :0) or at least one day without working on new firmware. :0) Larry
  65. Larry Mitchell

    Axe fx II in the Chicago area tonight.

    Hey guys, if your in the Chicago (Batavia) tonight around 8pm. I'm doing a free guitar clinic at Hix Bros. Music in Batavia. I'll be there with my Axe Fx II 3.0 firmware. Come out and hang. :0) Both Ibanez and D'Addario with have some free stuff to give away. Larry
  66. Larry Mitchell

    On the road with the axe fx II (2)

    On the road with the axe fx two. Hi guys. If anyone is in California this week and next. I'm doing a nice run of guitar player themed shows and EV (Electro voice) clinics with my trio, we are opening the shows and the clinics for the Travis Larson band (serially great band in the Steve...
  67. Larry Mitchell

    Ordering and receiving my axe fx II

    Hey guys, this is how I got my axe fx II.. YouTube - ‪Axe FX II Arrives LM‬‏ Larry :0)
  68. Larry Mitchell

    In the studio with and ultra and a II

    It's been a long day but a good one. I just about to leave to studio here in Richmond beach WA (Bob Lange's studio. After tracking all day. I'm a new jam band called "the swell kollective" the other guitar player in the band is Ari Joshua (guitari) on the forum. The last time we where in the...
  69. Larry Mitchell

    On The Road with the Axe FX II (2)

    Hi Guys, Well I have been out on the road with the Axe FX II for 11 days now and I absolutely love it!! I still on lt have a few (30) patches now but my patches have so much stuff in them that I am switching things on and off in stead of switching patches a lot. (Twice the Power Baby)!! I...
  70. Larry Mitchell

    Other Axe FX II Patches.

    Here is the Pro Junior Lead patch as with a some videos with different guitars and pickups Larry Pro Jr Lead patches Ibanez Blazer #1 with DiMarzio True Duo made for Ibanez Pickups YouTube - ‪AXE FX Pro Jr Lead Patch Larry Mitchell‬‏ Ibanez Blazer # 2 With DiMarzio PAF's...
  71. Larry Mitchell

    My Axe FX II All in One Patch Pro Jr.

    I did a few videos while getting ready for my tour last night. This one uses one Patch my Pro Junior Clean patch in the Axe Fx II. IA's are set for Reverse Delay 2, drive 1, Pitch 1 (OC-2), Phaser 1 for Vibe, Tremolo 1, Chorus 1 set for CE-1 type sound on X and Ce-1 Vibrato on Y, Pitch 2...
  72. Larry Mitchell

    First gig with Axe Fx II here goes

    Hi guys, well with 18 patches and realizing this morning that had my whole gain structure WRONG I'm going for it. ;0) First part of sound check went great and the whole sound crew came over and said how much they loved the tones. Now full check with the band minutes away. I did film the FOH...
  73. Larry Mitchell

    Live festival tip for the spring / summer festival season; MFC and midi controllers

    I have played lots of out door stages at festivals and so many times it has rained. During this time of year i carry in my Rig bag 2 Ziploc LARGE (2 feet by 20 inch bags). Yes they make them that big and i got them at a Walmart for around 3 bucks for a pack of 4. If it rains I slip my midi...
  74. Larry Mitchell

    New Kick tags have arrived!

    Hey Guys, I just wanted to share that my new kicktags labels came in today. Very nice. My 46 year old eyes are loving the large type lettering. Can't wait to check out the glow in the darkness on a stage. Very nice company to work with when ordering. The Ultra, The MFC101, The Mission...
  75. Larry Mitchell

    Axe fx in Alabama and long island

    Hey guys, If you or anyone you know the might want to check out the axe fx. I'm doing a guitar clinic tomorrow at the "Auburn guitar shoppe" in Auburn Alabama at 6pm. And then next Tuesday at "All music" in plainview Long Island at 6pm. Larry :-)
  76. Larry Mitchell

    mFC 101 and Ultra in Seattle

    Ok , Alaska went well and I think I was able to help a couple people who might have been on the fence about the axe fx and or the MFC. I'm in seattle now and I am doing two more Ibanez guitar clinics. One tomorrow at A Sharp music I. renton and one Thursday at north west guitars in Bellvue...
  77. Larry Mitchell

    Ultra and MFC 101 in Alaska

    Hey guys, If anyone is in or near Anchorage Alaska this saturday and wants to check out the MFC 101, I'll be doing an Ibanez guitar clinic with my Ultra and MFC 101 with me. The clinic is at Mammoth music at 6 pm this Saturday October 9th. Even if you don't like my playing or music, come hang...
  78. Larry Mitchell

    Got my MFC 101!

    hey guys, I received my MFC 101 the other day. Here is a little video. its on youtube as well but they flagged the songs in my video. So if you want. you can download it from my idisk. Or you can watch it on you tube. But it's much funnier with the music. I will have to change the music on the...
  79. Larry Mitchell

    My Main Live Regular guitar type Patches

    Hello my fellow Axe Tone Friends, Since I've started using my Ultra, I would occasionally get asked for some patches or what settings I use (Amps, Delays Stuff). Well my crazy year of production has wound down and I have been enjoying being just a guitar player again. (I get to practice and...
  80. Larry Mitchell

    How I use my Ultra WARNING: Really long post

    Hello Fellow Axe users. I am not sure if this belongs in the GD or in the lounge. please feel free to move it need be. I have gotten a few emails from people in the last week about my Axe Fx use. Some from video confusion and some from this last clinic tour I just cam back from. I just wrote...
  81. Larry Mitchell

    Axe FX Ultra direct through the PA

    Here is a video that I just found on youtube. Some one shot and posted a few videos on Youtube from one of the festivals in Sweden. In this one the guy filming was further back in the audience so you can here the Axe FX coming through the PA. There are a few more videos up but the guy was right...
  82. Larry Mitchell

    Big head Todd and an Axe Fx

    Hi guys. I am not sure if you've seen this but I just saw this over on the Gear page Here's a recent update from one of the guys in their crew... straight from their blog section on their site: When we are on the road, Todd is currently using a Mesa Boogie Lone Star Amp, with a pedal board...
  83. Larry Mitchell

    Clips Form Ibanez Clinic in San Diego

    Hello Axe Friends, I did a couple of Ibanez Clinics these past few weeks and all was fun. I got a lot of questions about tone and the Axe FX. I tried to answer as best as I could during the clinics, but they where IBANEZ clinics so I answered more one on one questions about the Axe after the...
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