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    Wish Doubler

    +1. I would find this enhancement useful.
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    FRFR For Live Performance

    I like using the Friedman ASC-10 cabinet(s). Self powered using a 10" woofer (and a tweeter of course). They are not overly heavy in weight and give a cabinet feel for me. They sound best a little louder - at low volumes some find them dark... I personally don't find this.
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    Health Update

    Hey Todd, Sending positive vibes your way. So glad to hear you have the strong support of family and friends and a top notch medical facility close by. Stay determined and keep your positive attitude.
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    Mr Crowley - Instrumental Cover

    Great job ! Really enjoyed it.
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    Any rumors about an FX8 successor?

    I agree in that I'd like to see an updated FX8. Still have and use my original but it would be awesome with the updated efx of the ax3. I'd even welcome a modular format where FX8 'brain' would sit back with the amp and be controlled by an FC controller. It would make for a more simple 4cm...
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    Celestion F12-X200

    @Paulg2uk Hi Paul, This is a longshot but thought I would mention as it happened to me. Make sure there are no cables that have found their way into the speaker basket and close to the cone. In my case one of the speaker connect wires in the cab worked its way close to the cone and the...
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    Do you have an Axe-Fx III and an FM3?

    I have both. I tend to use the FM3 for rehearsals and smaller gigs. I use the Axe III when I want more connection possibilities or need to use more complex presets. To me each has it's purpose and I don't regret having purchased both and I have never considered selling either.
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    FM3, FC12 external amp channel switching

    Just wanted to mention the following as I used the Voodoo Labs Control switcher with the FM3. It worked without a hitch. If you are using CC to toggle the relay(s) on the Voodoo Switcher note the value you send via midi: anything in range 0-63 (or it may be 64) will toggle the relay off...
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    FM3 Firmware Version 3.03 beta 1

    You will have to search Joe Bowen and "Holy Mackinaw". Joe was an announcer for the Maple Leafs and he would say this after an amazing goal or an amazing save. That's my best guess... something amazing this way comes.....
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    Friedman cabs: ASM + ASC vs ASC + ASC and other Qs

    Yes they are stackable (I can only speak to the ASC-10s). The feet are long enough so that the bottom of the top cabinet easily clears the handle of the cab on the bottom. They sit firm with no rocking.
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    Friedman cabs: ASM + ASC vs ASC + ASC and other Qs

    I have two ASC-10s. I went this route mostly for the reduced weight over the ASC-12. I prefer the cabinet shape to the monitor because it is easier to transport and takes less room to pack into a vehicle. Besides the physical characteristics I do like the sound of the ASC-10. I understand...
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    Wish Preset leveller 3 sec average

    +1. Would be a very useful addition.
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    Switch/Preset/Scene Setup for Noob

    Review the manual on presets and scenes. I don't think you fully understand the concept yet and that is causing your grief. My crude attempt to explain: A preset is a collection of blocks. A scene is a collection of the settings for all the blocks in that preset. Given the above you can't...
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    50 watts vs 1000 watts

    I have the GT1000 and it has worked very well. I personally like having the extra power/headroom so that I am not driving the amp really hard, or near its rated max, when I want more volume. I also really like that the GT1000 can handle various speaker impedances and adjusts itself...
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    FM3 Blocks Guide Update

    Thanks for all your hard work. It is a great reference.
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    AFX3.. yeh or ney

    My $.02, the FM3 will serve you well if your needs stay at your current requirements. If you are likely to expand the use of the device the AF3 has more patching options (for your studio use). It will get the latest firmware before FM3 and it is guaranteed that it has the resources to run any...
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    Friedman ASC-10 + FM3 = :-)

    I agree with your assessment (OP). I have had several brands of powered FRFR speakers but I have found the ASC-10 creates a sound that feels good to me as a backline cabinet. I really like that as you push it louder the high end is not harsh and is nicely balanced with the woofer. I had it...
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    Wish User Layout Backup on Hardware

    +1 I would find this very useful. I currently store a few variants (full layout sets) on my computer and load the appropriate one before I leave to play. I'm not looking forward to the day I forget to load before I leave. I know, not the end of the world but having the ability to store a...
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    How to optimize the CPU%

    Hi Marco, thanks for doing this presentation. Nice job. I picked up some tips and look forward to implementing them. Thanks, Mike
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    Lay Your Hands On Me!

    Mark, Another great recording ! Love the vocals.
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    Need some feedback on midi switcher setup / performance

    @fenderbenderlax thanks for the input, appreciate it. It makes me feel better about going ahead and ordering it. I was a little unsure when I read some of the concerns on the forum. If anyone can confirm the Voodoo switcher with the FM3 I'd like to hear from you.
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    Need some feedback on midi switcher setup / performance

    I am about to purchase a midi switcher to use with my FM3. I am looking at the Voodoo Labs Control Switcher. I have searched the forum and found threads of folks having issues with a long lag for the midi switch to take place. My first use would be a simple latch relay to change the channel...
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    Friedman vs Yamaha - Which FRFR to buy?

    The Friedman 10" (ASC-10) is lighter than the 12" (ASC-12) version (34 lbs vs 59 lbs) and has less bottom end. There is plenty of bottom with the 10 and addresses the issue of some people finding the 12" too much bottom. Just some facts if you are considering the Friedman line.
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    Wish Channel naming option

    +1 Being able to name a channel or even just display the default would be a huge benefit to me.
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    Axe-Fx III / SPDIF / Logic / Apollo Twin [SOLVED]

    I am waiting on the delivery of a converter and will be doing this myself soon. I mention that as the following comments are pure speculation on my part and I cannot verify for now. What I noticed from your description above: you have nothing connected to SPDIF In on Axe so shouldn't the...
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    Wish Default Value Tool for Amp Block

    I guess it must be more complex than I thought. I assumed (I know, dangerous) that there is a default set of parameters for each amp type and those values are used on the initial amp select. This function would compare those initial values to what is currently loaded in the amp channel and...
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    Wish Default Value Tool for Amp Block

    This wish is for both AXE and FM3 editors. I would like to have a reporting option in the amp block that would review all settings in the active amp block channel (i.e. the one with focus in editor) and then pop up a modal window that lists all the parameters that are NOT at that default values...
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    Axe-Fx 3, FM3, and some advice

    Just my $.02... the FM3 cannot run the new version of drive blocks and the new version of the pitch block as they are too demanding for the FM3. AX3 is much more versatile for connection options. If any of those is important to you then I would consider the AX3 as the choice. Also the AX3...
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    What do you miss about the Axe-Fx III now that you have the FM3?

    I have started using the FM3 for a hybrid rig as well. I am using it to replace an aging FX8 and also use it instead of my Ax3 in the hybrid application. I also like the idea of leaving the unit back with the amp and just having one cable running out to a foot controller. What I do miss so...
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    Happy Birthday Cliff!

    Best Wishes on your Birthday !
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    Implemented Bypass for Global Graphic EQ(s)

    For my uses a few memory presets for the Global Graphic EQ would be the ultimate but in place of that having a method to bypass the Out1 and Out2 eq would be of use for me. I would use it for playing on different (unknown) speaker systems. If the eq setting I happen to have dialed in does not...
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    Mozart anyone?

    Nice job, I really enjoyed that.
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    Wish Global EQ presets

    Just bringing back this request to see if there is any more interest. I know for me even 5 'preset slots' for each Global EQ would be most useful. I have no idea if this is even a possibility on the programming side of things. If there is enough interest it may be brought up for consideration...
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    Brokerage fees and shipping the FM3 into Canada

    My shipping fee was $95.35 US
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    What Ohm Speakers for Matrix NL212 Cabinet

    Two 16 ohm speakers wired in parallel results in a mono 8 ohm load.
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    So sad. He was only 65. A tremendous influence on my guitar journey. I didn't even know he was sick. Talk about a gut punch. I really still can't believe it.
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    Arrrggghh my wife sucks at tech

    ??? Really ???
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    Crazy Train on Piano? Really? Uh, Yes Sir!

    I really enjoyed that. Talented lady. Thanks for posting.
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    What would you do? Line 6 Power Cab or Friedman ASC

    I have several FRFR cabinets and right now the Friedman ASC-10 is my favorite. I like the sound and it is a manageable weight (I think around 34 lbs). I was fortunate in that I found a mint shape ASC-10 used. It really surprised me for the sound and build quality. In fact I am considering...
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    Ozzy’s “I Don’t Know”

    Nice job ! Thanks for posting the video - I always enjoy your stuff.
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    How come that every speaker I play amp or modeler thru it very bright?

    When I run into something that is too bright for me the first place I go is the cab block and adjust the high cut as unix-guy posted above. I usually end up adjusting somewhere between 6k and 8k. I also noticed that excessive brightness used to happen more frequently in the past. It has been...
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    EV-1 pedal adjustment, hit and miss shutting off the Wah

    Also, make sure your cable connecting your EV-1 is functioning properly. I have have issues calibrating and found it to be a cable with intermittent connection issue. Other gotchas I have experienced, make sure cables ends are fully seated and, if using any adapters to make a 45 degree...
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    Collecting guitars for fun. Thoughts?

    My feelings are if you can afford it and all your other obligations are met then why not. I'm fortunate that my wife isn't bothered by it although I have gotten the odd eye-roll when another duplicate comes in. I too enjoy a nice feeling and playing instrument. I use about 3 of them for...
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    For those that have an Axe-Fx III and an FM3

    I have both and maybe I'm spoiled by the Axe III but if I could only have one it would be the Axe III without a doubt.
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    Celestion F12-X200

    @flametop I am curious about your setup using the Dayton amp. Did you have to edit the Dayton presets(s) much in order to use it with this cab / speaker combo ? I am thinking of doing this as well but I wasn't sure about programming the Dayton EQ to get a good sound. Also, did you split the...
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    Virtual Capo - feedback on FC ?

    I was looking for a little more flexibility and made a wish for a Dynamic Channel function: https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/dynamic-channel-select-via-new-fc-switch-category.164735/ Although not a complete solution for your situation (as it would not be any value for scenes) but it...
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    How to get more volume from your Powered Monitor?

    If you are nowhere near hitting the limit of the monitor, as a start, check to make sure you are sending the monitor a signal at +4db as opposed to -10db. Check your monitor first though for it's expected input level, most expect a +4 signal if you are using xlr. Just mentioning this in case...
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    Dynamic Channel Select via New FC Switch Category

    Hi @IronSean, Thanks for your feedback. You are correct in that what I am describing is like adding a popup menu. Its not so much pointers, more like a single level temporary sub-menu. I was looking for a way to enhance using channels via the FC. I'm finding the current system a little...
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    Dynamic Channel Select via New FC Switch Category

    My wish list item is a method to further tap into the channel selection of the block using the AxeFx III and a FC controller (6 or 12). It involves creating a new FC Switch Category (Channel) and the subsequent actions when it is activated. Here are some of my thoughts on how to implement my...
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    Brokerage fees and shipping the FM3 into Canada

    The final cost for me in CAD was $1,758. This was shipped to Ontario (just outside of Toronto) on March 24. I believe CAD was around $.69
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    (Troubleshooting) Axe-Fx 3 as Audio Interface randomly fails

    I have same issue. Win 10 Pro x64.
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    Fixed FM3 Pitch block Detune algorithm - the detune MIX Level keeps re-setting/snapping back to 50% mix value, even after changed/saved .

    There is a known issue with the pitch block in fw 1.05. The MIX parameter will jump to either 100% or 50% (depending on which pitch type you are using) when you change scenes. It saves properly but gets messed up when a scene change happens.
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    Fixed Is FM3-Edit supposed to re-read my presets every time I open it?

    I'm using Win 10 and an SSD drive. Most times a preset refresh takes 3 to 5 seconds but I have also had it slow down to take 45 seconds to a minute. This slowdown is usually after I have been editing for a while. Might also be when the FM3 preset is using high cpu and also if Axe Edit is also...
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    FM3 Metal testing/Friedman ASM12/Shoot out Review type thing...

    I picked up the ASC-10 abut a month ago. So far it has been working really well for me. I elevate it about 16 inches off the floor. It sounds great for what I do and hangs with a 4 piece band no problem. I think it weighs in around 34 pounds so it maybe a good alternative to the ASC-12 if...
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    FM3 Firmware Release Version 1.05

    FW release earlier in the week does make sense. I personally don't care what day they release but I do hope the next update comes soon. Don't get me wrong, I am being patient and I understand it is not a simple task... However, I have had the unit since March and I am still waiting for a fully...
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    FM3 Firmware Release Version 1.05

    Sorry, I shouldn't have used the word 'save'. I should have used 'stick' The problem is known (see post 71 for detail). The pitch parameters save in the preset but the MIX goes to 100% when scenes are switched.
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    FM3 Firmware Release Version 1.05

    For what I will be using the FM3 for (portable live use) the only show stopper for me, with regard to FW 1.05, is the pitch block save issue.
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    Not a Bug Pitch Follower not working/responding - Input Source for the Pitch controller was (factory) set to Input 2

    As @Matthes said above... I had this issue as well, and sure enough, the default source was set to Input 2. Changing source to Input 1 solved it for me.
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    Friedman ASC-12....Worth it?

    Another option to consider could be the Friedman ASC-10. It's a little cheaper and lighter than the 12. I recently got one and I am quite happy with the sound at low volume and with the band.
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    5 Minute Tones - FM3

    Hey Leon, I really enjoyed the custom scales tutorial. Great information with wonderful and creative demos. Thanks very much.
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    FM3 Firmware Release Version 1.04

    I'm really hoping for this as well. Would like to see the 1.04 gremlins put to rest.
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    A song 50 years in the making...

    Very nice - put a smile on my face. Sometimes happy and light is just what the doctor ordered. Nice job on the guitar as well !
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    FM3 Preset doesn't sound correct after reboot

    Do you have a Wah in your preset ? I find when I power up my unit the Wah in my preset (that is controlled by an expression pedal and is off as default) is on until I reselect the preset. Only happens right after powering up and will act as expected after the first preset change (or...
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    Happy Birthday Leon (2112)!

    Happy Birthday Leon !
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    FM3 Firmware Release 1.04 Public Beta 5

    I'm still getting some weird noise on palm mutes and also when with a ringing chord as it decays. I don't notice it on clean amps. I have attached a simple preset that this is happening with. It happens to a greater extent in presets that are more complex but I have tried to keep it as simple...
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    FM3 Firmware Release 1.04 Public Beta 5

    Thanks very much for the quick turnaround from 1.04 beta 4. I will be trying this out as soon as my backup is finished.
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    Keep power on or shut off after use?

    Just my opinion, I would shut it off when not in use. Why spin the fan, draw in dust, use the display (I'm sure there is a lifespan for the display) and use electricity if not needed. I don't see any upside to leaving it on all the time... maybe save wear and tear on the power switch ? I...
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    FM3-Edit wishlist item

    @Michael Pickens Thanks very much, I hadn't noticed it there. Sorry for my oversight. Please feel free to delete this thread.
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    FM3-Edit wishlist item

    I would find it very useful if we had the ability to change the BankSize from the Setup section of FM3 edit. Even just to read the banksize would be helpful. I find I am changing the banksize parameter fairly often as I am using the FM3 standalone and with the FC-12 and FC-6. I currently...
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    FM3 Firmware Release Version 1.02

    Thanks so much - I have been looking forward to this firmware update (updating the blocks to match the Axe- FX III).
  71. M

    FM3 Now Shipping

    Maybe missed me too. My confirmation date is 4/23/2019 2:52 pm EST
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    Ozzy’s “Goodbye to Romance” Live

    Nicely done - it brought back some memories. I can't believe it has been 38 years since we lost Randy... where has the time gone. Kudos to you and your whole band. - great job (as always).
  73. M

    Axe-Edit III 1.05.02

    Bug? Curious if anyone else is having this issue... In the presets list screen, the pin is not working for me. When the pin is selected it shows it is activated but instead of auditioning a preset the editor goes directly to the selected preset (not staying on the preset list screen as would...
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    RIP Neil Peart

    What a shock.. and what a loss.
  75. M

    Happy Birthday Cliff

    Happy Birthday Cliff ! Really appreciate all that you do.
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    Using a FC-12 OR a FC-6 on an Axe-Fx III

    Hey guys, Thanks for all the info and your suggestions and experiences.
  77. M

    Using a FC-12 OR a FC-6 on an Axe-Fx III

    Hi all, I have been searching on this (forum and manual) but have not found a definitive answer for the following: I have and Axe III and use it with an FC12. I have been considering getting an FC6 as well to use at gigs when floor space is an issue and also to pair with the FM3 down the road...
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    Axe-Edit III 1.03.05

    Thanks Michael, updating now.
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    Axe-Fx Firmware Version 8.00

    Wow, that was fast - thanks. Release notes: 8.00 Improved amp modeling. Added Swap Scene function to Layout->Tools. Fixed Plex block Shimmer Verb causing NaN if Reverb Size set to 0%. Fixed Tone Match block erroneous results on preset recall due to uninitialized data. Fixed sluggish Axe-Edit...
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    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 8.00 Public Beta

    Release Notes: 8.00 Improved amp modeling. Added Swap Scene function to Layout->Tools. Fixed Plex block Shimmer Verb causing NaN if Reverb Size set to 0%. Fixed Tone Match block erroneous results on preset recall due to uninitialized data. Fixed sluggish Axe-Edit behavior after boot on high CPU...
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    How to get warm round high end

    @Keith Loch Thanks for this thread. I was experiencing the same thing this weekend. We were playing a wedding but only vocals and a little kick and snare were through the FOH so stage volumes were higher than our usual. I noticed the same characteristics you are talking about. The high notes...
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    Xitone Cabs

    Yes, they have two independent input channels.
  83. M

    Just got my Axe-Fx last night... my impressions

    wrt to staying on list of presets and scrolling through them (in Axe Edit).. Call up the preset list in the editor and then click the pin in the top right corner of the preset list. This will allow you to audition presets without leaving the preset list. Not in front of my gear so I can't say...
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    Software "MIKKO" - Next Gen Cab Sim | Shoot your own IR's [ML Sound Lab]

    Hi Mikko, I also got the full version and have it running with my Axe III. Are you planning any documentation on what speakers were in each guitar cabinet and also brief explanation of controls and typical setups ? I have it running with the Axe but I am still having problems getting it...
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    Wish Highlight edited parameters

    Along the lines of your request above, a useful feature a Line 6 product (don't remember which one) had was the knobs in the editor had a red dot placed on the outside sweep of the dial label. This small red dot represented the saved value of that parameter. It made it very easy to see what...
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    Is there a way to select Channels like Mastermind GT or Liquid Foot+?

    As far as I know this is not possible currently. I know that this feature has been requested in the past. Keeping fingers crossed that this will be implemented in the future... I think it would be an extremely useful addition to tap the power of channels. Edit - here is the post for the...
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    Xitone - Michael Britt ((Matrix or Dayton) or both?)

    I would run this by Mick... I have an MBritt (Dayton amp) and I don't find it overly bright. Not sure if you are familiar with the Xitone wedges but I find those wedges a little brighter than the Mbritt (not sure if that comparison helps).
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    SURVEY: How many layouts do you use?

    I use all layouts, with a little tweaking of course. The layout that I use seldom is the channels layout... I think I would use this much more if the wishlist configuration is implemented (having a switch select a block and then have the channels for that block displayed temporarily for user...
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    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 5.02

    Thanks Cliff! I've really been looking forward to this release.
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    Ancient Aliens - History channel

    I'm with you @1poorplayer. I also enjoy learning about structures, artifacts and myths from all over the world. Love the facts and I just draw my own conclusions.
  91. M

    Wish: Option to Display the current Layout Number

    Hi Danny, I agree, even a single number would be fine.
  92. M

    Wish: Option to Display the current Layout Number

    I would find it very useful to have an option that you could select that would display a 2 character Layout number, for current layout, on the FC Main Display. Something like L1, L7 or LM just before either the Preset Name or the Scene name. Some of my layouts appear very similar when just...
  93. M

    Wah question when not plugged in

    Check on the AX8 under Setup / IO / Midi If I remember correctly you can set the initial value for the controllers (pedals). I recall setting the controller I used for volume to be 100% and the controller I used for the wah to 0% (as it is set for auto engage) to handle the case if I used the...
  94. M

    Wish: Bank Size Option/parameter for Bank:Inc/Dec function

    I realize that "Bank Size per Layout" has already been requested but I was wondering, as a smaller step, if a Bank Size option could be implemented just into the Bank: Increment/Decrement function ? Not sure if this would be less effort. I use the Bank Size of 10 with my FC12 but would find...
  95. M

    Can I change the secondary (flash) display time on main display ?

    @BryantP Thanks very much for the quick reply. Please consider it a wish-list item.
  96. M

    Can I change the secondary (flash) display time on main display ?

    This is easier with a quick scenario... On my FC I press the Bank Increment, the main display temporarily flashes the next bank numbers and the target preset name in the new bank, then goes back to regular display. My question: Is it possible to change the length of time the main display...
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