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    Incident: FM9 froze on startup

    Turned it on, it started waking up, went blank…and nothing. Turned it off, removed the usb plug(no idea if this is the actual problem), turned it on and then it woke up. Anyway no question about the cable, works with both the Axe2 and Axe3 without issue. In fact, never had this particular...
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    The FM9 and 4CM Question

    I’ve never used the Axe with a tube amp. I just bought an FM9 for this purpose. Are there a few presets in the FM9 set up like the 4CM manual description to start off with? Thanks in advance…and BTW…excited as hell to get one of these floor style puppies!
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    SG Junior tale

    Bought this guitar just before the bankruptcy…it came with the “roller” stop bar tailpiece. The intonation was atrocious so I purchased this Schaller Signum chrome intonatable(sp? :) ) stop bar tailpiece...
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    Mozart…sense of humor

    I had no idea he wrote things like this:
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    FM3 + Quilter Steelaire setup ideas for live

    Hi guys...hey I’m attempting to visualize signal flow with the fm3 and the quilter steelaire(ss amp+15” combo) The style of music is jazz from traditional archtop to a tele in a mike stern style. Used a spartan rig for years...a fender twin and pedals in front for delay, reverb, chorus and...
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    Quilter Labs MicroPro Mach 2 12" HD 200-watt Combo Amp

    For a traditional jazz archtop guitar rig i was looking at this amp, wondering what you folks thought. I was thinking this and an fm3 would be light, reliable and simple. I could even just use the amp alone as well. I’ve looked at a ton of options and I keep coming back to this amp. There is a...
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    Leon Russell...

    Loved him from the beginning...ya know life goes on...but I still miss him. Well in a moment of reflection It all came back and realized a song like this is as meaningful now as back then: couldn’t resist...joe cocker and leon...i wish i was there Enjoy! :)
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    William Shatner/Ritchie Blackmore

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    NBD - nanotechnology corporation ...real or fake?

    http://ndb.technology/ i have no idea but at first blush, looks interesting
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    Barney Kessel, Charlie Byrd, Herb Ellis

    Every now and then I stumble onto something like this, just amazing:
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    Danny Elfman....axe-fx

    https://www.masterclass.com/classes/danny-elfman-teaches-music-for-film view the class trailer up around 50 seconds in.... for some reason it made me laugh my ass off...
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    RIP - Florian Schneider

    Kraftwerk Numbers A musical pioneer...inspirational music and soundscapes... :)
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    Tom Brady/Rob Gronkowski

    Uh, I’m kind of a fan of these guys and they‘re Tampa Bay Bucs ?...wow, is there a back story to all this? :)
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    Wish Randomize Components Feature etc.

    I think this has been discussed somewhat but...and not sure what the final effect of this might mean but I thought if a circuit’s component‘s variances were known, would it be possible to have a selection for an amp that randomized component values within tolerance? ...save the random set? And...
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    I am going through my collection of guitar tubes and found this pair: Maybe there’s nothing special other than the shape. I’ve never stuck these in an amp before. Anyone here tried these big boy tubes?
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    Factory Presets

    When a software release occurs that includes modelling behavior improvements it is quite possible some re-work of user presets is necessary. That’s completely understandable. But the factory presets are actually quite good so it also follows they too may require twerking. ;) Question: Are the...
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    Two presets with the same name...is a problem?

    I copied a preset to a new number, made some tweaks. SAVED IT. Then turned the unit off. The next day I turned the Axe on and it went back to the original preset, which was lower in numerical order. They were both “named” the same. The editing was done with Axe-Edit.
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    Logic Remote is good... :)

    https://support.apple.com/logic-remote Maybe the other DAWs have this covered and I live in a bubble but this app is great and 1 of the reasons I’ve stuck with Logic. I remember many moons ago purchasing reverse kvm switches and stringing ethernet cables and remote displays to accomplish remote...
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    NGD Epiphone Casino

    this is the limited edition one...it looks brand new! gee those p90s are no joke...loud! what a cool sounding axe....
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    Gibson...what is going on?

    this i think was pulled off their website when the comments started flying: https://www.reddit.com/link/c1p9kc/video/zhucj5uxvx431/player I went to look at the archtops and I get this: https://www.gibson.com/Guitars/Archtop what is going on? embarrassing actually... suing dean...
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    Using a Mic Preamp with the Axe...sounds real good

    First, no matter how many times I’ve tried, I can’t tone match my acoustic’s output against a traditional mic. Having said that I finally did the right thing and used a mic. I had a one channel grace design model 101 preamp sitting in a box collecting dust. An AKG 451 mic. A Mark Knopler...
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    FRFR Project Ideas

    Eminence neodymium coax: 12” ... http://www.eminence.com/speakers/speaker-detail/?model=KL3012CX_8 Eminence neodymium coax:15“ ... http://www.eminence.com/speakers/speaker-detail/?model=KL3015CX_8 power amp idea: Crown XLS DriveCore 1502: https://www.crownaudio.com/en/products/xls-1502...
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    JBL SRX Connect app

    if anyone’s interested: -connected my jbl srx812p speakers via their ethernet inputs to the wifi -downloaded the SRX Connect app to my iPad -opened up the app -it found both speakers -renamed them left and right -controlled volume, played with the eq capabilities...very cool! Anyway it...
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    Preset General Volume Setting Question

    Must be a reason I don’t yet understand, and it is not a request for anything other than getting to know the axe. I checked the first 100 presets and it seems the output levelling volume is performed in the Amp block. In no case was the volume > -5.5. Then I played the presets and I’ve got a...
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    The new Gibson L5 story

    Bought it in 2018 but it was not without a little fight to get it right. :) 1-ABR bridges rattle on a guitar like this....replace with a nashville 2-piece of felt between the bridge and tailpiece gets rid of harmonics on hard string hits 3-lift the pole piece on the G string to even the volume...
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    the Shovel Guitar

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    testing soundcloud

    just registered with soundcloud...testing it here first. :) ...i like the mini player but it seems that the format in a thread is limited to the standard big format.
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    Bug: Preset changed...but preset number didn’t...on its own?

    -latest firmware -no foot controller -use analog outs -usb to computer connected but no apps running(...except Capo slowdowner app is loaded, but not playing) -cpu fairly low I have a simple preset at #400, and I use it every day. My unit was on for a couple of hours while I was away and when I...
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    FASLINK II ...lit up pedal boards...power?

    I was looking at one FC and 2 expression pedals mounted on a pedal board setup. When looking at pedal boards on the open market there are some cool options that offer LED glow options that need not a lot of power to work. Then I thought jeepers the foot controller gets its power from the one...
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    Music and the World

    This is insanely cool: http://radio.garden/live
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    Foot Controller Firmware Update

    ...from the manual FIRMWARE Features and fixes for the FC controller are built right in to firmware updates for the Axe-Fx III. Such updates might come at any time, extending the tradition of continual improvement which has become a hallmark of Fractal Audio Systems. The FC does also have its...
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    Guitar History Article...interesting!

    https://www.collectorsweekly.com/articles/who-really-built-the-first-electric-rock-n-roll-guitar/ Look at them fenders being built in the 50s !
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    Stock Speaker Cab Suggestions for Fender Tweed Deluxe(92)

    Mr.Chase informed us in the Dumble thread that the 5E3 amp is close(paraphrasing) to the 5C3. So this is the fractal model: 92 DELUXE TWEED (based on Fender Tweed Deluxe, 5E3) In trying to create a preset that goes good with Mr.335, what are the right speaker cabs that you folks may have...
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    Roy Clark - 12th Street Rag

    Bumped into this video...mesmerizing...sound effects, shredding, no distortion...virtuosic...my goodness...enjoy!
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    forum robots?

    What does it mean that there are all these robots that are shown as current logged in members? ...it seems creepy!
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    MIDI guitars

    Looks like more contenders are popping up in this new “fret sensing” midi guitar paradigm: http://www.industrialradio.com.au/ https://www.rorguitars.com/pages/midi-pro-in-action http://frettrax.com/photo-gallery/ Who will win my money? :)
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    All in one box...still gets me

    I know it’s well known...especially around here, but having an entire rig with no compromises anywhere in the signal chain AND it’s all in one preset...well...it still gets me. Thanks Fractal!
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    Kurzweil K2500XS keyboard and an AES/EBU Question

    I can set the kurz to 48khz and connect the two together, but the kurweil has to be the master. Doesn’t the Axe have to be the master too? Does this mean there is no way to digitally connect the two?
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    Yamaha Silent Guitars

    I’ve been aware of these guitars for a while. I’m interested in the SLG200N model. I’ve played and owned the Gibson nylon that Chet played and the Godin Multiac. Didn’t care for the sustain or sound on either model and until the Axe was a product, its been too much monkey business to integrate...
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    Wish Tone Match block with internal filtering

    The user could focus the tone match over a limited area of frequencies. I originally thought to have 2 inputs and preprocess but then I thought to keep it consistent with the other blocks, do this instead.
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    Billboard Awards

    Keep an open mind, listen to the music...an hour later...I couldn’t remember one song. I didn’t hear a song.
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    Acoustic Amps...opinions?

    Most of the ones out there are nice coffee house amps for acoustic guitarists. But this Fender piqued my interest because it is only 29 lbs, but 200 watts with a 12 and a horn. Usually I play a jazz archtop so I wonder if this is not a bad solution? What do you folks think? Anyone ever try one...
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    Line Level...The Axe III...The Matrix

    The purpose of this thread is to shine the light on the output levels of the axe and the input levels of the matrix. Hoefully if my assumptions are not correct I may learn something in the process. :) First I took a look at the input level sensitivity of the matrix. Well, I dunno but it seemed...
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    preset 99 - studio clean

    ...it’s a great preset. :) Question I have is that from the front panel I could not adjust the “brite” switch under treble.. I can turn it off with axe-edit, but shouldn’t I be able to do this ? ...also the other 2 under bass & midrange...cut? boost?...couldn’t navigate there. Sorry if it’s been...
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    https://greekgodsandgoddesses.net/gods/ares/ I wonder if Ares is the right choice...also weird because my company just selected the name Triton for one of its products. Everything is greek crap nowadays. ;) Hey...I need something to do while I’m waiting for my new axe! :)
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    Blast from the Past

    I’m not sure why I’m posting this...but...c’mon!
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    [Wish] can the reference signal be sent to a block...

    for processing before the tone match process? I plug into the guitar input, plug the ref signal in the back...so it is possible to effect the guitar signal before the tone match block but not the reference signal. Is this a wish list item? Two inputs on tone match block...ref and source?
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    The New Presets

    I wonder? A new, improved platform deserves new, improved presets. And upon whose far-reaching talents will these earth-shaking sounds from heaven arrive? :)
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    Input/Output Guitar Instrument Jacks and Oxidation

    What are folks thoughts on this one? In the past I had 1 or 2 guitars and played them frequently so was never an issue. Now for whatever reason I have a good number and some of them sit in the case for extended periods. A friend said back in the old days there was this product they used for the...
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    Improvement in Sound Quality Over Time

    I’ve had the IIXL+ for almost 3 years and it was a number of versions before Quantum kicked in. And I have not noticed any dramatic change from version to version. But I recently had a moment with the Axe where I was using patch 99...studio clean? First I was getting my jollies off with a Tele...
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    Waiting List Question

    A friend of mine got on the waiting list the first day and received a confirmation email immediately. Tried yesterday and got no confirmation email. Tried again today and got no confirmation email. So I’ve tried both techniques, the button and the link... entered my email address...no...
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    Fender Custom Shop Tele and guitar cables

    I play my Gibson L5s all the time so I haven't noticed this as I haven't played the Tele a lot since I bought it. But at the expense of seeming like a tin foil hat guy, I noticed that the Tele seems highly reactive with the guitar cables I have. Anyway I was playing it the other day and while I...
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    Another what are you listening to threads :)

    I love Mike Stern. And I think he’s one of a select few that can write great jazz tunes with a rock beat. I hear a liitle Weather Report in what he does and I still miss Jaco. But dam, you must give it up for Michael Brecker, the guy gives me chills when he plays....son of a gun. :)
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    Chuck Berry is Hilarious...

    At the 1:00 mark This cracks me up wicked...I remember Neil Young complaining about how “perfect” this digital world is that we live in...and he’s right...and nobody steps on perfect better than Chuck Berry. This is just the best example of what Neil was describing I’ve found:
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    Crossover Block Frequency Adjustment

    For some reason, entering a crossover frequency seems peculiar to me. If the x10 parameter is selected the correct frequency displays but I can only use the dial, I cannot just doink it in directly. It doesn't affect my ability to make great tones, :) , but it would be easier if you could. Is...
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    Previewing Cabs in Real Time

    Can someone point me to the video tutorial on how to preview cabs in real time with axe-edit? I thought there was a nifty video on how to do this but alas I do not remember. Thanks in advance!
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    tone match issue...help?

    Hi folks... When I purchased the axe ii xl+ back in early 2015, the first weekend I did a tone match. I think the axe version with the machine was around v18, pre-quantum. I took a jazz tune with just guitar as the reference and my gibson l5 as the source. The tone match ended up like this: I...
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    Recommendations for a small battery powered tuner

    My old kwik-tune is dead... I need a battery powered hand held job for when I'm on the couch cleaning and changing strings. Money really not an issue, but build quality, reliability and accuracy are. What do the pros here like ? :)
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    new gibson L5 guitar....bridge bad?

    I bought a gibson L5 recently...yah!...but it had a problem. I was hearing weird harmonics and buzzing....good grief. I know some guys like the abr bridge because of how it connects but... My old L5 had a nashville bridge so I put it on the new axe and "bam", all the issues went away. I figure...
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    I just say "More for Us"

    https://www.washingtonpost.com/graphics/2017/lifestyle/the-slow-secret-death-of-the-electric-guitar/?utm_term=.b08674bccf6f ;)
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    Does anyone remember the source for special processing...

    I think mr.yek provided a wiki link...where I may have originally sighted this...but it doesn't point right anymore...no prob but... There was a remarkable comment somewhere made by Mr.Chase about how his processing maximizes signal between stages to maximize resolution. I may not have the...
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    FAS Class A - Parameter Adjustment

    Trying to develop a logical approach to parameter adjustment... First, which parameters would you folks check/adjust, to ensure the amp is clean, accurate and fast?
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    saving a preset flubbed?

    Never really had problems with the editor, it really is darned good. But I built a preset, fairly simple...hit the save button regularly...during the process. So I'm done for the session, save one last time, wait a few seconds and exit. Tone sounds completely wrong. Open axe-edit back up and the...
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    the Monk Theme...and an acoustic tone match

    The point is i have never, ever been able to sit for an afternoon and sketch out a piece so easily... With the brutal effectiveness of the axe...that's over! forget the rhythm chatter in the back[not too tight]...i did a tone match of the acoustic, selected a small room reverb and it's in the...
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    Input Impedance selection

    WRT these selections for input impedance: 1MΩ 1MΩ+ Capacitor 230kΩ 230 kΩ + Capacitor 90 kΩ 90 kΩ + Capacitor 70 kΩ 70 kΩ + Capacitor 32 kΩ 32 kΩ + Capacitor 22 kΩ 22 kΩ + Capacitor Auto I have always kept the "Auto" engaged. But as I experimented with these input impedances I noticed a...
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    Fixed Tube Pre Noise

    It WAS working...but something weird happened tonight. 1-I had a cool jazz patch setup with the tube pre...sounded good! 2-unrelated...but...updated to Mac sierra...updated to Logic Pro x 3-went to take new logic for a spin...set up a track to record a little audio 4-I can hear...
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    Arch top Jazz Tone

    Well...I spent a good deal of time kicking the fenders around playing the cab game and tone matching...got some good tones... But tonight I got real basic and discovered the tube pre. No cab...no tone match Tube pre->compressor->reverb Used the optical 2 compressor sparingly...so far so good...
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    Initialization Procedure

    I apologize if this is somewhere in the literature but I just want to be clear. And thanks for helping out. It is clear to me now...as I have updated religiously since around v18...that the presets are screwed up. I know this because I am working on one user preset only since I've bought the...
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    Acoustic Tone Matching and the Fishman Aura

    First, I haven't got off the dime with my jazz box because I am having too much fun, but I am interested in producing some patches for some of my other guitars...in this case it is a Martin acoustic with the Fishman piezos under the saddle. Question...is the tone matching of the Axe-fx...
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    First post...Jazz Tone Match

    First of all...thank you axe-fx team for producing this product. I bought the axe fx ii xl+...and it has greatly simplified my work flow. Though I understand this box, with all the fun in it, could be a horrible distraction. ;) The intent of this exercise was to have an easy way to...
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