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    Sony using IR's to mix movies!

    https://www.prosoundnetwork.com/post-and-broadcast/new-sony-360-vme-tech-keeps-audio-post-working-from-home?utm_source=SmartBrief&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=545CCF2E-0755-4F6B-8B7A-F95B01BCC3F3&utm_content=0B506B88-0B92-43DD-A28A-82287BEB5A29 Though that was pretty interesting.
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    Virtual Capo

    Is the virtual capo in the FM3 as well as the Ax III?
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    Headphone output

    I just sat down with my FM3 for the first time and I cant get the headphone jack to output any audio. Is there a setting somewhere to link it to an output? Do I have to set up each preset for use with headphones?
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    SOLD AX8 for sale

    I have an AX8 that I bought as "B-stock" from fractal almost 2 years ago and literally never even took it out of the box. I know it's a travesty but I got busy and then got the Axe Fx III and it is still in the box. $899 and I'll ship it anywhere in the US. Thanks!
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    BMT knobs be assigned to faders?

    Can these knobs be assigned to specific sliders on the Mark series amps or are they limited to the actual BMT controls on the amp? And if so, is this a global setting or can it be done present by preset? Thanks!
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    To the guys who already have a III.....

    To all of the beta testers out there.....What's it like? Are there firmware updates almost daily in preparation for official launch or has it been pretty much static since you got it? Just curious. Now that I think of it, can you even talk about that stuff? Starting to get really excited...
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    Cliff, has it been hard keeping this a secret?

    How long have you been working on the III? It must have been agonizing to not be able to tell anyone. Were you anxious when it was finally time to make the announcement? There must have been some energy in the air at FAS when the info was released.
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    I wonder if the pitch block will be better.

    Due to the increased processing power will the pitch block be able to drop tune with less latency? I am excited for the new unit!
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    Just picked up a B stock Ax8!!

    I am so excited! I have heard that the b stock units are basically perfect. Was on facebook and happened to see a post about it. I was surprised they weren't already sold out.
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    Anyone have any good Diezel VH4 presets?

    I want to like this amp. I keep hearing so many great things about it but I can't get it to sound good. Every time I try I get a fizzy mess. Any ideas?
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    Reaper users I need some advice

    After help from from this board in another thread, I have purchased Reaper and EzDrummer 2. I have even made a few drum songs already. I would like to be able to set up both of these programs on my desktop and my laptop. I will most likely make the drum tracks on my desktop and then use my...
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    Downloading songs to EZ Drummer 2

    I had posted another thread asking how everyone is getting their drum sounds. I am totally new to this. Seems like a lot of people are using EZ Drummer so I think that is the way I will go. I got to thinking about it.... Is there a place where people swap midi drum songs? Almost like we swap...
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    What DAW should I get?

    I posted a thread earlier about with drum software to get and got some great responses. So I figured I'd find out what DAWs you guys are using. Is anyone using Cubase? And what version? Any other good popular ones worth looking into?
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    Getting great drum sounds

    Hey guys I don't know if this is the proper room to post this thread in but here goes. I have been frustrated with trying to find a good drummer to jam with and record some songs with so I have decided to try and do it myself. What software or hardware are you guys using to get such great...
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    Thinking about picking up an AX8

    Hey Guys, I have an XL+ and was thinking about picking up an AX8 for practices and jam sessions and stuff. Who knows maybe I'll start using that live and leave my XL and MFC at home. I think I know the basic differences between the two such as only being able to use 1 amp and 1 cab but I...
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    Starting from scratch

    So I've had my XL+ for a year and a half. While I am still learning, I have pretty much gotten the hang of it. I have created so many presets as I've "grown" into the axe fx that I am in the 400's preset wise and I have to keep my MFC unplugged or it will start on a random preset. It is...
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    Using an IR with a royer 121.

    It seems like quite a few people use IR's with a 121. Maybe a 57 and a 121 or something. But every time I use a 121 IR I get so much low end. How do you guys combat this? Maybe just turn down the low end in the amp block? Or is there some secret trick?
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    When were the rectos improved?

    Just upgraded from Quantum 3 to 6.02. I was never able to get the Rectos to sound the way I wanted. I own a couple so I am familiar with their quirks. They always sounded too flubby. More so than the real amps. I have been absolutely loving them now! I probably haven't messed around...
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    Are any of you still using this amp? Has anyone ever found out the true lineage of this model? Just curious.
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    Can you use the MFC 101 with the AX8?

    I have an axe fx xl but I am considering picking up an AX8 for practices and maybe gigs so that I can keep the axe fx set up at home and not have to pack it up each time I play. Can I use the MFC101 with the AX8? I know it seems redundant but I'd like to keep the AX8 near the backline and...
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    JP-2C Mesa

    Any talk about possibly adding this amp? I know it should basically be a 2c+ but it is not simul class. Strictly ab. Any thoughts on how to duplicate it? I thought I read somewhere that you can run one preamp section and swap in another power section, Is this true?
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    Picked up a QSC K8 for practice!

    I used to bring a 4x12 cabinet and head to practice every time I started jamming with people. After I got the axe I was spoiled because I could just bring a guitar, axe, and a QSC K12. Way lighter and easier to lug around! Well I must have really been spoiled because I thought "How could I...
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    Finding my IR's to be very bright

    I alternate between a real cab and a QSC k12. I use cab pack 13 mostly. When I play through the FRFR I find the ir's to be very bright and have an excessive "airy" quality to them. I find myself cutting the highs in the cab block at like 5,000-5,500. Especially at high volumes. Is this...
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    Is a Matrix power amp really that much better?

    I run output 1 to a PA or FRFR and sometimes I run output 2 through a Crown power amp and then a mesa cab. It is a nice powerful Crown amp. Would I really see much improvement in going to a matrix power amp or will the difference be marginal if at all?
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    I'm still a little confused about the speaker page

    I have read about adjusting the amp blocks speaker page to the cabinet that you are using. I have read the posts about it but still don't quite understand and wonder if someone could guide me. From what I understand it is not important if you are just using IR's? I usually do both IR and...
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    XL+ starting on random preset

    For the last 2 weeks or so my XL+ hasn't booting up to the preset I left it on. In fact it usually lands on something totally random. Anyone else have this problem? It was new in July so I doubt it's a battery or anything.
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    Differences between AX8 and AXE FX II XL+

    I currently have an XL+ and obviously love it. I am considering purchasing an AX8 for practices, or to just jam in my room with headphones. I have read about it on the Fractal site but I just want to make sure that I am understanding it correctly. I can only run 1 amp and 1 cab correct? Are...
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    Megadeth's use of the Axe

    So I went and saw Megadeth in Philly last night and their guitar tone was incredible. It sounded great and cut so well. A few years ago I saw that they were using Axe Fx through a Marshall power amp and Dave Mustaine's Sig Marshall cab but that was a while ago. They have since changed lead...
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    IR's of a cab in an iso box?

    I don't know if it is true or not but I think I read that Metallica liked the sound of their cabs mic'ed in an iso box so they created their own ir's of those cabs. Does anyone have ir's shot with an iso box? Just curious what it would sound like.
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    Anyone have any luck with the rectifier models?

    I have mostly play a Mark IV and I can get it to sound basically identical to my real Mark IV but the rectifier models sounds so buzzy and tubby. I have a dual and a triple rectifier so I know that they have the quality to them but the real amps I can dial to sound decent but I can't do...
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    James Hetfield's use of the axe fx.

    I know that James Hetfield were always pretty secretive about the mods and particulars of his rig. And I assume that that carries over to his Axe. But have there ever been any discussion about what he is using as far as amp models, and cab packs? Or how he uses the axe fx in general. I have...
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    Presence push/pull in the Mark IV

    I have a real mark IV and always play it with the presence knob pushed in. (zero negative feedback) What is the proper way to set this up in the axe Model?
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    Pedal 1 and 2 on back of axe

    I am starting to get a good feel for the axe but I am still a little fuzzy on setting up the MFC-101 and external controllers. I am looking to set up a wah (With a Mission expression pedal) that can be plugged into the MFC-101 or right into the axe if I am not using the MFC. Is this possible...
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    Do you guys use scenes or patches to change "channels"?

    For instance if you wanted to select between a clean tone and a high gain tone do you have them on separate patches or the same patch with different scenes? Do the patches change quickly enough for that any way?
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    Mfc mini?

    Anyone know of any plans to make a mini mfc? I literally use like 4 scenes. Especially at practice. A nice tiny 4 button mfc would be awesome! Or does anyone know of an alternative?
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    Phase issues with cab packs?

    I have been messing around with cab pacs more recently. I used to always run through my mesa cab. I usually use 2 cabs. Not in stereo, just 2 cab blocks. Today something weird happened. One cab was from cab pack 13 which I usually use but I decided as my second cab to load an ownhammer...
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    Output Clip Lights

    Some of my patches flicker the clip lights on my Axe. What is the best way to tell which block is doing it? Do you guys automatically go to your amp block and turn it down? Your cab block? Is there a way to figure out how to optomize the output levels of each block? Or a way to see which...
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    Megadeth Countdown to Extinction tone

    I'm not sure If this is the best place to post this because I don't necessarily want to tone match. But I am looking to try and achieve the tone from countdown to extinction. Like the beginning of Skin o my teeth or symphony of destruction. That whole album has great tone. I know they used...
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    Do you guys ever "start over?"

    I purchased my Axe FX in July and have a bunch of patches saved. Most of them were me just screwing around and learning. Now that I am starting to really get the hang of it I wonder if I should just start from scratch? Have any of you done that? I assume there is a way to default the axe...
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    Mark IIC+

    I have been a long time Mesa user and I have quite a few. That being said I have never played a IIC+. The closest I have ever come is the IIC+ mode on a Mark V. Everyone has described it as "aggressive" but I never cared much for that mode on the mark V I always used mark iv or extreme, or my...
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    Using cab lab to convert wav Ir's

    I just purchased cab lab and just purchased an Ownhammer cab pack. I read cab labs manual but I still don't understand how to convert the wavs to sys files. Can anyone walk me through this? Also can cab lab convert all of the folders automatically or do I have to do each folder or ir...
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    Trying out cab packs

    I bought my Axe FX XL+ a month ago and I am starting to get the hang of it. When I bought it I bought cab pack 7, 13, and 14. I was under the impression that there were like 4 or 5 cabs in each pack! Man was I wrong!!! So I have only tried using pack 13 so far but even with that one cab pack...
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    Input Leds

    Do you guys let the red input leds light up at all during your playing? With my Emg 81 equipped quitar they come on when I am chugging but are not always on. Should I make it so that they don't come on at all? I guess you could say that they are on 50-60% of the time now. Also, where would I...
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    MAster of Puppets interlude

    Does anyone have a preset for the harmonizer for the interlude to Puppets? I know most of it is E minor 3rds but a note or 2 are different. I don't know much about harmonizing in general. Plus I am extremely new to the Axe Fx. Which I am loving btw. I am just now getting comfortable getting...
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    Finally Pulled the trigger!!!

    I have been lurking on this forum and watching youtube axe fx videos for a long time. I have been drooling over one for quite a while and I finally pulled the trigger and bought one!!!! Wahoo!! :):shock:D:nightmare::encouragement: It is scheduled to arrive on Monday. I am going to be away...
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