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    "Petrucci Rig" Factory Preset Update JPIIC+ and MIMIQ

    Thank you very much for helping out on this!
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    "Petrucci Rig" Factory Preset Update JPIIC+ and MIMIQ

    Any chance someone can take 2 screenshots for us axe fx II guys since we cant open the presets? 1 screenshot of how the LFO parameters are set in the Controllers section 1 screenshot how the LFO assignments are done in the Voice & Level knobs of the Detune block Much appreciated !
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    How to make 1 guitar sound like 2?

    hmm, Ive never in all my years used that block....i pulled it up but not sure how to do what you just mentioned. I see the parameters Lo Levels L&R and Pans then the Freq which is where I assume to add 110hz then I see Hi Levels L&R and Pans.... but how do I assign the lower freqs to the cab and...
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    How to make 1 guitar sound like 2?

    Thanks for the info Adman103!! So my buddy let me borrow his this morning and just tried it. Doing the way you prefer as I do to by using only one amp block (Atomica High) then into mimiq and then into panned stereo cab using YA Zilla V30 on left and H30 creamback on right for IRs. So..... The...
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    How to make 1 guitar sound like 2?

    Which way do you prefer...before 2 amp blocks or using 1 amp block then into mimiq into stereo cab? I would like to stick with one amp but if there is a significant difference in spread and size then I would go with two. Found a few used on ebay and thinking of grabbing one. Thx!
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    ToneQuest - Aftershock - Van Halen's Balance tone preset + breakdown

    Sounds great but have a quick question related to stereo. First is why not use the balance knob to pan the 2 cabs L & R and then set the input on the pitch block to stereo instead leaving it at mono since the chorus before it is stereo output and then also in the pitch block pan +9cents to left...
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    Need a Sitar type patch - any out there?

    For me its bon jovi cover of "I'll be there for you"
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    Need a Sitar type patch - any out there?

    Any chance Matt that us axe II peeps could persuade you too? No worries if not but would be much appreciated
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    FS IZOTOPE NECTAR2 Vocal Plugin

    I am selling this plugin license for $50 ( paid $200 few years back). This is more or less a high end vocal production suite plugin that has everything you need to record and mix with. Here are a few youtube links if your not familiar.
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    Friedman 2018 & HBE v2

    great songs all around what unix-guy said.... keep up the good work!
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    SOLDANO SLO 100 Patch (FW Q 9.03)

    Hi Andrea, How do you record the axe fx into your DAW? Interested in see others workflow. your tones are always very nicely shaped and mixed
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    SKID ROW - The Threat cover video

    Rocco, can you explain your recording workflow using the axe fx? I like to see how others record great tones so I can experiment. thanks!
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    Fractal Audio AMP models: Friedman BE and HBE (Friedman Marsha and BE-100)

    W When you lower the Master volume, are you doing anything else as well or just tweaking the tone knobs and that's it? I was messing with the depth knob the other day but not sure if its helping...I will try the MV tonight for sure.
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    Rundown of my template for P&W...

    Huh, so I downloaded the patch and got the xtc blue modern amps instead of the DC30, strange. Luckily it was easy enough to swap out and use your setting from the vid. Great demo on the amp for sure...Thanks!
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    VIDEO: Compression for more gain 2

    I would love to try the patch Danny boy too, could you please share with your custom IR? I really like the sound of the preset.
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    VIDEO: Axe-Fx Harmonic Knob behavior

    Hi Danny, Im curious to try out your preset. Any chance you could post it for us?
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    FAS Hot Rod

    I'm starting to really dig this virtual virtuoso amp too but IMO to me it sounds better without the bright switch off. I shut that off and turn on the cut switch then thank crank the treble up to 7.5 or so. Sound killer with the new OH Marshall V30 cab pack.
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    Damn you FAS HOTROD!!

    what IRs are you using, I tried it but it sounds thin to me?
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    Mikko's Mesa Boogie Mark IV Preset-Cab Bundle Test

    you crazy mofo you....I like it!
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    Mikko's Mesa Boogie Mark IV Preset-Cab Bundle Test

    Hi Mikko, Your preset has the 5 band EQ set to pre power amp, as the default for mesa is post power amp? Is this on purpose?
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    having problems with wah and whammy in same preset using same control parameter

    OK I will check out what you suggested Bakerman, I know as a fact the cpu is high 80s and I was connected to usb when I was experimenting. Thanks for the help
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    having problems with wah and whammy in same preset using same control parameter

    I am having a bitch of a time with trying to get my one expression pedal (mission engineering SP-1)to use as a wah as well as a Whammy, without switching presets. I have done this in the past and now want to build a new preset but I cant get it to work properly. The problem I am facing is not...
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    Marshall-esque amps for high gain tones?

    Try the Celestion RI-H30s 55s/75s and also try to mix both together or Celestion BB-H30s same thing....sounds stellar with the Atomica High I think. Cuts through the mix great for live playing, haven't done much in the studio yet but Im sure they work the same.
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    Marshall-esque amps for high gain tones?

    Justin, what particular IRs are you using with the Atomica high....just curios as I know they are designed for H30. Any of the new OH or fractal cab packs maybe?
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    Cab Pack 11 and 12 Released

    Hi, So is the presence & gain copied the same, I didnt think the tapers were the same on presence and gain controls on the axe fx to the real amps? Also the master volume ...is that supposed to be the master on each channel in this picture and are the tapers the same. I never owned a 5153 so...
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    Tone Matching Acoustic Guitar

    Voes, this sounds great man. I cuts way better through the mix than my last one I used form someone else. Feels really nice too at loud volumes...nice and even sounding. Thanks alot!
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    Bon Jovi - Livin' On A Prayer: FW18 + Cab Pack 9

    Cool, I will keep an eye out for your patch if you find it. Also cant wait for the cab pack as well.
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    Bon Jovi - Livin' On A Prayer: FW18 + Cab Pack 9

    Clark, can you post this preset? I just stumbled on this thread.... I really like it and the talk box sim sounds as good as its gonna get with the formant.Is that the XTC sim or some other amp?
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    Yek's preset collection (Q9.04, Axe-Fx II XL)

    Yek, any chance you could post your lead "delay" settings? I used to use your delay blocks alot when you were on the mark 2 and shared your presets. I think you altered the eq in the block for more transparency. Or maybe the effect blocks are compatible from XL to mark2, I dont know? Also do...
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    Axe-Fx II Firmware 18.00 Public Beta

    Hey Justin, what IR are you using with this Brit Brown sim, just curious on your take with it is? Im still digging your mix IR you put up a few weeks back. By the way what is the mix of speaker(s) in that one as I hear a few things going on? thanks!
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    Quick recording with Danny Danzi's settings on a JCM 800 mod...

    Where did you originally read about his settings, on this forum?
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    Clark's Stock IRs: TOP SECRET

    Any chance we could see or explain the 5 band EQ for the USA lead or CII+ that you guys tweaked out against the real deal? This is where Im scrambling for more reference.....thanks
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    Live tone EQ tip

    cool,....presets would be great too.
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    Live tone EQ tip

    Thanks but on the Cab block for the mic pre choices and settings it uses a simple low - mid - high level and was curious if levipeto was boosting the mids more or just cutting the low & high. I like to gets other peoples approach on things so I can try them. Yes I use my ears too....lol
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    Live tone EQ tip

    Just curious what your setting were on the channel strip when you used it for live usage?
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    [Fremen] presets V15.02 uploaded

    Freeman, Im really digging all your acoustic simulation presets.....all of them actually. Which is your favorite (probably your main preset#2 AcouticSim 2 I assume)and how to you set your pickups, Im finding I tap the coil to single helps them alot.
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    Formant trickery

    Can you share the patch?
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    Don't Understand the JCM800

    Cool I will try the KT88s as well....I remember watching a band here in Boston where I live once where the dood had a stock JCM800 and he through in some 6550 tubes I think he said (was awhile ago) and ran it with the Bogner Uber cab which had both V30s and T75s in it and it was so massively...
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    Don't Understand the JCM800

    damn, I will give it a wirl when I get home, Thanks Sim! I will also have to try and experiment with the brit pre too according to Matts recommendation.
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    Don't Understand the JCM800

    Can someone make a patch to get this 800 tone, I really dig it. This pedal sounds awesome. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oytol9u0lUU
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    Liquid foot 12+ or Mastermind GT 16 controllers?

    LF12+ all the way, there is absolutely nothing this thing cant do, not kidding. And any questions you get (and you will at first) no matter how simple or complex the FAMC team was always there not to mention some of the guys on the fractal forum. Just run a 7pin midi cable to it so it powers up...
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    New passive graphic EQ is the $hit

    Yek, When you add this passive EQ after your cab block do you still use the low & high cut in the cab block like you used to? I dont have the XL so I can't see your presets anymore for reference.
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    It's Time to Face the Truth: I'm an IRaholic :(

    Freeman, When you mix the OH 121 EN-V30 with the SM57 CH-V30 do you keep them equal in volume or do you decrease a certain amount of db of one from the other? I plan on trying your tip later on tonight...thanks for the help.
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    Bogner 2x12OS IR's - 3 Speakers - 4 Mics

    yes, if we could blend in labcab that would be great with the wav files
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    Clark Kent's Zero Currency UltraRes IR Collection

    Sounds great man, Whats the amp setup?
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    My UltraRes IR to share

    I increased the Air to 20% and 6000Hz freq and rolled the Low cut to 150Hz and lastly added a U67 with proximity almost off, for live use it kicks ass with any hot rodded Marshall amp.
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    My UltraRes IR to share

    Not sure why more people haven't chimed in on this particular GreenBack IR but this is one of my favorite free IRs out there right now, sounds killer with the Friedman and other hot rodded Marshall amps.
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    Who is using the Formant block?

    Cool man, Interested in the update
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    VAN HALEN - 5150 (1986) video w/patch

    So Do you suggest I edit the patch in a particular way to make it mono somehow or just leave it and run the outputs copy L to R? Thanks again!
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    VAN HALEN - 5150 (1986) video w/patch

    I havnt had a chance to try this patch yet since I am traveling. My question is can this be setup for mono to play live or does it specifically need to be hard panned for the tone?
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    Fremen's high gain "starting pack" bank - Firmware 13

    Hi Freeman, You caught my attention with your BE100 live rig that contains a harmonizer for the tune Rock You Like A Hurricane. My band is planning on covering that soon so I would love to use that patch. Here are my question specific to the song since I acttually haven't used the patch yet...
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    Need Help w/ Talk Box Effect

    is it possible you could share the patch, curious how it sounds? Thanks!
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    Yek's Presets for MkI/MkII (v15.03) and Blog

    Hi Yek, I was browsing your presets and I thought for some reason you had an acoustic sim patch, I know I actually used it live for a few shows a few FW revs back.....am I just not seeing it in the latest? BTW, that new panel is probably the most robust featured version I have seen from Vafam...
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    STEVE STEVENS PLEXI (Rebel Yell era - 1983) w/patch

    Hi, is the delay and reverb on during the rhythm or just the lead? Not sure if this is supposed to be setup on multiple scenes since I haven't actually auditioned it yest but noticed they were on. Thanks!
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    Liquid Foot Firmware and Editor 3.25

    I couldn't agree more, the LF+12+ just amazes me every time I fire it up and want to try a new idea,there is nothing this thing cant do....great guys over there too.
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    Clark Kent's Gift to Mankind

    I really dig your redwirez Marshall 1960A G12M recipe, do you have any recipes or suggestions for the redwirez Marshall 1960B V30s? Thanks!
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    Questions about live EQ/high pass

    So you just do this in the amp block graph EQ? Do you do this [2dB to 4dB] cut in the 500Hz band to alot of your amps Clarky for Live and/or recording?
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    Yek's Presets for MkI/MkII (v15.03) and Blog

    Yek, so if we wanted to make a user cab of the EJ1250 MIX from Santiagos IR collection do you know what specific IRs make this ?
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    I need help. Going nuts. Share your ideas.

    "Boost the mids. Try turning AIR to 5892hz 20-100% in the cab block. Works for a lot of amps" What does this do, how did you come up with a magic number of 5892hz?
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    Need your ears mates!

    OK thanks Kevin, Since I mix with cab lab this has nothing to do with mine or probably most other guys here.
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    Need your ears mates!

    Hi Kevin, how come you mix IRs starting at -3db al the time, whats the difference if you started at 0db for the sm57 and -6 for the R121
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    Help with CLR Buzz

    Hi jimfist, I m not sure how to setup a synth block to do what you are saying...sounds like a good idea though. Can you explain the setup? Thanks! BBN, I think I will contact Atomic too, I just didn't want to open a ticket if it really was on my end but a few others locally hear in Boston area...
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    Help with CLR Buzz

    Has anyone determined what the buzzing noise is with the CLRs? I am hearing this in both of CLR active wedges and it seems to really stand out now, mainly when I play on the lower strings with a clean or crunch tones.
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    Tutorial Video on Cab Lab and Speaker Resonance Frequency

    Hi Scott, is that R121:0db, SM57:-6db, & C70: -9db a formula you use on all mixes or do you switch up the mics and levels per amp? Also if you have a minute and you dont mind can you upload a template of this demo of course without the IRs so I can try to see if I get the same results? Always...
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    Fremen's V 11.05 presets

    Hi Freeman, I haven't tried your 1st ten patches in a live situation but I do plan on using some this weekend for sure at my gigs since I am really digging them through my 2 Active CLRs. My only concern is that they are very wet with long delays and reverb. Is that how you use them live.... and...
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    Fremen's V 11.05 presets

    Hi Freeman, So do you run your axe fx STEREO live? It seems your delays, reverbs, and other blocks are all in stereo. Do you run the axe fx in SUM L+R or Copy L+R or is it just always STEREO?
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    Clark Kent's OwnHammer Secret Sauce Recipes!!

    I use the N7 alot too but do you find it is louder like 6db or so than the average IR db level? Is there away to lower the level permanently other than in the cab block? What is IR Lab? Thanks!
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    Yek's Presets for MkI/MkII (v15.03) and Blog

    Hi Yek, I noticed on one of the delays in your main presets you have it set to digital stereo, is this wrong? You mentioned you converted to analog mono?
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    Aftermarket IRs

    I cant seem to find where to get the Mills IR, were these free or can I purchase direct from OH?
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    Scene Latency with patch

    You need to bring CPU down to 80% or so for optimal switching speed I found.
  71. C

    Scene Latency

    I got an excellent idea that Yek introduced me too for conserving CPU if your using a stereo cab block. You mix the 2 cabs with the Own Hammer Axe-O-Matic DSP application to make 1 simple IR. Then you stick it in a low res cab block. Or. if your just using a high res cab block, just switch it to...
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    Tutorial: Dialing Up My Reverb with the Fractal Audio Axe-FX II

    Nothing but the best from Scott as usual. I would love to see some patches for a "Live" clean, crunch, gritty, and heavy patch someday from him with his "go to" template. I love using his presets for starting points in my real live patches since he has mastered this especially for using live...
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    Liquid Foot LF+ JR+ Where to Start?

    I would go on the FAMC website forum, in there you will find this topic somewhere in the axe fx section I think. I am sure the info will get you up and running. These pedals kick some serious ass once you figure it out.
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    Yek's Presets for MkI/MkII (v15.03) and Blog

    Hi Yek, I have a couple curious questions I was thinking about the other day tweaking your great live patches to my rig. 1st question is, what is the benefit using a mixer block to toggle the wah and wammy as opposed to the old way you used to do it in V10, considering the fact you are all...
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    Chef's Kee Marcello lead...

    you got the golden ears dood! This nails it to a T!
  76. C

    Liquid Foot LF+ JR+ Where to Start?

    Hi Voes, I like the tip on the IA ON/OFF TRIG setup for soloing.....thanks for sharing! But Im confused, when I enable an IA slot to edit on the LF+, How do I tell it to turn on the other IAs (drive, db boost, and delay, etc, etc)
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    Yek's Presets for MkI/MkII (v15.03) and Blog

    Yek, do you have a starting point for your global EQ for live usage? I used to use your lo-high cut cab blocks in previous path releases but now that they are not being used I was wondering what you do for the global EQ? Are you shaving off some lows and highs for live performance?
  78. C

    AxeCabManager - a new utility for Axe-FX II users

    Great tool, you are the man of the hour right now!
  79. C

    What Ideas/Concepts/Tutorials to cover in YouTube videos?

    Scott, you have a really good ear for live FRFR amp tone.... I would love you to showcase perhaps 1 amp and speaker cab (axe fx or 3rd party IRs) before you start your tutorial vid of the week or however you will go about it and throw it up on axechange and if it contains a user cab just tell us...
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    Mr.E's All Amps Presets for FW11b

    Nice tweaking, your patches actually translate great live.....I used a bunch for a gig last weekend to hear them in a full band situation. I like the way you were very modest using the gain to let the amp shine for each bit of character. Really appreciate your time and effort MisterE!
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    Fremen presets - V 10.02

    Thanks Freeman, do you know what kind of cab & speaker combo that is?
  82. C

    Fremen presets - V 10.02

    hmmm, What cab were you using during the very beginning Friedman heavier rhythm when you were messing with the Graph & PEQ? I thought it sounded really clear and articulate.
  83. C


    It was well worth the wait for my LF+12+. This thing is crazy good!
  84. C

    Yek's Presets for MkI/MkII (v15.03) and Blog

    OK, Thanks. I can still get the idea on alot of them anyways.
  85. C

    Yek's Presets for MkI/MkII (v15.03) and Blog

    Hi Yek, I remember you had a link to sound cloud demoing your effect sound presets, do you still have it? If so can you post it......I have them but it will be alot easier listening instead auditioning them before I add them to my axe. Thanks!
  86. C

    Some of my v.10.x Presets

    These presets sound great live! I incorporated them in my current setup and got a ton of compliments from the soundguy and musicians in the audience last night. They feel nice too, not to compressed or stiff......a real pro. Thanks Scott!
  87. C

    LF+ and scenes

    Can you tell me how to your setting up scenes, I seem to get volume dropouts by using presets for each scene when adding a cc line below the pc line? Thanks for your time.
  88. C

    GnR - AFD

    I got no sound at all
  89. C

    Fremen presets - V 10.02

    Donation sent and worth every penny!
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    Preset Building: Tone Morphing

    I am on the same page as Rex. Once I get the preset up and running with axe edit and then figure out the pedal setup I will be good to go. I think your ideas here are great and have learned alot from this setup. Thanks!
  91. C

    Preset Building: Tone Morphing

    Clarky, can you give us an idea when you will release the preset to us so we can morph it up with ya? Thanks!
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    Liquid Foot Pro new firmwar 225 : how to ??

    The easiest method is by using the LF+ Editor and a usb cable. In the app go to FILE and under that there is a LOAD FIRMWARE. You will need to point to the firmware upgrade file and then hit UPDATE. Thats it, I did find sometimes I get errors if I have the midi cable plugged into the axe fx so I...
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    Axe-Fest East

    I will attend for sure, My top 3 in order are Boston, New Hampshire, New york .
  94. C

    Some V.10 Thoughts and Tips

    Scott, Can you post a grid template pic or syx that you currently are using for V10? I am curious to see how and what you think is the optimal approach for setting this up. I have been using Yeks which seems to do the trick very well but I just would like to compare different players ideas and...
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    Yek's Preset Collection (v9.02)

    Hi Yek, What do I need to do to get output 2 the same as output 1 in your presets? Basically I need the cab sims for output 2 since I use that for my FR monitors and output 1 goes to FOH.
  96. C

    Interesting amp/tonestack combo

    Hi, we play that tune and would love to try some other idea than just a basic jcm800 that I use. Do you have a preset readily available to put up?
  97. C

    Talkbox livin on a prayer

    whats the best way to turn this patch up a bit? Volume seems a little bit low when I change over to the Marshall preset after?
  98. C

    Billy Idol (Steve Stevens) - 'Rebell Yell'

    Not only do I like the way you explain things to us newbies but I also really like your assistant......shes a hotty! thanks alot!
  99. C

    Billy Idol (Steve Stevens) - 'Rebell Yell'

    OK, I gotta try this live but I am still confused how to get the ray gun to work properly. Inside the solo patch contains the ray gun effect? If so, how does it engage and disengage when needed? I saw a post earlier in the week about mixing the sound with a mixer or something but since I am a...
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