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    GTW new patch added : "Baiboon"

    I Just finish tweak my patch Scene1 just humble Scene2 with TS808 added Scene3 humble with harmonizer Scene4 Aggressive with harmonizer Scene5 scene4 plus dreamy delay you guys can download via the link below, enjoy http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=4745 I test this patch...
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    Patch which was D/L from patch exchange page can not import into AXE

    Hi there, I got some problem, I own AXE FX II , recently I D/L patches from exchange page EX. Markday --> p003018_HarmonicFeedbackMarkDay.syx , and many patches from many users. Problem is I can not import into my AXE FX II , but once I try to import the older patches from...
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