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  1. dr bonkers

    yes I know, not canon rock again-But listen!

    Very cool. The bass player was solid too.
  2. dr bonkers

    RIP Ric Ocasek

    I'm very sad about this. Since you're gone, indeed!
  3. dr bonkers

    NGD! 2004 (I think) LP Classic

    Very nice!
  4. dr bonkers

    Fractal Audio AMP models: SOLO 100 (Soldano SLO-100)

  5. dr bonkers

    Dr Bonkers IR Files Pack Tribute to 1994 Soldano® 4X12 Slant™ Guitar Cab with Eminence® Legend V1216™ speakers

    Releasing now is the Dr Bonkers Guitar Cab-Oddities™ Volume 16: SOLO 4X12 Cabinet IR Collection based upon vintage 1994 Soldano® 4X12 Slant™ 200w Slant Guitar Amp Cab. This cabinet included 4 of the original Eminence® Legend V1216™ 12 inch 16 Ohm speakers. Available in Fractal Audio file and...
  6. dr bonkers

    Cab IR questions... probably stupid so hold on to your hats...

    My personal favorite packs that I use when I jam with friends is the Aguilar 8x10 biamped with the Sunn 2x15. If I had roadies and unlimited funds, that would be my real life bass rig. Very powerful and grindy, but also clean and articulate. My new favorite combo is the Goli 4x10 with the...
  7. dr bonkers

    Cab IR questions... probably stupid so hold on to your hats...

    @mistermikev thanks so much for the feedback. It really makes my day when a user has that kind of experience with my files, as that's the reason why I got into doing this. I make the HypeReal mixes so that they sound huge in solo settings, but also fit well into live or recorded mix settings...
  8. dr bonkers

    Jensen D series

    Oh, this is tempting possibility for me then.
  9. dr bonkers

    Jensen D series

    https://www.jensentone.com/sites/jensentone.com/files/jensen_n12d_spec_sheet.pdf Interesting. Do you think it could handle bass as well?
  10. dr bonkers

    Wish Block chains

    I guess I'm not understanding your use case. What would stay static as part of the block chain and what would you be changing for each new preset created with a block chain? If you can give more details, this may help Fractal understand how the request will fill a need.
  11. dr bonkers

    Wish Block chains

    What I do to get around this on the Axe-fx II, and it may work for you, is to make some template presets with the effects chains. Then I copy the template into a new preset slot, change IR files, amps, etc as needed to fit what I am doing. Perhaps this can work for you too as a stop gap.
  12. dr bonkers

    Patriots fans good with this?

    On the one hand an employee should be able to ply his or her skills with whatever employer is willing to pay them in a mutually beneficial agreement. On the other hand, if your career can be over in a second and you see your new employer's environment is not going to give you the opportunity...
  13. dr bonkers

    IRs of bare speakers?

    Did you ever wire up a speaker not loaded in a cab, mic it and listen back? Then did you ever load the same speaker in a cab, mic it and listen back? There's a bit of physics behind how cab design shapes the sound of a speaker. Remove the cab from the equation and, unless you are burying that...
  14. dr bonkers

    Fractal Audio AMP models: JS410 (Marshall JVM410HJS)

    My brother has the real physical amp, tried out a bunch of cabs, and swears by this actual cab. Hence my excitement capturing it: https://www.drbonkerssoundlab.com/product/dr-bonkers-guitar-cab-oddities-volume-8-jmt75-4x12-guitar-cab-ir-collection/ Many users of these IR files report having...
  15. dr bonkers

    Tool - Fear Inoculum

    I like it, but it definitely has that 10,000 Days kind of feel with constantly repeating, mantra like, riffs. The song that really jumped out at me for being superlative is "7empest". The song sounds like the career of Tool condensed into one song. If you like Undertow, Ænima, Lateralus,or...
  16. dr bonkers

    Cab IR questions... probably stupid so hold on to your hats...

    Here are the bass cabs that have horns or tweeters that have individual files for your mixing or bi-amping pleasure besides Big Red: https://www.drbonkerssoundlab.com/product/dr-bonkers-bass-cab-classics-volume-1-apflex-1x15-bass-cabinet-ir-collection/...
  17. dr bonkers

    Cab IR questions... probably stupid so hold on to your hats...

    I shoot individual ir files of the horns and 8 inch speakers. There's a method on my site for sorting through libraries of files too.
  18. dr bonkers

    Mesa Boogie TA-30

    What values are you using for these parameters? I am very intrigued.
  19. dr bonkers

    What volume to run EV powered tops and bottoms?

    Always run the sub in a corner if possible to maximize its throw efficiency. Then you shouldn't have to run the amp to it too hard.
  20. dr bonkers

    Anyone else get AxeFX withdrawals while traveling?

    Yes. a Porta-Axe app with one loadable amp model would scratch that itch nicely.
  21. dr bonkers

    Black Sabbath’s “Supernaut” Live

    Nice version of my favorite Sabbath song.
  22. dr bonkers

    Looking to rent some cabs

    Hi all, if you are in my area and can help me out with this quest to capture some really cool stuff, that would be great! Even if you know someone with this stuff, if you can let them know to reach out to me, that would be super cool...
  23. dr bonkers

    New gamechanging speaker?

    thanks for the breakdown on this.
  24. dr bonkers

    New gamechanging speaker?

    Has anyone here compared the Celestion F12-X200 head-to-head with this, https://www.fane-international.com/view-product/SOVEREIGN-12-250TC ? I am wondering how both fare both with guitar and bass.
  25. dr bonkers

    Effects Explained by Cats ...

    shred distortion
  26. dr bonkers

    There is no spoon...

    The third Matrix was a battle to sit through. I hope the 4th is going to be better. The first one was amazing. I used to work with Keanu's uncle. He told me before the first movie was open that Keanu was in martial arts training for a kung fu movie. That blew my mind as a concept, so I had to...
  27. dr bonkers

    Ampeg amps for guitar?

    @Colorado Axeman Tagging onto @austinbuddy 's sage advice, also change the power amp tube to 6L6 from 6550. That will more accurately mimic what the V4 does. If you still find yourself not getting that sound, try using the 1970 Marshall model. I have found some success getting the Bad Co...
  28. dr bonkers

    Dr Bonkers IR Files Pack Tribute to 2004 SWR® Goliath III™ 4x10 Bass Cab with the Eminence® speakers + Foster® horn

    Here's a link to a giveaway of this cab pack if anyone is interested: https://www.instagram.com/p/B03zoqcH2Te/
  29. dr bonkers

    Axe-Fx III for bass - you gotta be kidding me :-)

    Really nice work, @Todde3000 . I love the Fractal units for bass. Once you start mixing some of the "guitar" amp models with the bass cabs, some real magic occurs for bassists too. For modulation, reverb, and delay effects on bass, I highly recommend using the the low cuts in each effects...
  30. dr bonkers

    Tempt at Bergen PAC Aug 5 2019

    I was fortunate enough to see Tempt open for Tom Keifer of Cinderella last night. They put on an awesome show and sounded great. The guitarist's Axe-FX II cut through the mix well and had the oomph of a real amp. Background vox were spot on. Their song Camouflage was a big highlight. My only...
  31. dr bonkers

    A bit stumped by Ares on Axe-Fx II XL ...

    the 5150 Block amp has quite a bit more gain in Ares 1.03 than it did on Quantum. Each model was affected differently in the update.
  32. dr bonkers

    Recommended 6U case?

    I personally use one of these in the Soundlab and can attest to its durability and quality: https://www.roadcasesusa.com/6-space-6u-15-deep-3-8-ply-ata-effects-rack-case-closeout/
  33. dr bonkers

    Yek's great listing of all the 2048 Factory Cabs available in the Axe III!

    I can only speak for myself. I was asked to contribute 4 bass cab files that I thought would kick @ss for an Axe-FX III user. I contributed some custom HypeReal mixes, as I wanted to fill in the gaps of what bass cabs were not already going to be in the unit courtesy of my esteemed colleagues...
  34. dr bonkers

    King's X

    I just finished seeing them. Simply amazing. Stay for the encore is all I will say.
  35. dr bonkers

    Dr Bonkers IR Files Pack Tribute to 2004 SWR® Goliath III™ 4x10 Bass Cab with the Eminence® speakers + Foster® horn

    Releasing now is the Dr Bonkers Bass Cab Classics™ Volume 14: GOLI 4X10 Bass Cabinet IR Collection Based upon a 2004 SWR® Goliath III™ 4X10 Bass Cabinet, this cabinet is voiced with the original 10 inch Eminence® drivers and Foster® horn. Available in Fractal Audio file, Helix preset/wave files...
  36. dr bonkers

    What were your first amp modelers?

    Starting in 1990: Digitech GSP-21 Pro Johnson Millennium JM-150 Axe-FX II Mark II Helix Floor I have also used others' Marshall JMP-1, Mesa Boogie Tri-Axis, Scholz Rockman, Digitech GSP-2101, Kemper KPA, Yamaha THR-10 series, Boss GT-1000, ART Nightbass, and various Zoom units where the model...
  37. dr bonkers

    Tom Quayle (Guitar Interactive Magazine) - Axe FX III Review

    Good review. I'm sad he didn't mention my cabs too though along with all the other third party providers. Oh well.
  38. dr bonkers

    Dweezil talks AXEFX III with Warren Huart

    This is an amazing talk!
  39. dr bonkers

    Axe-Fx III Holy Diver

    Who cries for the children? I dooo! Awesome song!
  40. dr bonkers

    Axe-Fx III tone/feel vs. Kemper?

    for the youngins, Bailey is the awesome lady on the left. At 8 I had a crush on her.
  41. dr bonkers

    Axe-Fx III tone/feel vs. Kemper?

    LoL! My friend's living room where we did the test is like typical man cave acoustics that you hear in playthroughs on YouTube. I figured that was better than using my recording or mixing spaces, which do not seem to be typical for most players. Flat mode sounded best with these settings:
  42. dr bonkers

    Axe-Fx III Holy Diver

    that's smoking hot. holy iso tracks, Batman. If you told me it was an iso track of Campbell that you found, I would have believed it.
  43. dr bonkers

    Axe-Fx III tone/feel vs. Kemper?

    Go for an embarrassment of riches and take all 3.
  44. dr bonkers

    Axe-Fx III tone/feel vs. Kemper?

    When I finally can afford to get a III, I will do another shootout with all four and let you know my thoughts.
  45. dr bonkers

    Axe-Fx III tone/feel vs. Kemper?

    My guitar hoarder friend has the KPA. I have the Axe-FX II Mark II and a Line 6 Helix. Using all a bit, here are my honest impressions using a Xitone M Britt to monitor all 3 using my friend's great playing and my woefully average playing. KPA: Unit really shines with dry amp or amp+reverb...
  46. dr bonkers

    Bass amps, cabs - what are you using?

    CAE Clean Band Commander AC-20 JC 120 IIC++ 5153 Blue Euro Blue JMP Hipower Brilliant all pair well with certain basses and those bass cabs. @2112 also has a great quick bass tones video. Another idea is using a 2nd path parallel to the Amp+Cab path where you use and EQ and or Drive pedal...
  47. dr bonkers

    Bass amps, cabs - what are you using?

    They are in the Axe FX III itself. I forget the numbers, but they are listed in the Wiki.
  48. dr bonkers

    Anyone EQ-matched their guitars?

    If you are applying EQ to make one guitar sound close to another, why would you then want it to sound different? Me, I just embrace the differences of the guitars. If there's too much gain, I use my volume knob. If there's too much flub, I roll the bass off at the guitar with a tone control...
  49. dr bonkers

    Anyone EQ-matched their guitars?

    As long as you don't miss a toe tap, you are correct. If you are paying x dollars for a Fractal and Y dollars for a 7 string, what's another few dollars for a set of pickups that better matches the 6 string pickup character than a PEQ block ever could? It's not like another set of pickups...
  50. dr bonkers

    Anyone EQ-matched their guitars?

    I prefer to let each guitar speak in its own unique voice. Otherwise it defeats the purpose of having a differently voiced guitar. If the goal is more uniformity between instruments, then I would find a set of 7 string pickups similarly voiced to my 6 string pickups. That's the simpler route...
  51. dr bonkers

    Couch Straps 2019 Summer Sale

    I use my Racer X black and silver strap from Couch pretty much every day. I can't say enough good things about their straps.
  52. dr bonkers

    Bass amps, cabs - what are you using?

    What tones are you looking for in terms of bass? Many of the guitar amps sound killer on bass, besides the bass amps, depending upon the bass you're playing and the tones you are looking for. RW has a few bass cabs built in, ML has one I believe, Fractal has a few, and I have 4 in there for...
  53. dr bonkers

    Convert own IR (.syx) to .ir ?

    Nope. Since Cab Lab 3.1, JoJo's Sysex converter does not work. The .syx files were encoded to prevent conversion so that no one could reverse engineer the file format.
  54. dr bonkers

    Mark Day best live preset

  55. dr bonkers

    NGD: PRS 2018 Experience Ltd.

    That's beautiful, congratulations!
  56. dr bonkers

    5 Minute Tones - Distorted Bass

    @2112 Thanks for the shoutout on this cool video. If you lower the crossover to 250 or 300Hz and slap an opto compressor after low cab and an opto compressor after high distorted cab, you can get some really cool sounds as you can have tight low end and a looser dynamics in the distortion.
  57. dr bonkers

    Are Phil and Viv using Brit Pre or JMPRE-1 on the III?

    Yes and one of the Dr Bonkers GK ir files.
  58. dr bonkers

    Dr Bonkers Soundlab: IR Files Pack Tribute to 1984 Gallien-Krueger® 212GS™ w/ Celestion® G12M-70™

    Releasing now is the Dr Bonkers Guitar Cab-Oddities™ Volume 15: Geek 2X12 Guitar Cabinet IR Collection based upon vintage 1984 Gallien-Krueger® 212GS™ 2X12 guitar cabinet loaded with the original 15 Ohm 70 watt Celestion® G12M-70™ (T3577) speakers made in Ipswich, Suffolk, England. Available in...
  59. dr bonkers

    Official Dr Bonkers Soundlab IR Cab Pack release thread

    This is the first time ever that my files have been compared favorably to the Millennium Falcon: https://honestampsimreviews.com/2019/07/02/quick-guide-bass-impulse-responses/?fbclid=IwAR3lqbI3unfwh6M7N5ENxxT0Dlz1-3EHvGCdgW33FHweZmfZY99RICcoRPs
  60. dr bonkers

    Fractal needs more swag options!

    I would like a Fractal hoodie if it was stylized like this to keep the arms free:
  61. dr bonkers

    Any Bass Players using the AX8?

    I have a lot of clients who use the AX-8 for bass. It's a killer rig even using something like a QSC 12.2 for monitoring.
  62. dr bonkers

    Amp Model Specific Youtube Tutorials: Is this something you would be interested in?

    I would cross promote such videos for interesting amps in my FB & Instagram pages for Dr Bonkers since I dig this concept so much.
  63. dr bonkers

    IR recommendations

  64. dr bonkers

    Styx Drummer is fantastic

    Original Styx drummer, John Panozzo, passed away in 1996. This drummer does a great job of performing what was composed by Panozzo. This is almost exact to the album, which is pretty awesome.
  65. dr bonkers

    Today I Am Still A Senior Citizen.

    Happy birthday. Awesome pics!
  66. dr bonkers

    New stripped-down Freddie Mercury tune is unearthed from 1985

    This sounds like the song could have been part of the original Highlander soundtrack that Queen did.
  67. dr bonkers

    Insight into the Mesa amps...

    @decreebass another tip for the Mesa Amps is to use a cab ir file or mix that is captured with an Audix D6 mic. The mic itself has a built-in deep mid scoop that jives pretty well with what most people dial out of the mids in a Mesa amp. One Mesa pack that I know features this mic is (all of...
  68. dr bonkers

    Cab / mic cheat sheet

    @toneseeker911 this may help too: https://www.drbonkerssoundlab.com/sound-sample-archive/how-to-avoid-file-choice-overload-when-using-bass-or-guitar-cab-impulse-response-ir-file-packs-or-collections/
  69. dr bonkers

    Great Mike Ness documentary on YouTube

    This is amazing! Thanks for posting!
  70. dr bonkers

    Guitar Center woes

    My advice is to call GC and ask about the freight tracking number and shipping status. If they don't give you that info, ask to speak to a supervisor and keep escalating when the last person is not able to give you a straight answer. Escalation to someone with the actual power to solve the...
  71. dr bonkers

    Forum is faster!

    Easier to read and faster to load. Win-win
  72. dr bonkers

    King's X

    Anyone else going to the August 3rd gig in Newton, NJ? Let me know.
  73. dr bonkers

    Any benefit/need for a DI box/preamp with the AX FX III?

    Really most never need one of those, but if you really like the tone of a Sans Amp or Tone Hammer, then the quickest way to get the tone os to have one. If either of those boxes don't spin your wheels, you definitely don't need them.
  74. dr bonkers

    Bacon Bacon Bacon

    The way I learned to make perfect bacon. Pre-heat your oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit. Take a cookie sheet pan and line with baking parchment (so it don't stick or burn and for the love of all that's good in the world, wax paper is NOT an equivalent substitute ). Place your bacon down on the...
  75. dr bonkers

    Any benefit/need for a DI box/preamp with the AX FX III?

    The only reason that I would add something like Tone Hammer or Sans Amp in front or in the loop of the Axe-FXII is if I owned either of those units and didn't want to labor to replicate that sound in the Fractal unit. Adding it in the loop gives you more flexibility to turn the Sans Amp or Tone...
  76. dr bonkers

    How about we pool knowledge and understand the Compressor block options better...

    Another use in the studio for compressors, place them after a reverb in ducking mode to get that late 60's or early 70's exploding reverb sound. This effect works best if the reverb block is 100% wet and level of the reverb + compressor chain is run parallel to the rest of the guitar/bass/drum...
  77. dr bonkers

    Stratocaster - Try again? Or punt...

    I had a similar journey with strats. Due to my hand size, I never found the scale comfortable with the chunky necks. I was resigned to having to build a partscaster and was looking for a used cheap guitar to use as a donor body to start the build. On GC's used gear section, I found a Squier...
  78. dr bonkers

    Robert Fripp on Technicality vs. Mastery

    Thanks for this. The more I read of Fripp, the more I agree with his insights. In Jr High, I remember buying an lp of Andy Summers with Robert Fripp, "I Advance Masked". After being blown away by that, I revisited his work with Bowie and Peter Gabriel where I was unaware of Fripp's...
  79. dr bonkers

    Midlife Crisis Car

    Mercedes G500 or Lambo!
  80. dr bonkers

    Dweezil Breaks the Axe-Fx

    Very cool. How long was the complete Dyna-Flange patch writing portion in real time? Very cool sounding. Thanks for the video and all the cool inspiration.
  81. dr bonkers

    SPL levels when playing out?

    Liquid Benadryl shot in a cocktail or horse tranquilizers can help the most anxiety prone drummers. I kid, I kid!
  82. dr bonkers

    SPL levels when playing out?

    With acoustic drums, my goal was alwaus to get levels dancing around 90 dB at 10 from ft stage. Most drummers' nerves when playing live tend to acoustically dominate the mix from the live sound off the instruments at 80 dB measured at 10 ft from stage. Suggesting Evans drum deadening heads does...
  83. dr bonkers

    Ares - what's new?

    Yes for hugh gain on some models. The differences in gain really are on an amp model by amp model basis and those differences are more distinct in Ares. For example, my 5150 Block crunchy amp preset went from input gain of 5 in Quantum to less than 1 to achieve the same amount of crunch in Ares.
  84. dr bonkers

    Mixers today

    Just do it, Cliff. I would humbly be your space monkey if you need one for testing. As you know, I find the strangest things because of the way I use hardware.
  85. dr bonkers

    Ares - what's new?

    Some models will have a ton more gain on tap with an upgrade from Quantum to Ares, other models will just have some mid punch and more string separation. When you switch tone stacks in Ares, the radical shifts in tone and gain structure really come alive more than in Quantum.
  86. dr bonkers

    **NEW OWNER** - Question...

    Yes. I have an expression pedal too for control other effects parameters in real time, but the wahs in Fractal are no match to my 535, so I use that in the FX loop.
  87. dr bonkers

    Avengers Endgame

    This was a really satisfying conclusion to things.
  88. dr bonkers

    Happy birthday Matt

    Happy birthday Matt.
  89. dr bonkers

    **NEW OWNER** - Question...

    I use my Dunlop wah in the FX Loop rather than between the guitar and Axe-FXII. Why? There are times that you want a wah placed after a certain effect block. One example is after a fuzz drive block as it gives a different sound. Usung the fx loop for your wah gives you maximum tonal...
  90. dr bonkers

    Dr Bonkers IR Files Pack - Carvin® Vai Legacy C412T™ Celestion® G12 V30

    I am sure you can rock out. I can't wait to hear it. Anyone is better than me with my 1st take re-amped demos.
  91. dr bonkers

    Dr Bonkers IR Files Pack - Carvin® Vai Legacy C412T™ Celestion® G12 V30

    This is awesome. If you give me a link, I will post them on my site and in my FB feed. Leon Todd ( @2112 ) participated in clip that is on my site. Some mighty fine playing.
  92. dr bonkers

    Trying to Get A Clean THICKER Guitar Tone (AK) (going from thin tone to thinker or fuller tone)

    For a thicker tone, once you have pickup height sorted out, the neck pickup is your primary source for thick tone. The middle pickup is also very interesting. The compressor in the amp block is a great source for thickening up single coil clean tones, especially with a dynamic modifier...
  93. dr bonkers

    Dr Bonkers IR Cab Pack of 1999 Peavey® 5150® 4X12 Cab w/ Sheffield 1200™

    Releasing now is Dr Bonkers presents the Dr Bonkers Guitar Cab-Oddities™ Volume 14: PVH515 4X12 IR File Cab Pack based upon a 1999 Peavey® 5150® 4X12 Straight Guitar Amp Cab, this cabinet is voiced with Peavey® 5150® Sheffield 1200™ 16 Ohm 75w speakers, made in Meridian, MS, USA, that were...
  94. dr bonkers

    Musicman Majesty, good?

    This is interesting to me hearing everyone's experiences. My old EBMM Axis is my #1 guitar. At its most stable, when I don't play it for a day, it can be plus or minus and entire half step when I pick it up and check tuning. Certain times of the year, as everyone mentioned, I need to tweak...
  95. dr bonkers

    Raven: help needed

    Signed. Good luck with this.
  96. dr bonkers

    Dr Bonkers IR Files Pack - Carvin® Vai Legacy C412T™ Celestion® G12 V30

    Thanks so much. When you get a chance, please let me know how they work out for your rig.
  97. dr bonkers

    Dr Bonkers IR Files Pack - Carvin® Vai Legacy C412T™ Celestion® G12 V30

    Thanks again for your interest and support of Dr Bonkers Soundlab files over the years. As a thank you, here's a coupon code for 10% off every item you purchase now, ending on 11:59 PM EDT April 15th: tax19! Coupon not valid on the $1.99 cabs, because they are priced low enough. Thanks again...
  98. dr bonkers

    'Star Wars: Episode IX' - Teaser

    This edition of Star Wars is like a crazy ex girlfriend. Just when you resolve yourself to have nothing to do with her ever again, she does something to give you temporary amnesia.
  99. dr bonkers

    Quality of everything is getting worse

    My stuff has been improving. Fractal Audio has always rocked. But it's hard to find quality in this world.
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