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    The future of DSP?

    Are you saying that we cannot take 9 women and have a baby in 1 month?!?!?!
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    The future of DSP?

    It sounds like this could tackle some problems, but not all of them. What about heavy causal algorithms? Having multiple cores works for things that can be run independently, for example "simple" cryptographic functions such as mining or password cracking. I suppose there are things that need...
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    Optimizing guitar for recording (metal)

    The TrueTemperament guys are in Stockholm, I am sure they have or know a few good techs. There is no point in perfect intonation if the setup sucks :) I'm sure they can help you.
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    Bit Crushed synth soundscape

    Like it? Love it!
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    Rhythm training app?

    He should play with a drummer. Real or MIDI. Not something as rigid as a metronome. This way, he will also learn to play around the beat: on, behind or ahead depending on the song. Given that the drummer is a good one. Practicing guitar and jamming with a drum loop is a more realistic scenario...
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    Best way to control feedback in live situations?

    It can be many factor but most likely two: - a buildup of frequencies which start the feedback - too much gain I'd go for too much gain. Other things to consider are: damping the pickup mounting springs (I don't think they play a big role with active pickups), working on your muting and...
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    Any way to "measure" remaining life of the battery?

    People, please don't panic. I have an Ultra still rocking with the original battery. Same with my MK1. These batteries do last a decade or more, unless it's a defective one.
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    Strange artefacts after muting strings

    If understand correctly what you guys are talking about, this stuff can be "fixed" with technique, heavier strings or a higher action. People gets really sensitive when it's a modeler and they tend to forget all the nastiness of the electric guitar.
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    Twangy high E string...

    ... or the slope of the nut. You can file it ad make sure there is no space between the string and the border of the nut on the fretboard side.
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    Offspring Axe-Fx Rig Rundown

    It does not matter, they have always sounded like a record live.
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    Axe-Fx in Italiano

    Per la reamp box, no. Il segnale che esce dalla scheda audio è già line level ed la chitarra ha visto un carico da "ampli" quando hai registrato in primo luogo. Per quanto riguarda le latenze, ogni DAW ha i suoi metodi. Il metodo migliore secondo me è quello di Mixbus che misura la latenza...
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    Custom Doubler Effect

    Found it! https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/double-tracking-effect-on-live-guitar.119376/page-8#post-1438535
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    Custom Doubler Effect

    I posted a preset in the emulating the tc mimc thread. It's exactly the same principle. Using two different amps, like a Marshall-based and a Mesa-based, reduces the HAAS effect a lot.
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    John Petrucci shows amp settings

    The SM7B is awesome. More "rounded" and the proximity effect is a little bit different. It's like an SM57 which does not cut your head off on the higher frets :) Edit: what's the mic on the far left?
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    Axe-Fx in Italiano

    Io come prima prova farei un test registrando la DI dall'output2. Poi per fare reamping entri dall'input 1 sul retro, altrimenti passi due volte dal circuito di "secret sauce". Prova e ascolta, se non senti differenze sonore allora sei a posto. Attento ai livelli ovvimanete :)
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    Wish Allow user assignment of midi channel AND cc#

    If you are using a so advanced programmer, looking into sending Sysex messages too could solve the issue.
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    Wish Allow user assignment of midi channel AND cc#

    What about listening on multiple MIDI channels instead? One could threat the Axe-Fx III as a full rig, gaining up to 16*127 CC messages.
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    Axe-Fx in Italiano

    Si, no, si. Puoi uscire mono e trattare il segnale come qualsiasi amplificatore microfonato. Bypassare la scheda audio in toto all'inizio ti permette di evitare di dover gestire latenza e quant'altro all'inizio però :) I cavi humbuster sono una genialata e al limite non fanno nulla nel caso in...
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    Axe-Fx in Italiano

    Oppure qualcosa con ambiente tipo i Westone AM30 pro (mai provati). Usare un solo in ear ti porterà ad ammazzarti i timpani.
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    Axe-Fx in Italiano

    Se hai delle cuffie closed back puoi provare. L'esperienza è simile, ma non identica, agli in-ear. Altre cose che possono aiutare per minimizzare la mancanza di feedback e quindi sustain: corde nuove, buon assetto, tastiera pulita e serve un po' più di controllo sull'inclinazione con cui...
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    What are you using for sustain?

    I just tried to use output 2 for the resonator. The chain was gate, filter and the fx loop block. The gate is to prevent the resonator to start too early in case your pickups are in front of it, the filter is used to reverse the phase of the signal when you want to. This achieves a MIDI...
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    [NOT A BUG] Tuner is off a bit

    I don't know in the III but on the II the 8-ball tuner and the horizontal one take the pitch information from different sources. When they don't agree, it is time to change the strings.
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    Should a computer case have electrical continuity to ground?

    Can you record the noise? Are you sure is THAT much? There is gonna be some noise no matter what and you probably could spend your energy to improve the shielding of the guitar instead or simply learn to manage the noise with the guitar volume and channel switching. I hope this sounds helpful...
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    What are you using for sustain?

    To calm your gas: it does have a little bit of tone suck buuuut one can always use output2 to feed it I guess :D
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    Need To Restart - Making an Uberschall Scream?

    The Uber has a resonance on the C note. A big one. Moreover, in my opinion it is very Marshally voiced (which I love) but with a kicking lowend, lower than usual guitar amps. The gain and presence make a lot of difference in the sound and feel. I like the gain between 2 and 3 to feel the wood...
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    What are you using for sustain?

    Can you elaborate a little more? This sounds like a "sustainiac" killer solutio :) I have a Vibesware resonator and it is very cool :)
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    Ibanez JEM Questions

    That will have a different neck profile. I actually prefer the older one, but it's useful to know it.
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    Ear Plugs question

    IMHO the Etymotic earplugs are very good and extremely cheap. I'd go for those or custom mold. I tried a few other brands of "musician friendly" earplugs and they make the sound worse even for low attenuation levels.
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    Reaper as DAW replacement?

    I tried that and I would not recomment this to anyone :P Reaper itself will work just fine, but all the plugins and stuff relying on some kind of protection will not.
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    Reaper as DAW replacement?

    This is, in my experience, applicable to everything on Reaper. The defaults are made by some sadic evil entity who wants you to pass your first weeks at just configuring the DAW itself. I tried to use Reaper quite a few times now, but it's always too much to fix out of the box for me. I am...
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    Man Cave/Studio ...from the ground up!!

    Watch out for damping the aluminum vibrations, otherwise you will gain a plate reverb all around the room. I had the same problem when we adapted an underground storage room to rehearsal room.
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    Possible limiter/ceiling problem

    According to the manual of the mixer Q is 1.8. I cut a little less than 3 dB and the freq was between 200 and 250 more or less.
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    Possible limiter/ceiling problem

    Hi there, I hear no pumping (CLR) but I cut a little bit a little under 250Hz on both channels and the mix got a lot more clarity. I don't have the exact frequency as I used a semi parametric EQ on my mixer to do the cut. It could be that the buildup in that region kicks in a protection on your...
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    Should a computer case have electrical continuity to ground?

    I would master the ancient art of the volume know. You will need that live anyway :)
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    Should a computer case have electrical continuity to ground?

    Can you describe the symptoms of the issue? Unless something is broken/unplugged/cold soldered in the inside of your axe-fx, your guitar is the thing sucking in EMI. By the way a UPS can/could fix ground loop issues for sure. I really doubt it helps against EMI, not on a "I can hear those with...
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    It's a sticky thread in this very section you posted to.
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    Axe-Fx in Italiano

    Questo è uno dei motivi per cui la mia attività sul forum si è ridotta quasi a zero. Fare discussioni interessanti e avere qualche sfida è un conto, ma girare intorno alle stesse cose trite e ritrite è un po' noioso. Magari questo thread, o uno nuovo, tornerà in voga :)
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    Increased Sustain (Without Increased Volume)

    There are of course compressors, boosters etc but a more physical approach would be to touch your speaker cabinet with the headstock of the guitar.
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    Friday Night Prog

    I still think that your prolific song writing requires more than just a template. That's you as an ingredient ;)
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    Friday Night Prog

    Man I sooo envy you! I am working on my process and getting better, but it still takes a lot of time. I used to write 90% of a song, then it was perfected with the band and finally a round with a producer, Doing all of this alone is very hard! Kudos on your abilities, commitment and superb result!
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    New computer suggestions?

    This could help http://www.aatranslator.com.au maybe?
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    Axe-Fx in Italiano

    Non si può clippare internamente (tra un blocco e l'altro) l'headroom interna è molto alta e i blocchi che potrebbero arrivare a clippare a causa di feedback (tipo i delay) hanno un limiter. In ogni caso, è buona cosa cercare di tenere gli effetti a guadagno unitario (così non hai sbalzi quando...
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    A 'Frank Zappa Roxy SG' for peanuts

    A Schaller LP tremolo maybe?
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    Wish 12 string effect

    It's impossible to clip internally since generation one, no matter how loud a block is. It's in the manual or the wiki somewhere :) About your idea: you can use two filter blocks into one or two pitch shifters or a crossover block. It will be an approximation but it should work.
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    [FIXED 1.06] Possible bug with Out 3?

    This can probably help: https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/for-those-wishing-for-an-archon-in-your-axe.122013/ Sorry for the OT.
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    DAW preference for old dog

    I recently moved to Mixbus 32C from Harrison. Wow that think makes so much sense. It's a DAW modeling a top dollar console, both in the sound and in the workflow. Every track has its own semi parametric eq, compressor, trim like a real console. Plus there are the mixbusses, with the tape...
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    [WON'T HAPPEN] Independency of Master Volume and Level in the AMP-Block

    This has been discussed so many times through the years and I think the easiest way is to use two knobs at once: decrease the amp block level while raising the master volume and vice versa.
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    Line 6 JTV 59

    Anyhow, if you like FW 2, the Standard is a good guitar for the price. So it can probably be a backup.
  49. G

    Line 6 JTV 59

    Could it be American vs Korean ones?
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    Guitar Setup Help Needed

    Because it's "thick" and not wounded. If you look at a true temperament neck, you will see how behind the traditional guitar frets the tempered notes are.
  51. G

    Guitar Setup Help Needed

    If you have the string action too high, the fretted note at the 12th fret will be always sharp. A bad string can give intonation issues. Some things to think about: How far is the fretted note from the harmonic? Are you sure there are no other things ringing and disturbing the tuner? For...
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    Wish Songs: sets of scenes

    Don't you think that the development resources could be better spent on global blocks? I mean, if you need special effects or unusual routing, global blocks will save a lot of time for programming and preset maintenance. By the way, do we know why there are no global blocks? I have using the...
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    22 Fret Super Strats

    I have a custom shop ESP The MirageII from the early ninenties, it's 22 frets with a floyd. Maybe they produce those again.
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    Can you tune a PA with a 31 band and iPhone?

    I'd actually work on mic and speaker placement. Exploit the pickup pattern of your mics and try to place them in a way so they cannot "hear" the speakers. Another thing that helps is cutting the stuff you don't need for each channel. For example, vocals probably don't need a lot of low...
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    Throwing a HB in my strat ( orientation ?)

    I quoted just a line to be more clean, but my bad. I didn't want to be rude. I probably didn't fully catch the point of your post :) Now I do.
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    Need help with pitch controlled modifier on bass preset

    That was exactly my first suggestion, but I wrote it very poorly :)
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    Throwing a HB in my strat ( orientation ?)

    Which is exactly what we are discussing in this thread: adding an HB to a Fender guitar.
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    Throwing a HB in my strat ( orientation ?)

    If the magnetic polarity of 2 coils is opposite and they have the same winding direction, they will be out of phase. One can exploit this to have hum cancelling in position 2 and 4 on a strat. The same applies if we are using a (splitted) bridge humbucker plus the middle pickup.
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    Throwing a HB in my strat ( orientation ?)

    HB pickups have the two poles with opposite orientation (N-S/S-N). This plays a role when splitting and combining the bridge pickup with the middle one.
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    Throwing a HB in my strat ( orientation ?)

    If you mix different brands, it's better to verify the polarity.
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    Studio Rackmount - Order and Use Suggestions?

    Some power conditioners emit electromagnetic interference. Some of them are so powerful that can create issues with other rack units. Found a link: https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/furman-ar-1215-and-emi.94102/ It's probably nothing given the physical design of the Axe.
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    Need help with pitch controlled modifier on bass preset

    Some tricks: Play higher with a modifier lowering the mix for higer notes. Use local pitch detection with a filter block cutting out the lows, run the pitch shifter in parallel. A compressor or a MB compressor before the pitch shifter could help. A drive before or after the pitch can help to...
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    Throwing a HB in my strat ( orientation ?)

    That depends on the polarity of the pickup itself and the one of the middle pickup. Dimarzios and SDs have different polarity on the "screw" and "stub" parts of the pickup. You can check the polarity by tapping the poles and then reading the output current with an analog multimeter, or just put...
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    Studio Rackmount - Order and Use Suggestions?

    IIRC some Furman power conditioners emit a quite strong EMI from their top. Some people had issues with those EMIs deleting/corrupting presets stored on rack units.
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    Taylor Swift - Style preset

    I think it is a direct guitar (no cab block) and the effect is a peak filter that changes frequency.
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    The joys of sidechaining

    The studio comp has a real sidechain where you can set a specific row as the sidechain input.
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    Mark Morton's exact Mesa Mark IV settings

    With both input drive and overdrive (lead gain and drive) at 8 it has plenty of gain for me. It feels like a Brit800 #34 with an American sound.
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    Same patches, different guitars?

    I do agree, if someone has different guitars in the same tuning, it means they are looking for a different sound. Right?
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    Variax thoughts?

    Balancing the strings volume fixed the detail and dynamics when soloing but that honky/banjo-like character all over the board is something I cannot get rid of. Edit: another thing, if you switch pickups often when soloing, that can be an issue, there is a short gap of silence when switching...
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    Variax thoughts?

    I bought a Standard last July. It takes quite some time to understand how to perform the setup of the instrument. Apart the usual stuff (action, neck, pickup height, etc.) there's the electronic part where you can/have to balance the volume of the different piezo pickups. After doing that, the...
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    My setup needs validation please !!!!

    The quality of the mixer and the gain staging are crucial if you are doing something like that. Make sure that your gain staging is correct and test the mixer by recording something from the computer, using the Axe as a playback device and then recording with your Focusrite. If everything...
  72. G

    My setup needs validation please !!!!

    ChrunchBob's method works too, I prefer the Aux because this way I can route other stuff from/to the soundcard. For example, I can even route some outputs of the soundcard back to it (after some processing with external HW). That's another story. To reply to cadeb, having left and right...
  73. G

    My setup needs validation please !!!!

    Use the aux send to record the guitar and then mute the guitar track in your DAW while recording. So you have guitar -> mixer. From the guitar channel strip(s), you have the fader(s) available to control the monitoring/listening volume of your guitar and be able to send the signal to your sound...
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    Delay feedback overload

    IIRC there is a switch to empty the delay buffer, you have to trigger that when bypassing (eventually with a modifier).
  75. G

    Studio Internship Diary

    IMHO the old school approach where you get the best input as possible is the most efficient ones. Then the plugins can help for small stuff. I think that Reaper default keybindings are totally crazy on these matters, it will take a while to make it behave in a matter that makes sense. You...
  76. G

    Delay feedback overload

    The bypass mode set to through will leave the input of the dealy open... for input. Using mute input or mute fx in (depending on your routing and mix needs) should take care of that.
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    The Axe FX with the UAD Apollo

    I think it's a matter of workflow. I prefer to get something sound good and then commit to it. For me it's a faster way to get the things done. Other people prefer to have more freedom for later. It's all good :)
  78. G

    The Axe FX with the UAD Apollo

    Then your soundcard has some sucky preamps :) The Axe-Fx analog outputs sound amazingly good.
  79. G

    Small "Pro" Mixer for Home use

    Hold your horses! IMHO you have a process problem, not a gear problem. You need to approach gain staging as a multi stage (pun intended, well not a pun) process: - Prepare your reference preset according to the Yek's guide. You don't even need the AX8 to be plugged in somewhere to do that...
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    Pre-cut frets with compound radius?

    Sounds like he filed the frets to a new radius. Taller on the edges and shorter in the middle.
  81. G

    Pre-cut frets with compound radius?

    Absolutely. If someone just installed the frets with a different curvature (without filing them to change the radius) they would stick up a little bit, killing the sustain.
  82. G

    The Axe FX with the UAD Apollo

    That makes no sense without context.
  83. G

    Windows 10?

    Make sure you don't! Monetisation of automated cyber attacks is on the rise and the basic ground to not be the next ransomware/whatever victim is to install the updates. Turning on the brain is also pretty good :) (not referring to levipeto here) In my opinion, if you go through all the...
  84. G

    The Axe FX with the UAD Apollo

    Whatever the self-noise of the Axe is, it is way lower than the noise of any electric guitar. As always, choosing what is best to the ears and serves the workflow is the best approach.
  85. G

    The Axe FX with the UAD Apollo

    As other said, recording in mono means that the channel (L/R) you are recording from does not play any role. About SPDIF vs analog: it depends on your soundcard preamps. Maybe they do something you like to the sound. Just test it. Another hint: if you play always in mono and have some post...
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    Gigging without IEM or Monitor???

    Not to mention that it could mess up your timing and so the feeling of the songs big time.
  87. G

    800 #34 is a Noisy Beast!

    Guys, while the nerd in me understands the fun about discussing these matters, the engineer in me thinks: - you are highjacking another person's thread - that level of noise is nothing compared to the noise coming from the guitar As a side note, it's nothing compared to the thermal noise of...
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    Preset adjustment and recording/mixing

    A good live PA has way more dynamic range of a recording. So, while live presets will probably translate ok, for recording you will probably need some extra carving in the lows and low mids plus maybe some more top end (because of panning, perception and other stuff crammed in two channels). On...
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    Dream Theater - Scarred ( solo ) cover

    I like how "manly" is your approach even with fast and complex stuff. You do make the guitar sound alive.
  90. G

    Expression pedal modifier value resets when changing patches

    What happens if you set something with the pedal, disconnect the Pod and then change the patch from the front panel?
  91. G

    Anyone using MIDI triggers live to control patch changes?

    The only suggestion I have is to plan a sensible solution and then stick with it. Whatever you are gonna use, it is gonna work in a way or in another. I used to have a Midi sequencer send patch changes to my pedalboard (as a single point of control) and render a click to the drummer. The...
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    Help please with gain staging

    Lowering the master will decrease the distortion in the poweramp, thus changing the sound. Lower the master until it sounds good and then raise the level to compensate.
  93. G

    Shrill in patch creation, sounds perfect in band mix?

    I have been playing mostly live since forever and most of my patches tend to have a lot of mids. They sound quite bad at low volume without the band.
  94. G

    Living on a Prayer Without an Expression Pedal

    Ouch, when I recorded that I have had been playing just with the backing track for a long and forgot the original riff :) Thanks man!
  95. G

    Living on a Prayer Without an Expression Pedal

    The patch I used in the video, from which I created the patch with the scenes attached here, was using an external controller to bypass the blocks needed for the talkbox. Is there an external controlled tied to something maybe?
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    Gig tonight, help needed quick !!!

    If the AX8 doesn't have that, adding other blocks will make no difference, since there will be no input impedance variation. Now that I think about it, the pop should not be that loud, it should be pretty much like the pop of a real wah.
  97. G

    Gig tonight, help needed quick !!!

    It can be the input impedance set to auto or the autoengage triggering something else too. If it's the first one, set the input impedance to 1M instead of auto, provided that the AX8 has this feature.
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    Wish Level Control Generator in Axe Edit

    I don't want to "kill" your idea, just give some things to think about. In my opinion, the response of too many things is related to the dynamics of playing so having a signal generator will actually slow you down. Anyway, a synth with a white noise or pink noise generator is a good place to...
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