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  1. bluesmostly


    Started up the MFC and I am getting this message: "AXE-FX NAME TIMEOUT!" and nothing is working. Any way to reboot the unit to get it working again?
  2. bluesmostly

    Best Pedal Board for MFC + 2 exp pedals?

    What is your choice?
  3. bluesmostly

    Buzzing Fan

    Turned on my AXE II yesterday and a loud buzzing sound started right away and would not stop. I took the cover off and sure enough it was the fan. I imagine it is wearing out. Any ideas on replacement fans? I have send an email to Fractal tech support but no response yet.
  4. bluesmostly

    Loud POPPING when changing scenes

    After loading the new FW I found lots of presets were much louder and different sounding. The amps on the two presets that I use the most were very different and I re-selected them and tweaked them to get them close to the way I want them to sound. The other problem is that on those two...
  5. bluesmostly

    reloading amp model

    updated from 6 to 8 firmware model and soe amp models are out of wack. It says in the FW 7 notes to reloaded by 'deselecting' and 're-selecting' the desired model,... probably a dumb question but that is why I come here,... how is this done?
  6. bluesmostly


    Haven't checked in here for a while, I am still on FW 6.00. What am I in for when I take some time in the next couple of days to update to the newest FW?
  7. bluesmostly

    "That Lady" (Isley Brothers) tone

    anyone got a preset with this fuzzy phasey tone?
  8. bluesmostly

    the levels thing on the Utility page?

    I liked the new addition of the level meter on the utility page that helped to adjust and balance the volume output of the different presets - it does not work anymore with the new FW. Anyone know how to get it back online?
  9. bluesmostly

    Tone Match block,... duh.

    I have been using my nylon string acoustic with my band as we like to play some latin, rumba style stuff. I created a simple preset on the AXE FX that I switch over to when I change from my electric: COMP-PEQ-TUBEPRE-GEQ-DLY... It is a good tone and very much like the sound of the acoustic...
  10. bluesmostly


    just turned on the AXE II and it is frozen - the input lights are all lit up as well as the edit, midi, and output lights, the screen is blank, nothing. tried re-starting it a couple of times, nothing. this has never happened to me before. qu'est qu'c'est?
  11. bluesmostly

    nylon string acoustic tone

    I play my nylon string acoustic thru the axe and I simply use the tube pre and a bit of delay and some Graphic Eq but I would sure like to get a tone more like this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gcKcuPWDwxc any ideas?
  12. bluesmostly

    new presets?

    Is there a list of the new presets somewhere?
  13. bluesmostly

    bank transfer question

    Hi guys, I have backed up my banks to the Fractal Bot and now I want to upload them onto my 2nd unit, my 'back up' AXE. can I do that from the Bot, or do I have to use AXE Edit? thanks
  14. bluesmostly

    scenes Q

    I am setting up scenes with 2 amps (X,Y) - the Y amp is automatically muted, no output. ??
  15. bluesmostly

    Where the Frac is the preset mix page?

    I just updated from 15.03 and I hit layout for a particular preset that I wanted to adjust the overall volume of, went to page over to the 'mix' page so I could adjust the 'main' output,... not there. This is how I adjust the volumes between different presets. What the Frac is going on?
  16. bluesmostly

    FAS 6160

    I was auditioning a bunch of amp models since updating the FW and much to my surprise the FAS 6160 has become my go to lead amp - amazing. I never would have picked this one out of the many great amps in the AXE, but is it ever good. I just used my ears and didn't even know what I was playing...
  17. bluesmostly

    looper/scenes question

    I am using banks of 5 and I have presets on the first two sets of banks that I use, So I use the 'UP/DOWN' toggles to scroll between them. I also use the looper on some presets so I use the REVEAL button to access that, but now I no longer have the reveal button to access SCENES. Any way I can...
  18. bluesmostly

    changing preset names on the AXE

    I remember doing this I think a few years ago but I can't remember how or find the info. How do you change the name of a preset on the AXE II?
  19. bluesmostly

    preset for acoustic guitar

    how do you set up a simple preset to plug your acoustic guitar into, either steel string or nylon string? I play acoustic in some songs and I would like to run it thru the AXE rather than the board so I can use effects and volume pedal as well. thanks!
  20. bluesmostly

    MFC artsy labels

    Hi guys, I decided to do up some fancy painted stomp labels for the MFC. I got a pack of magnetic business cards from an office supply store, they are the perfect size when cut in 1/2. I then just had fun with spray paint, and then I wrote the names with a white-out pen, also from the office...
  21. bluesmostly

    expression pedal does not sweep all the way

    I have a couple or Rocktron Hex pedals for volume and wah that I have been using with the Rocktron Allaccess controler. now that I have the MFC I set them up but they only sweep about 30% of the way for wah and volume. this is especially problematic with the wah function as I cannot do a full...
  22. bluesmostly

    cat5 won't stay put

    my MFC is a mark II, my Axe II is not (so no ethercon connection). I have a cat5 cable (from Futureshop) and it sticks into the MFC and locks into place but on the Axe it keeps popping out as it won't seat or lock into place. what kind of connection are you guys using for ethernet on the...
  23. bluesmostly

    switching scenes on the MFC

    finally got the MFC and I set it up with the default settings - bank of 5 presets and 12 IAs for effects on/off. Is there a way to switch scenes within the presets on the MFC while keeping that same set-up? thanks.
  24. bluesmostly

    tap tempo - who uses it?

    I have never paid any attention to the 'TEMPO' function on the AXE FX, except to notice that the little green light flashes. What do you guys use it for? I notice some people who post pics of their MFC set-ups (my MFC is on its way here this week so I am looking for ideas on how I want to...
  25. bluesmostly

    inputs on the RCF NX 12 SMA

    I have an RCF NX 12 SMA and it has 2 inputs, 1/4" and an xlr. this might be a simple/dumb question but can I use both inputs simultaneously without damaging something? I would like to run the AXE into one of them and then the computer or something into the other for backing tracks for...
  26. bluesmostly

    10.06 - 9v cabs

    Thanks Cliff! I was one of those that preferred the more slick polished sound (Cliff's description) of FW 9 for a couple of the high gain amps that I use. although I spent a lot of time tweaking to soften the edges of the new sound, which was a bit too bright, fizzy and biting for my...
  27. bluesmostly

    MFC Mark I & II

    can anyone tell me what the differences are between the MFC Mark I & II? Besides the new Ethercon connector mentioned on the Fractal site.
  28. bluesmostly

    Smooth Lead Preset

    I have been searching the preset exchange for a smooth lead tone, similar to the one from the older firmware and factory preset versions on the Axe. I want it to be chewy and greasy and blendy and slick sounding,...if those adjectives help at all. thanks!
  29. bluesmostly

    creating a preset for acoustic guitars

    I am wondering what the best approach would be to create a patch for acoustic guitars, both steel and nylon string. What would the signal chain look like? any need for amp or cab? compression, filter,...? I just know I would like some reverb. thanks.
  30. bluesmostly

    loud buzzing when engaging drive pedal

    I am using the AXE II and a Rocktron Hex expression pedal into the Rocktron Allaccess. When I use the pedal to turn on and off the drive pedal in the Axe, it buzzes loud. It won't buzz if I just have a drive pedal in the signal chain but as soon as I link it to the expression pedal -...
  31. bluesmostly

    Satriani's tone on Black Swans...

    Does anyone have a preset that cops this tone? listen to the solo starting around 2:30. I love this 'greasy' juicy lead tone: Joe Satriani- Wormhole Wizards (NEW) - YouTube Thanks, D
  32. bluesmostly


    what is the scoop on 6.00? major upgrade and changes? is it available yet?
  33. bluesmostly

    violin patch, no output vol

    I guys, I just figured out, thanks to some help here, how to use the Axe-Edit to download user presets onto the Axe II. I got a couple from here, a Ford/Carlton Dumble one, and it works great. The second one was a Violin preset, but it has no output volume, can't hear it. whasup?
  34. bluesmostly

    Firmware update using Axe Edit?

    Got my AXE II about 3 weeks ago (have had the Standard since 07) and after spending some time learning how to use it and putting together some patches I am ready to get the latest firmware, 5.04. It has 4.01 right now. Is there a step by step tutorial for how to do this on the wiki page or...
  35. bluesmostly

    so what's up with high gain stuff on the II?

    I think I read something about this on here a few months ago, but that was before I got my AXE II, and I can't track it down right now. I find the high gain amps sound 'grainy' and 'scratchy' with the same amount of gain on the dial compared to the gen 1 models. Do I have to approach how I...
  36. bluesmostly

    how do I get rid of the dotted line?

    trying to set up a wah at the front of the chain but when I plug one into the block, it comes up with dotted lines around it, meaning it is off, and I can't get it to work with my pedal (external 1). I know I have done this before with my Standard, and it must be simple - BUT I JUST CAN'T REMEMBER!
  37. bluesmostly

    pedal problem

    I have a Rocktron expression pedal that I am using for wah and to turn on and off Drive. The problem is the pedal turns off the volume of the entire preset when it is in the 'off' position, toe up. I know it must be a simple function that I am overlooking but I can't seem to find it... Help!!!
  38. bluesmostly

    deleting patches?

    looks like I have all the patches on my Ultra used up (382, filled up by previous owner) is there any way to delete some of these so I can make more room for my own?
  39. bluesmostly

    Rocktron All Access set-up Q

    Has anyone set up their All Access in the following manner? - here is what I want it to look like: 11. flange 12. phaser 13. pitch 14. rotary 15. synth 6. drive#1 7. drive #2 8. drive #3 9. delay 10. chorus 1. amp#1 2. amp#2 3. amp #3 4. amp#4 5. amp#5...
  40. bluesmostly

    vol pedal q's

    I have a hex pedal that I use for Wah and I think I might need a volume pedal as I do not have enough volume range to get on top of the mix for solos most of the time. Can you guys who use one with the Axe tell me how that all works? thanks, David
  41. bluesmostly

    Scott Petersons' Wah info

    I had a chart of the sweep patern that Scott suggested for the Wah but I can't find it anymore - does anyone have that, or even know what I am referring to? Scott maybe, if you are around? it showed a good way to configure the Wah for a natural sounding sweep... thanks! David
  42. bluesmostly

    quick wah/exp pedal q

    I have my hex pedal hooked up to my Rocktron All Access and it is working fine for wah but I have a question that I saw answered some time ago but I can't track it down now... is there a way to make the wah function engage as soon as you move the pedal and shut off when you stop moving it...
  43. bluesmostly

    exceess cpu storage?!?!?

    HELP,...I just downloaded the latest firmware to my standard and while I was trying to get it to work for me on one of the attempts to transfer the data my first preset was erased (00 - dual clean), the other dual clean presets, there are still two in there, flash the phrase "excess cpu storage...
  44. bluesmostly

    midiot needs help updating firmware

    I did read as much as I could in the help pages but I think I might be missing something basic,,, 1. went to fractal site downloaded firmware into a file on my computer, did same with Midiox and installed it on my computer. 2. hooked up m-audio midisport 1x1, connected usb to computer and...
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