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  1. guitargeorge

    New super lightweight wireless...

    Looks cool! These appear to be the same: http://rifftonefx.com/5.html http://www.carparelliguitars.com/index.php/component/rokecwid/?Itemid=157#!/5-8GHz-Wireless-Transmission-S/p/125270851/category=32911713...
  2. guitargeorge

    FC Internal Firmware 1.05

    Thanks Bryan! Perhaps it is wise to also update the official Fractal's website? You know, for the folks who do not ever (or rarely) visit this forum. (The same goes for the official Axe Fx III firmware; the website publishes the latest Axe-Edit (which needs Axe Fx III firmware Ares 5.x or...
  3. guitargeorge

    Welcome: FC Controllers!

    Okay; that is a good solution. But let's say I would like to use 3M Lock Tape (or velcro) to put the FC-x to a flat board; can you dismantle the "side-feet"?
  4. guitargeorge

    Fractal-Bot 2.11.1

    You did it again, Michael! Very fast resolved.Thanks!
  5. guitargeorge

    Fractal-Bot 2.11.0

    Michael, When you create a backup with Fractal-Bot using the "Backup an individual preset" method; the software is unable to query the patch/preset number. It's of course no problem (backup-wise), since Fractal-Bot is indeed creating a backup of your preset. However the message appears every...
  6. guitargeorge

    Fractal-Bot 2.8.5 Released

    On Windows I cannot reproduce the above bug; so it works fine. I am going to assume that you can reproduce this and what you mean by "...just tried this......" is you selected preset 0 or 1 and when you "Back up an individual preset" it freezes Fractal-Bot and the Axe Fx 2? I do not own a Mac...
  7. guitargeorge

    Fractal-Bot 2.8.4 Released

    Ah............. bummer! I don't know how to help you any further. We both know that something (process? other program?) on your Win 10 system is blocking Fractal-Bot, because indeed Fractal-Bot is running on Win 10 smoothly. Do you have any "exotic" programs running on your system?
  8. guitargeorge

    Fractal-Bot 2.8.5 Released

    Well..................that was fast! Thank you kindly.
  9. guitargeorge

    Fractal-Bot 2.8.4 Released

    Have you tried the following? When you see the process in task-manager; kill it en try to start Fractal-Bot again. Perform a complete uninstall of Fractal-Bot 2.8.4; then a fresh installation. Is there a virus-scanner on your computer and could it be that it constantly is blocking Fractal-Bot...
  10. guitargeorge

    Fractal-Bot 2.8.4 Released

    When I want to backup an individual preset (no. 1) I get the following error: This is the first time I have ever witnessed this error. The first thing I see is that Fractal-Bot wants to backup preset no 0 (I get the same error as above) which is strange because I have no preset no 0 and in...
  11. guitargeorge

    RCF NX12 alternative?

    I have done exactly the same (although I did not own the 12" RCF's, but the 10" ones).
  12. guitargeorge

    'Gifted' Guitarists

    "Becoming an expert in the musical domain: It takes more than just practice": - PsychologyToday: https://www.psychologytoday.com/files/u81/satz__Detterman__Griscom__and_Cirullo__2008_.pdf - Psychologicalscience.org: '+windowtitle+'
  13. guitargeorge

    Pick Two Factory Cabs to Replace

    I agree; this would be a sensible option.
  14. guitargeorge

    Looking for a thread - switching amp settings via scenes

    http://forum.fractalaudio.com/axe-fx-ii-discussion/77486-more-scene-controller-tips.html ??
  15. guitargeorge

    Nerd Humour

    Computer programmers work in a number of different number-bases (for example: binary; 2, octal; 8, decimal; 10 and hexadecimal; 16). So to avoid confusion, they often indicate which base they are working in by prefixing their numbers with the first three letters of the base name (bin, oct, dec...
  16. guitargeorge

    Nerd Humour

    For the sake of it...............for the Open Source forum-members ;) There are four engineers in a car; an electrical engineer, a chemical engineer, a mechanical engineer and a Microsoft engineer. Suddenly the car just stops by the side of the road, and the three engineers look at each other...
  17. guitargeorge

    Nerd Humour

    A biologist, a chemist, and a statistician are out hunting. The biologist shoots at a deer and misses 5ft to the left. The chemist takes a shot and misses 5ft to the right. The statistician yells "We got 'em!"
  18. guitargeorge

    Upgrade to 12

    Perhaps using a USB-cable to connect your Axe Fx 2 to a computer? There is a manual on the FAS website: Fractal Audio Systems - Fractal-Bot MIDI Utility for the Axe-Fx II and MFC-101. It explains exactly what to to.
  19. guitargeorge

    Backing up the MFC-101

    It's nice to see that you take such effort in creating this software.
  20. guitargeorge

    Backing up the MFC-101

    I cannot confirm the procedure with fractal-bot, but I have performed backups and restores a lot of times with Midi-OX. Perhaps you could try different settings?
  21. guitargeorge

    Need opinion on Suhr modern guitars for shredding!

    Perhaps these fit the bill (?): 80s Shred
  22. guitargeorge

    Axe-Edit 1.9 Beta is Released

    It clears your user cabs. Installed firmware is unaffected. It is explained on the Fractal website: http://www.fractalaudio.com/p-axe-edit-software.php (look at issue number 5) and http://forum.fractalaudio.com/axe-fx-ii-discussion/68454-fw10-system-clean-syx.html ("It overwrites your system...
  23. guitargeorge

    MFC v2.15 - IA default settings after updating firmware

    Just reset your MFC-101 to factory default settings (reboot with switch 11 held down); the IA-switches should be the same as in the manual.
  24. guitargeorge

    Upgraded to new firmware on both AxeFXII and MFC101..have problems..help!

    Look at the Bank/Song Limit parameter; it prevents scrolling through banks/songs you don't need. Available since firmware 2.13. You have to change this parameter to scroll through multiple banks. Your MFC-101 2.02 firmware version will not work with the Axe-Fx 2 version 9 firmware; so be...
  25. guitargeorge

    My axe fx just blew up.

    I am almost 100% sure that your PSU (Power Supply Unit) has blown. You have faced exactly the same as I have a couple of months ago (as a few other Axe-Fx owners). You can change the PSU in probably less than 5 minutes and you're good to go (well hopefully). Nevertheless it has done something to...
  26. guitargeorge

    Back Up MFC

    You are welcome; although I would like to emphasize that these "steps/procedures" are not mine. I just read them somewhere on this forum.
  27. guitargeorge

    Newbie help: Screen blank, no response

    It could be that your power supply unit is broken. My advice is to contact support and tell them what your problem is.
  28. guitargeorge

    Back Up MFC

    Yes; this is correct. I cannot recall that I have ever used the power-adapter, but I just copied the text/steps I had documented for myself. So in the end you can choose whether you want to use the adapter or the ethernet-cable for power. It doesn't matter, because somehow the MFC-101 has to be...
  29. guitargeorge

    Back Up MFC

    Instead of choosing DUMP at the MFC-101; you choose LOAD (see MFC-101 manual on page 67: SysEx Data Dump/Load). Please make sure you use the same instructions as in a firmware-update (but instead of holding down footswitch 1 (enters firmware update mode) during power on; you use the LOAD option...
  30. guitargeorge

    Back Up MFC

    MFC-101 creating a backup/dump: 1. Connect the Axe-Fx II to your computer, through USB. 2. In the Axe-Fx II's MIDI menu, set SendRealtimeSysex to NONE, and UsbAdapterMode to ON. 3. Power down the Axe-Fx II. 4. Connect the Axe-Fx II's MIDI-IN to the MFC-101's MIDI-OUT with a 5-pin MIDI cable. 5...
  31. guitargeorge

    Backing up the MFC-101

    MFC-101 creating a backup/dump: 1. Connect the Axe-Fx II to your computer, through USB. 2. In the Axe-Fx II's MIDI menu, set SendRealtimeSysex to NONE, and UsbAdapterMode to ON. 3. Power down the Axe-Fx II. 4. Connect the Axe-Fx II's MIDI-IN to the MFC-101's MIDI-OUT with a 5-pin MIDI cable. 5...
  32. guitargeorge

    Back Up MFC

    Yes I have done it multiple times (creating and restoring a backup/dump). What I have been using is (since I have no MIDI-device) the Axe-Fx 2 and MIDI-OX; so the dump goes through the Axe to my PC. Every time (up to now) has been successful. Good luck with the dump.
  33. guitargeorge

    Loading IR's

    Quoted from the Axe-Edit manual: "Sending User Cab IRs to the Axe-Fx: This tutorial assumes that you have copied your cab files and folders to the default cabs folder, located at \documents\Fractal Audio\Workspace\Axe-Edit\Cabs. 1. Begin with the Axe-Fx : User Cabs view selected (see The User...
  34. guitargeorge

    Official Axe-Edit Update Thread.

    I could not agree more. This thread has outlived its usefulness completely. I cannot think of any reason why it's not been locked already. It certainly has nothing to do with update info on Axe-Edit.
  35. guitargeorge

    Reamp for dummy

    Perhaps you should watch this. Reamping explained with the Axe Fx 2: Axe-FX II Tutorial (en): Reamping - YouTube. Edit: Sprada is faster (in responding) than lightning!
  36. guitargeorge

    Question about bank switching with the MFC Compared to a ground control pro.

    Yes; you can do this. Read page 16 of the MFC-101 manual; section 4.2 Bank Style. You have to set it to NONE.
  37. guitargeorge

    How do I do this on MFC for boost?

    Did you set your IA-switch to NONE? The steps are: Set an IA SWITCH to "NONE" Set its CC# to that of OUT1 VOLUME Set the OFF value to (for example) "111" (the unboosted level) Set the ON value to (for example) "127" (the boosted level) Read carefully the MFC-101 manual chapter 5.2...
  38. guitargeorge

    Any way to always have a "Boost" and a "Wah" in every Pre-set??

    If you read the MFC-101 manual on page 22 (and 23/24), section 5.2 General Use IA Switches; it will explain exactly what to do if you desire a global boost switch.
  39. guitargeorge

    MFC problem the day before a gig!!! HELP!

    Unshielded Twisted Pair (as opposed to STP: Shielded Twisted Pair): Twisted pair - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
  40. guitargeorge

    Noob question

    No; the banks do not upgrade automatically to version 7 (when you installed the firmware). "The easiest way" to do this is probably different for each person. Open Axe-Edit; select Source; Select Bank File; navigate to Save as; select Send Bank to Hardware; choose which Bank (A,B or C). You can...
  41. guitargeorge

    Is something wrong with my Axe FX 2?

    It happened on mine when I was practising the guitar. I did not update to any firmware version nor was I changing presets/parameters or whatever ( I was not near the unit). All of a sudden I hear a loud pop and the Axe-Fx 2 was dead. Since an hour ago the new PSU (and silent fan) arrived and I...
  42. guitargeorge

    Is something wrong with my Axe FX 2?

    According to this thread (http://forum.fractalaudio.com/lounge/52945-my-axe-fx-ii-just-died.html) there are some people who've had issues as described above and the PSU seem to fixed it. I have exactly the same issue and G66 send me a new PSU (it has not arrived yet). This was after I heard a...
  43. guitargeorge


    I have exactly the same problem (just a few hours ago). G66 will send a new PSU. My confidence in the Axe-Fx 2 has reached a low point.
  44. guitargeorge

    Handling patches..

    IMHO there is no "real" way of handling presets; just try to find a method which suits you. If you have opened Axe-Manage, you can right-click on any preset; it will show you a menu with several options. One of them is "Send to Axe-FX", here you can choose if you want to upload (to your Axe-Fx)...
  45. guitargeorge

    Help!!! MFC-101 and Boss FV-500

    Let's take a wah-block as an example. I am going to assume you have followed chrisallen8888 instructions or you can also just connect your expression-pedal in EXP2; it already has (by default) CC#16 assigned (so you do not need to assign or change anything). Put in a wah-block in your preset...
  46. guitargeorge

    X-Y preset question

    I understand that do not have a Axe-Fx right now in your possession; this is probably a reason why it could be confusing. There are several possible options regarding the x/y buttons. Danny W. already explained what would happen if you would use the frontpanel buttons. Again; you can switch all...
  47. guitargeorge

    X-Y preset question

    As lp59 already mentioned, you have to assign an IA-switch for x/y switching (at your MFC-101). Read this first: Effect blocks: X/Y switching - Axe-Fx II Wiki. You have more choices than just the AMP-block for x/y-switching (see page 172 of your Axe-Fx 2 manual for these blocks and their...
  48. guitargeorge


    I just checked preset 016 EURO BLUE and by default it has no pan/trem block in it, because of this you will see no lights (green/red) on your MFC-101 switch 11. Basically, you have three options: GREEN=Effect Present & Active RED=Effect Present & Bypassed OFF=Effect Not Present Maybe the...
  49. guitargeorge

    Skipping Preset 000

    OK; I am not sure if this can be done if your wish is not to renumber the presets (and not to use the display-offset options). If your wish is the same as user Patzag (to have some kind of a template/tweakpreset) then I would suggest to choose a preset number at the end of a bank instead at the...
  50. guitargeorge

    Skipping Preset 000

    This is also just a setting in Axe-Edit you can change/modify (Settings > Application Settings --> GUI). I am confused what you want to achieve regarding your request: "There will no longer be a preset 000." Preset 000 will exist, but only be numbered differently. Maybe I am having a semantics...
  51. guitargeorge

    Wish x/y assignable as an external

    Yes I agree; this would be an extremely useful feature.
  52. guitargeorge

    Open Issues List

    Yes, I understand what you're saying. I was just referring to the bugs (certainly not the source-code and whether or not it should be made available).
  53. guitargeorge

    Open Issues List

    In the open-source world it's quite common; for example: openSUSE:Submitting bug reports - openSUSE. All the bugs can be read by anyone who's interested (there are even categories like "most annoying bugs" and so forth). However I do agree that this is a lot of work (to maintain) and I am not...
  54. guitargeorge

    Why can't I restore MFC-101 settings?

    You can download it here: Support and Downloads | Elektron (search for Applications and then C6 Sysex Manager). Good luck.
  55. guitargeorge

    For the Love of God Tone Match

    You could be right, but when you look at the following clip I cannot detect a sustainer on his guitar and his sustain "seems" almost endless: 25- Steve Vai - For The Love Of God - Live At Sevilla 91.mpg - YouTube
  56. guitargeorge

    Dump and restore

    Yes; I just created a backup of my MFC-101. The above steps will work.
  57. guitargeorge

    Dump and restore

    If I am not mistaken than the following steps can be taken: EDITED: I just tested the following procedure and it works. 1. Connect the Axe-Fx II to your computer, through USB. 2. In the Axe-Fx II's MIDI menu, set SendRealtimeSysex to NONE, and UsbAdapterMode to ON. 3. Power down the Axe-Fx II...
  58. guitargeorge

    Dump and restore

    Hi Minuteman; no this is not the case. I do not have a MIDI-interface and if I understand Mr.Guitarabuse correctly, you are going to use the Axe-Fx2 as a MIDI-interface. See first the how-to on the wiki-page (see: Yeks MFC-101 How-Tos page - Fractal Audio Systems Wiki To upgrade using the Axe-Fx...
  59. guitargeorge

    Dump and restore

    Thank you very much for your response. Maybe someone could this copy to the MFC-101 wiki-pages?
  60. guitargeorge

    Dump and restore

    Yes I understand how to update the firmware to the MFC-101; but as you suggested is it also possible to follow this procedure and do the opposite (so from the MFC-101 to my PC)?
  61. guitargeorge

    Dump and restore

    I asked the same question (months ago) and nobody responded; so I guess most people create a backup of their MFC-settings with a midi-interface (instead of using the Axe-Fx 2 as a midi-interface). I will try to find out through G66; maybe they have an answer. I will let you know as soon as possible.
  62. guitargeorge

    Edit causing Axe to freeze up

    I have the same issues. Randomly Axe-Edit (v. 1.0.299) causes Axe-Fx 2 (firmware 6) to freeze/lock. Yesterday for example when editing a wah-wah block, but also when navigating to other presets. Never had these issues before.
  63. guitargeorge

    Need Firmware 1.04

    You do not need to upgrade to 1.04 before moving on to 2.0. You can directly upgrade to 2.0; but if your present firmware is older than 1.04, then you have to perform a factory reset (so all your MFC-settings will be gone!). If you would like to upgrade to 1.04 first; PM me (I will send you the...
  64. guitargeorge

    Newbie AxeFX II + Edit / Manage 1.0273 - preset copying into manage issue

    Maybe the following link could be helpful for you: Axe-Edit: managing presets with Axe-Manage - Axe-Fx II Wiki
  65. guitargeorge

    Preset on when when changing bank up or down

    Yes; you can modify this. Your "Bankstyle" is probably set to current. You have to set it to none (MFC-101 manual; page 60 / section 12.5.7). This way you can always choose wich preset you want to use (within that bank of course).
  66. guitargeorge

    Error 14

    According to the MFC-101 manual error 14 means "Image Checksum Failed". Since you already tried 7 times to update the firmware; could it be that the firmware-file is corrupt? So download again the 1.04 version (or wait until version 1.05 arrives) and try to update the MFC again. If this does not...
  67. guitargeorge


    OK; that is strange. What firmware is installed on your MFC-101? I do not know if you already have a lot of things/stuff modified on the controller, but perhaps perform a backup first, do a system reset and then try again to change the song-names. After reading your post again: what exactly do...
  68. guitargeorge


    Could you explain to us exactly what steps have you taken? Did you change the operating mode of the MFC-101 to SONG (instead of the default: PRESET)? The preset-names on your Axe-Fx have nothing to do with the song-names on your MFC-101 (the song-mode "replaces" more or less the banks on the...
  69. guitargeorge

    Expression Boss FV 500h

    I do not quite understand what you mean (the move from 7-9?). I have a Boss FV500H and it works fine with the MFC-101 controller. When I calibrate it on the MFC-101, the range is MIN (000) and MAX (115). I believe I once read a thread/post about the fact (?) that your Axe-Fx correlates the MAX...
  70. guitargeorge

    Just had my axe fx 2 help!

    Well; start reading the manuals and wiki-pages: New users: quick start - Axe-Fx II Wiki G66 - Fractal Audio You can download the beginners-guide from the G66-url.
  71. guitargeorge

    Axe-Fx in Nederland en België

    Je mag wel een keer bij mij langs komen (woon in "de Achterhoek"; is uiteraard wel in het Oosten, maar nog steeds een aardig eindje uit de buurt van Zwolle). Laat me maar weten via PM of je interesse hebt. Uiteraard wil/hoef ik er niets voor te hebben en de koffie (en broodjes) zullen klaar...
  72. guitargeorge

    Curious about macros

    Maybe this thread could be helpful: http://forum.fractalaudio.com/mfc-discussion/39864-1-step-3-ia-actions-possible.html#post539974. It is just an example of how you could assign multiple actions to one switch. The wiki-pages could also help you: Yeks MFC-101 How-Tos page - Fractal Audio Systems...
  73. guitargeorge

    Display offset in Axe Edit?

    I have configured the Axe-Fx with Display Offset set to 1 (I/O menu; MIDI-page) and of course the corresponding settings in the MFC-101 (the Axe-Fx DisplayOfst and MFC DisplayOfst) also set to 1. I do not recall having any problems with the numbering, but I haven't used extensively Axe-Edit...
  74. guitargeorge

    Display offset in Axe Edit?

    Yes you can modify this in Axe-Edit. Search for settings; Application Settings; GUI.
  75. guitargeorge

    dont know what I am doing HELP!

    I can only respond to your (only) question about saving the presets. Basically you can use your Axe-Fx as the "controller" for your presets (see MIDI-mapping (Map From/Map To feature): Axe-Fx Wiki Manual - Fractal Audio Systems Wiki). Alternatively you can use your MFC-101 for "controlling" the...
  76. guitargeorge

    More stereo routing confusion

    Yes; this is how I would do this.
  77. guitargeorge

    More stereo routing confusion

    OK I understand; but I assumed that you were familiar with the common mix parameters (page 112: section 5.36); these explain exactly how to get a dry/wet mix. Almost every block has a mix-page. It is here where you control your dry/wet mix. Please let us know if this is understandable.
  78. guitargeorge

    More stereo routing confusion

    I believe you can find your answers by reading the manual on page 154 and 155 (section 16.7: Mono and Stereo). The mixology paragraph explains how to mix your use of the parameters. The most important part to understand is: channels 1-4 of the OUTPUT mixer are fed respectively by the stereo...
  79. guitargeorge

    Help on patches for Noob

    Maybe this will help you: Amplifier (FX block): details of all amp types - Axe-Fx II Wiki. It provides information about the amps, but also stock cabinet suggestions. Basically; if you like the tone/sound, you can use any amp with any cabinet of your choice. How to create presets I would...
  80. guitargeorge

    Video tutorial on loading the new V5 preset banks on to your Axe FX

    I just tested the above issue and I can confirm that the upload of banks to the Axe-Fx 2 did not work on my WinXPSP3 (x86) system. The WinXP system was a "clean" system (so only the O.S., with Axe USB-driver and of course Axe-Edit installed; no other software). I am not sure what exactly the...
  81. guitargeorge

    Video tutorial on loading the new V5 preset banks on to your Axe FX

    It's the question that s0c9 asked; is your O.S. a 32-bit or 64-bit O.S.? (you can check this (for example) by right-clicking on computer (in the start-menu), select properties and see what system type you have. But for now I'm going to assume that it will be a 32-bit system (like the other...
  82. guitargeorge

    Video tutorial on loading the new V5 preset banks on to your Axe FX

    OK; if you need more help; then we need some more information. s0c9 already asked if you are all using WinXP (the answers seem to be yes) and what architecture (x86 or x86-64) are you using? Did you try to upload just one preset and if so; was it successful? Are you using the default...
  83. guitargeorge

    Please recommend a FRFR Speaker for Axe FX II

    Please; perform a search in the Amps and Cabs section. There are numerous threads/posts about this subject.
  84. guitargeorge

    Video tutorial on loading the new V5 preset banks on to your Axe FX

    If I understood you correctly, then everything works fine, except the MIDI-transfer. Did you test (for example) to upload just one preset (instead of the whole bank)? Right now I'm running Win7 (x64); so I cannot test it on WinXP (perhaps I have some time this weekend and run WinXP as a virtual...
  85. guitargeorge

    Noise Gate Question

    You're welcome (graag gedaan); your Dutch is amazing!:lol Your search (for 2 hours) must at least have let you to more information (I hope?) (and that's a good thing in my opinion).
  86. guitargeorge

    Noise Gate Question

    The built-in noise-gate can be edited within Axe-Edit by clicking on INPUT (the left side of the grid).
  87. guitargeorge

    Axe-Fx II Firmware Version 5.01 Up

    If you updated the banks with version 5, then you do not have to update the banks again in 5.1. Axe-Edit shows (in your case) firmware version 5.1, but if you really want to be sure; check the firmware version on your Axe-Fx 2 (Utility - page Firmware). Everything is probably OK.
  88. guitargeorge

    a question about the signal chaining via the Axe Edit.

    To create different signal chains read the Axe-Edit Operation manual (page 11; section 3.6.2): http://www.fractalaudio.com/downloads/manuals/axe-edit/Axe-Edit-Operation-Manual.pdf I am going to guess that the curvy cables you mentioned are bypassed blocks.
  89. guitargeorge

    Video tutorial on loading the new V5 preset banks on to your Axe FX

    I am not sure if the following will help you, but nevertheless: 1) Delete your Axe-Edit.settings file (C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\Fractal Audio\Axe-Edit\Axe-Edit.settings); remember "Application Data" is (by default) a hidden directory. 2) Open Axe-Edit (not...
  90. guitargeorge

    How do you load user Cab IRs using Axe-Edit?

    It's decribed in the Axe-Edit Operation manual (page 16; section 5.2.3): http://www.fractalaudio.com/downloads/manuals/axe-edit/Axe-Edit-Operation-Manual.pdf There is also a cab IR capture guide: http://www.fractalaudio.com/downloads/manuals/axe-fx-2/Axe-Fx-II-ir-capture.pdf
  91. guitargeorge

    Is there a way to download individual stock presets?

    I do not think so; but what is exactly the problem? You can download the banks within seconds (well about) and choose to use any or all stock presets you desire (and upload them to your Axe-Fx).
  92. guitargeorge

    Can't Install without Admin privs

    I just tested it and you have to be an Administrator (it doesn't even work/install as a Power-User). You could install it using "run as Administrator" (while you're logged in as a regular user), but of course you have to know the admin-credentials.
  93. guitargeorge

    midiot needs some help with assigning x/y to pedal

    Maybe this wiki-page could be helpful: X/Y switching and Quick Jump - Axe-Fx II Wiki.
  94. guitargeorge

    Video tutorial on loading the new V5 preset banks on to your Axe FX

    Could you clarify what you mean by "showing no output"?
  95. guitargeorge

    V5 Preset Banks? Did I miss something?

    It is at least remarkable that the date is november 2011. I just checked the "Shiva on the Rocks" preset and it's not correct (assuming that FAS would correct this in the v. 5 Banks)
  96. guitargeorge

    V5 Preset Banks? Did I miss something?

    They are on the Fractal support site: Fractal Audio Systems Support (as they always have been). Oeps...... others were faster in responding.
  97. guitargeorge

    Video tutorial on loading the new V5 preset banks on to your Axe FX

    I believe that your video does help a lot of people; so keep up the good work! (and you absolutely correctly derived my alias from "Sultans of Swing". I grew up with Dire Straits; to me it's timeless music)
  98. guitargeorge

    Video tutorial on loading the new V5 preset banks on to your Axe FX

    Yes; it's one of many methods to do so.
  99. guitargeorge

    Video tutorial on loading the new V5 preset banks on to your Axe FX

    Correct. This could be; but obviously you can also tweak because you're looking for a different/improved/warmer/brighter/"you name it" sound.
  100. guitargeorge

    Video tutorial on loading the new V5 preset banks on to your Axe FX

    You can save your own presets (for example to your local computer-drive or USB-drive or whatever). I would (strongly) advice you to do so. If you upload the v.5 banks (A, B and C); it will overwrite your own created presets. You can use Axe-Manage to save your own created presets or (for...
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