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    AXE FX vs Bogner XTC 100B

    Bogner XTC 100B blue channel vs AXE FX Euro Blue. http://music.hplatz.de/mp3/AXEvsXTC.mp3 3 setups used, 4 clips in random order (you hear one setup twice): - AXE direct in recording interface - miked Amp - AXE in effect return of amp and miked Which one do you prefer?
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    My first recording with the AXE

    My very first recording with the AXE FX: http://music.hplatz.de/mp3/songs/Axetasy_DEMO.mp3 I mostly used the Euro 2 (9.0), it's amazing how close it sounds to my XTC 100B I'm looking forward to the first gig with the AXE next week!
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