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  1. moerker

    Wish Long-press functionality on 1-8

    And an "infinite" (DWORD -1 :D) like switch time would be nice - switching scenes on button release is quite nice for singing and timing.
  2. moerker

    Any word on an update for the AX8?

    I think - at some point there may be a last firmware update. The Axe-FX II received it - one year after the announcement of the successor? 1 1/4? No need to hurry here. Apart from the LFO bug, and some other stuff I see in the "Bugs & Wishlist" subforum, the system works quite well. And, from...
  3. moerker

    AX8 2?

    Attached expression pedal would be a deal breaker for me. I usually mount it on the left side of the unit, and to build two units with one expression pedal left, other version right and third version with 2...sounds ridiculous. And, if cable stuff done right, it doesn't take that much space than...
  4. moerker

    Volume control using Out 1

    I have read it somewhere in the wiki, done intentionally since to avoid the "why do I hear no sound" question. If you have an expression pedal, use a volume block
  5. moerker

    One cab to rule them all

    I found myself using a Hesu V212 (Demon Speakers) quite a lot. Got it from Choptones. But what you mean Cab switching isn't pretty? I haven't problems using it, so I am curious.
  6. moerker

    Bug? Level display does not change for FX-Block Send page

    Since I never use the FX-Block, I don't know if this was posted before: The dB scale for the Send Level in the FX block ("Main") does not change from 0.00dB, but the virtual fader graphic will (and it will get pushed and attenuated). Just a display problem. Can someone confirm this?
  7. moerker

    Bug? Delay 2 EQ bug?

    Think this is known: https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/delay-low-high-cut-readings-dont-change.142807/
  8. moerker

    Cabs and phase response

    As I was playing around with the Axe Cab management, I saw the option to set the phase response to "non minimum Phase" etc. From the Axe FX III thread, I know that the Axe FX III supports non minimum phase IRs, so I am curious of anybody knows If this is also supported by the AX8?
  9. moerker

    Axe-Fx II or AX8 for band practice and live shows?

    Depends what you want - I personally use an AX8 out of convenience (small footprint, I usually take my stuff by foot/train to the rehearsal), and with some tweaks didn't run into any processing power issues. With the one Amp block in the AX8 - that depends what you want. I usually have 3 tones...
  10. moerker

    [SOLVED] How can i get a more dynamic feel?

    Interesting thread. I personally have not experienced missing dynamics on the AX8 or the Axe FX III (when I came to play it), but got the feeling that the IR will change the perceived dynamicness of my preset. Must have something with masking... Anyway, it's just interesting what power language...
  11. moerker

    Any plans for a small stomp AX4?

    And NAMM is soon, so, last year around the NAMM (or shortly after, iirc), the Fractal page was down some time, and then, there was the Axe-FX III. So, it's not that long, and with the current AX8 my patience is high (though I am constantly wanting more, because greedy humans! :D - or actually...
  12. moerker

    I feel stupid (changing Display options)

    Nah, depends. What you see there is a configuration assigned to the switches. Yes, it is redundant for sorts, but ar least it is consistent, since it behaves the same as for any other block. An additional mode to independently configure displayed block and assigment will break the X/Y and "block...
  13. moerker

    Need More Gain Stages

    You can do this also, but see a preset as a specific rig - scenes are different rig states.
  14. moerker

    Bug? AX8 suddenly sending input1 signal to OUT1 Left

    Interestingly, happened to me out of the blue 3 days ago. I was heavily importing presets from the HDD, so I just thought the AX8 got a hiccup. Doesn't look that convincing now, though.
  15. moerker

    Basic question re: Block Path

    There is a parallel signal path in the third row, and the signal is split before so everything gets the same signal (begin), and everything is added together to one path at the end. I suspect that at least one of the blocks is set to "mute" if not engaged in both paths, so that you hear...
  16. moerker

    Wish Unaffected blocks by scene change

    Ah, get it. A dedicated "stomp" state, which is reseted to default on preset change and independent from scene change. Got it, thanks!
  17. moerker

    Wish Unaffected blocks by scene change

    What do you actually mean? You are determing what happens on scene change - it depends on your definition what effects and what X/Y configuration you are using in a scene. So - we have this already?
  18. moerker

    Is it possible to run 2 outputs? 1 with cab sim to a FRFR setup, 1 to a Mesa 4x12

    Chria, one question (because it may come up): Putting the FX-block as the last block before the output will auto connect it. Any experience with more noise because of the FX return being not connected on this?
  19. moerker

    Is it possible to run 2 outputs? 1 with cab sim to a FRFR setup, 1 to a Mesa 4x12

    As far as I remember - FX-Block adds a little bit CPU load. Apart from that, I like having the oppertunity routing one signal with and without Cab to an interface, as well as having the oppertunity to drive a guitar speaker (echoing Out1 to Out2) with independent volume. Or in other words...
  20. moerker

    Is it possible to run 2 outputs? 1 with cab sim to a FRFR setup, 1 to a Mesa 4x12

    If you don't need stereo, you can also achieve this by setting the cab block as the last block, splitting the signal before and going to the output block. There, you hard pan one signal (row) to the left and to the right. I am currently not at home, but if you want a preset, I can provide you...
  21. moerker

    Volume block acting weird ?!

    Do you hav a preset so I can check this on my unit? Edit: Which firmware do you use?
  22. moerker

    Axe-Fx III Firmware 2.00 Public Beta #2

    Both - "amplitude at certain frequencies"-dependent. It's not like happening suddenly, but any time, and changes dynamically.
  23. moerker

    Fractal-Bot 2.11.1

    Hey, I have just the issue since it times out everytime when I use Fractal-Bot 2.11.x with my AX8 to receive a banks. It takes much longer than on 2.10.0 and just states "hey, timeout" at the end. Going back to 2.10.0 fixes the problem - is there anyone else just experiencing this? (tried...
  24. moerker

    Axe-Fx III Firmware 2.00 Public Beta #2

    You are right, and wrong, at the same time :) I was a little bit imprecise here, but the problem is a little bit sophistic. At low amplitudes there is a linear relation describing a spring with F=1 / Cms * x (Force equals displacement divided by compliance). But for high amplitudes, compliance...
  25. moerker

    Axe-Fx III Firmware 2.00 Public Beta #2

    Just out of curiosity (since I don't own an Axe-FX 3 yet, and it came to my mind): Anyone tried how the Compliance parameter behaves depending on the Negative Feedback? I just assume that they may interact pretty nicely.
  26. moerker

    Axe-Fx III Firmware 2.00 Public Beta #2

    (sitting on my PC now, I will review this for more understanding) Since I am working full time with these kind of stuff (loudspeaker nonlinearities), maybe I can shed some light on this mysterious parameter: See, a loudspeaker is a highly nonlinear device. Just like mentioned before, trying to...
  27. moerker

    AX8 Firmware Version 10.01

    Oh, other stuff would be the LFO Rate Bug (https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/lfo-2-rate-bug-ax8.137840/) Problems with the (metronome) tempo (https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/q10-lfo-tempo.141647/ | https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/metronome-tempo-changes-by-itself.127100/)...
  28. moerker

    Wish Second independent loop for the Looper block

    I was recently enjoying the Looper block, but what I missed was a dedicated way for having two loops running at the same time. The scenario for this: Building up a loop using one loop, switching to the second loop and start adding sounds there. The first loop could then be stopped, but a song...
  29. moerker

    Pitch Block...

    Wasn't there a post explaining how to get the transients from the non shifted block using an ADSR or Envelope controller and then dial that down when the pitch shifting works stable? Think this might be possible to implement in the AX8 block. You would have the latency on the other notes...
  30. moerker

    Bug? Q10 LFO tempo

    I will take a look in the next days if it happens on my unit also - may be confirmation enough then? :)
  31. moerker

    Comparison clips: Friedman Runt v AX8 Friedman v Helix Placater

    Muddy one would be the L6, from my oppinion. Clue: a look at the EQ pictute of the L6, or so to say - the more effort you had to take there for matching.
  32. moerker

    Comparison clips: Friedman Runt v AX8 Friedman v Helix Placater

    How is the arrangement in the track (maybe haven't seen)? First and second one sound really close, the third one's a bit muddy at first, and the cleans seem to be a little thin on the second and third one. First one sounds more on the edge of breakup.
  33. moerker

    What do you use for backup if AX8 dies at gig?

    Quilter sounds good in my oppinion. Depending on your needs: Heard about the Helix Stomp, I think I will give it a try as a backup unit (4 patches with different amps & effects). Looks better to me than the Amplifire Box, which I planned to buy.
  34. moerker

    Bug? Delay Low & High Cut readings don't change

    Note: Revised the post after a long time, since I think the readability was...not really given. Something like a flow of thoughts. Yes, default initialized (Mono Delay I think, didn't change the default type). I only changed the EQ values of Delay1 afterwards, nothing else on the block...
  35. moerker

    Bug? Delay Low & High Cut readings don't change

    I have to revise my post, though there's a twist: I use patches with both Delay Blocks, and the displayed values on page EQ are matching always the Delay1 block. This is on every parameter of the page. This also happens on newly created patches from scratch, so I don't think there is a need to...
  36. moerker

    Does Out 1 (Main) effect anything other than volume?

    So, after reading all of this, am I right if I conclude that One may consider matching the VU meter with an DAW meter needs a specific, reliable, easy setup, therefore using shunts only. Matching the VU meter with the DAW using Out1 to increase SNR, since the Pre-Amplifiers in an interface...
  37. moerker

    Bug? Delay Low & High Cut readings don't change

    At my unit, everything works as expected. Maybe reseting the block helps?
  38. moerker

    On the fence... again

    You can really deep edit the drive pedals. There are some guys around here matching the drive block to replace pedals they love. As for the tweaking, maybe a little story from myself: I have this one sound. It's basically a Engl Powerball, but warmer and with more mids (had an E646, the voicing...
  39. moerker

    AX-8 Firmware Version 10.00

    In addition, a 'Load from linked preset'-functionality may be useful on the device, to on the fly load a change in the linked preset to the specific preset without the need of the AX8-Edit in live situations. Is there a feature request somewhere? This would be really nice.
  40. moerker

    Confirmed Folded tabs in Pitch-Block on device

    Since this was confirmed in the FW10 thread (click me for original post), I'll open an issue here: In the Pitch-block settings on the device, the tabs of the pages are folded, only the Mix tab can be shown. No other issues with this, and as far as I see only on the pitch block. Did not...
  41. moerker

    AX-8 Firmware Version 10.00

    Today I encountered something interesting. Didn't take a look on the Pitch-block for a while, but since FW 10 the tabs are somehow overlaying each other (see picture for details). As far as I see, this is only the case on the Pitch-block. Restarting the unit won't fix that. Anyone else...
  42. moerker

    3 Guitars one AX8?

    Like @Bakerman said, this might be possible (depending on what kind of effects you want to use) with some tricks. I have attached a little preset I created from scratch: Scene 1: Guitar from input connector using Amp + Cab-Block, output @ Out2 Scene 2: Guitar from FX-Return (Left) through PEQ...
  43. moerker

    AX-8 10.00 Release Candidate #2

    Can confirm this. This is even present if not connected to the PC. So, line value on the Meters page stays the same then switching in between two amps with different line levels (X/Y) or in between presets. Starts with "off" and sticks to the last value, until the A-knob is turned. The new...
  44. moerker

    Anybody Use the Pitch Block to Detune Live?

    Use it for 3 songs live, tuned down 1/2 or 1 step. Increased the default tracking by 0.5 (don't remember the value, just the change :D) and it works. Compared to the Digitech Drop it takes longer to response to the first tone, than it is on par with the tracking speed and does not sound better...
  45. moerker

    AX-8 10.00 Public Beta #3

    So just gave it a quick try before going of to Festival, and it does sound better. Less compressed, tighter low end, I really like it. X/Y change bug seems to not appear on my unit, but the Tuner feels more unresponsive. Looks like it has a lower priority than before, didn't go that smooth. But...
  46. moerker

    Looper location

    Or it depends on what you want achieve (or how "different" the tone shall be) I have patches where I use the Looper, as Chris said, after everything, patches where I have it located before the reverb.
  47. moerker

    FX Loop Block

    You mean that the last block is automatically connected to the output? I think this is by design. Unless you connect something to the Input 2 there should be no signal spillover. However, that's what I usually ask myself here, there should be some added noise to the Output 1, because of the...
  48. moerker

    Is it me or is it the Pitch block???

    Funny, after some time I am now only using the pitch block. Okay, I wanted to get rid of the Digitech Drop on my Gig-Pedalboard for more convenience, but I don't really miss it (but using the Drop home). Sure, the pitch block has its shortcomings, e.g. the non steady lag (after breaks it takes...
  49. moerker

    Want to buy an AX8... should I wait?

    I think you are right here, and since it's Germany, shipping of a successor would at least take 3 months longer than USA.
  50. moerker

    Want to buy an AX8... should I wait?

    Depends on how much you need it and if waiting is an option. True, it has it shortcomings, but overall in live situations I could make it work (for me). The guys at G66 are very supportive (from my experience), maybe you have the option to ask them for a test product and see if it works for you?
  51. moerker

    Best amp to run Ax8 through??

    I am using an ISP Stealth Amp to go to a guitar cab if needed (e.g. in the rehearsal room, or if the FOH doesn't like DI-signals). My presents usually are going parallel direct to the Output block. Signal without IR goes left out, signal with IR (and PEQ if needed) goes to the right. I don't...
  52. moerker

    Wah & solo boost at same time with expression pedal?

    Are you using an expression pedal with an additional switch? When you could easily assign the same external modifier which activates the Wah to the bypass of a drive block. I am using something like that to activate a volume block for a parallel Wah/Shunt routing.
  53. moerker

    Inserting External Audio in the signal chain

    If you are using both Inserts than all signals will be stereo after this block. For what you have in mind, I would place the FXL-block directly in front of the output. Depending what you want, you can then use two out Mixers to put one signal left, one right (needs two connections to the...
  54. moerker

    Bug? LFO 2 (Rate) Bug? (AX8)

    A, that's it - Scene 2 is where the magic happens. Interesting to me is that you can assign a modifier to the control parameter. Somehow I don't see a tooltip and don't know what it means. ;) Anyway, and interestingly, if I remove the modifiers from the Control it appears to work for me. @Moke...
  55. moerker

    Bug? LFO 2 (Rate) Bug? (AX8)

    Maybe this will help. Trying my best here, but it seems that something on the preset is wrong.
  56. moerker

    Bug? LFO 2 (Rate) Bug? (AX8)

    Sorry for the late reply. So I checked your preset. Strangely, the LFOs don't do anything. Just checked on a different preset where I added a Volume block, and there they appears to work. On todays evening I will play a little bit along, maybe I can reproduce this.
  57. moerker

    Bug? LFO 2 (Rate) Bug? (AX8)

    Will countercheck on my AX8 in the morning (roughly in 7 hours ;) ). From scratch, how about the sequencer?
  58. moerker

    How to add a mix dial to the wah block

    To the original signal. So that you have one shunt and on another block parallel the Wah. To adjust the dry, maybe you can also put a volume block parallel to the Wah. I am using a parallel Wah usually if I place the Wah-block behind the Amp-block. The original signal in parallel helps to...
  59. moerker

    Just purchased AX8, will I ever play my tube amp again???

    Still using my Ironball on occasions. Sometimes, it's easier if I know that someone is playing with my stuff (Jams etc.) and does not know how to use the AX8. Though, I am often carry the AX8 home from rehearsals just because of the tone. So: you may use it, depending on the specific task you...
  60. moerker

    Show Us Your AX8 Rig! (post your pics)

    Look around the upper left corner in the first pictue. Looks handmade widened to me.
  61. moerker

    Wish Looper retrigger Once.

    Juck, I see some cool rhythms which I could trigger this way in sync.
  62. moerker

    ax8 edit problems

    From my experience (USB and devices in general): use another USB-Port. I would usually recommend using a port which is direct on the mainboard (some PCs have a 'front USB' for convenience, but they are more prone to errors). Use a good cable. This may make a significant difference. Do not use...
  63. moerker

    How to fix AX8 audio gaps when changing presets?

    Over presets using the global setup menu (there is a spillover option, you have to set them to eithet 'Reverb', 'Delay' or 'Both') or, when switching scenes, set the bypass to 'Mute FX In'. Make sure that you don't change the X/Y state of Delay or Reverb, though.
  64. moerker

    And then the light bulb finally came on...

    I have set my presets in a way that the right channel holds IR, left 'pure'. Playing in the rehearsal room I usually end up with my guitar speaker, powered by an ISP Stealth Amp, and live or for recordings with the IRs. Nice to hear you figured out an option how to make it run for you.
  65. moerker

    Thoughts on totally cutting the lowest & highest global EQ bands

    I usually end up pulling the global EQ down at 16kHz. I played recently a gig (no FOH, just instruments as is and 2 PA speakers for vocals; the smallest clubs...) using a 4x12 which was extremely muddy (high cut at 6kHz), so I set the 16kHz back to something around -3dB to comb with the rollof...
  66. moerker

    independent footswitchable paths in AX8

    Thinking back to my days with a Boss GT-8 and the way using a display with oh so limited characters, the onboard UI was a relief. But remembering the shortcuts to change from X/Y or reset the screen is always a little bit...advanced :D
  67. moerker

    What do you use for backup if AX8 dies at gig?

    I am heading for the Amplifire Box. At the end of the day, I can bring it down to two sounds (clean/high gain). Anything else would defeat my purpose for a small traveling rig.
  68. moerker

    AX8 makes a delay between switching presets

    You're right here. I thought he was especially referring to preset change, there I didn't found that the number of effects will make a significant difference in switching.
  69. moerker

    AX8 makes a delay between switching presets

    This has nothing to do with the number of effects. Changing presets always causes a mute to avoid popping when the new Amp is loaded in. There is no real "seamless" transition - this is something which will be possible with the Axe-FX III channels. There are some ways to comb with that, though...
  70. moerker

    Will there be an updated AX8?

    Someday they will. As long as they don't, I am going with my unit. It's not like a multi-million concern with public release dates, were only half of the stuff advertised is working. So, if it's the solution for you, why bothering now?
  71. moerker

    AX8- Delay on toggle an effect

    You may also try setting bypass mode to 'Mute FX in'. Then it does not apply any more signal to the delay but will keep the trails. I usually use that on Delays instead of 'Bypass'. Be aware that, whyever, the option suvked 2dB on the Multitap-Delay. Might be an issue, but I have to verify that.
  72. moerker

    System params reset occasionally

    This may also happen on preset change from my experience: After switching the preset I wait roughly 5 sec before disconnecting the AX8 from power. I experienced that, after immediately changing the preset and powering off system configuration is resetted. I need a 'do not power down now' symbol :D
  73. moerker

    Mag/piezo patch...is it possible to split reverb?

    I am using the Multitap-Delay in Diffusor mode for stuff like this. It's quite convincing done right. I usually need this if I use the Reverb 'Hold' functionality to mimic reverberation.
  74. moerker

    Anybody else getting tempted to sell for an AxeFx2?

    For me it would be an AxeFX II for home use only. Seeing the price drop really would help to keep my AX8 at the rehearsal place and building up stuff at home. For live - yeah, the two amp blocks are nice for seamless switching between a clean and high gain sound, but with the rack and MFC in...
  75. moerker

    Control output level

    I usually try to get my presets / scenes around 0dB at first and then match by my ears. Turning them down that you have enough headroom is always good. "Maxed out" sounds to me like it will clip the output. More interestingly, I usually encounter this if I use amps with the master control AFTER...
  76. moerker

    Post Axe-Fx III Launch.....Amp Model Requests

    A thought struck my mind: A Sunn Model T would be nice. I could also life with a good ear match just like 'Das Metall' ;)
  77. moerker

    Pretty darn Excited! -One quick Question, and hello!-

    Should work without problems, but keep in mind to deactivate phantom power. But why not use the AX8 as main unit and a FX-Block where you insert the Eleven-Rack?
  78. moerker

    What I want to See AX8 II

    I am thinking - yeah the usual stuff, more CPU etc. But what I think is the coolest option on the Axe-FX III? Those In & Outs you can pop everywhere in the preset. It is so convenient: Using just a breakout OUT2 Left for a Poweramp + Guitar Cab, input an arbitrary signal somewhere at IN2...
  79. moerker

    How to fix AX8 audio gaps when changing presets?

    But using input trim may help. Usually, I have one Amp set up specifically for Clean, one for Crunch, Higher Gain, High Gain. There will be a slight delay changing between Clean/Crunch, but I can work around it. More interesting is: Inpu Trim changes will have no Delay. And using a drive pedal...
  80. moerker

    Refining Clean Tones

    You could also use a cab block with the 'null' IR you find in Cab exchange.
  81. moerker

    Has anyone had an issue like this?

    Sounds like stuff from this thread (https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/bug-abrupt-volume-drop-when-changing-presets-intermittent.131513/), but stable. Posting the presets there may help solving the issue.
  82. moerker

    Fixed Cannot unassign Modifier from "Input Trim"

    Me neither. But I can assure you what I have seen, and maybe this state is also saved in the preset in the first post. More interesting for me is: 'what is going wrong, under which condition?' Will check this tomorrow evening.
  83. moerker

    Your go-to high gain amp?

    I actually also like the Spawn Nitrous 1 model. Adding more presence you get a beast for drop tuned guitars. Usually use this one without advanced changes in pair with C# dropped guitar using the Digitech Drop.
  84. moerker

    Your go-to high gain amp?

    I am a fan of the Engl sounds, but from the stuff what I own(ed) (E646 and Ironball), the original Powerball tonestack doesn't cut it. (Although it's quite spot on the Powerball, I have to admit). Applying the VH4 introduces some more mids and a lot of more high frequency components, only way to...
  85. moerker

    Your go-to high gain amp?

    Using an Energyball with VH4 Tonestack, Tone-Freq of 1000Hz and a Triode2 Plate Frequency of 10000Hz. Sounds quite well.
  86. moerker

    Fixed Cannot unassign Modifier from "Input Trim"

    Just a quick update here, since I found the problem: Somehow, the Input-Trim had more than one modifier (have seen it in the modifier list). Those additional instances could only be deactivated on the device, not the AX8Edit. Since I don't have time until Sunday evening I can now just assume...
  87. moerker

    Need tone help into FX loop-in on combo amp

    Hmm, I hope for you that it's not a hardware issue. Just a thought: if you say "extra gain", maybe just try to change levels on Out2? First try would be the knob setting, and you can also set a Pad in the I/O menu.
  88. moerker

    Post Axe-Fx III Launch.....Amp Model Requests

    Engl E646 "Victor Smolski". Used this beast some 3 years and sold it for something smaller - really hate that decision. High gain out of the box with an abnormal amount of definition. Haven't played such a direct feeling and transparent High-Gain amp since then.
  89. moerker

    AX8 2?

    I am actually in line at this point. Really love the small AX8 and the option to plug in what I want. It's the same for a 'powered version'. May sound intriguing, but if I stand in front and need a 8m cable to a box...not an option for me. Especially with small Class D amplifiers fitting in...
  90. moerker

    AX8 Firmware 9.04 Released

  91. moerker

    Need tone help into FX loop-in on combo amp

    So, I set up 4CM with the Ironball in FX-Loop. Tried the drive from your patch on the clean channel, sounded beautiful. Checked also an Amp-Sim with deactivated FX-Loop, no Cab-Sim and activated/deactivated Power-Amp Modeling (so, Amp Block direct in Ironball Poweramp) - also no issues.
  92. moerker

    Need tone help into FX loop-in on combo amp

    Worked great at my Engl Ironball. No sound loss from what I hear, and also no appearing additional higher frequencies. But the extra gate was annoying ;) Hummmm.... Next things would be making sound files. Since your preset is (obiously) working, there might be a flaw at a different point...
  93. moerker

    Need tone help into FX loop-in on combo amp

    Just export the Preset in AX8 Edit and post it here. You find it under 'Preset'. I will give it a quick check if I am home.
  94. moerker

    Need tone help into FX loop-in on combo amp

    Just from my experience (since I have tried it and use it usually for Tone-Stack / Preamp Matching): Deactivating Cab+Poweramp-Sim in Global menu, Out 1 directly to the return and everything is fine. Do you have any sound files and a preset? As for the 4 cable problem: Sounds to me like an...
  95. moerker

    Channel switching

    You mean "seamless switching between amps"? Don't see it. The gap it's a limitation we have to live with (but if you could simplify amp modeling or have more restrictive CPU limitations and run those two x/y instances at the same time...).
  96. moerker

    Seperate Monitor out?

    Simple answer: Nope. Signal from FoH would be inserted to FX-Return, so you are after the FX-Send. Only way out would be the "normal Out". What you may do (if you do not want stereo effects and don't mind that the mixed monitor signal will also be mono) is to set up a routing where you hard pan...
  97. moerker

    AX8 2?

    Don't think it will be a "soon". My wild guess would be earliest around 2019 (which would be nice, since then I have the money to buy an updated version immediately :D). Have read here in the not so distant past that the AX8 is considered a "not so old unit". Seeing from own experience (working...
  98. moerker

    Fixed Cannot unassign Modifier from "Input Trim"

    Dang, will fix it :) But they are modifying stuff.....!
  99. moerker

    Fixed Cannot unassign Modifier from "Input Trim"

    On AX8-Edit: First I right clicked the "Input Trim" parameter, so the modifier menu appears. Opened the modifier dropdown and tried to choose "None". Seemed like it tried to set it on the device (communication message), but immediately after finishing there was a second communication message...
  100. moerker

    Fixed Cannot unassign Modifier from "Input Trim"

    So, after upgrading to 9.04 I got a lot of strange issues (most of them not reproducable), but this one stuck: I have created a preset in 9.03. I usually have one dedicated clean as well as 2 or three crunch to high gain sounds, which I realize by using Scene Controller on the Amp-Block "Input...
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