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    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 5.05

    If anyone can actually create (and share!) a similar sound that's playing during the first seconds of this video that would be really great: And if you don't want to share for free, go ahead and drop me a PM.
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    Example preset for running 2 guitars and a bass simultaneously?

    Do you need a DI box or some other stuff in between a guitar with passive pickups and input 2?
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    Noise and gate

    People on this forum have had success with ISP Decimator II pedal where the EMI filtering in Axe's intelligent gate has failed.
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    Wish Preset level VU meters visible from Axe-Edit main screen

    Yes, please add this. And if it's not possible because of API limitations, please say so.
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    Wish AE: Show Output Block level meters at all times

    Yes, please add this.
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    Is Axe I/O a trademark violation?

    USB.... fail.
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    ML Sound Lab - Amp Packs TEASER!

    Have you tried these presets with FW3 yet, and if so, what's your opinion on how the sound changed?
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    ML Sound Lab - Amp Packs TEASER!

    Which FW are these versions for btw?
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    Bug? Intelligent Gate Mode Makes Squeeking Sound

    Intelligent supposedly has EMI filtering but I can't tell the difference between the classic, same amount of interference noise.
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    Coming soon...

    Eye of the tiger.
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    Coming soon...

    Smoke on the water?
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    USB buffer 8 samples - which DAW?

    Thanks. I would but don't have the II hooked up anymore.
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    USB buffer 8 samples - which DAW?

    Is this new for the III? Because with Axe-Fx II I had to match them otherwise there would be cracks and pops.
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    REQUEST: High gain lead sound for headphones

    If anyone has created a high gain lead preset sound that sounds pleasant when using headphones, please post it.
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    Why 512 Presets?

    Would be nice if you could define a preset folder path on a hard drive, and when plugged in with USB, Axe-Fx III would map banks E, F, G, ..., Z to that folder and use it as a memory extension. USB has enough bandwidth that loading a preset from hard drive would take fraction of a second, the...
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    Has the "Excruciating European Wait" thread been taken down?

    Depends on the explanation. Seems Fractal thinks it wouldn't have.
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    How loud should the fan be?

    Isn't the issue fixed in the newest units?
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    Extremely Odd USB Audio Issue

    I'm gonna go for an Apollo 8 with Thunderbolt 3 expansion card to avoid the USB issues. I just so wish AXE IIII would've had TB3 so I wouldn't have to spend an additional $3k.
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    USB delay test results (reamp via USB)

    I recall reading somewhere that this shouldn't have been the case? Or maybe it isn't for newer versions.
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    Overheat reboots

    Not really a suggestion, but wondering, if creating another set of presets, a "low-cpu" versions of main presets, would help the issue. For some it might not be an option, but depending on the songs, in extreme situations live you could get away with a quite simple tones.
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    How loud should the fan be?

    Is the fan speed always constant? I'm going to run my III as a sound card for my PC so it will be on while it's mostly quiet and I'm sitting 2 feet away from it. If the fan would go to a very low RPM mode when the CPU usage is low that would be great, I'd just use an empty preset when I'm not...
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    Have 4 monitors? Use two stereo outputs to achieve semi-surround sound

    Any ideas for a four front monitors setup, i.e. two near fields and two main monitors?
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    Replicating the BBE Sonic Maximizer - A How To

    Off topic I know, but could you recommend one or two that are really good? For hard/heavy rock if that matters.
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    Implemented Metronome

    And if you could adjust the tempo (and volume) using an expression pedal that would be great. And also load the tick sample(s) as wav files (they could be loaded into Axe as cab IRs so no big changes needed for managing the files).
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    Axe-Fx III and Headphones

    #metoo Thinking if adding an analog headphone amp would soften the digital hizz enough.. or an extra cab block.
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    [Windows] USB overflow issue every time stream starts

    Not me, because I don't have the III yet (Europe...) but I hope FAS will fix it as I plan to use the III as a generic soundcard for my Windows PC as well.
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    Axe-Fx III Wish List

    4k resolution support for Axe-Edit, so you could have all sub pages (Basic, GEQ, Speaker, ...) visible at the same time.
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    Is it quieter than the AxeFx 2 ? Does it contain a fan?

    Would be cool if the fans would turn off when the CPU% is small f.ex when not actually playing but running an empty preset and acting only as a soundcard. Even if the fans would be quiet they would still collect dust inside the unit.
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    Post Axe-Fx III Launch.....Amp Model Requests

    Hughes & Kettner Deluxe 40 Tubemeister
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    Presenting... The Axe-Fx III

    It has so many good stock cabs built in that I hope people will stop releasing/selling 3rd party patches with custom cabs to make it easy to try out and take into use. :)
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    AxeFX III: What's Missing?

    Thunderbolt 3 connection is missing.
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    Singtall Superpack of presets are ready!

    How about an Yngwie lead sound for humbucker pickups? Any era you like would be great basically. Also, this is another request I made a while back but haven't managed to quite replicate so far:
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    Request: Mr. Fastfinger tone

    Hi, I have a request for the tone gurus around here. Can you replicate or approximate the tone of the song that is playing in the beginning of this video (it has isolated guitar sound for a while as well)? Apparently he is using H&K Tubemeister which Axe-Fx doesn't have and some sort of...
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    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 7.00 Firmware Release

    Hi-gain presets (from Marshall hard rock tones to Engl metal tones) sound better with Q6 default advanced settings than Q7 to my ears. I did the copy-X-to-Y-and-reselect-X routine and every time the Y with Q6 settings was better. Haven't compared mid-gain or cleans yet. Anyone else think so too?
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    Cliffs of Dover Patch/static question?

    I have the same problem. Shutting down my computer seems to help a bit, or just turning away from it while playing. With the house filled with electric equipment the guitar is picking up a lot of noise. Makes recording anything of quality basically impossible.
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    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 7.00 Firmware Release

    A yes/no question that's been asked probably a million times with different wordings, but almost every time I see different answers. Say I'm on Q6 with an AMP block on X, and I update the FW to Q7. I copy the AMP X to Y. Then I select another AMP for X, and select back the original AMP (i.e...
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    Yngwie Malmsteen - Arpeggios from Hell cover

    Hey Igor, could you share a few words about your approach to those one note per string arpeggios when alternate picked, do you pay attention to pick slants or do you use crosspicking etc?
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    New AxeFx II Video Clip..Gainier Mark Day

    Yea sounded kinda plastic for example the sound when pic hits the strings (not the note itself) is the same in every digital processor when recording direct. Going through power amp and speakers should mush those artifacts away though. Great playing and nice effects!
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    Why do Europeans have to pay $3,300

    Maybe... if they send them one by one via regular mail to the reseller which I doubt pretty much. But yea, didn't know the US list price was net on top of which you need to add VAT yourself.
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    Why do Europeans have to pay $3,300

    I don't have the exact number right now, but it's around 3% or 4% which makes it less than $100. If you're referring to VAT, it depends on the country but is maybe ~20% on average. There's still $500+ per unit out there that resellers could compete with.
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    Why do Europeans have to pay $3,300

    If there were two (or more) resellers in the same area, the price would automatically adjust to correct level and increase sales numbers. Probably some of the resellers have managed to get Fractal to sign exclusive reseller agreements though.
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    Why do Europeans have to pay $3,300

    Question is in the title... maybe some other resellers wouldn't take such a ridic vig?
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