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  1. ozanerkal

    Good.. now can we begin to wait for a possible "AX9"?

    FAS moved my thread here from the Axe3 forum.. haha.. OK.. but what is "lounge"? is it where you put stuff you don't like? You could at least move it to "wish list" if you care for what people think about your strategies..
  2. ozanerkal

    Good.. now can we begin to wait for a possible "AX9"?

    (Oh wait.. is there an FX9 coming first?) Although I was a proud owner of an XL in my studio, I only took it out on stage for 3/4 times, because of the inconveniences of having it in a rack case (extra weight), protecting my investment with a power conditioner (extra weight), controller and...
  3. ozanerkal

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 8.00 Firmware Release

    What!.. Oh great, thanks again FAS!
  4. ozanerkal

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 7.01 Firmware Release

    Once again, its really impressive that this update is not only about minor fixes that usually follow major updates.. Thanks FAS
  5. ozanerkal

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 7.00 Firmware Release

    About time.. and great improvements i suppose :) Thank you FAS!
  6. ozanerkal

    People using Pod HD 500x as midi

    simply it's as easy as assigning CC34 and value 1 to 8 to as many switches as you wish to use
  7. ozanerkal

    People using Pod HD 500x as midi

    great post here: https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/pod-hd500-control-presets-scenes-and-looper.80425/ You don't have to follow this tutorial step by step, if you've already figured your own way. But it includes solution for scene change. You can dl the linked patch and see what he's done...
  8. ozanerkal

    How to import new factory presets ?

    Any special reason not to do this with fractal-bot? If not, then use it. Very easy.
  9. ozanerkal

    Disappointed :(

    Just a short answer before i start reading what's written below your original post: It took more than six months before I started to "like" the sound of my axe-fx. I believe that there's a process at the end of which you cannot think about life without it. That moment for me was nearly a year...
  10. ozanerkal

    Scene change with MIDI pedal... Please help

    Yes.. now I'm taking the hard way and assigning a PC# to each scene of each preset (with axe-fx's midi mapping) It's taking time but it will work as intended. Plus, I won't have to use the front knob this way. Thanks to @FractalAudio for at least making it possible to do stuff with...
  11. ozanerkal

    Scene change with MIDI pedal... Please help

    I'm not sure I understand.. What I understand is, that with mapping, i can tell the axefx that when I send PC#3, to go to let's say Preset 5 + Scene 3, instead of going to Preset 3 which it would do without mapping... right? so CC is not involved here.. It's just a case of how axefx responds...
  12. ozanerkal

    Scene change with MIDI pedal... Please help

    @FractalAudio, can this issue be handled in firmware? I mean it should be an easy modification to enable MIDI mapping such as: map from preset: 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7 map to preset: ANY map to scene: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 (1 for 0, 2 for 1.. etc.) "ANY" is not the right term, i know.. it should be...
  13. ozanerkal

    Scene change with MIDI pedal... Please help

    OK, I think I understand.. I'm trying to find if my BOSS can be programmed that way.. But very little hope.. It's from 1990 or 1991.. I have the manual but as far as I've read it, it doesn't mention setting switches to CC's and values.. Thank you for your time my friend..
  14. ozanerkal

    Scene change with MIDI pedal... Please help

    OK I didn't see your edit.. I'll try to understand now..
  15. ozanerkal

    Scene change with MIDI pedal... Please help

    I'm sorry I really don't understand..
  16. ozanerkal

    Scene change with MIDI pedal... Please help

    thanks but not what I need.. I need to go from 1 to 2 to 3 to 1 for example.. so a pedal for each scene is essential..
  17. ozanerkal

    Scene change with MIDI pedal... Please help

    Hi I have this Boss FC-50 MIDI controller which has no problem changing presets, but.. I want to write a preset for each song I play and create scenes for each section of each song.. So, for Song1, I'll dial to preset1 from the front panel, start playing at scene 1, and say, for the solo, I'll...
  18. ozanerkal

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 6.01 Firmware Released

    wow.. am I on the first page? ... yes :) thanks FAS! time for an update I guess
  19. ozanerkal

    Joe Satriani Tone (including Video)

    wow.. great tone and playing.. thanks
  20. ozanerkal

    AxeFX II use in BowieVision

    great clip.. thanks for sharing!
  21. ozanerkal

    Axe FX II in a video

    thanks for sharing.. great tune!
  22. ozanerkal

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 6.00 Firmware Released

    oh! I was only checking if there's anything new.. and there is.. thanks FAS!
  23. ozanerkal

    Balanced Input Matters?

    Hi people, During home use, I always keep my guitar connected to my axefx's front input but at live situations, I use an AKG wireless and I used to connect its receiver's output to the Rear Input with a simple TS cable. Then I read about the front input's "secret sauce" and started to connect...
  24. ozanerkal

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 5.02 Firmware Released

    Wow, i read about this bug in 5.01 a few minutes ago and now here's 5.02.. Great work! Papa Cliff never fails to feed his hungry kids.. :)
  25. ozanerkal

    245 V (AC) a Problem?.. And about Power Conditioners...

    Hey all.. Been using the Axe-Fx II XL for more than 2 years now. Recently I bought a Samson PowerBrite Pro 10 Power Distribution device to protect my axefx both at home and at live situations where "bad" electricity could be harmful. During daytime the voltmeter on the device shows around...
  26. ozanerkal

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 4.00 Firmware Release

    To be honest, my comment about the long silence was "fas is now satisfied with axe fx ii, so they must be working on axe fx iii instead of new firmware"..
  27. ozanerkal

    Seeking Fender Hot Rod Deluxe Tone

    Thanks, both replies are helpful.
  28. ozanerkal

    Pick the real amp...

    Wow! My answer was right! Only... I actually had no idea which one was real. It was just a dumb guess and I thought I couldn't tell the nuances because I was listening on my iPad, but now I listen on my good monitors and still I cannot tell which one stands out :) I think NONE of them stands...
  29. ozanerkal

    Seeking Fender Hot Rod Deluxe Tone

    Hi all, I just came across this demo on youtube and now I want to have those tones from my American Standard Strat through my Axe Fx II XL. It's got Clean to crunch to heavy, and a wide range of equalising opportunities and I like all the different tones that this guy creates on the video...
  30. ozanerkal

    Pick the real amp...

  31. ozanerkal

    Axe fx 2 makes noise when plugged into ehx magnum 44

    I was home for a day and tried it, and had no problem at bedroom level volume. Now i'm away again, i'll try higher volume when i get back in a couple of days..
  32. ozanerkal

    Axe fx 2 makes noise when plugged into ehx magnum 44

    Hi there i also just bought the same power amp to use with my afx xl. Didnt try yet because im abroad. Can give you feedback when i get back home. Tr: Selamlar trdensin herhalde. Ben şu an abddeyim. Magnumu burdan aldım. Dönüşte deneyeceğim.
  33. ozanerkal

    Mark IIC+ Tips

    Thanks man! great advice.. Let me say this: I am 43, I've been playing for more than 30 years now and I thought I knew a few things... Well I knew NOTHING about TONE until I met the Axe-Fx.. thank you.
  34. ozanerkal

    ML Metallica IIC++ Preset (Quantum 3.03)

    hey thanks man.. this is the closest i've heard on my axe-fx to metallica until now.. and Im playing a LP Std. as you do.. and of course thank you Cliff for your endless work!
  35. ozanerkal

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 3.03 Firmware Release

    wow thanks the wonderful clips recorded with the 'tallica made me want this update real bad..
  36. ozanerkal

    Make Your Own Expression Pedal

    Yes, that was my original idea too. But the body is made of very thick metal so i didnt want to take that challenge.. Maybe some other time though.. Thanks
  37. ozanerkal

    Make Your Own Expression Pedal

    Hi everyone! After a period of searching for affordable expression pedals, i finally found one.. for FREE :) Well not exactly free, but in my case I consider it free because I made a very simple modification on my existing wah pedal which I haven't used in years. The steps were as follows: 1...
  38. ozanerkal

    Cab-Pack 1 is now FREE!

    how did I miss this?.. Thanks FAS!!
  39. ozanerkal

    I modded an EV-1 to feel like a regular Wah pedal. Full details inside!

    well done.. I modded my dunlop jimi hendrix wah pedal to work as an exp pedal myself.. I'll post pics of that...
  40. ozanerkal

    The "Obot" Session IR Samples

    thanks for the effort and for sharing!
  41. ozanerkal

    Petrucci "Our New World" Astonishing Preset

    hey cooper, excellent job once again! and thank you very much for sharing your preset! will try as soon as i get home.. just because i cannot try at the moment, i have a question: did you record 2 channels for the rhythm or is it only one track? thanks :)
  42. ozanerkal

    FREE ML Cab Pack 20 Preset-Cab Bundle: JMPre-1 & Brit PR75

    thank you very much, will try ASAP
  43. ozanerkal

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 2.02 Firmware Release

    hey! i just loaded 2.01 yesterday! Edit: OK I loaded this one too, and I think i'm hearing some better tone! Thanks!
  44. ozanerkal

    Small/Cheap MIDI Pedal for AXE-FX-II?

    you'll be done within a couple bucks with my solution: a wall type electric switch and a TS cable. i made two of these. one goes up, other goes down. you need just one i guess..
  45. ozanerkal

    Joe satriani used axe fx II on new album!!!!!!!

    here's the video btw:
  46. ozanerkal

    Joe satriani used axe fx II on new album!!!!!!!

    just saw this.. didn't see the black box itself but i'm sure there's a MFC and EV-1 right before him..
  47. ozanerkal

    ZOOM FP02M Expression Pedal Help?

    Thanks for the feedback. Seems like your experience was way better than mine. Still we can conclude that it's not a good match for the axe-fx at all.. My final solution in the quest for exp. pedal is a slight modification of my Dunlop Jimi Hendrix wah. (it's 20 years old and has been lying...
  48. ozanerkal

    ZOOM FP02M Expression Pedal Help?

    looking forward to hear :)
  49. ozanerkal

    ZOOM FP02M Expression Pedal Help?

    And.. This info here, doesn't even exist on ZOOM's own website, so they'll owe me a favour :) Yes, here are the dimensions of a ZOOM FP02M Expression Pedal for anyone interested and is searching for them on the net: Whole body: 86mm x 200mm, h:70mm Surface of the pedal: 80mm x 180mm Weight...
  50. ozanerkal

    ZOOM FP02M Expression Pedal Help?

    Hi all, I borrowed the Zoom FP02M exp. pedal today from a friend today in order to give it a shot with my Axe-Fx XL. I attend to use it in two types of connection: 1st Type... Into Pedal1 or 2 inputs on the back of Afx: So I connected the pedal to Pedal1 using its supplied TRS cable...
  51. ozanerkal

    Quantum 2.00 has more output clipping? EDIT:SOLVED

    Thank you FA, and yes that was my intention before my second installation of Q2.00.. but see, the case was, without touching any knob or anything else, the clipping just disappeared right after I installed Q2.00 the second time.. The whole thing happened in this order: 1. I was happy with...
  52. ozanerkal

    Quantum 2.00 has more output clipping? EDIT:SOLVED

    Strange things happen! After the comments here, I regained the will to load 2.00 and tweak the levels for the clipping presets. But after the upgrade only, without touching anything else, voila! now only 2 of the previous 9 clipping presets are clipping and I'd rank them as 3/5. I don't get it...
  53. ozanerkal

    Quantum 2.00 has more output clipping? EDIT:SOLVED

    Hi all, (.....this is the original post as it is. For a SOLUTION, please read the fifth&seventh entries on this page written by me.....) I just updated from Q1.05 to Q2.00 today on my AFXXL. While I played through my existing presets, I noticed the output clip LED was blinking and the sound was...
  54. ozanerkal

    6-string Acoustic Guitar Sounds like 12-string

    Thank you for the input.. I'll add the detune and delay, the next time.. And for the higher strings, maybe we can try not to hit them very much..
  55. ozanerkal

    6-string Acoustic Guitar Sounds like 12-string

    Hi, there are four blocks on the signal chain: 1 Pitch: Effect Type:Fixed Harm. Voice 1 Shift:12. Voice 1 Detune:0. 2 Amp: Input Drv:2.13 3 Cab: F018-1x15Thunderbolt 4 Reverb Thank You
  56. ozanerkal

    6-string Acoustic Guitar Sounds like 12-string

    Hi all, think I found a way to make my 6-string semi-acoustic sound like a 2-string.. got the idea from a friend and gave it a try, so, here is the sound clip: here is the preset: http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=3990 Let me know what you think and please add your...
  57. ozanerkal

    What is the equivalent of an amp's STANDBY switch on the Axe-Fx?

    thanks everyone, lots of ideas flowing and i appreciate it all.. seems everybody's sure that muting only the output is 100% harmless, i'll go on with that..
  58. ozanerkal

    What is the equivalent of an amp's STANDBY switch on the Axe-Fx?

    good one.. thanks.. I'll look for it..
  59. ozanerkal

    What is the equivalent of an amp's STANDBY switch on the Axe-Fx?

    Thanks people.. I forgot to mention that tuner w/mute is already what I do.. So "there's no equivalent" seems to be the right answer ha? Still if anybody has an other answer, they're welcome to share it of course..
  60. ozanerkal

    What is the equivalent of an amp's STANDBY switch on the Axe-Fx?

    Many times while the Axe-Fx is on, I have to switch between guitars. If I were plugging in/out a real amp, I would put it to STANDBY during the instance of switching, which I believe not only mutes the sound output BUT ALSO BLOCKS THE INPUT so that no harmful signal gets into the circuits. As...
  61. ozanerkal

    Micing an FRFR

    Hi all, This question just keeps popping up in my head, so I'm gonna ask even if it may sound silly.. I have an Atomic CLR FRFR connected to my AFX XL. For recording I use direct USB and for live performances I use the Balanced XLR out direct to FOH. So I never need to use a microphone for...
  62. ozanerkal

    Can't get good recording tones, what am I doing wrong?

    Maybe a very stupid question, but ill ask anyways: Did you turn cab and power amp modelling on in global settings while recording? Because your live setting is thru a real power amp and real speakers, you may have turned these two off on your afx and forgot to turn them back on?
  63. ozanerkal

    Anyone Using Factory Cabs 54-57?

    1. How can i tell if i'm using them or not? 2. Maybe you could recommend alternatives for them for people who use them..
  64. ozanerkal

    Axe-Fx Sighting (Wait!.. In a 1985 movie??)

    Wish I had the Axe-Fx back in 85..
  65. ozanerkal

    Axe-Fx Sighting (Wait!.. In a 1985 movie??)

    It's impossible!!.. Well, at least unless You're M. J. Fox and have a time machine.. Happy BTTF Day everyone!
  66. ozanerkal

    FW18.12 to Quantum.. Any Suggestions on Tweaking?

    Hi all, I'm stuck at 18.12 because all my presets sound great. I've tried to upgrade to 19 and Q1 when they came out, but it took less than a half hour for me to turn back to 18.12 every time. I think it's mainly because of the Q3'd drive blocks. I use the 808 for most high gain presets...
  67. ozanerkal

    Fizzy sound during recording/monitoring with axe fx II

    !! Can't believe such an awesome player is unaware of the global cab modelling setting !! I knew that even before buying the AFX :) Maybe it's somthing else but from what I heard, its %99 because your cab modelling is off. It should be off only if youre using a real cab. And the same logic...
  68. ozanerkal

    What made you decide to go Axe FX?

    Hi, First time I saw the words "axe" and "fx" together, was I think back in 2011. The axeman of one of my fav. bands (Circus Maximus - Prog. Metal from Norway) named Mats Haugen posted a facebook status saying "working on the new album, axe-fx is the next big thing" A little research showed...
  69. ozanerkal

    Volume change when I switch between signal chain rows

    If you have the same issue, Fl7x's answer should solve it.. :)
  70. ozanerkal

    Volume change when I switch between signal chain rows

    Yes!.. thank you very much :)
  71. ozanerkal

    Volume change when I switch between signal chain rows

    Hi, Please see the video: https://youtu.be/kXIFlx4SMwM This is one of my fav. presets involving only an amp block (mark iic+) and a cab block (f073). I've done all the tweaking while the signal chain was on the first row. So the first half of the vid has the normal volume level. But when I...
  72. ozanerkal

    Green Display Light Spotted at Apple Event Live Stream

    was watching the apple event online, the last attraction was a one republic performance.. made me somehow proud again to catch that little green light on the stage :)
  73. ozanerkal

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 20.00 Public Beta

    is it only me who cannot see the added 512 cab slots? I'm trying with axe-edit 3.2.0's "axe-manage cabs" but cannot see any addition to the existing 512.
  74. ozanerkal

    What Am I Doing Wrong? (Importing Cab IR's)

    Yes, But no matter what IR I load, weird characters appear, and when I delete it, it doesn't say "EMPTY" as before, but shows "[[[[[[[[[[[[" Maybe there's a physical error with the memory chips, maybe they are dislocated.. but everything else works fine..
  75. ozanerkal

    What Am I Doing Wrong? (Importing Cab IR's)

    Well currently I'm having this trouble with Clark Kent's Generation Y IR's. The package includes versions for mark ii, xl and xl+. So I'm loading the xl ones. But these are not the only IR's that I have had trouble with.. As I said, previously I had trouble with Kalthallen IR's after a FW...
  76. ozanerkal

    What Am I Doing Wrong? (Importing Cab IR's)

    Hi everyone, here's what I do to import IR's and what happens: (BTW, FW:18.12 AxeEdit:3.1.10) 1. In Axe Edit/Axe Manage Cabs/.. I drag the IR.syx file to an empty spot and press save. Then in an already existing and normal sounding preset, i change the cab from a factory cab to the new user cab...
  77. ozanerkal

    FREE ML Sound Lab IRs: "Clark Kent Job - Generation Y"

    great tunes with great sound.. good luck with all.. and thanks for the IR's
  78. ozanerkal

    Check my band's first single, bass and guitars tracked with Axe FX!!!

    good song, good sound, good mix.. good luck :)
  79. ozanerkal

    Thank you Chris@AxeFxTutorials

    Well done chris and well done FAS! Please note that i can do my best to help people about ax8 when it comes out ;)
  80. ozanerkal

    does the Ax smoke a pod hd?

    i have a pod hd500 which has never been turned on with a guitar plugged into it since the day i purchased the axe. but it serves as the axe's midi foot controller perfectly while it may also serve as a back-up for the axe at gigs, just in case..
  81. ozanerkal

    Axe FX Crackle, Fizz, Hum, whatever...

    maybe you are mentioning the same thing with this one.. http://forum.fractalaudio.com/axe-fx-ii-discussion/100622-scratchy-sound-patch-same-you.html read it, there was good debate here..
  82. ozanerkal

    Scratchy sound on this patch - same for you?

    Definitely.. And thanks Cliff, after asking several times here and there, i finally got the answer to my only question: "is this normal or is it only some devices (e.g. mine) that have it?"
  83. ozanerkal

    Scratchy sound on this patch - same for you?

    sl33py, I hear it in your recording. And I dl your patch, i play and i hear it on my device too. But you know what? i knew i would... I suggest you try factory preset 279 (new country). My axe has really distinctive "scratch" with it and since it's a factory preset that everyone owns, it...
  84. ozanerkal

    What midi control should i get?

    I already had a Line 6 Pod HD 500 before the afx. I still keep it because with the right settings done on the AFX, the POD works as a perfect controller. And it duplicates as a back-up processor just in case something wrong happens with the AFX during live performance. They're well built, you...
  85. ozanerkal

    60Hz Hum When Facing Axe-Fx...

    any recent FW updates?
  86. ozanerkal

    Silent practicing question...

    big difference.. i have samson sr850 (32 ohm) and atomic clr.. they represent two totally different axe-fx's..
  87. ozanerkal

    On top or underneath?

    Well actually, there's a fan, yes, but it blows onto the cpu (not "out of the back") so if the air around is hot it will blow hot air onto the cpu
  88. ozanerkal

    Firmware 8.12 release

    it was an internal release i guess
  89. ozanerkal

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 18.10 Released

    downloaded 1st thing in the morning.. last couple of weeks i was getting unsatisfactory tone with new FW versions. And went into a phase of trying out the older FW versions starting with 15.02 and upgrading and trying some "critical" amp models.. i got interesting results like 15.06 and 16.01...
  90. ozanerkal

    Classic signal chain vs the Axe-Fx approach

    was thinking about the same thing.. just for the sake of trying.. :)
  91. ozanerkal

    Classic signal chain vs the Axe-Fx approach

    Who can say it better than the man himself.. Honestly, I always thought that separating pre and power amp stages was something to come with a new firmware someday, or a new device... The answer is clear as you say that this is what was intended. Thank You
  92. ozanerkal

    Classic signal chain vs the Axe-Fx approach

    Hi all.. This was a question that bothered me even before I thought of buying an Axe-Fx. In a classic signal chain (that involves a real amp) some effects (drive, comp, wah etc.) go BEFORE the amp, and some others (reverb, delay, chorus etc.) go in the FX Loop which means AFTER the preamp but...
  93. ozanerkal

    Could you try these 2 factory presets with your own AFX's?

    thanks nccarg, very explanatory answer this time.. i was actually hoping you were mentioning something i hadn't already tried, hence the excitement :) but i already did what you said. and while doing it, i also realized that different amps also sound similar with low gain settings. so i'm still...
  94. ozanerkal

    Could you try these 2 factory presets with your own AFX's?

    Well, i don't know what "resetting amps for the new firmware" means. And since the "Update Amps All Presets" utility was removed in the FW that you're using (18.06), i think that's not what you did. So, could you please be more specific about what you did exactly?
  95. ozanerkal

    So many updates, so much tech details.. now i just cannot PLAY!

    OP here :) after all the talk, i wanted to make an update.. well the post was a week ago, last sunday. a result of approaching the start of the new week, i was a bit stressed. that's because weekends are the most appropriate days to do serious stuff about music.. like today.. thanks to all...
  96. ozanerkal

    Could you try these 2 factory presets with your own AFX's?

    no not active.. and i tried lowering the input level too..
  97. ozanerkal

    Could you try these 2 factory presets with your own AFX's?

    thanks M@ but these two are factory presets. so what i wonder is: "does my sounclip sound right?" "right" meaning "as intended" here. i'm not in search of a desired tone here, i'm just trying to understand if my device works perfectly or not. and the kind of distortion that i sense in these...
  98. ozanerkal

    Gritty Sounding Clean Tones

    OP, are you talking about some(clipping-like)thing like this? my thread: http://forum.fractalaudio.com/axe-fx-ii-discussion/98602-could-you-try-these-2-factory-presets-your-own-afxs.html soundclip: https://soundcloud.com/ozanerkal/axe-fw1807-279-283-rec01
  99. ozanerkal

    Could you try these 2 factory presets with your own AFX's?

    I added a soundcloud link for you to hear what mine sounds like: https://soundcloud.com/ozanerkal/axe-fw1807-279-283-rec01
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