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    Synth Problem

    So, I LOVE using the synth. I use Strings patches, Violin patches, cello patches, its fantastic. However, I just started to play in an all acoustic group...2 gtrs, bass, and 3 vocals. I can't use my synth patches with the acoustic guitar. I think there are too many overtones on each note...
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    External Switch, IA's, MFC, LED's, setup questions

    So lets say i plug in an external switch to my MFC and it is switch 1. I want it to turn on the GEQ-1 in my Axe-II. Are these basic steps correct? Pretty confident here. 1. plug in switch to mfc 2. set-up switch in mfc to a specific CC# 3. insure my patches have GEQ-1 in them in the Axe...
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    So Im at a NYE gig, and my MFC isn't conndcting .to my axe.....any Ideas? Does this .happen If it fets too cold in the car waiting .to get setup??? I have no volume pedal, no tuner....any odeas? I tried 2 Ethernet cords.....should I go MIDI and power .supply?
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    First rehearsal with the Axe-II

    Well, i've had the Axe-II since very early in it's release. And this past weekend I finally had the chance to use it in a "live" setting, at a band rehearsal. First: My Set-up Axe-II direct from Out 1 to Mixing board to PA. Out 2 to my Carvin DCM200L feeding my EV ZX-1 passive cab for my...
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    Pedal jack on back of axe?

    So the manual says the pedal jack accepts a std guitar cable for a switch, or a trs for a pedal. Can it be configured to be 2 switches if a trs is used (ala e boss fs-6 dual pedal)? I have the opportunity to use my axe acoustically but there is ZERO stage room, so I will barely be able to fit...
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    Zipper Noise in 3.02?

    am i the only 1 getting zipper noise in 3.02? I only seem to get it when adjusting the triode Hardness setting in advanced amp settings......i didn't notice it at first on any presets, but then went to preset 000 (unedited from factory) and it made the zipper noise, and then after that all...
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    Organ-ish sustain assistance?

    What's up. I'm working on a rock organ-ish patch....using octave up and down as well as rotary and a plexi to get the slightly distorted sound (like deep purple used to run his keyboards through an amp if I'm not mistaken to get the crunchy tone) It sounds great, but one thing i love about a...
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    Building a custom rack panel interface, question(power amp question)

    OK, so i have an Art SLA-2 that i just started using as bridged mono. I like the option of having stereo available too though, for fun at home sometimes, and jamming. I dislike the banana plugs thoroughly, and want to get rid of them by hard wiring in connections to a rack interface on the...
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    Global Effects ROCK HARD!!!!!

    Apologize for the long post, but this just was awesome!!!! So, I had a dilemma. I converted my 4x12 cab into a stereo cab, with 2 vertical 2x12's(all in same 4x12 shell mind you). And I was very unhappy with the sounds of my Axe II through it. Sounded great in mono, great in stereo through...
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    Editing Mark Day's HBE patch question

    So, I dig mark's patch a lot for leads(is one of 2 goto lead patches actually), but i don't like using it as is for Rythym playing due to the delay. But when i turn off the delay, it shoots the volume up substantially due to their being three levels of effects Delay thru Reverb How would I go...
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    Stereo Cab issues?

    So, just got my axe II. Plugged it into my newly re-wired Stereo Cab ( Carvin 4x12 with a control plate with 2 jacks, selector switch, hooked up correctly, 99.99% sure) The sound is bad, very harsh treble,not much bass response, just sounds poor (cab sims off, PA sims on with Art SLA-2)...
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    question about PA Speakers in general, not just Axe, but vocals too?

    So, I'm looking into buying a stage PA Speaker. The main use will be for an acoustic duo i'm re-starting up and will be the single main for small gigs. The secondary use would be great if it also worked well with the axe for FRFR. My stupid question: Do the same features and benefits that...
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    Dweezil on Leno

    Dweezil just played Leno for Alice Cooper with his 2 ultras and his 4 atomics. and killed it!!!!! sounded great, and he played great. Cool seeing ultras on stage.
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    Acoustic Guitar ?

    So, i have an acoustic that i love the sound of...but it has no pick-up. I'd like to run it through the axe, get a little compression, verb, etc, maybe even some Acoustic Cab IR's to adjust the tone from my mic. Could I, run a mic from in front of my guitar to my mic pre...out the mic pre to...
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    Trouble dialing in tone through FRFR, just a little venting

    So, I've had my Axe for the whole of 5 days now. It took me less than 20 minutes to get superb clean, classic rock dirty, and classic rock lead tones built up when running through my basic set-up. (cab sims off) Axe => EHX 44 Magnum power amp => 2 Mesa 1x10" cabs in parallel. (L out copied...
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