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    Wish Mesa Boogie Roadster / Road King

    ... or Spanish Tres=Three - Corona=Crown ;)
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    Wish Mesa Boogie Roadster / Road King

    I think Budda is referring to the TRES CORONA tonestack.
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    Gibson buying Mesa?

    ... and after a while we will witness the creation of a newborn company (Sema/Goobie?) formed out of the leavers trying to get their jobs back and continue the Heritage (pun intended)... sorry for the irony but this is a deja-vu.
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    Ennio Morricone RIP

    RIP Maestro.
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    New Suhr has "dead" notes :(

    Same issue here, I own a Suhr Modern Satin HSH with a Gotoh 510 trem. Mahogany body and neck, pauferro fretboard. Fantastic guitar, light, resonant, beautiful... exact same issue on the G string G note on the 12th fret. No matter how you tune, dead spot moves around. Less pronounced on the B...
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    Help deciding Suhr vs JP6

    Yes I have also experienced the polishing effect on satin guitars. It's not the first one I own so I'm kind of used to it and it doesn't bother me too much. I really like the looks and feel of a satin guitar, some say the lighter the finish the more the instrument will resonate/breathe. But I...
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    Help deciding Suhr vs JP6

    I own a modern Satin (HSH) and it’s a fantastic guitar. If you are not familiar with SUHR pickups it takes a while to get used to. They don’t have a signature sound, it’s like a modern take on classics and can feel a bit sterile till you shape your tone around them. I would advise to try out the...
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    Who's moving from a Axe-Fx II to FM3?

    I had already decided to make the move to a smaller setup. About a couple months ago I sold an Axe II Gen1 (had it for over 5 years) and didn't make the move to the Axe III as I could not really justify it... really overkill for me, so I was looking for a used AX8 until the FM3 was announced. I...
  9. D

    Suhr Ssh+ pickups your thoughts?

    I have a Modern Satin, SSH+ in the bridge ... to me it sounds fantastic. Great pickup. You might prefer the Aldrich though... more meat and a bit brighter top. What type of guitar is it for?
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    Cliff, Get rid of the older firmware modeling options to free up space!!

    I'm an Axe2 gen1 user. Got it on firm 8 and have updated to every firmware release until now. I voted for removing the older modelling option to allow for some extra updates but I could live with the unit as it is now. Getting an XL is probably overkill for my own needs but so will be the AXEIII...
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    Andy Timmons - Groove or Die Theme

    ...forget about sharing the patch... any chance you share the fingers?? Very nice!!
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    Random Guitar Player List

    Just chiming in for a personal favorite of mine Steffen Schackinger. His 2008 album ElectriGuitarristry is worth a listen: Fantastic tracks in it. My personal favorites are 'X and Y', 'City Lights' and 'On a Rainy Day' but the full album is enjoyable.
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    Big wave of buyer's remorse.....help calm me down.

    No complains really. After a bit of extra time invested programing the thing, it works for my gigging needs: no complex patches, not using scenes, basic effects on-off (drive, delay, comp, external vol pedal for wah). I just had the cash for an MFC and thought I could upgrade my old midimate and...
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    Big wave of buyer's remorse.....help calm me down.

    I have the exact oposite problem: I have an AFX2 and I'm considering an MFC to remplace my crappy Midimate. I can't realy explain the logic to all this but I ended up thinking I could sell the Afx, get an Ax8 and save cash in the process... but then I just can't make the decision as I start...
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    Ibanez RGA121

    It's a fantastic guitar. I had an RGA121 and got an RGA321F afterwards (that I still own) and they are the best Ibanez I have ever owned. If it's in good condition (seems so from the pics you posted) I'd buy it with my eyes closed. Just swap the PUs for whatever you like (stock PUs are not bad...
  16. D

    NGD! 100% Custom Made!

    Beautiful Guitar!
  17. D

    1500 bucks, you say, Line6?

    Yes, really not interested. I'm not a pro, I don't need anything smaller but I could do with less. I use a MidiMate as a floorboard and I'm happy with it. If I were to ditch all my setup and go the HX route it would be somewhat of a trade (supposing this new HX system doesn't end up narrowing my...
  18. D

    1500 bucks, you say, Line6?

    I think it's the excuse for not making promises you will inevitably have to break in the future. DI kept answering "Not at launch" to feedback on features just as if it would be possible to have them later on but when he was asked to give a timeframe to some of them he just dumped all that...
  19. D

    1500 bucks, you say, Line6?

    Well I read the thread at TGP and when a few forum members stressed him (DigitalIgloo on TGP) to give feedback on future devellopments on the HX platform I got the impression that he was referring to a disclosure on his contractual agreement with L6 as an employee that prevented him to make...
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    Plini - "The End of Everything" EP (prog w/ Marco Minnemann on drums)

    Love it!! Paper Moon is simpy outstanding, caught me on first listen.
  21. D

    Bug? FW18b - Possible Bug - COMP block [FIXED]

    I'm still at work, as soon as I get home I'll try FW18b7. I was not aware it was available. Edit: Still there after update to FW18b7.
  22. D

    Bug? FW18b - Possible Bug - COMP block [FIXED]

    I was checking stock presets and I stopped on 126. Always liked it on previous FW versions but now it's just outstanding so I went to the layout and was surprised that the COMP block was placed after the CAB. Out of curiosity I just started noodling while changing settings in the COMP block and...
  23. D

    Musikraft/Warmoth Replacement Necks

    I had one on order from Warmoth a couple years ago for a catstrat project and all I can say is that I love it. I was going for roasted maple but they didn't have it on offer when I ordered it so I went for clear satin nitro finish (closest to no finish on the neck). But you have to consider a...
  24. D

    Why do the 80's get such a hard time?

    Two Words. Awe:some
  25. D

    Heads up on Alberto Barrero

    I'm a follower since quite long ago. Most of his demos and promo vids on his YT channel are great. Fantastic tone and feel. I have to admit I tried matching his tones on the AFX but I'm affraid I'll also need his fingers for that.
  26. D

    Best lead amp model?

    Well it depends on the style you are going after. The one I'm spending more time on lately is the Badger 30 with a couple of dirive blocks in front (for different moods): it will cover almost anything.
  27. D

    Fractal Factory Tour??

    Factory tour? Meh... Would like to see the amp collection though
  28. D

    POLL for Week 2 of AOTW

    Voted for the UBER. Amazing beast....
  29. D

    axe fx 2 vs standard

    I had a Standard until about a year or so and I was quite happy with it. Plenty of very good tones but you need to go through the learning process, it's not plug and play. There are lots of patches you can find from other users that you can tweak to your taste while you learn the unit. For the...
  30. D

    Axe-Fx II Firmware Version 12.04 Public Beta

    Duh!! I was asking myself why nobody noticed ... after reading again it makes perfect sense.
  31. D

    Axe-Fx II Firmware Version 12.04 Public Beta

    I read it a few times and I'm not sure if I totally understand. We are all so focused on the power tube selection feature that we probably missed some other "goodies". Does this mean we can now "defeat" the preamp and use different preamps with different poweramps? Even if we have to use...
  32. D

    What Did You Have To Do For Your First Guitar?

    Funny that I had to beg my parents for my first guitar (Aria Pro CS350) when I was 13 years old, got it a year after for xmas when I was 14 and still have it. Now the funny thing is that I had to beg the wife for my first serious guitar: a beautiful PRS SC trem that I unfortunately traded a few...
  33. D

    The Edge's Fractal rig

    From the comments on the facebook page: "...However, I DO know the Axe is used for amp modeling as well as effects, ..." and also another interesting comment: "It is important to note this system doesn't replace anything...its just another means for creativity."
  34. D

    My new baby...

    I was in the same situation. I got used to it rather quickly, now my pinky is wrapped around the knob (it's a reference) and when I switch guitars I miss it.
  35. D

    Where did warm ambient sound in music go?

    Have a look at the link below. Lots of opinions... but the sientific facts pretty much explain why a pickup placed closer to the bridge will sound less muddy or brighter. https://bareknucklepickups.co.uk/forum/index.php?topic=28645.0 Sorry for the thread hijack....
  36. D

    Where did warm ambient sound in music go?

    There is another theory for neck pickup placement. Apparently when the pickup is fitted on the natural spot for a 22 fret neck guitar, it falls in the same spot where the 24th fret would be placed. Apparently this causes the pickup to miss a lot of the harmonic content of the note. You will...
  37. D

    What's your pickups choice in your 80's hotrod guitar for that hairmetal tone?

    For me it's a mahogany body with a maple top, bolt on maple/rosewood neck and pretty much a cliche for the electronics: Dimarzio PAF PRO on the neck and ToneZone on the bridge side, 1 Vol - 1 Tone. Unbeatable!!! I unforunately sold the guitar a couple years back as I didn't play it. Now I miss...
  38. D

    Post Your Rig!

    Looks like a PEAK controller. You can find them here: http://www.peak2005.com/j/midi-foot-controllers/16-fcb8n-programmable-midi-foot-controller.html
  39. D

    Aggressive Recto

    LMAO .... I was doing the same....
  40. D

    Instrument cables

    I use the same, great sounding cable! I buiilt a few, various length with neutrix plugs and the quality is outstanding. Just one drawback, the coating of the cable makes it a bit sticky, which is not a problem for short cables but is a bit of a hassle for the longer ones.
  41. D

    Help V10 blew one of my vitual tubes!

    NOS Tubes I still have my old Standard. I'll swap the tubes out and let you know how the II feels. Bet I can get a better resale value for the Standard with the II tubes in it!!!!
  42. D

    V10 Update

    Most probably if it doesn't ship today. If it does you might get it with 9.
  43. D


    You can use patches from the Standard on the Ultra, not from the II.
  44. D

    Is that music or circus?

    In fact you don't really need to listen to the original version, Jeff's version is personal but amazingly accurate. I would suggest listening to Jason's solo albums. It's dense material and you will probably need to listen to it chunk by chunk but it ends up catching you. Try it.
  45. D

    Is that music or circus?

    This particular song was composed and recored about 25 years ago by Jason Becker. IMHO a lot of the songs on that album are masterpieces. I find them musical challenging and inspiring. I wonder what people thought of Paganini's pieces back in the time when they were composed. Please don't take...
  46. D

    Buyers Remorse Anyone?

    I do feel like the OP in some way. I have both: a II and a Standard. I was supposed to sell the standard to recoup a bit on the investment but I just don't manage to clone most of my tones on the II. I'm close but not there yet. I do find some of the sims on the II are better/easier to dial in...
  47. D

    just had a few words to say to " chucklehead" lol

    I remeber wasting about an hour of my life watching his review (rant) on the AFX II. what a Jerk! Someone should create a JM45 lead patch and call it "Chucle_Lead" and it should be a standard patch fron FW10 onwards.
  48. D

    Just wondering how many people leave the plastic left on?

    I have a II and a Standard, the plastic is gone on the two but still on the Standard... keeps the resale value high on vintage gear....
  49. D

    What amp would you buy if the Axe Fx didn't exist?

    I would'd have just one (if I could afford it) in this order: Budda Twinmaster Bogner Shiva 20th. EVH 5150III Fryette D60
  50. D

    Petrucci Rig for G3

    Yes, that's what I'm referring to. Sorry but I can't recall if I saw it on Guitarrist Mag (iPad version) or the iGuitar web issue but they did mention they were working on a reissue of the MP1. Also said it wouldn't be in the short term though. We'll have to wait and see, I was a big fan in the...
  51. D

    Petrucci Rig for G3

    Well I was surprised a couple of weeks ago to see a demo from ADA. They are back to business and already have a preamp out (stomp format). They have announced a reissue of the MP1.
  52. D

    Fattening the sound

    I don't like using an EQ to fatten a sound, instead I normally start by tweaking the tonestack frequency (it will add/remove meat to taste) and then fine tune bass mid and treble. After this I normally go with a chorus or a very short delay.
  53. D

    i played a jvm 410 yesterday

    He's a spanish guitar player. As far as I know he uses a GEN1 Axe Standard, but was a former Marshall JMP1 user so on the vid you saw he was probably using the JMP1.
  54. D

    Things I Sold To Afford An Axe FX Ultra AND Put Money In The Bank

    Sold a PRS SC Trem.... I'll never forgive myself but I got the standard and cured amp and effects GAS.
  55. D

    Firmware Version 10.03 Up

    Well I got my standard with 9.03 so I can't compare to the previous 9.xx versions, but with 10.03 I find the cleans much more natural, way less harsh. I had to smoothen my picking technique with most of the clean patches (even after rolling off the HF Res so I was probably doing something wrong...
  56. D

    stupid drive block question...

    I initially tried both ways of doing it (and struggled to fine tune the modifiers - IMO it's too much of a hassle). I ended up adopting browlett's method. It keeps the character of the AMP but beefens-up without affecting your overall volume. I tried a few drive+amp combinations and the ones I...
  57. D

    active pickup question?

    Like any other pickup, it's got it's own voice and they are super clean (no hum at all). I used to be a huge fan of the 81/85 combination (I just got tiered of switching 9V batteries) :lol: .
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