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  1. ozanerkal

    Good.. now can we begin to wait for a possible "AX9"?

    (Oh wait.. is there an FX9 coming first?) Although I was a proud owner of an XL in my studio, I only took it out on stage for 3/4 times, because of the inconveniences of having it in a rack case (extra weight), protecting my investment with a power conditioner (extra weight), controller and...
  2. ozanerkal

    Scene change with MIDI pedal... Please help

    Hi I have this Boss FC-50 MIDI controller which has no problem changing presets, but.. I want to write a preset for each song I play and create scenes for each section of each song.. So, for Song1, I'll dial to preset1 from the front panel, start playing at scene 1, and say, for the solo, I'll...
  3. ozanerkal

    Balanced Input Matters?

    Hi people, During home use, I always keep my guitar connected to my axefx's front input but at live situations, I use an AKG wireless and I used to connect its receiver's output to the Rear Input with a simple TS cable. Then I read about the front input's "secret sauce" and started to connect...
  4. ozanerkal

    245 V (AC) a Problem?.. And about Power Conditioners...

    Hey all.. Been using the Axe-Fx II XL for more than 2 years now. Recently I bought a Samson PowerBrite Pro 10 Power Distribution device to protect my axefx both at home and at live situations where "bad" electricity could be harmful. During daytime the voltmeter on the device shows around...
  5. ozanerkal

    Seeking Fender Hot Rod Deluxe Tone

    Hi all, I just came across this demo on youtube and now I want to have those tones from my American Standard Strat through my Axe Fx II XL. It's got Clean to crunch to heavy, and a wide range of equalising opportunities and I like all the different tones that this guy creates on the video...
  6. ozanerkal

    Make Your Own Expression Pedal

    Hi everyone! After a period of searching for affordable expression pedals, i finally found one.. for FREE :) Well not exactly free, but in my case I consider it free because I made a very simple modification on my existing wah pedal which I haven't used in years. The steps were as follows: 1...
  7. ozanerkal

    ZOOM FP02M Expression Pedal Help?

    Hi all, I borrowed the Zoom FP02M exp. pedal today from a friend today in order to give it a shot with my Axe-Fx XL. I attend to use it in two types of connection: 1st Type... Into Pedal1 or 2 inputs on the back of Afx: So I connected the pedal to Pedal1 using its supplied TRS cable...
  8. ozanerkal

    Quantum 2.00 has more output clipping? EDIT:SOLVED

    Hi all, (.....this is the original post as it is. For a SOLUTION, please read the fifth&seventh entries on this page written by me.....) I just updated from Q1.05 to Q2.00 today on my AFXXL. While I played through my existing presets, I noticed the output clip LED was blinking and the sound was...
  9. ozanerkal

    6-string Acoustic Guitar Sounds like 12-string

    Hi all, think I found a way to make my 6-string semi-acoustic sound like a 2-string.. got the idea from a friend and gave it a try, so, here is the sound clip: here is the preset: http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=3990 Let me know what you think and please add your...
  10. ozanerkal

    What is the equivalent of an amp's STANDBY switch on the Axe-Fx?

    Many times while the Axe-Fx is on, I have to switch between guitars. If I were plugging in/out a real amp, I would put it to STANDBY during the instance of switching, which I believe not only mutes the sound output BUT ALSO BLOCKS THE INPUT so that no harmful signal gets into the circuits. As...
  11. ozanerkal

    Micing an FRFR

    Hi all, This question just keeps popping up in my head, so I'm gonna ask even if it may sound silly.. I have an Atomic CLR FRFR connected to my AFX XL. For recording I use direct USB and for live performances I use the Balanced XLR out direct to FOH. So I never need to use a microphone for...
  12. ozanerkal

    Axe-Fx Sighting (Wait!.. In a 1985 movie??)

    It's impossible!!.. Well, at least unless You're M. J. Fox and have a time machine.. Happy BTTF Day everyone!
  13. ozanerkal

    FW18.12 to Quantum.. Any Suggestions on Tweaking?

    Hi all, I'm stuck at 18.12 because all my presets sound great. I've tried to upgrade to 19 and Q1 when they came out, but it took less than a half hour for me to turn back to 18.12 every time. I think it's mainly because of the Q3'd drive blocks. I use the 808 for most high gain presets...
  14. ozanerkal

    Volume change when I switch between signal chain rows

    Hi, Please see the video: https://youtu.be/kXIFlx4SMwM This is one of my fav. presets involving only an amp block (mark iic+) and a cab block (f073). I've done all the tweaking while the signal chain was on the first row. So the first half of the vid has the normal volume level. But when I...
  15. ozanerkal

    Green Display Light Spotted at Apple Event Live Stream

    was watching the apple event online, the last attraction was a one republic performance.. made me somehow proud again to catch that little green light on the stage :)
  16. ozanerkal

    What Am I Doing Wrong? (Importing Cab IR's)

    Hi everyone, here's what I do to import IR's and what happens: (BTW, FW:18.12 AxeEdit:3.1.10) 1. In Axe Edit/Axe Manage Cabs/.. I drag the IR.syx file to an empty spot and press save. Then in an already existing and normal sounding preset, i change the cab from a factory cab to the new user cab...
  17. ozanerkal

    Classic signal chain vs the Axe-Fx approach

    Hi all.. This was a question that bothered me even before I thought of buying an Axe-Fx. In a classic signal chain (that involves a real amp) some effects (drive, comp, wah etc.) go BEFORE the amp, and some others (reverb, delay, chorus etc.) go in the FX Loop which means AFTER the preamp but...
  18. ozanerkal

    Could you try these 2 factory presets with your own AFX's?

    This is actually a repost, but i got no answers so trying again. with two of the NEW factory presets (FW18) (279-New Country and 283-In a Fixx) i am sensing an extra distortion. if you play chords (try 2-3 or 6 string chords) each note has a delightful distortion to it and this is what is...
  19. ozanerkal

    2 questions regarding Kalthallen IR's and new factory presets

    1. with 17.04, i was using the FREE "Axe-Fx sys files" downloaded from the Kalthallen site, and some of them were really great. after the upgrade to 18.04, all of them sound terribly noisy, tinny and they are clipping. i tried a system reset, i tried to erase and reload them, but nothing...
  20. ozanerkal

    So many updates, so much tech details.. now i just cannot PLAY!

    well i guess the title says it all and i guess i know what you'll say: "roll back to your best fw and stay there".. yeah maybe i'll do that at the end, but not before i file my complaints.. like most afx'ers here, i'm over 40, have a full-time job other than music, but record and play live...
  21. ozanerkal

    Please "RATE" my GTC contest entry

    hey all, I wanted to share my contest entry video link, hope it's not against forum rules or anything.. This recording was made for a solo contest where the applicants download the backing tracks and jam on their chosen one. My solo is recorded with Axe-Fx II XL via USB to Logic Pro 9 running...
  22. ozanerkal

    Axe-Fx Türkiye

    Türk kullanıcılar! ses verin!
  23. ozanerkal

    Simplest, lightest and cheapest footswitch solution for AXE-FX

    Well I have a Line6 POD HD500 (4.8 kg) which can be used as a MIDI controller with my Axe-Fx XL and works perfect with the right settings. But it's big and heavy. So I didn't want to carry it for gigs after trying that for once. (Especially when all i do with it is switch presets.. ) Then I...
  24. ozanerkal

    Global On/Off setting for Mic?

    Hi there, sorry if this has already been discussed or solved, but i googled it first and couldn't find what i'm looking for. now, i've got this active FRFR wedge (atomic), and basically it has three uses: 1 as monitor during recording 2 as stage monitor 3 as sole amp for practice or...
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