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  1. chrisjnyc

    NYC gig alert - Dec 19th - Cat & Dog rescue charity show

    I am organizing a charity show to benefit Mighty Mutts and Ollies Place. We have 5 bands playing, all raising money for Cat & Dog rescue and adoptions. When: show starts at 6:30pm Where: Arlene's Grocery, 95 Stanton Street, NYC What: Live rock n roll! $10 advance tickets, Get tickets here
  2. chrisjnyc

    Axe Fest New York City - part 2?

    Anyone up for another Axe Fest? I am thinking we could do it in Jan or Feb in NYC. Bring your Axe Ultra, Axe II, AX8, Axe III, Fm3, FM9, etc... or just come and hang out and swap stories for all things Axe FX. The last one was super low key, and we only had to cover the cost of the sound man...
  3. chrisjnyc

    4CM presets

    Anyone have any 4CM presets into a 2 channel (clean\dirty) amp?
  4. chrisjnyc

    How to change rosewood LP to sound like a maple strat\tele?

    I have been trying to add more and more slide into my songs, but I cant get a great slide tone from my main LP... like I can from my strat. It's just a little dark and muddy. Even with the coil tapped humbuckers. I have been trying to dial down the input gain and a lot of low cut to get it in...
  5. chrisjnyc

    Battery pack for FM3

    Anyone found a battery\power pack that can run the FM3? I have an outdoor gig coming up, and thinking about options...
  6. chrisjnyc

    Looking for wall of sound preset

    Anyone have a crazy, feedback, run-away delay type preset? Something like at the end of Radiohead's Blow Out
  7. chrisjnyc

    Distorted bass amp?

    Anyone have a bass preset where the distortion is coming from the amp block and not a drive pedal?
  8. chrisjnyc

    Anyone have a crazy shimmer preset?

    Looking for a really wet\crazy shimmer style preset... more like a synth and less like a subtle reverb
  9. chrisjnyc

    4 Cable Method and Modelling?

    Planning to do some recording, and thinking about recording a real tube amp and also use the amp and cab blocks. I am thinking to run parallel paths, and all the Fm3 FX would go in the front of the tube amp. The only issue would be reverb\pitch, that dont have 2 blocks. Any ideas on how to do...
  10. chrisjnyc

    How to get 100% wet shimmer?

    I have used the Plex delay\verb for shimmer on a few presets, but for one I am looking to make it over-the-top shimmer. Something like if you recorded just the 100% wet shimmer tone, and almost none of the original guitar tone. The problem is when the plex mix goes over 50-60%,, the output...
  11. chrisjnyc

    How to get around single cab block?

    When I record with the Axe FX, I usually like to record two amps and two cabs with output 1 and output 2. I was thinking to get around this using the FM3 amp and cab, and then use a drive block and 2nd cab, but I dont have another cab block in the FM3. Any ideas on how to get an emulated...
  12. chrisjnyc

    Ques on the headphones out

    For the FM3 with the head phone jack, can you assign the headphones output to out1 or out2? Does it have its own level when used with USB\DAW?
  13. chrisjnyc

    SOLD Fractal FC-6 - Reduced!

    FC-6 Foot Controller $490 Fed Ex 2 Day shipped Like new condition, with the plastic on the screen, ships in the original box
  14. chrisjnyc

    SOLD Celestion Vintage 30 speaker

    I have a minty Celestion Vintage 30 - $100 Fedex 2 day shipped 16 Ohm
  15. chrisjnyc

    Can you you change the tempo with scenes?

    Without using tap tempo... can you change the tempo from scene 1 from 80bpm to 100bpm in scene 2
  16. chrisjnyc

    Axe III for vocals?

    I am working on some demos, and doing all the guitars and bass with the Axe III, any reason I cant connect a mic and record vocals with the Axe III? I am thinking maybe to add a compressor and reverb blocks, or just straight and add the FX in the mix.
  17. chrisjnyc

    How do you import a Tone Match block?

    Can you convert an Axe III tone match block into a cab to import into the FM3?
  18. chrisjnyc

    Acoustic sim ques

    Anyone have an acoustic sim preset? I think just an acoustic cab block might work too
  19. chrisjnyc

    Reducing CPU ques

    I have a couple songs where I am using the multi delay, delay and reverb, and running up against the CPU limit. Would it be possible to remove some of the channels to save CPU? I have removed a few FX blocks that were low in the mix, and also muted the 2nd cab IR. If not removed from the...
  20. chrisjnyc

    FS Pedals: Morningstar FX SDD Preamp, Pfeiffer Leveler, mini exp pedal

    Morningstar FX SDD Preamp Pedal - (clone of the legendary Korg SDD-3000 preamp) - $150 shipped Donner mini expression pedal (like in the box) - $40 shipped Pfeiffer Leveler Volume Pedal -$90 shipped All pedals are Pay Pal, with Fedex 2 Day shipping
  21. chrisjnyc

    Block import ques

    How do you import an amp from a block, but not all the amp channels? I just want the amp on channel A, and leave the other amp channels alone...
  22. chrisjnyc

    SOLD Line 6 HX FX + Line 6 Exp Pedal - REDUCED

    Line 6 HXFX and the Line 6 Expression pedal - $400 Fedex 2 day shipped Used for a few gigs, but in great condition, comes with the original box, Line 6 power supply, and the Line 6 exp pedal Multi-effects pedalboard with massive control capabilities Over 100 effects models onboard Dual...
  23. chrisjnyc

    Scene toggle ques

    I have foot switch 1 and 2 setup to toggle between scenes 1/2 and 3/4. Is there a way to set the color to change when I toggle? That would be really nice to see without reading the name on the scene
  24. chrisjnyc

    Output 2 to Reaper DAW?

    Anyone know how to get USB audio from Reaper to use Output 2? I have tried every combination on the routing matrix, but can only get audio from output 1. Also changed the audio settings tab to use out 1 - out 4
  25. chrisjnyc

    OT: Trogly trades up for an Axe-Fx III

    I see that Trogly traded a 76 Strat for an Axe III
  26. chrisjnyc

    How to lower some of the interface audio?

    For the longest time I have recorded into a Focusrite interface, but find using the the Axe III as my audio interface to be a lot quieter. The only issue is monitoring the output. I have the guitar in input 1\output 1, and the speakers connected to output 1, with a 2nd (dry) amp going to output...
  27. chrisjnyc

    Heavy Fuzz tones

    Anyone have a thick fuzz tones preset? Something like Smashing Pumpkins\Big Muff fuzz
  28. chrisjnyc

    Shipping an Axe Fx ques

    Whats the best way to ship an Axe Fx without the original boxes? Can you ship it inside a rack case covered in bubble wrap?
  29. chrisjnyc

    Factory cabs vs legacy cabs

    Having a little hard time finding cabs in the Factory 1 and 2 menu. I need to check against the wiki and then audition one, and check against the wiki, etc. I end up going back to the legacy cabs, as I familiar with them and can quickly identify ones I have used before. Am I missing anything...
  30. chrisjnyc

    POG preset?

    Anyone have an EHX POG preset? I had one for the Axe II, but cant find it now
  31. chrisjnyc

    SOLD Friedman Runt 20 2-Channel 20 Watts Amplifier Head - PRICE DROP

    Friedman Runt 20 2-Channel 20 Watts Amplifier Head $900 Fed Ex shipped Used for only 1 gig, still has the tags on it. This head is very very clean! Friedman Runt20 Features: 20-Watt all tube amplifier Two channels 2 x EL-84 power tubes 3 x 12AX7 preamp tubes Clean channel with Volume and...
  32. chrisjnyc

    Mutronics Mutator patch help

    There was an amazing patch on the Axe Ultra of the Mutator that I cant seem to figure out. I think it had two pitch blocks with LFOs. Anyone have any ideas? https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/bank-of-fuzz.47769/
  33. chrisjnyc

    Naked Amps tonepack for FM3?

    Will the Axe FX III version of the Naked Amps work with the FM3? Or do we need to convert the presets? @austinbuddy
  34. chrisjnyc

    Midi pedals for FM3

    Anyone have a list of the small midi pedals that can be used with the FM3? Disaster Area Micro One Control Gecko Midi Mouse etc
  35. chrisjnyc

    Record FX loop via USB

    I normally record the Axe into my Focusrite, but have been messing around with recording via USB. How do you record the main out and also the FX loop out via USB? I have one amp going to each output...
  36. chrisjnyc

    SOLD Axe-Fx II with MFC-101- Free Shipping

    Very good condition Axe FX II with the MFC 101 foot controller. 2 day Fed Ex shipping to Con US. $1300 Axe FX mk I is like new, ships with the manual in the original box, and includes: Austin Buddy preset pack Freman Preset Pack Singtall preset pack MFC 101 foot controller, comes with the...
  37. chrisjnyc

    Budget footswitch?

    I am working on writing some songs, and just need a simple way to increment my presets... to go from preset 1 to preset 2, to 3, etc...I already have the MFC, but dont want to lug it around. What is small and super cheap?
  38. chrisjnyc

    FS Tourtek PB1905 Rechargeable Pedalboard - perfect for Line 6 HX Stomp

    Like new Tourtek PB1905 Rechargeable Pedalboard with soft Case. - $100 Fedex shipped Only used a few times, but it works perfectly for the Line 6 HX Stomp and other standard pedals. Comes with the cable to connect the HX Stomp directly to the battery pack (pedal board base). Plus other cables...
  39. chrisjnyc

    Anyone have any Neil Young presets?

    I suspect I am looking for a preset with cab or tone match, as Neil has some wicked amp tones...
  40. chrisjnyc

    SOLD AX8 (American Made) + 2 x expression pedals + 2 day FedEx shipping!

    I have very good condition American made AX8 with two M Audio EXP expression pedals, 2 day Fed Ex shipping to Con US. $1300 The AX8 has a screen protector on it, and some very small scuffs on the sides, and velcro on the bottom. Includes: Austin Buddy preset pack Freman Preset Pack Singtall...
  41. chrisjnyc

    4CM amps ques

    Following up on this thread... What tube amps work well with the AX8? Can we make a list?
  42. chrisjnyc

    SOLD Line 6 PowerCab 112 - Now $400!

    Mint condition Line 6 PowerCab 112 - $400 + shipping never giged, and comes in the original box. Features: - 1x12 active speaker system for use with amp modelers - Provides an authentic "amp-in-the-room" playing experience with any modeler - Choice of flat response or six classic guitar speaker...
  43. chrisjnyc

    SOLD Xitone 10″ Open Back Active Cab

    Mint condition Xitone Active Cab - $750 Fedex shipped Silver grill cloth with white piping. Never gigged, just used a few times at home... Details: Dayton Audio Power amp 800w@4ohms 600w for the woofer 200w for the tweeter 2 independently controllable input channels each with 24db mic pads...
  44. chrisjnyc

    Wah with AC30

    Anyone have a good wah with an AC30 preset? Every time I get a very thin wah tone. Its almost non existent. When I use a wah with a Marshall\Friedman amp its much more pronounced.
  45. chrisjnyc

    NYC show this Saturday... shameless gig spam

    Check out my AX8 and my band this Sat at Pianos in the Lower East Side Sat Aug 4th Doors at 6pm, show time at 9pm Pianos 158 Ludlow St NYC (take the F train to 2nd Ave) https://www.facebook.com/events/611849959153695/
  46. chrisjnyc

    How to convert Tele patch to use on Les Paul

    I have this great tone with the trainwreck Liverpool amp and my tele partscaster (bridge single coil PU)... How can I get close with a Les Paul which has coil splitting humbuckers. I have done some simple changes to drop the input gain and the bass to get the Les Paul to sound a little like...
  47. chrisjnyc

    Black Angels fuzz tones

    Anyone have any great heavy fuzz tones like the The Black Angels
  48. chrisjnyc

    Smallest FRFR speaker?

    Looking for something to replace my studio monitors at home. The tone between my Rokit 5's and my Xitone powered cab is way off. I think a small FRF might get me closer to the tones from the Xitone.
  49. chrisjnyc

    Looking for NYC bands

    Putting together some shows in NYC and need some bands... also looking to get another Axe Fest NYC together this summer too. Send me a message and some info on your band.
  50. chrisjnyc

    Clean and dirty patch

    Anyone have a squeaky clean to paint blistering dirty in one patch? I have tried it a few ways, but have a hard time getting it right. 1. X\Y amps and cabs - Fender Twin and HBE 2. Scene controller on the amp gain and input input trim
  51. chrisjnyc

    Choppy Tremolo\Vox Repeater ques

    Anyone know how to get a cool choppy trem tone? Like the Vox Repeater: Hummingbird Repeat Percussion:
  52. chrisjnyc

    Mutronics Mutator anyone?

    There was an amazing patch on the Axe Ultra of the Mutator that I cant seem to figure out on the AX8. I think it had two pitch blocks. Anyone have any ideas?
  53. chrisjnyc

    Ghost Producer Question...

    I have a new side project that requires a lot of keys\piano\synths that I am struggling to perform. Thinking about hiring a session guy\ghost writer to play these parts on the recording. Do I need a setup a contract for the rights to the song? Also, do I need something like a non disclosure...
  54. chrisjnyc

    AX8 for bass... alternative tones

    Anyone have some cool tones for bass... that dont sound like traditional bass amp tones? From distorted tones like Motorhead, to more tones with effects like Peter Hook.
  55. chrisjnyc

    Looking for synth\detune\multi delay presets

    Looking for synth\heavy modulation style presets... ideally without using the synth block. I find it doesn't respond well with subtle picking, and would prefer to use the multi delay block to get the modulated\synth type tones.
  56. chrisjnyc

    Anyone use the Behringer XR16\32?

    Is there a way to control the FX with a foot switch? I know it has midi, but how can I turn off reverb\delay\phasor\etc to one of the channels?
  57. chrisjnyc

    Looper sync'ed to drum machine\backing track

    I know someone posted this a while back... but how do you sync the AX8 looper to a drum machine\backing track playback? Any way to do this without a Mac\PC rig?
  58. chrisjnyc

    Budget bass rig?

    How can I get some serious bass thump without a killer PA... we dont have subs. I have a Fender Rumble amp and an Ampeg 2x10 cab. Should I be looking at a decent power amp? Would an Alto TS212 work for bass? I have only heard it being used with guitars and AX8\Axe Fx
  59. chrisjnyc

    CPU limit issue

    Anyone seen this one? I have a preset with a number of fx going (flanger, delay, verb, etc). I think the CPU was running at 82%... at sound check it it is fine, and I turn on the tuner to take off the guitar and the CPU limit reached error pops on, and the reverb is disabled. I switch to another...
  60. chrisjnyc

    Flat pedal board for AX8

    Anyone know of a flat board that can fit an AX8 and one exp pedal? Ideally it would come with a gig bag. I have a pedal train board, but I find the incline is awkward for the height of the 2nd row of AX8 buttons... Also, I cant get used to using a wah on the incline. I was thinking to get a...
  61. chrisjnyc

    Input gain clipping--- Spawn amp issue?

    Anyone seeing issues with input clipping after installing FW 9.02? I dont run a lot of hi-gain amps, but most of my presets will light up the red clipping input clipping LED just by chugging on the low E string. I am not hearing any harsh clipping distortion, and the nothing on the output side...
  62. chrisjnyc

    X\Y with momentary?

    Is there a way to use the X\Y switching and also momentary? I have a patch with a subtle phasor going, and want to be able to kick in the on full phasor sound for a couple small parts in the song. Not sure if an expression pedal controlling the mix would work, as the "verse" phasor tone doesn't...
  63. chrisjnyc

    lower amp gain with pedal?

    I have been using scene controllers to bring up and down the gain of an amp on various scenes... but would like to bring down the gain without scene controllers for one preset. Any ideas on how to do this with a eq\filter\drive pedal?
  64. chrisjnyc

    Using my AX8 in FX8 mode ques

    Any tips to use the AX8 with an amp that doesn't have an FX loop? I have been toying with the idea of using my Hayseed 30 for a new project. It's basically a Vox AC30. I am getting some serious hiss with simple patches; overdrive before delay, or just the flanger\phasor. I have the gate on...
  65. chrisjnyc

    Fuzz tone question...

    Anyone have any tips\tricks to getting heavy fuzz tones with just the Axe and no actual pedals? Looking to record sounds like you would get from a Zvex fuzz factory, DBA, Devi and other "stacked" fuzz type pedals. When I play a Keeley fuzz pedal into a Vox AC30, I get a thick "big muff" type...
  66. chrisjnyc

    Axe Edit on Ubuntu?

    Anyone running Ubuntu 16 and Ax8 Edit 1.6 or Axe Edit 3?
  67. chrisjnyc

    Acoustic into AX8

    For the guys who are playing a (real) acoustic guitar into an AX8... How are you running your setup? I had a last minute gig change, going from a full band to acoustic duo. Due to the limited time, I just copied my electric presets and removed the amp and cab blocks, added in a EQ block with the...
  68. chrisjnyc

    Seeking bands for gigs in NYC

    Hey all, I am looking for a couple of bands to play a few shows in Dec\Jan. Ideally you would be an all original alt\emo\electronica\hard rock band... but I can work with a number of styles too. Contact me via PM to get the ball rolling...
  69. chrisjnyc

    audio technica M2 IEM wireless troubles...

    Anyone use the audio technica M2 IEM wireless? Getting a lot more loud bursts of static and drop outs with it now. I changed the batteries and the channel during a break and it was a little better. Any ideas? Those loud static pops are killing my ears!
  70. chrisjnyc

    Any bass players using FRFR?

    My bass player is going to be without his Ampeg amp for the next couple of months. Trying to set him up to use my powered FRFR PA speakers. Since its being used for guitar mostly, it is not geared for a lot of low end (10" speaker). How are you guys getting low end thump from a PA speaker?
  71. chrisjnyc

    Wish Wah auto engage timeout option

    I am using the auto engage for my wah, but find it shuts off too soon after I park it in the heel position, which makes me have to rock it a lot more than I would prefer to do. Can you add a long time out optionso it can stay on for 5-9 seconds without shutting off. I am thinking 10 seconds...
  72. chrisjnyc

    Unofficial NYC Axe Fest, Saturday September 10

    The unofficial NYC Axe Fest is set for Saturday September 10th in New York City! Here is the plan: 1. It’s going to be awesome! 2. Please bring your Axe FX, AX8, FX8, Ultra, guitars, bass, keys, amps, etc (bring your whole band) 3. You don’t need to own an Axe Fx to attend, you can...
  73. chrisjnyc

    Peter Hook bass?

    Anyone got a Peter Hook bass preset?
  74. chrisjnyc

    Axe Fest New York City - Sept 10th

    The unofficial NYC Axe Fest is set for Saturday September 10th in New York City! Link for more info: http://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/nyc-axe-fest-2016-sept-10th.116435/
  75. chrisjnyc

    Jack White preset?

    Anyone have a cool White Stripes\Jack White type preset? Always have a hard time dialing in a good fuzz...
  76. chrisjnyc

    Dinosaur Jr tones?

    Anyone got a cool Jay\Dino Jr preset? I tried the pi fuzz and Marshall, but something is missing...
  77. chrisjnyc

    NYC Axe Fest 2016- Sept 10th

    The unofficial NYC Axe Fest is set for Saturday September 10th in New York City! Facebook event info: As we get closer I will send out some more detailed info. To summarize, here is the plan: 1. It’s going to be awesome! 2. Please bring your Axe FX, AX8, FX8, Ultra, guitars, bass...
  78. chrisjnyc

    Hum issue with Xitone wedge

    Anyone ever deal with 60 cycle hum? I played a gig last Sat, and my Xitone was humming so loud! Even with the tuner on. When I tested it out at home it was dead quiet... which leads me think it was a bad ground, or elec problem at the club.
  79. chrisjnyc

    Wish Add VU meter to Ax8 Edit

    Can we add access to the VU meter from Ax8 Edit
  80. chrisjnyc

    Eventide Blackhole?

    Anyone have an Eventide Blackhole style shimmer\verb preset? I have been messing around with the multi delay block with detune plex, but its not as spookly as the Eventide.
  81. chrisjnyc

    Looking for a Vibrato preset

    Anyone have a cool Vibrato preset. Looking for Boss\Malekko style vibrato and less swirly\univibe.
  82. chrisjnyc

    Vibrato preset?

    Anyone have a cool Vibrato preset. Looking for Boss\Malekko style vibrato and less like a univibe.
  83. chrisjnyc

    NYC Axe Fest

    Putting together a meet and greet for May... Anyone in NYC interested?
  84. chrisjnyc

    leveling volume across presets

    I know this has come up before, but is there an easier way to level the total output volume on a number of presets? I have been using the VU meter utility, but its more a best guess as the volume can fluctuate if you are playing lead lines or chords. I have one preset, where the rhythm tone sits...
  85. chrisjnyc

    trouble with exp pedal

    Having trouble getting the full sweep from my M-Audio exp pedal. For the whammy\pitch block I can go from 0-98 or 99...but not the full 100 (1 octave up). Is there a way to tell the AX8 that the top of my exp pedal should be 100?
  86. chrisjnyc

    "Crushed Bits" help

    Can someone please export the drive block for the "Crushed Bits" preset. I have the AX8, and would love to replicate this preset. Also, what are the blocks used for this? Maybe a screen shot would suffice. Thanks!
  87. chrisjnyc

    parallel paths ques

    Anyone know how to setup a patch where I have all the AX8 effects (drive, delay, etc)going into my Hayseed amp via the FX loop, (except verb) and the amp and cab sims are going out via the main outputs... The key here is I need to have the AX8 reverb going after the amp block. and still in the...
  88. chrisjnyc

    budget FRFR ques

    What is the cheapest FRFR amp\speaker that is usable? Figure $300 would be my max budget (new or used) I have an Alto and ZLX, but my band sometimes uses a 2nd rehearsal studio, where I dont have anything to play thru. This would also serve as a backup FRFR... Keyboard amp? I am thinking the...
  89. chrisjnyc

    No preset packs?

    Seems like the Kemper and Amplifire have a number of preset packs you can buy for a small fee (MBritt, Singtall, Amp Factory, etc) How come no one is making presets for the Axe or AX8?
  90. chrisjnyc

    U2 presets?

    Anyone able to convert over some of the U2 presets for the Axe?
  91. chrisjnyc

    electro harmonix POG ques

    Anyone setup a POG style preset? I see its been done on the Axe Fx, but I cant open the preset file to see the settings... http://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/anyone-had-any-luck-replicating-the-pog.44405/ http://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/stab-at-the-electro-harmonix-pog-pedal.43203/
  92. chrisjnyc

    Hayseed amp tone match?

    Anyone ever tone match a Hayseed 15\30 amp? http://www.valvetechamps.com/the-amp
  93. chrisjnyc

    Create amp profile with AX8

    Anyone know a way to create a profile of my Hayseed amp on my AX8 I have seen the process to create an IR, but what about setting up the amp settings? Is it just tweaked by ear? Not going down the Axe FX II road...
  94. chrisjnyc

    self oscillating delay?

    Anyone have a cool self oscillating tape delay patch? I tried the motor speed and master feedback on the mono tape block, but its not really oscillating like a real analog delay
  95. chrisjnyc

    AX8 NYC meetup

    For all the NY\NYC forumites,If you want to hang out fora beer or two, and check out my brand new AX8. I will be gigging with my AX8 this Thursday in Brooklyn. My band "Rev Rev" is playing at Grand Victory in Williamsburg: Location: Grand Victory Date: Thursday Jan 7th Time: from 8pm Address...
  96. chrisjnyc

    Axe Edit without Axe connected?

    Whats the story with using Axe Edit without an Axe FX connected at the same time? This was possible with the Axe Ultra.
  97. chrisjnyc

    wah help

    Need some help setting up the wah on a preset: 1. I am looking to use the wah block on scene 3, with auto engage set to slow. How can keep the wah bypassed on scenes 1 & 2, even if I move the exp pedal slightly. 2. For scene 3, the wah turns on OK, but having a little trouble with turning...
  98. chrisjnyc

    Looking for NYC based bands

    Hey all, I am looking for a couple indie\alt\rock\elec bands to play a few shows in Jan. Contact me via PM to get the ball rolling...
  99. chrisjnyc

    Looking for clean AC30 amps

    Anyone have a clean AC30 patch\block? I have been trying to get a really clean Vox tone, but the gain and master volume are way down, which makes it pretty quiet
  100. chrisjnyc

    Looking for a compact wired IEM setup

    Need a simple wired IEM setup for rehearsals. It would just be; elec drums, bass, guitar, a backing track, and vocals... all going direct to a small mixer. Would like to create 3 seperate mixes, but could work with just one mix to all 3 sets of headphones.
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