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    It's 2020, why can't we have a completely wireless set up?

    I'm talking wireless axe edit, wireless fc-6/12 and a wireless headphone port (I understand the latter might not work) but I know the wireless axe edit is possible. Anyone working on making the foot controller wireless? Would be cool for bedroom players. Less cables makes the minister for war...
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    Monitor screen in TMA block?

    What is it used for? I only USB tone match in off line mode and don’t understand the information being displayed to me in Axe Edit on the TMA block in the Monitor tab. Why is the wave halfway out of the screen and when I adjust levels they seem to have no effect? Can anyone please enlighten me...
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    Bass emulator

    I’ve got a TC G-Major and it has a fun preset which makes your guitar sound like a bass. I’ve had a look around to see if anyone has made a preset that does this for the 3 but haven’t had any luck. Could any of you guys point me in the right direction please?
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    What go you think is wrong with my Axe-Fx 3?

    So I just downloaded a preset from axe exchange named Militia Mk.IIC++ and it brought the CPU warning up and then froze my unit and I can't seem to delete it out of the preset manager. I get this warning Communication time-out: unable to complete the following communication request: Change...
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    Reamping with GarageBand possible?

    Has anyone successfully re-amped using GarageBand and Axe Fx 3 has the USB audio interface ? I cannot figure how to send my DI from the DAW to the axe3 USB input on the grid. But I can here my DI coming out of my monitors which I have connected to the axe in output 1. I have tried the USB input...
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    Yamaha power amps

    Has anyone tried using a passive frfr setup but using a Yamaha px series power amp ? I’ve been considering getting some passive Yamaha monitors and powering them using a Yamaha px10 power amp.
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    Buying FRFR speakers in Australia

    This post is mainly for my fellow Aussies, but why is it so hard to buy the good speakers in Australia? Atomics are never in stock and Xitones can’t be got. Or can’t I find them. But I just want to complete my Axe setup with the best available and if so dam hard in this country. What have you...
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    Metallica's Kirk Hammett with his new FC-12

    Good for a laugh the 7:17 mark EDIT just realised this has already been posted. My apologies.
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    Finally on the band wagon!

    After years of wanting one I finally purchased an Axe Fx 3 today. Won’t receive it for a few weeks since I bought it in a pre-sale and I’m in Australia but I’m very excited So you gonna see a lot of me here soon. Asking the dumb shit that has been asked a millions times before. I’ll do my best...
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    Multi-Watt Rectifier schematic

    Can anyone please help me? I'm looking for the schematic for a Mesa Boogie Multi-Watt Dual Rectifier. I have spent the last week on the web trying to find one with no luck. I can find everything else but the Multi-Watt version. I would just like to confirm a few things so I can put my export...
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    Buying direct off website

    When I try to buy direct of the website it adds $10,000 grand shipping cost to the price. Obviously because I'm not in the USA this I assume is to encourage people to by locally. But why even have an international online buy direct page if it's not even possible? Plus I don't wanna pay $3,300...
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    Newbie needs some help

    First time poster here so please excuse my dumb questions. Like everyone else who plays guitar I have heard a lot about the Axe Fx. I'm currently building a stereo rig with a Mesa mark v and a dual recrifier. I would like to use the axe fx for effects etc. But I'm interested in using it as a...
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