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    Gigging: How to sell Beer & Booze? Tips & tricks you've learned?

    Booze? Drinks? Even food?
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    Bands at bars - hints, tips on getting booked & having a great gig ?

    As Rock cover band, we are now in the process - any info from you veteran guys?
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    Curious about using a talk-box like Banshee or Heil w/ Axe II - easy? Idea's?

    Thinking of incorporating one the talkboxes w/ my Axe FX XL+ and MFC 101. Guitar speaker monitor is a QSC 12 kind of device. Is this easy to do or not? Looking for easy & simple. Experiences? Idea's ? thanks!
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    MFC not displaying Axe presets . . . tried everything.

    One MFC down. And upon getting another MFC 101 mk 3, I cant seem to it to display any presets. I'd always used 7 pin midi. I'd updated to the newest FW. Worked. Rebooted Factory reset. Worked Tried old set up & cables - nope Tried 5 pin midi cable that worked for FW update. - nope Plugged 5...
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    Help, Editor crashing after many years of bliss w/ my Ultra.

    Guys, for some reason Editor was working fine, even today until an hr ago. It doesn't open up, just an instant "crash box" opens. I made no changes to my laptop w/ Vista / Windows. I've re-started my puter, Ultra and unplugged things - to no avail. Thoughts? Idea's? thank you!
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    Blue Collar Man by Styx . . any isolated tracks to it or anyone make?

    The real studio version, I've not seen any...can someone do it to it? Could use the guitar . . . bass & drums too.
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    MFC 101 - faster preset loading ideas or options? ?

    Long time Fractal user here. I have an AXE XL+ and newest MFC with latest firmware....my question: How can I get presets to load faster when I preset down on a button? (less the lag time) And, options of other midi foot units??
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    Going from an Ultra to a Axe II.

    Wondering if I dialed in the exact same siqnal chain & parameters of a preset I have in my Ultra, into an Axe II, would it sound the same - better - or much better? ~ thanks for any help on this project
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    Where are the 6000 threads & 73,000 posts for this section?

    Where oh where are they?
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    Anyone take off the front stands/legs of the MFC for better foot tilt?

    So as not to have to lift my foot much, I've thought about removing the front legs (maybe all of them!) so the switches are a bit lower - - or at a better angle. (I'll use my MFC on the floor, not in a pedal case) Anyone tried this yet??
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    COUNTDOWN!!! I'll bet......

    ....right after the holiday weekend, we'll see some II's available. Just a guess. And couldnt resist doing "COUNTDOWN" lol
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    Official song of the countdown...

    http://youtu.be/AyggY_R3jU8 There should have been an acutal soundcloud of a remake by eljordan... And a patch, of course posted... Don Petersen, making a Fuzz tone, of his own liking...to go along with this offical tune... Someone doing a speed Metal remake of the tune...and posting it... A...
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    Har-bal freq. analyzer...anyone use one...on a past posting

    Curious, the previous forum had someone post their use of har-bal eq....anyone know of it, or do you use it?? thanks
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    AxeFx Ultra in Guitar World mag...more fuel for the fire

    Cliff got a real nice plug w/ our beloved magic black box in the latest Guitar World mag...2 artist articles had them mentioning the Ultra...(even a sidebar ON the Ultra!!) Then on a very next page, was the full ad CLiff runs. Its getting real attention!
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    General question on a bass gtr..."strings hitting frets" sound.

    Hi guys, how can this problem be fixed: I had a bassist audition last nite...all good but the loud "clink" of his strings hitting some frets is a concern....he uses his fingers only, no slappin & poppin' or thumbing. Being a 6 string gtr player, I can only think his action is too low. Any...
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    + 1 if you've had "Error Whilst Loading, Wrong File Type" w/ gettin presets on here.

    I get that about 25% of the time...dang. Thus I cant check out the Bon Jovi Talk Box patch that was shared. The Satriani I got, but others - not.
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    Got my MFC-101.....LOVE IT !

    So neat to see one's presets displayed on the display screen! It comes with Axe Fx mode'" on... (that means it has the bank A/127 presets on the Axe assigned to each pedal. So keeping the top 127 arranged on the Axe is a cinch. Cool how i can also scroll thru the dial on the Axe, the...
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    Wow, got my MFC-101 today....its GREAT and

    Right out of the box, I'm off and running: I have the latest firmware on my ULtra. The MFC comes in AXE-FX mode (which means the first 127 presets on my Ultra, come up when I step on a button. Also, I you can scroll thru the Axe itself, in this mode....sound comes thru my cab....and I...
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    Idea...! What if endorsed ARTIST'S created patches....?

    As has been done with other products, how about the artists such as Vai, Petrucci Shaw & Schon submitting a patch or 2 ?? I can only imagine how sweeeet those would be....and blow us away! Cliff....?
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    How to Protect your midi cables , etc.....

    I use 3/8" tubing around my cables/chords which run along the floor....here is a link to what works well: http://www.homedepot.com/h_d1/N-5yc1v/R-100137132/h_d2/ProductDisplay?langId=-1&storeId=10051&catalogId=10053
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    Tesla anyone? Love Song tone here...

    I'm giving back to my fellow forum folks,,,,I do like to find factory patches that are REAL useable: take "Flangetastic" ....to get the gooey intro (after the acoustic prelude) add the rotary at end of signal chain. Adjust mix to taste (I have it at 35.8 %). Wallow the D string and...
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    Today, so many of the sysX patches are X'ed out in red??

    Anyone know why? Not downloadable!
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    Have any MFC 101's been sold? Availability??

    I didnt hear back from FAS, so I'm asking the forum.
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    Anyone live in mid Ohio? Jam, colaborate or network....

    I'm an adult guitarist, an Ultra owner who enjoys ALL rock...if you're in mid Ohio send a post or pm me. Mark
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    HELP!!Bank A copied over,still pluged in, can I recover it?

    1 week now with my ultra...made a change, went to load bank A up in Axe-edit, and its GONE! Bank A all clear - nothin. I had extensive new presets/changes etc, not just factory ones. I dont have a recent "saved" file to reload it. I'm still plugged in, anyway I can recover it??? Thanks for...
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    Anyone live in mid Ohio? Jam, colaborate or network....

    I'm an adult guitarist, an Ultra owner who enjoys ALL rock...if you're in mid Ohio send a post or pm me. Mark
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    Classic Rock tones...tweakers, can ya help?

    I would love to have tones obtained by Boston! To get that multi-layered sounds, etc. Also, intro gtr on Doobie Brothers CHINA GROVE! I use my ultra w/ live sound/settings. Thanks for any help guys, Mark
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    Decoding the factory PRESETS

    As a new Ultra user, I'm starting at the beginning w/ the preset tones - DECODING those supplied in the units. I'm a "song" tone seeker! Please post ones you know are RIGHT ON! I'll start: The Infield = Your Love by The Outfield, rhythm tone (Josie's on a va-cation far a-way...) Early...
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    A Digitech 2101 AND 11 Rack owner...tell me what to expect

    Hey all, I have used a Digitech 2101 and Eleven Rack...if you have experiences w/ either of these, and now own an Axe-fx, please tell me what to expect -good and bad. Thanks
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    A Digitech 2101 AND 11 Rack owner...tell me what to expect

    Hey all, if you've had either the DIGITECH 2101 or ELEVEN RACK, please tell me what to expect w/ an Axe-fx. Thanks
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