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    Plexi 100w 1970 Appreciation!

    Anybody else using this one? I've only really explored it today but it feels a bit more explosive and seems a bit spongier to play than my usual faves which are the 1959SLP and the 100W. Maybe it's the inclusion of the Normal Channel as I normally only use the treble but such a great model...
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    For those that have an Axe-Fx III and an FM3

    I've found that they do sound slightly different? Sometimes the volume matching between amps is slightly off if I port a preset, and generally I find the Axe III to sound and feel a little bit.. squishier? It's small and you'd never notice it in a mix, but it is there IMO. However, that said, it...
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    Possible to automatically switch to scenes layout when I select a preset?

    Say I'm on the presets layout and I hit preset 2, can it automatically switch to scenes from there? If so, how? Many thanks in advance!
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    FC-12 and Mission EP-1 pedalboard?

    What boards are we using guys? I was planning on using a Temple Duo 24 but I don’t believe it’ll be wide enough. What are you guys using for boards?
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    Plexi ghost note examples?

    I'm still waiting on my Axe III to be delivered but I'm curious about ghost notes on Plexi tones. Anybody got any clips of the Axe III Plexis showcasing this?
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    Help with a Plexi tone

    Thanks guys, much appreciated. Will try all of these when it shows up tomorrow. Any others would also be great.
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    Is the Mk I now a little outdated?

    Either way, I just bought a MkII!
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    Help with a Plexi tone

    So I recently got rid of the FM3 but I just purchased an Axe FX III Mark II which should arrive tomorrow. One tone, for whatever reason, that always eluded by was the super kerrangy, bright, present Plexi tone? I could always get a nice gainy Plexi that sounded great but I don't feel like I...
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    Question regarding putting a power supply (Voodoo Lab) inside rack, on top of Axe III?

    Sorry to be clear - it won't affect anything sitting on top of the Axe?
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    Question regarding putting a power supply (Voodoo Lab) inside rack, on top of Axe III?

    Should that cause any issues? I'm basically thinking of a way to power an Axe III and my Sennheiser wireless off of one IEC cable. Currently doing that to power a Kemper Stage off of a Voodoo Lab PP2+ which lives under my board. Just wondering if I should be ok to mount the PP2+ on top of the...
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    Post Your FC-12 and FC-6 Pedalboards Here

    Damn, even with the bumpers off? I’m guessing it’s the handles on the Temple?
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    Is the Mk I now a little outdated?

    I’m looking into potentially buying used. I didn’t just post this on a whim.
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    Post Your FC-12 and FC-6 Pedalboards Here

    Question: does an Fc-12 fit on a Temple Duo 24 with a Mission SP-1?
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    Is the Mk I now a little outdated?

    Is there anything it can’t/won’t be able to do?
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    Axe Fx III vs FM3 - Feel?

    I only picked up on that because I feel like it’s a little stiffer than I remember the Axe III being!
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    Axe Fx III vs FM3 - Feel?

    You felt the FM3 was stiffer?
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    Axe Fx III vs FM3 - Feel?

    I’m curious - do these units feel any different to play? Obviously the Axe has significantly more processing power plus it has the variable input. Any influence on feel?
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    FM3 & FC6 With FM9 Layout?

    Would love to see this
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    Any ideas about European availability?

    “Now shipping”? I don’t see it on G66!
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    Any ideas about European availability?

    Would love one of these!
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    Single mics over Mix IRs for live?

    Anybody else preferring this? I love the @York Audio stuff and tend to gravitate toward the 01 Mix in most packs for home playing but in my live patches I nearly always go for a single mic IR, and 99.9% of the time it’s the trusty SM57. I guess there’s beauty in the simplicity of a tried and...
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    Soft reset going from Beta to final Firmware?

    Or is this not necessary? I did it when I updated to the Beta fairly recently but do I need to do it again?
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    "Soft reset" loses amp settings - how to maintain?

    Basically as the title says. Is there a way to soft reset the blocks and not lose my amp settings? Cliff suggests that on the Cygnus Firmware thread but it doesn't appear to happen for me?
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    FM3 Firmware Version 4.00 beta 2

    Down for me too
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    Euro Blue & Red - did they change? Now EL34?

    I'm sure they used to default to 6L6 as per the 20th Anniversary model so is this a new model in Cygnus? On top of that, how do I best simulate the boost in the amp? Neutral on the input boost perhaps? Ideas welcome!
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    Friedman BE-100: Pre vs Post Cygnus Models

    Yeah how come the voice switches have switched around? Are they the same actual voicings and the switch orientation changed or is the old v2 different to the new v2 voicing-wise?
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    How much do I need an FC-6?

    So I got one after about 9 months of owning the FM-3 but I actually ended up returning it almost right away. It’s a really nice piece of kit but with a two button external footswitch I can do everything I could do with the FC-6 so to me it felt like a huge increase in size and weight for minimal...
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    FM3 Firmware Version 3.03 beta 1

    Can anybody clarify - does purple signify that the cab is able to be Ultra-Res and green is a cab that can’t?... if that makes sense?
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    Essential things to do to a new FM3?

    I didn’t know Fractal Bot was built in to FM3-Edit?
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    Worship Tutorials Def Leppard preset... any ideas?

    Does anybody know where to get this? Not a worship guy at all so only just came across these guys after the Cygnus/Ares video they made but this tone sounds great to me and fulfils that desire within to have these 80s style tones on tap, haha!
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    Cygnus vs Ares (orginally on AXE III msg board)

    Wow, to my ear that is pretty conclusively better - and that's not to say that Ares doesn't sound amazing - it does. Cygnus just seems to sound wider, bigger, has more clarity. All the buzzwords basically. Can't wait!
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    Best options for Boost switch?

    Any particular why you’d use the filter block and not a volume block?
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    What do you miss about the Axe-Fx III now that you have the FM3?

    What difference does the Ultra Res cab make?
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    FM3 OMG9 Pedalboard suggestions - Metro 24? Also, remove End Caps?

    Does anybody have any up to date recommendations for a board to use for the OMG9 setup with a Mission SP-1? The size/shape of the setup is quite kinda unwieldy so I'm keen to make it as portable as possible for something of such an odd shape. I was looking at the Metro 24 as a possibility but it...
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    Plexi v 800 models

    I mean, I'm splitting hairs here. I love the models, especially in a mix but like most of us, I'm forever searching for the next thing!
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    Plexi v 800 models

    Yeah I'm looking for a bit more punch I guess too, as well as kerrang and clarity!
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    Plexi v 800 models

    Is it just me or are the Plexi models - I usually use the 100W High model - a little more smoothed off on the top than the Brit 800? Maybe it's with the master being on 10, they're more compressed? The 800 has a bit more of that extreme sizzle and kerning on very similar settings (Normally...
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    Fractal Audio Artist Preset Series - Steve Stevens

    Thanks - but that wasn't the question. I have obviously loaded the IRs in as I know what they're called. I was wondering if anybody knows what cabs/speakers were shot for the IRs in question.
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    Fractal Audio Artist Preset Series - Steve Stevens

    These are killer presets - especially the Playboys one. Anyone know what the cabs/speakers for those IRs are? (IR 2 Stereo L&R) They sound great!
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    FM3 Scene Toggle help

    Received my FM3 today. It’s great! Was hoping to set up the scenes page to toggle between 1/2, 3/4 and 5/6, meaning if I paged up I would have 7, 8 and Tap/Tune. All good so far, clearly possible. My issue is; can I change the LEDs so Scenes 1/3/5 and 2/4/6 toggle between two colours? At the...
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    That Darn Fletcher Munson!

    Can this not be changed?
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    Can you still buy the AustinBuddy Naked Amps pack for AX8?

    I can’t seem to see it on the website but if anybody has a link? Is it still available?
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    FM3 big upgrade on AX8 or no?

    Or is it still negligible apart from that 2%? I saw one video recently where the FM3 sounded worlds ahead but I don’t remember thinking my III sounded significantly better than the AX8? Thoughts?
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    Steve Stevens presets

    Presuming the gain sounds will be based around a Plexi. Any ideas what kinda IRS will get in the ballpark of that first tone? Love the pick attack.
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    FM3/FC6 (OMG9) board setups?

    I used to have an AX8, Mission expression and Shure GLX-D16 on this and it was a very tight fit. No way it would fit the above.
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    Post Here if You've Received A G66 FM3 Invite!

    Just to clarify - literally the only thing missing is the headphone circuitry? Nothing else?
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    Post Here if You've Received A G66 FM3 Invite!

    I was transferred from the AX8 waiting list (I was looking for a second one at the time) and got my invite about a week ago for a non-headphone model. Decided to go for it as I can’t ever remember plugging headphones directly into any device - always use the headphone out on my interface.
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    Best way to create a solo boost... go!

    Why are you guys using a null Filter block over a Vol/Pan block set to +3dB for example?
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    Did anybody ever draw a conclusion about removing the “sidebars” from the FM3/FC6?

    I remember this seeming like an idea that was floating around at the time the FM3 was announced. I don’t know what to call them other than “sidebars” but I remember people wanting to remove them to butt the two units up against each other in the “OMG9”. Any clues?
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    Moving to FM3 from AX8 - aside from the footswitching, any reason against?

    Regarding the footswitching, I’m adding an FC-6 so that won’t be an issue. Is there any other reason not to switch over? I know technically the processing power is similar (at least I remember reading that?) but is there anything else to note?
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    MFC Display dead. Help!

    Ok thanks guys. I'll open it up tomorrow!
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    MFC Display dead. Help!

    So I've had an MFC-101 that I've been using with my Axe III for a while with a Jordi... Switched it on today at my gig and the screen is blank. Everything works as a switcher, but the screen is blank. Any help?
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    How do I make the 2290/DMM/Vintage Digital stereo?

    Oh I see, so you can't make them stereo with two trails?
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    How do I make the 2290/DMM/Vintage Digital stereo?

    On the AX8 there was a config button?
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    Love the Zilla 2x12 V30 IRs in the Factory banks

    I like the 57 and 121 mixed, the 121 at -9dB.
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    Love the Zilla 2x12 V30 IRs in the Factory banks

    Friedman BE V2, HBE 2018, 2204, JP2C, among others. All sound great.
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    Love the Zilla 2x12 V30 IRs in the Factory banks

    Fat, juicy V30 tones. Where are these from? Are there whole packs?
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    Feedback Send/Return - what am I doing wrong?

    I've run out of blocks horizontally so I want to add a couple more on another line and use the send and return blocks but I can't seem to make it actually work? I've put the send at the end of the first chain, and the return at the beginning of the second, but nothing? Can anybody help?
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    MFC-101 Questions - Global SCENE rather than Preset?

    Hi guys, I just got an MFC-101 to control my Axe III until I can get an FC-12. I have a few questions. I know there's a Global Preset but is there a Global Scene feature? I'd like every preset to have a solo scene in it but I dunno how possible this is? Am I able to have presets on Reveal and...
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    4cm using Fractal amp models as well as real amp?

    Thanks guys. I have the amp model right there after In 4, but how do I route the guitar to that in a scene?
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    4cm using Fractal amp models as well as real amp?

    FX loop block? I'm using In 1, Out 3 for front of the amp, then In and Out 4 for the FX loop of the amp.
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    4cm using Fractal amp models as well as real amp?

    I have 4cm hooked up and working fine but would love to use some of the clean models with my amp - I have a Friedman Smallbox, so a dedicated US style clean would be great. Can anybody help me with this? How do I set it so that the guitar is routed straight to the modelled preamp and out through...
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    Axe III as interface?

    Presuming if I go direct out of the III into my monitors it's gonna sound better than going through my Focusrite Scarlett 2i4, right? I guess I could route my computer audio back through it too... Anybody doing this?
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    MFC-101 Mark3

    Also interested in this!
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    Can I use an MFC-101 Mk III to control the Axe III?

    Ok cool. Is there any disadvantage to using this compared to say a Voes MX18?
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    Can I use an MFC-101 Mk III to control the Axe III?

    I've seen quite a few tutorial videos featuring an MFC and an Axe III but I'm not clear if the Mk III can do it? I know there are limitations but does anybody have an answer?
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    TotalSync and more with MFC-101 and Axe-Fx 3

    Is this available?
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    Anyone here using a Voes Midi Controller with their Axe III?

    If so, how did you get on with connecting it all up and using the editor if you were using a Mac? I've tried Parallels but had no luck. I got an MX18 today and simply cannot get it to work. Very, very frustrating. It's all hooked up and switching the Axe, that's fine, but I can't get it to hook...
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    How to use Voes MX18 with Parallels? Help!

    If I can't get this working, then my Axe III is essentially a very expensive paperweight as I've no way to properly gig it. I really hope I can get this sorted, as I don't really wanna spend £1500 on an RJM, but may have to.
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    How to use Voes MX18 with Parallels? Help!

    Tried that. It seems like it's still connected to the Mac in System Preferences. How do I disable that?
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    How to use Voes MX18 with Parallels? Help!

    Can anybody help with this? I've tried on two machines, both running Parallels so I can run a Windows 10 boot. I've installed the driver, tried numerous times to connect it but it just will not connect to the actual MX18 unit itself. I can see that it's connected via USB in device manager, but...
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    Difference between OH 412 MAR-CB GB-M25 and the GNR pack?

    I have both but they sound vastly different - the GNR pack sounds a lot more wild and raw to me. Anybody have tips for dialling it in? I find the original M25 set far easier to get a familiar sound with.
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    Trying summarize the main footswith strategies

    How do you do that? The long press got scenes 5-8 bit?
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    Friedman 2018 models... are they BE or HBE?

    Sorry I'm talking specifically about the 2018 models. I've also just realised I put this in the Axe FX II forum and not the AX8... Basically I'm wondering if the Friedman 2018 and the Friedman C45 2018 are the BE or HBE channel?
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    Friedman 2018 models... are they BE or HBE?

    I can't find anything stating which channel they model?
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    Where are cabs #131 and #132 from? Factory cabs still sounding great!

    I still love these two cabs, along with #103, for Greenback tones. Where are 131 and 132 actually from?
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    Converting Suhr Celestion IRs?!

    Oh, great. Thank you. I've noticed that when I combine some IRs, I get some phasing - I was wondering if this was because I'd dragged in the wrong format at some point... any ideas what that could be?
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    Converting Suhr Celestion IRs?!

    Sorry, the Celestion site. Yes - .wav files.
  79. R

    Converting Suhr Celestion IRs?!

    So I can't just drag and drop the Celestion IRs?
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    Converting Suhr Celestion IRs?!

    What is this conversion I have to do to use Celestion IRs in the AX8? Do I need another program for this? I just purchased the Suhr Celestion IRs and it says they need a "conversion"? I've usually just dragged and dropped IRs in the Axe-Manage Cabs section?
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    Friedman ASC-10 initial review

    Little bit of background - I'm using a Fractal AX8. I'm a professional and 95% of the time I'm on IEMs. Occasionally I've just used wedges if there's no IEM system in house, and that can be hit or miss, but generally fine. Got one of the ASC-10s the other day for the gigs where there's no IEMs...
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    Anybody here tried the new Friedman ASC-10?

    The smaller brother of the 12s? Any reviews?
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    Cool to leave AX8 turned on and switch on/off at wall?

    Well, specifically by switching my power supply on and off. I have my AX8 powered by the courtesy outlet on my power supply which is also powering my tuner. Am I cool to just leave the AX8 on and use the main plug to turn it on and off or should I always switch it off on the unit itself? Hardly...
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    Carry on AX8, my wayward son

    Enjoyed that!
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    Axe-Manage Cabs - IRs end up in random order?

    Yeah - I spent a few hours re-ordering them all. Kinda long but it was frustrating having them in a weird, random order.
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    Axe-Manage Cabs - IRs end up in random order?

    Is there any way of sorting once they're on the device?
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    Axe-Manage Cabs - IRs end up in random order?

    It seems like whenever I import IRs, they're in a random order which makes it difficult to find anything... Why might this be?
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    Anybody here use a real volume pedal in the FX loop of the AX8?

    Well, I do agree with that. I have a gig on the 27th in Dubai and no time to get another expression, hence why I'm using an actual volume pedal, haha! I do have one expression that I'm using for Wah.
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    Anybody here use a real volume pedal in the FX loop of the AX8?

    Just tried it and it seems to work just fine. It's a low impedance model so I guess it shouldn't affect the tone at all either?
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    Comparison clips: Friedman Runt v AX8 Friedman v Helix Placater

    Clip 1: Helix, Runt, Fractal Clip 2: Runt, Fractal, Helix Clip 3: Runt, Helix, Fractal
  91. R

    Comparison clips: Friedman Runt v AX8 Friedman v Helix Placater

    Doubt it, the AX8 was still way brighter.
  92. R

    Comparison clips: Friedman Runt v AX8 Friedman v Helix Placater

    Ok cool. Actually, the Line 6 was far easier to match. It was almost there right away. The Fractal took more time.
  93. R

    Comparison clips: Friedman Runt v AX8 Friedman v Helix Placater

    Which one do you think the muddy one is?
  94. R

    Comparison clips: Friedman Runt v AX8 Friedman v Helix Placater

    They're actually jumbled up. Not the same order every time. I can do one like that if it's easier, but this way demonstrated the similarities, I felt.
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    Comparison clips: Friedman Runt v AX8 Friedman v Helix Placater

    So these are all running through the same IR - an Ownhammer take on a Marshall 4x12 loaded with 25w Greenbacks, mic'd with an SM57. It's 57-05 for anybody wondering. I've put some screenshots below of the settings on each of the modellers, and the amp. It's interesting how differently the...
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    Made a quick demo of Muudrock's "PT100"

    Interesting. I'll have to give that a try.
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    Made a quick demo of Muudrock's "PT100"

    Which is the Hook Captain 34, but heavily tweaked. Using Celestion IRs. Decided as it's Pete Thorn's signature amp, to do a Pete Thorn-style demo clip.
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    Suhr PT-100?

    Made a quick demo of this with some Celestion IRs. Decided as it's Pete Thorn's signature amp, to do a Pete Thorn-style demo clip. Thanks @muudrock!
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