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  1. ∞Fractals

    Just lost 90 minutes ... fun w bender fuzz

    Was playing around with the recent presets from FAS, was on the verb-vibe and swapped the 808od for the bender fuzz for giggles. While on a strat, rolled down on the guitar volume to ~6ish, and there was something oddly familiar ... Just banging on the E string’ ... Then what do you know Bang a...
  2. ∞Fractals

    Sabine and Murray ... passing on

    Sabine Schmitz and Murray Walker... sigh ... rest well; certainly well earned. So tough losing your fav influxes ... Neil P, Lyle M. and now farewell to the Queen of the Ring and to Murray, F1 commentator par excellence. 😔 (Edited to correct name (again -doh!)) thanks! Nighttime fumble!
  3. ∞Fractals

    Hanging a couple of guitars on the wall… Suggestions requested

    OK need to get the guitars off the guitar floor stands in the music room. Was going to hang on a wall, but I’ve never done it, never even thought about it. Times change I suppose. So what is a nice secure way to hang valuable instruments on the wall so they’re no longer in a stand on the floor...
  4. ∞Fractals

    Not a Bug. Meters for RETURN do show full stereo signal (one side only) but behave correctly

    12.03 SEND works, and so does Return, but the meter (meter display page on HW) for return is not correct, only displaying bottom row (R channel?). Balance knob works as intended. Meters before and aft show proper signals. Found it trying to troubleshoot gain issue between scenes.
  5. ∞Fractals

    WOW! New Phasers range from stunning to slaying ...

    Thanks FAS for the effects love. The new phasers are great! As are the improved flangers and extra quality on the verb. All the stuff - love you folks for it! So much joy. I'll be in phaserland all week if anyone cares ... set phasers to stunning ...
  6. ∞Fractals

    Ares vs FASpice?

    What are the difference in the two, in that they’re possibly different approaches to developing the amp/drive (component derived models)? (Distortion generation?) In other words, did our firmware fundamentally change in the amplifier modeling based upon Cliff’s epiphany’s around real time SPICE...
  7. ∞Fractals

    Le Mans this weekend!

    Finally, Another year has passed and here we are the most epic endurance race ever. It’s the top of the sport IMO; watch it every year and it’s a bucket list to see it live. Better would be a drive, but I’m no gentleman in that sense ($$$).
  8. ∞Fractals

    POSSIBLE? FCX switch ring lights

    Likely a stupid question, but is it possible to have multiple colors present in the LED ring surround on each switch; meaning in an individual switch could have two (n) colors blue and green or blue and orange to indicate a different status. I am assuming that these LEDs change color within a...
  9. ∞Fractals

    (Another) Great Amp find of the day - Bludojai Lead

    Seriously, just opened the factory preset, didn't even touch them (used a PRS HB), modified some of the fx with saved blocks, saved some scenes and loads of pure fun. I am often guilty of sticking with what I know, but today I stopped at the Bludojai Lead and decided to give it a whirl. Super...
  10. ∞Fractals

    RE: Dynaudio monitors

    Is anyone using these for studio FRFR via AxeFx? Dynaudio LYD 48 3-way Powered Studio Monitor I’m shopping monitors and dynaudio has been on my radar for a long time. Cliff’s post on studio time and their $30k Dynaudio setup kind of got the old, aged synapses firing ... (shocking I know).
  11. ∞Fractals

    (bug?) Pitch follower modifier jumpy

    Trying @hippietim 's trick (used to work on prior FWs to 2.05) of tying a drive block DRIVE param to the pitch follower modifier and it's really all over the place even without input (that I'm aware of); super jumpy. Seems useless now ... What might I be missing? (Tried a reboot and still...
  12. ∞Fractals

    GR-300 Preset re: Pat Metheny?

    Just saw him play FRI night in Portland. (lifetime awesome!) How to get that classic sound on our newly updated AXE IIIs? Used to have the @simeon ,@fremen paid preset on the II, but don't have the single preset saved nor fractool. Any other alternatives or suggestions? Even how to start to...
  13. ∞Fractals

    PMG in Vancouver, BC (w/ Antonio Sanchez) Oct. 20th

    Headed there tomorrow for 10/20 Pat Metheny and team/concert. Can’t wait. I understand he is using Kemper but no one is perfect. ;) Anyone else? I found PMG in about ‘79 looking through records at our local public library. I found their first album (all white cover) and knew it was special...
  14. ∞Fractals

    Back-up Comms takes 10 seconds per preset so ~20 Mins for Bank A.

    I've noticed this for a while, and figured it was perhaps true for everyone, but now wondering. Before installing 1.16 B2, I just saved Bank A and system settings via FractalBot and noticed it's taking 20 mins just for bank A. (FW1.15, WIN10, Surface Pro 4, 2.10 FractalBot and 1.06 USB driver.)...
  15. ∞Fractals

    So much fun, it ought to be illegal!

    I saw the thread and video by @Tilt playing Lenny/SRV ... went into the studio and fired up my “quadraphonic” rig per @yek (FRFR up front plus two traditional 2x12 stereo guitar cabs powered by matrix gt1000 behind me) on the 04 preset for the Twin Reverb vibrato channel. Placed a spring...
  16. ∞Fractals

    Solved- dummy at the wheel ... All outputs dead (just updated to 1.13)

    SOLVED! Pedal on outs! Doh! ****************************** Dumb oversight somewhere on my part I guess, but help please from the hive mind Updated from 1.12 to 1.13 and my usual outputs (1 for FRFR and 2 for Cabs), with IN_1 for guitar and In_3 for music/ipod. All meters throughout signal...
  17. ∞Fractals

    Implemented Modifier tracking ball color (back to yellow pls)

    So this may be an individual need, however I can’t hardly see the red ball that tracks along the blue line on the modifiers settings page in Axe Edit 3. Previously it was yellow, which stood out brightly against a black background on the blue line. I have a little bit of red/green color...
  18. ∞Fractals

    Best guide to config MFC w/ III ?

    I’ve seen several threads on this topic, including a video with English subtitles. Which thread is the best guide to use in configuring my MFC 101 to work with the new Axe 3? TIA!
  19. ∞Fractals

    Scenes not changing as expected - solved

    Yesterday, was playing and could not get out to my lead scene ((#4) from #5) via MFC. Tried multiple times, reboot, etc. Finally, got down on the floor and found #4 footswitch loose and actually undone. I've had loose MFC switches before but never completely unsprung. It was late - so I left...
  20. ∞Fractals

    Wish HiRes Touchscreen

    Recently purchased a new DSLR which has a very nice EVF. This is a terrific and accurate little touchscreen; but I thought my fat fingers could never articulate accurately-however in real live use it works surprisingly very well. E.g. swiping to page, touch a tab to page, etc. Provides...
  21. ∞Fractals

    Ares on XL+ ... mission possible or impossible!

    Will the new modeling algorithm “Ares” be backwards compatible and able to run on older hardware platforms? Or, is it such a substantial change that the older hardware units cannot run it in the allotted time? (Or, any other constraints?) Will this also impact the ability to migrate some of...
  22. ∞Fractals

    Help with PMG tone for "Are you going with me?"

    Any suggestions? I've been using Simeons/Fremens GT300 patch which is a sawtooth synth patch (which I modded with a Bogner clean to get a little polyphony) - ran out of drives so tossed a preamp in front of the Bogner to hit hard when needed. But Pat Metheny uses a harmonica and other kinds of...
  23. ∞Fractals

    Moving from Cabs to FRFR

    OK, I'm moving from a place where I could play my stereo 2x12 cabs loudly and get great toanz and no complaints from the neighbors ... to now, moving to a much quieter neighborhood and want to make the transition to FRFR to facilitate the drop in SPLs to be "good" to my ears and neighbors...
  24. ∞Fractals

    Ideas for expression pedal #4 ... creativity welcome

    OK, so I just got another FAS EV1 ... now I have 4 XPs (and 1-3 control Volume, Wah, and Delay (mix and repeats) respectively. Now, what to do? I have played with controlling the following since I plugged it in about an hour ago: Input Drive :D (some amps require decreasing level too on the...
  25. ∞Fractals

    How to get this sound from the AXEFX?

    How to get this sound from the AXEFX? Killer trick pedal! Just kidding; for a bit of levity, enjoy one of the funniest videos I've seen on a pedal! Stairway to Heaven @ minute ~9 ;)
  26. ∞Fractals

    Bug? MFC left-over lights from prior preset - Bug or Normal behavior

    MFC mark III, 3.08 FW AXE FX II XL+ on 3.03 So, when I'm in presets over the capacity of the MFC (38X?) i.e. 400+ and I change presets via AE, the MFC foot controller (it appears to sync w/ AE and AXE, and displays the preset name and #), also brings up the active or inactive I/A switches...
  27. ∞Fractals

    Amazing Show and Great Performance + AXEFX Sighting ...

    Notice the little green screen? ;) We are everywhere! :cool: Also the guitar player in the middle is our own "Sleestak" gigging last night at a great local (Seattle, Wa) small venue with delicious food and a great, active crowd. Dancing all around, all night and rocking the house with dynamic...
  28. ∞Fractals

    Noob Question - Single Coils and Optimal Amp Sims (photo heavy)

    My experiences with the AXEFX so far have all been with Humbuckers (PRS 57/08's). I love how this sounds but have been itching to get a Fender-type single coil vibe going. I've been poking around looking at various guitars & makers to get there and finally made a decision. I wanted all the...
  29. ∞Fractals

    VU meters question - Not working?

    OK, something simple I'm overlooking - so please forgive in advance ... but help please. I see no signal on the VU meters. Is this normal or wouldn't i see some "animation"? Do I have to "enable" them, somewhere? I've rolled the out levels, but that only affects the indicators in the lower...
  30. ∞Fractals

    Bug? Sag Supply Meter?

    Seems to be a bit quirky with Q2.04 Reading values when between 0.0 db and -0.01 db (deluxe rvb? (factory patch #4) causes nonsense chars on the far right of the meter. Another amp (FAS Modern or possibly the Tucana ?), meter doesn't react. (FYI, these are not typical amps for me (exploring)...
  31. ∞Fractals

    Help: Noob w/ New MFC101

    Lower right footswitch (f/s) (the one that is the default decrement) was flaking out, allowing run-on decrements program changes (as if I was holding it down to speed through the PCs, but I wasn't; e.g. the momentary switch function wasn't working - stuck). I reached down and felt the retainer...
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