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  1. Brock

    Anyone interested in developing a simple VST plugin?

    A fellow Axe-Fx user and I have been talking about how great it would be if there was a plugin that could be inserted in a channel in a DAW that would offer two simple features: (1) capture a preset (plus IR and FW version) and (2) recall said preset to the Axe-Fx. The plugin would have no...
  2. Brock

    NGD - Skervesen Shoggie DC NTB 8 string

    I got this guitar a while ago and finally getting around to sharing it with the world. To say I think it's spectacular is an understatement. Hands down, it's the best playing guitar I've ever played and the workmanship is second to none. With the "World Domination Mod" pickup selection...
  3. Brock

    Power amp modeling question.

    Probably a dumb question, but I just wanted to be sure. Power amp modeling only affects the sound when there's an amp block in the patch, correct? I have my Triaxis/2:90/Two Notes Captor loadbox in the FX loop. Obviously on the patches that use the FX loop, I don't want power amp modeling...
  4. Brock

    After giving Studio One an earnest go, I’m sticking with Cubase

    I’ve used Cubase forever. While it’s certainly had bouts with serious quirks/bugs from time to time, all in all, it’s been very stable for me for the past several years. As much as I love it, I feel it’s getting bloated - new code built on old code, repeat, repeat, repeat for around a decade...
  5. Brock

    Calling all ART X-15 experts...

    What I'd like to be able to do is use the secondary mode of the X-15 to do scenes 1-8 in the preset, button 9 to activate the tuner, and 0 to do a tap tempo. Is this possible? If so, how do you recommend I do this? Thanks!
  6. Brock

    What input level should I use for my DI signal into my soundcard?

    My soundcard's control panel has the options -10dBV, +4dBu and Lo Gain. Which of these should I use for the (analog) DI'd signal from the Axe-Fx? It seems +4dBu gives the highest levels.
  7. Brock

    How to get Axe-Fx to send program changes to Triaxis via MIDI

    I have a Triaxis in the FX loop of the Axe-Fx. My goal is for the Axe-Fx to change the MIDI program/preset number on the Triaxis. I presently have the MIDI Out of the Axe-Fx going to the MIDI In of the Triaxis. When I change presets on the Axe-Fx, nothing happens on the Triaxis. How can I...
  8. Brock

    FR: Always on top option for Axe Edit

    @Michael Pickens I'd love to see an "Always on Top" option in Axe-Edit so when I'm editing in my DAW, I don't have to keep Alt/Command-Tabbing between the programs. Is this possible?
  9. Brock

    FR: Always on top function

    I'd love to see an "Always on Top" function in Axe-Edit so when I'm editing in my DAW, I don't have to keep Alt/Command-Tabbing between the programs. Is this possible?
  10. Brock

    Can we get a mix knob for the Tremolo block?

    ...or am I missing something? I rarely want the Tremolo/Panner at 100%. And creating parallel paths gets tricky and takes quite a bit of time as compared to what a single knob can do.
  11. Brock

    Why not have a built-in "test file" for TM

    My understanding is the Kemper matches both EQ and gain structure in its tone matching process. I believe it uses some sort of noise it sends through the original unit that covers the spectrum of frequencies and levels. It seems the Axe's Tone Match block is the same except it doesn't have the...
  12. Brock

    How can I work an Axe-Fx, TriAxis, and 2:90 into a recording and live rig?

    I am buying a TriAxis and 2:90 power amp (thanks, @GotMetalBoy!). I want to work it into my rig so that I can record directly into my soundcard for tracking and out to a cab (or, ideally, two cabs) for playing live. The issue, far as I can tell is the placement of the power amp: For tracking...
  13. Brock

    A Fractal presence in enemy territory at NAMM.

    Preface: I swear I didn't do this on purpose. A good friend of mine had used and recommended the Kemper to me for years, and I the Axe-Fx to him. (He now uses both (but seems to have a preference for the Axe-Fx).) The NAMM show was my first opportunity to check out the Kemper. Anyway, not...
  14. Brock

    NGD - EBMM Majesty 7-string Limited Edition Starry Night finish

    Just got this guitar yesterday. After fine tuning the setup all I have to say is MAN - this thing plays like a dream. I have the action so low and the sustain is untarnished. The ergonomics of this guitar are unlike anything I've ever played before. My only gripe is I'm not sure I like the...
  15. Brock

    EV-1 not working?

    Just got an EV-1 today. I hooked up the EV-1 pedal (Expression out) to my Axe-Fx II XL+ (Pedal 1 in) using what I believe is a TRS cable (see attached pic). I then went to I/O (on the Axe) > Pedal1 Cal > pressed Enter and moved the pedal back and forth > pressed Enter again. From there I...
  16. Brock

    Replacement fan for Axe-Fx II (original)

    I record in the same room my Axe is in and it's noisy enough that it disrupts recordings and is too loud even when I'm not recording. I know there are a lot of threads out there addressing this but everything I've seen seems to be old. I've build a high-powered PC that's just about dead silent...
  17. Brock

    How to emulate M/B 2:90 Deep and Modern modes? And Dyn. Voice?

    Is it possible to emulate the Deep and Modern modes of the Boogie 2:90 power amp with the Axe? If so, how? Also, I know Dynamic Voice was discussed here http://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/how-to-emulate-triaxis-dynamic-voice.69666/, but how can it be emulated on the Axe with any accuracy -...
  18. Brock

    WISH: Make the PEQ block one page in Axe Edit.

    Presently the PEQ block has three pages, one for bands 1 and 5, one for 2 and 4, and one for 3. I think this provides for a slow and clumsy workflow. E.g, if one were to adjust the five bands consecutively (not an uncommon workflow), one would have to switch pages five times! For sake of...
  19. Brock

    Do you like Mikko's production? Now you can learn how he does it!

    Hey all, I did a series breaking down Mikko Logén's production of "First Time" off his band, Clark Kent Job's debut EP, Generation Y (https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/generation-y-ep/id1022753026). You can access it here...
  20. Brock

    Here are the TesseracT Axe-Fx II Guitar and Bass Patches by 4D Sounds (QUANTUM 1.01)

    I'd posted a thread asking about the TesseracT Polaris guitar tones and was told 4D Sounds (which, I believe is basically Acle Kahney) is selling them (http://forum.fractalaudio.com/axe-fx-ii-tone-match/104921-tesseract-polaris-guitar-tone.html). To be clear, I am not affiliated with 4D Sounds...
  21. Brock

    Tesseract Polaris guitar tone.

    I think these guys use Ultras. Anyone up for doing patch that emulates their guitar sound?
  22. Brock

    New Groove3 series feature ML, Kostein, me, and The Axe-Fx!

    I recently completed a series on Modern Heavy Rock Production which was released today. Mikko Logrén (AKA ML Sound Labs -- the guy behind all the amazing IRs we've been digging) and Kostein (the guy behind all the chunky metal amp demonstrations and shoot-outs) were cool enough to provide...
  23. Brock

    Axe-Fx in a Variety of Applications (FW19)

    All these tunes I recently did for work feature the Axe-Fx (FW19). Hope you like them!
  24. Brock

    How do you get this tone?

    I see he has an Axe and it looks like he's playing through it. Go to 2:25. How does it get that barking sound on the low notes?
  25. Brock

    You want Stereo Imaging? Look no further...

    The Classic Enhancer is no joke!
  26. Brock

    Weird phasing/flanging-like noise. Help!

    A strange noise at the end sounds like flanging or phasing, but only an amp and a cab block are active.
  27. Brock

    Darned nice playing and impeccable technique.

    Came across this guy's YouTube channel. This video gives an idea of what he does but if you dig it, I recommend checking the other stuff he's posted on his channel. He has some where he uses the Axe-Fx. Sergey's playing is some of my favorite playing in the djenre, and dare I say, perhaps the...
  28. Brock

    Issues with importing someone else's Axe-Fx banks - please help.

    A friend recently sent me a bank of his Axe-Fx tones which I believe he created on 15.02 (maybe a bit earlier). I'm on 16.03. Using Fractal Bot, I imported his bank. The majority of them imported with the Amp block settings at 0. I then loaded in his system.syx file and the Amp blocks'...
  29. Brock

    The follow up to Ziltoid (Z2) is on its way.

    Devin's releasing video episodes to create some backstory to the upcoming Ziltoid album. Two have been released so far. The second is pretty funny IMO. Though it's a bit slower, I recommend watching the first as it helps establish context for the second. Enjoy! Episode 1 Episode 2:
  30. Brock

    Axe Edit locked in corner of screen.

    Wow, this is odd. I moved Axe Edit to the upper left hand corner of the screen and now I can't move it. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ooe968zxq2arzi8/Window_and_Menubar_and_Axe-Edit.png How can I fix this so it isn't in the upper right-hand corner?
  31. Brock

    All Axe. You won't like this. It's prog. Don't click here.

    Yes. Well. This is a work in progress. Hope you enjoy it.
  32. Brock

    Axe Fx-II and my 9-string - practicing a solo

    Working on one of my solos.
  33. Brock

    Help with a patch, please.

    Attached is my solo patch (II). I have two foot controllers assigned variously depending on the scene (1=volume/ambience, 2=wah/ambience, 3=whammy/ambience). For some reason they default to the 0 positions (as in all the way down) when I first go to the patch. I'd rather they default to the...
  34. Brock

    CK's IRs compared to the new OH HGE package

    I'd like to hear people's opinions of how Clark Kent's IRs compare to the new OwnHammer High Gain Essentials. Sound samples would be awesome too - maybe just amp and cab (obviously keeping the amp settings the same). Thanks!
  35. Brock

    Finished recording a new/old song. Devin Townsend Ghost fans might like it.

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/cudjijkamc7x5zw/The%20Wind%20Chime%20Song%20Dance.mp3 I'm posting it like this because I hate the way Soundcloud kills the fidelity. The bass is Fractal. I appreciate your thoughts/feedback.
  36. Brock

    9-String, Axe-Fx II, Flux Plugins, Cubase 7.5.1

    The guitar tones are all Fractal. Hope you enjoy it!
  37. Brock

    Did the Input Gate change?

    Since updated to FW14 it seems the noise gate on the input isn't functioning - or at least not the same. I noticed significant amounts of hiss coming through (even on clean patches). When I played with the (input) noise gate, I noticed that it seems to respond very differently. Previously...
  38. Brock

    DerrylGabel's Holdsworth Solo Patch in Action.

    I really dig the Holdsworth patches Derryl put up. Here's the solo patch in a fusion song of mine, "A Dozen Roses". Hope you enjoy!
  39. Brock

    8Stringguitarwizard is now Brock.

    Him is me. Me is him. :pride: (Thanks, M@!)
  40. Brock

    Can I change my username?

    If so, how do I do it?
  41. Brock

    Holdsworth's "Zarabeth" using Simeon's patch.

    An attempt at Holdsworth's beautiful "Zarabeth". It's like subjecting my hand to The Rack. See Rack (torture) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Thanks to Simeon on the Fractal forum for the patch (Axe-Change - Download Preset - Holdsy Clean - by simeon), and to Jeremey Poparad for posting...
  42. Brock

    You want Petrucci’s tone? Here it is. Sample, patches, and contest included!

    It seems quite a few of us are interested in replicating Petrucci’s tone. Multiple refrigerator-sized housings with thousands of dollars of gear, accurately replicated by this comparably tiny, affordable, reliable, and un-needy black box. Dig! I thought it’d be fun to have a contest. People...
  43. Brock

    Giving the new 9-string a test run on Petrucci's "Pull Me Under" solo.

    Axe-Fx II, of course. Hope you enjoy! (Please spare me from pointing out I didn't use the 9th string, at least in context. I know that. I also didn't use the 8th, 7th, or 6th. I just got the guitar and wanted to try it out on something fun to play. Rest assured when I develop 9-string...
  44. Brock

    Another question for Cliff re: Mark V

    A member told me that the Mark V is built in to what what we have, that it's based on some adjustment on the Mark IV emulation. Is that true? If so, what's the adjustment? If not, any plans to work the Mark V in to the arsenal? Surely someone out there must have one they're willing to donate...
  45. Brock

    FW 13.02 UltraRes on rhythms, Holdsworth/Petrucci-esque solo and Meshuggah stuff too.

    I hope you guys enjoy this. All the tones are Axe-FX II. I appreciate your feedback.
  46. Brock

    How do people embed their Soundcloud thing?

    ...where it shows the image, waveform, play button, etc.?
  47. Brock

    8-string, Fractal 13.02, High Res cabs in one proggy stew.

    Oops, I mean Ultra Res.
  48. Brock

    My attempt to do a Dave Grohl-ish sort of song.

    https://soundcloud.com/brockjon/love-breathes-life All tones are the Fractal. I appreciate the feedback!
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