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    Yek's preset collection (Q9.04, Axe-Fx II XL)

    That's why I was curious, Scene 1 is the DS. Scenes 2-6 come up as the Euro Blue. I like it the way it is now because the DS has been my goto for cleans oddly enough.
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    Yek's preset collection (Q9.04, Axe-Fx II XL)

    I just downloaded the new Main file. Are you still using the Dirty Shirley on Scene 1 for cleans? I'm not sure if you still were or if this was something wonky that happened while converting with Fractool. You astound me with your ability to milk so much out of a single patch. Now comes the...
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    And speaking of input volume

    The Input Level in the I/O Front Panel Parameter does not affect amp gain, volume level or output and is for S/N ratio. It almost sounds like you are describing the Input Trim in the Amp Block. Can you clarify?
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    Why no Effects Forum?

    I'd definitely be interested in seeing a subforum for effects or the emulation of certain effects.
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    VIDEO: From Van Halen I to 1984 and beyond....(PATCH INCLUDED)

    Awesome stuff Danny! You sure crammed a hell of a lot in that patch. That video was just what I needed after a long day at work.
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    Cab block proximity control Q3.0b [NOT A BUG]

    Of course, I get that. I was referencing Mr_fender's example pic above where he added the Null mic to show the low end boost. My problem is I'm not getting a flat line at all when the mic is left on None, there is a definite curve (very slight). That's why I wanted to make sure I was doing the...
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    Cab block proximity control Q3.0b [NOT A BUG]

    @mr_fender is there any way you, or anyone for that matter, can show a quick pic of what the grid layout should look like for doing a live Tonematch? I only ask because when I did this experiment, I get a small, but distinct curve and not a flatline. It becomes even more so when I add the Null...
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    Cab block proximity control Q3.0b [NOT A BUG]

    Chris, I also just noticed this happening on my OH Mesa V60 EWH-1 mix, which is one of the included mixes with this IR. Weird, but maybe this is only happening with mixed IR's. All the ML and Fractal stuff I have loaded is single mic IR's so they are not exhibiting this behavior.
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    Cab block proximity control Q3.0b [NOT A BUG]

    Well crap.....I should've just left it be and not even bothered, but I did. I definitely can hear an oh so slight difference. When I select a User cab my default proximity is at 5.00 and Mics are on None . Then my dumb self had to twiddle the knob and....there it was. Brighter as I go to 0 and...
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    Fractal Audio AMP models: Hipower (Hiwatt DR103)

    Man, that third video example in the OP is just glorious!! Might have to take some time tonight and play around with the Hiwatt as I've neglected it this whole time.
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    Help me to understand Fractal compressors

    I've recently started doing this too, sticking the Studio Comp near the end for cleans, then switching it off in the next scene for drive sounds.
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    VIDEO: The power of a cab block

    Yet another awesome video Danny. I bet no one imagined all that time ago when they shot that 1x8 Tweed IR that a bunch of guys were gonna go scrambling to tweak the heck out of it and make it work for whatever amp they want :D
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    RATT - Lay it Down tone matchy poo.

    To a tee! Sounds great.
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    EV ZLX 12p my two cents

    I cannot overstate how vital Rex's advice is for the EV. I've had my ZLX for almost two years and I'm just recently getting to where I am totally happy with this monitor. My problem was always that it was too boomy, and this is with my ZLX sitting on an amp stand about waist height. So I...
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    VIDEO: HAAS Delay and how to use it

    Danny, this was an awesome video. I used to just use a single delay block with 30ms in an attempt to recreate this effect, but your technique blew that out of the water! Made everything sound huge. Then I ended up going further down the rabbit hole and throwing an Enhancer block at the end of my...
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    New Kiesel Vader... New Tune

    :( Sad because there's no pics of said Vader. Awesome playing though :D
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    Nuno Killing it ....

    The mid section of Cupid's Dead is one of my favorite passages ever, so damn funky. No matter how many times I see Nuno live in always amazed at how wide some of his finger stretches are on some of those runs.
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    My gig at the House of Blues with my Fractal gear

    You guys sound great! Hell, your singer even has the mannerisms down as well.
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    AX8 does Grateful Dead -- Mutron III effect

    I gotta admit @rp911, I never got into the Dead. But I listened to the entire 10 minutes and loved it. You guys sound amazing and it was great to see such an interactive crowd. I think I'll be checking out some Dead tunes today for sure.
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    EVH Wolfgang Special thoughts?

    I owned a Wolfgang Special for almost a year. I soon learned it was a one trick pony.....but it did that trick extremely well. My problem was that I soon yearned for a more versatile guitar and modded it to split the humbuckers. Once I realized that I was spending 80% of my time in single coil...
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    Fractal Audio AMP models: Brit 800 and Brit 800 Mod (Marshall JCM 800)

    As a teen, I was such an eneducated goof when it came to amps and how to run them. When my band used to rehearse, we'd rent a practice room at one of the local studios. It was equipped with a JCM800 and since I knew all my guitar idols used one, I thought it would be the bees knees. Turns out...
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    JP IIC+

    The only time I seem to GAS for amps is when I see a new video on the Mesa Youtube channel. I really should unsubscribe from that thing.....;)
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    Fuji - Like FAS, Another Company that Overdelivers

    Stratoblaster, Which Fuji did you end up settling on? I'm slowly trying to convince my wife to ditch her Nikon D7000, which weighs a ton with all her lenses, and switch to one of the newer mirrorless options. Do you find that there are more limitations as opposed to DSLR cameras lens wise?
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    Quantum 2.01 EBMM Cutlass Demo -- Cooper Carter

    Great review Cooper. I wanted to grab one of these, but Sweetwater is still waiting for them to come in. So instead I snatched a demo Clapton Strat for a few hundred less than the Cutlass :D I may wait for one to hit the used market for sure.
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    String gauge-Muscle and string bending question

    Stratman68, I'm gonna throw out a total left field suggestion.....try out slide playing. It could add a wicked dimension to your playing and a different flair to covers (if you play them). Bonus, minimal investment required.
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    Advice on dealing with FAMC

    Sorry to see you are having these issues coldstar, unfortunately this seems to be a common theme for FAMC. I had an issue with my Mini and it needed to be sent away and communication was like pulling teeth. My advice, sell it and get what you can for it then get something else. It's a bummer...
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    I literally Lol'd at Catalinbread's response – ‏@catalinbread @KirkHammett Nah, yr not the first guitar player making pedals. Kudos for doing something unique like a TS with compression switches! 11:28 AM - 13 Feb 2016 from Portland, OR
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    Hold The Line...

    Woo hoo! Call the fire department, that was smokin'!!!!
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    A happy, healthy, and safe New Years to you all.
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    Burg's Vibro-Lux suite ... and a custom Strat! Oh, and the preset. :D

    Great demo Burgs. Both the guitar and that preset sound stellar. Happy New Year!
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    Steve Lukather Soldano X88R preset

    Awesome work! Can't wait to give this a try.
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    Mesa Boogie Lonestar with a Strat Video

    Awesome playing, and it's nice to see someone actually use a Strats bridge pickup.
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    Anyone try using the Axe with EV/Electro Voice ZLX-12P's?

    I've had a ZLX12 since I got my Axe and I'm finally at a place now where I'm happy with it. I think my main problem was learning to adapt to FRFR and its excessive available frequencies as opposed to a regular guitar speaker. I've since adjusted my Global Output 1 EQ to adjust and can dial...
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    Video from gig last night (blues/rock)

    Great sound Gary! No slouch on the vocals either.
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    Another Tri-Chorus thread

    Damn that was nice :)
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    What do we think of the new forum format now we've used it for a while?

    As a former Tapatalk user, I love it. The mobile theme is easy to read. I wish some of the other forums I visit would adopt this platform.
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    Still struggling with the ac30tb model

    After using Cliff's recommend settings, I spent a good two hours noodling and playing. Sounds more open and clear to me now. Threw the SDD Preamp in front and kicked it up a notch.
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    R.I.P. Scott Weiland

    Damn, I was hoping the thread title was a misprint. A true loss.
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    Anyone still using QSC k12 need help with what to do with EQ blocks?

    Yeah, after I posted my question I actually referred to the manual and I realized that the global EQ would effect all presets. Now I can see the benefit of a PEQ at the end of a chain.
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    Anyone still using QSC k12 need help with what to do with EQ blocks?

    I've always been curious about this, but what is the difference between using a PEQ at the end of your chain as opposed to tweaking the Global EQ for Output 1 (when it comes to tweaking for different FRFR cabs) ?
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    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 1.05 Firmware Release

    Ha! I'm glad I checked here before going to bed. Sleep can wait :D
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    FrFr upgrade

    I use an EV ZLX 12P that I consider to be mid level as far as sound quality (when measured against the CLR or Xitone). They can be had for $350 at Guitar Center.
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    Best Use for Tone Matched Patches.

    The higher quality the better, but I've seen some damn impressive Tonematches come from the overly compressed YouTube clips.
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    Best Use for Tone Matched Patches.

    Most of the ones I've seen have been tracks off of YouTube.
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    Who celebrates thanksgiving tonight?

    This is actually a pretty good idea now that I think of it. My In-Laws pretty much dominate Thanksgiving (with terrible cooking to boot) and my wife and kids always end up feeling jipped from all the drama. It's too late for this year, but I might do a night before celebration next year with...
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    Quantum 1.02 | Van Halen - Unchained | FULL VIDEO + PATCH

    Stellar work as always Rocco! You were so sneaky with the Dokken that for a second I actually thought it belonged there :D
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    The most stunning guitars ever !!! Tell me I'm wrong ?

    Is this the same builder who has a guitar that has a deconstructed baby doll under the finish? His name escapes me now, but it was creepy as all hell.
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    Port City 2x12 OS Wave - V30s + SM57

    Great work! look forward to giving these a go within the next few days.
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    So rare not to see people clamoring for new firmware.....

    I've been using the dry spell of updates to actually explore different amps that I would not usually give time to. Currently all up in the AC30's business.
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    IGNORE , ...... priceless

    :D I used this very feature to read the OP's post.
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    What iOS application do you use for reading the new forum?

    Um, big shock here.....I am also using Safari. The new forum looks great on it and is easy to read and works perfectly. The only thing I miss about Tapatalk is the nighttime view.
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    Bug? what do I do if the input signal doesn't get hotter when I turn up the input [NOT A BUG]

    Also, make sure that Input 1 Mode is set to "Left Only". One time this happened to me where I could no longer tickle the reds on my hottest guitar and I found out that Input 1 had been switched to "Sum L+R"
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    Quantum Friedman BE & Strat video (crunchy lead)

    Excellent playing again! I dig how fluid your runs are.
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    FAMC support is still terrible

    No, coldstar is referring to the LiquidFoot brand of midi controllers, that's why his post is in the Other Midi Controllers. And coldstar, I've been there done that bud. I went through communications hell with one of their products recently and was without my controller for over a month. Their...
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    Hooray! Now I don't have to stare blankly at my phone wondering what to do with it.
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    Quantum D Funk Jam

    Damn, that was tight!
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    My dirty tones are harsh and Fizzy... any pointers?

    I concur with your assessment. I downloaded both patches and after correcting the aforementioned reverb level issue, I found it to be very dark. Don't get me wrong, I actually kinda liked the tone I was getting, but it was darker than I would go for and I did not detect any fizziness or...
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    Deluxe reverb model drive/gain?

    So I presume if you're using this video as an example, you surely must be using as much compression as he is the dial-up clean sound yes? Because his clean tone is squish city, which I personally love.
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    How about this for a change....

    That's some badassery right there!
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    Strange floyd rose and elixir issues...

    Strange issue indeed. I use Elixir's with my Wolfgang and don't have any issues. I did have similar issues when I first got the guitar though, which turned out to be the nut not being tightened all the way to the neck. When I would divebomb, the guitar would return out of tune. After...
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    My Student Rocking Some Sweeps

    Wow! Great technique, I only wish I had half that speed and cleanliness in my sweeps.
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    Cliff, need a bunch of amps to model?

    Wow, a whole cadre of ART SGX's!! The 18 year old me would be salivating. And to think, I used to run one of those into the front end of a Crate combo and I thought I was in tone heaven back then.
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    Brown Sound Effects Video

    Great stuff 5150. I know what I'll be doing later today for sure.
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    ML Sure Cabs Collection Cab Pack 16

    CP16 is pretty much all I'm using right now too. More in line with the types of tones and music I play. Terrific work Mikko!
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    Need help with gain sounds, please!

    Damn! This was on point, great sound! Also one of my favorite eras and albums so maybe I'm biased.
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    ngd: old wolfgang

    Nice score, it looks well worn in too! I bet it plays like butter.
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    How to dial up the Brown Sound in ten minutes

    Damn, this is a great tutorial!! Thanks 5150.
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    Quick Marshall JMP Preamp Vid

    Outstanding video on how quickly you can get up and running with some great rocking tones.
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    Joe Satriani is using MFC 101 On His Shockwave Tour !

    Welcome back, I see your continuing your trend of positive posts on the forum [emoji106]
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    Impro over 80s rock backingtrack - Q beta

    All right!! Welcome back brother. It sounded great, and it looks like you haven't lost a step.
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    Glenn Fricker's Opinion.

    I've tried watching his gear reviews numerous times, because who doesn't love a good gear review? But I can never finish. I guess the whole obnoxious rocker thing would come off better if he was still actually in his 20's, but on a 40 something year old man it's eye roll inducing.
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    Quantum Vibroverbs...

    Damn, that was nice. And for some reason, when I saw steely dry cut I thought of oats.....now I'm hungry :lol
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    Quantum Wail.. OH YES!

    I loved this! Please don't take this the wrong way, because I mean it as a compliment, but your playing reminded me of the cool solos they used to play in the background of Miami Vice during one of those deep thought or introspective scenes.
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    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 1.00 Public Beta

    Shit, I passed right by this thread because I saw "1.00" and just assumed that someone was bumping up a thread from when the II was first released. I'm such a dummy. Glad I clicked on this thread, but now sad that I have to go to work tonight.
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    External Effects

    I'm leaning toward grabbing a Bogner Harlow boost/compressor or at the very least re-purchasing the Xotic SP Compressor. I really miss having a Comp that gives me that "squish" that I can't for the life of me dial in with the Axe FX.
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    FW20b Jmpre-1 DEMO

    I agree, keep them coming cause that was great.
  77. R

    BigBox librarys OUT NOW!

    It may be some other issue because I had the same issue and I'm on the FW 19 official release. I downloaded several samples patches and can only get one to load properly with the cab.
  78. R

    Axe FX Compressor, or your favorite Pedal Compressor?

    I'll definitely have to play around with the output compressor, because I can't get anything useful out of the Comp block. I regret selling my Xotic SP Compressor prior to buying the Axe.
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    John Mayer has a Kemper but no Fractal

    I was watching that as well. Looks like he's all in with PRS for sure, including developing an amp head with PRS.
  80. R

    Home practice through PA - floor or stand mount?

    Hahaah!! I had just changed out the pickups in my Tele when I snapped this pic. Good eyes.
  81. R

    Home practice through PA - floor or stand mount?

    I have my EV ZLX sitting on an amp stand in the corner of my bedroom. I've actually found that not only does this reduce the bass response, but it also has a nice effect of keeping the sound directed towards one area. I can really crank this thing up and it doesn't even make too much noise...
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    Greg Koch rotary sound

    I'm pretty sure I stole these setting from Yek in another thread about the rotary, but this is what I've used for X/Y switching to recreate the Neo Mini Vent -min 1.5hz -max:6.5hz While nothing comes close to the Neo, it's close enough that I don't feel the need to spend the $350 on it anymore.
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    Get the funk Out/ Extreme - Solo and Preset

    Damn, mighty fine fretwork there Heinzi!
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    Low/Mid Gain Cab

    Personally, I'm looking forward to this one: http://forum.fractalaudio.com/showthread.php?t=102919
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    Axe-Fx II Firmware 19.01 Public Beta (1)

    Thanks a million times over Cliff, enjoy your vacation!
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    Steve Vai Pedal board

    What's the big yellow box directly above the Gemini pedal? It's got what looks like black felt or maybe Velcro covering the writing. Is it just a pedestal for an extra pedal or a power supply? Or is it something secret [emoji2]
  87. R

    Are the Mac OS X drivers working for USB Audio

    Looks like everything is checked off right in the Mac side. Other than that, the only other thing I can think is to check your USB levels in the I/O screen I think? It should be at 0 db. If you were previously using USB on your computer before and have already done this than disregard.
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    XL Plus Input Sensitivity

    For reals. I thought I was low hovering around 45 to 50, but 3% sounds odd.
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    Preset Challenge: Shut Up And Dance With Me

    I dig the idea of a preset challenge. I tinkered with this a month or two ago using Nameless Streets like Rich G, but once my kids stopped harassing me to learn it I kind of abandoned it. Off topic a bit: I really dig Walk The Moon's new album, it's a great soundtrack to run to. I read an...
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    ShockFront EP Full Stream (Hard Rock)/AxeFx2 all over

    I got a big grin listening to this, music like this just feels like home to me. Great stuff Rocco[emoji106]
  91. R

    Cab-Pack 1 is now FREE!

    Awesome! An unparalleled company and community all coming together to share the love. That's why this forum is one of my happy places [emoji3]
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    Line 6 "helix" vs Axe-fx II ?

    OP, If you were truly seeking knowledge regarding the differences between the II and the XL, maybe you should change your title to something less divisive. Especially because the title has nothing to do with your question.
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    Friedman channel switching

    Most frightening autocorrect ever :lol
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    Roland JC 40 and AxeFX

    I've been intrigued by these as well ever since I saw the demos at NAMM. The stereo sound is a selling point for me. I'm concerned about how neutral the speakers are as well as the amount of clean power it has.
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    Axe-Fx II Firmware 19.00 Released

    I'm not trying to bash anyone, but what you've added to this thread has NOTHING to do with FW 19. That is what this thread was about. If your so concerned about "how Fractal feels" you should start a new thread with your gripe. I'm sure it'll be quite popular. Now to answer your question...
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