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  1. dr bonkers

    Jazzmaster owners?

    My T-Rex hands needed something shorter scale, so I ended up with the Squier VM Jazzmaster as my test subject for IR files. I copper tape shielded it, put on Wilkinson locking tuners, and a Fender Jaguar bridge. Fun guitar!!!
  2. dr bonkers

    FS Carvin JB200C Jason Becker Signature 2015 + OHSC $1,699 USD+shipping

    Details & photos about the guitar can be found here: https://rvrb.io/2015-jb200c-jason-hkl8zg more photos can be found here: https://bit.ly/3owoHXz
  3. dr bonkers

    Beatles Get Back

    It's interesting. I was feeling that way until George left the band and The Beatles and their significant others had an off camera meeting at George's house on a Sunday where supposedly Yoko was very vocal and the meeting imploded. It took another meeting also off camera to bring him back in...
  4. dr bonkers

    Beatles Get Back

    After watching the whole thing, I was grinning like the 5 year old fan of The Beatles that I once was. Most bands are greater than the sum of their individual members. The push and pull of the creative process is really on display in this documentary and shows, for all the collective egos...
  5. dr bonkers

    Beatles Get Back

    I just finished the first episode. This really captures the group dynamics of a bunch of people woodshedding one person's ideas and trying to figure out where to fit in or build upon an idea. My biggest respect for Ringo not murdering the other 3 with an axe at points during the days covered...
  6. dr bonkers

    The New Dune Movie Trailer…

    I saw this on IMAX the first day of release in the US. This reminded me of 70s film making where scenes had time to breathe, people's reaction shots were not punctuated with another character doing play by play for the slow witted in the audience, the battle scenes made actual strategic sense...
  7. dr bonkers

    Congratulations Cooper Carter

    Congrats on the new arrival!
  8. dr bonkers

    IRs Dr Bonkers Guitar Cab-Oddities™ (MASTER THREAD)

    A happy Thanksgiving to all and a bump of a reminder regarding my coupon sale that only has a few days left: FAS Forum member coupon code to save 20% (with a purchase of more than $9.99 USD) is 21FAS21
  9. dr bonkers

    Any 3rd Party Cab Pack IR's going on Sale for Black Friday?

    Yes, check my master thread in the vendor section of this site.
  10. dr bonkers

    Axe Fest New York City - part 2?

    Depending upon work stuff, I may be able to get there.
  11. dr bonkers

    SOLD Gibson Memphis ES-335 Dot 2013 Gold Top $2,995 USD+shipping

    Price drop! See title for revised price.
  12. dr bonkers

    Axe fx for downtuned bass G#

    What @Disconnector said is correct. One thing to realize though is if you are recording or playing out, then most rooms where people will experience your playing are not able to reproduce approximately 24 Hz as a fundamental tone. Instead people are going to hear one of the partials or...
  13. dr bonkers

    Axe fx for downtuned bass G#

    The Rockit 8's are too shallow in the deep bass range to produce the fundamental or closer frequencies to that fundamental that you hear when playing with the Ashdown 8x10. Perhaps getting the KrK subwoofer would help. The Fractal can definitely produce that note with power and girth using the...
  14. dr bonkers

    FS Washburn Nuno Bettencourt N4-NUNO Authentic USA guitar $2,250 USD+Shipping

    I'm selling for my technologically challenged friend this Washburn Nuno Bettencourt N4-NUNO Authentic USA guitar. The guitar was bought brand new from Sweetwater on 11/28/2018 and never left his house until today for me to take some photos. More pictures may be found here...
  15. dr bonkers

    Axe fx for downtuned bass G#

    Did you try this? Post in thread 'Dr Bonkers' Guide to Using Fractal Axe-FX 3 for Bass' https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/dr-bonkers-guide-to-using-fractal-axe-fx-3-for-bass.172532/post-2085044 What are using as monitors? What is your monitoring room like in an acoustic sense? Remember...
  16. dr bonkers

    Where Are The John 5 Fans?

    Very cool guy that puts on a great show. Marshall Mode 4 into a VBC 8x10. It sounds massive.
  17. dr bonkers

    SOLD Gibson Memphis ES-335 Dot 2013 Gold Top $2,995 USD+shipping

    For pictures, please see my Reverb listing: https://rvrb.io/2013-memphis-es-33-nrkhlo I'm selling for my technologically challenged friend this 2013 Gibson Memphis ES-335 Dot Gold Top that has the Gold back, sides, and neck with creme binding/plastics. Model number is ESDP60NH1. The guitar was...
  18. dr bonkers

    DATS to Speaker Impedance Tab Parameters

    PM sent with all the files I collected so far. As I collect more, I will send them along to you.
  19. dr bonkers

    FS Schecter Nick Johnston USA Signature Traditional SSS 2017 Atomic Green Nitro - $2,200 USD+Shipping

    Reverb listing for pictures: https://rvrb.io/2017-2021-nick-joh-2ydh0t I'm selling for my technologically challenged friend this Schecter USA Nick Johnston Traditional SSS purchased direct from Schecter Guitar Research on May 1, 2017. As you can see from the photos, the guitar was hardly...
  20. dr bonkers

    DATS to Speaker Impedance Tab Parameters

    Does someone have a handy way to translate the the DATS measured parameters into the Speaker Page parameters in the amp block?
  21. dr bonkers

    Atomic CLR for bass?

    No, still investigating. I was hoping Atomic or Xitone or L6 would be coming out with something.
  22. dr bonkers

    IRs Dr Bonkers Guitar Cab-Oddities™ (MASTER THREAD)

    Black Friday Sale for a limited time. FAS Forum member coupon code to save 20% (with a purchase of more than $9.99 USD) is 21FAS21. The coupon expires on November 30, 2021. Please note: If you are a current Dr Bonkers customer that opted in for emails from me, please check your email, as you...
  23. dr bonkers

    RIP Emmett Chapman

    I remember seeing one in the flesh in 1989 in Sam Ash in Paramus, NJ Someone had sold it to them used. The salesman had to coach me through how it was to be played as I had never seen one before. An amazing and daunting instrument it was, it totally scared me off from owning one. What a sad...
  24. dr bonkers

    Any tips on dialing in George Harrison's tone for his solo on SOMETHING?

    I always wonder if these stems are pre mixing EQ/compression or post mixing EQ/compression. Most of these stems seem to lack (from the final mix of these songs) the mastering EQ, multiband compression, and, in the era of vinyl, summing everything below 100 Hz or so to mono so the needle doesn't...
  25. dr bonkers

    Using a PZM mic for IRs?

    The catch is you need to decide what your goals are with PZM captures. They are great for capturing the cab resonance that escapes being recorded with traditional close mic techniques. Just sticking the PZM to the front of the cab in front of the speaker is rather underwhelming in most use...
  26. dr bonkers

    noise gate for single coil

    I have the Fender Noiseless High Gain in my Squier Strat and Fender Vintage Noiseless in my Squier Tele. They work well and I am very pleased with no GAS to change them out.
  27. dr bonkers

    Backing vocal technique

    Another neat trick when stacking background vocals is when doubling each section of soprano, alto, tenor, and bass is for the section to use a different mic for each doubled part. It helps give a subtle definition when panning all the parts in the stereo soundstage without needing to resort to EQ.
  28. dr bonkers

    IRs Dr Bonkers Guitar Cab-Oddities™ (MASTER THREAD)

    For those of you asking for a mega pack of guitar cab IR files, hopefully this will scratch your itch: https://www.drbonkerssoundlab.com/product/dr-bonkers-guitar-cab-oddities-2017-thru-2021-guitar-cab-impulse-response-ir-pack/
  29. dr bonkers

    The Gems You Find on Youtube

    I can't even imagine the effort to program this, but I really appreciate it. This makes me smile so much. This makes me want a version of SNES Pitfall with Xanadu as the background music. This could be the 2nd level score:
  30. dr bonkers

    Modern Hard Rock Amps

    For some fun, lower the Variac to 75% on this model. The modern grind is amazing.
  31. dr bonkers

    Best 5150 Sheffield 1200 IR?

    @rrhoads17 There's a teaser: https://www.drbonkerssoundlab.com/product/dr-bonkers-in-this-together-cab-pack-ir-collection/
  32. dr bonkers

    June 15, 2022. The day the Kemper Profiler patent expires.

    My guitar hoarder friend's mindset kind of epitomizes the thinking when I talk to touring musicians that embrace their Kemper. "Within a few minutes with profiling, I have my favorite amp settings frozen in time. I don't need to worry about re-dialing things in after a FW update or spinning...
  33. dr bonkers

    Avantone Mixcube

    These are tributes to the old Auratone monitors that mix engineers would use to see how mixes would translate to cheap stock car stereos and television cheap speakers. There's a reason why mix engineers used to nickname them "Awfultones", but if you could get your frequency and instrument...
  34. dr bonkers

    Parallel chain with shunt adds gain ?

    As others have advised, if the drive block is not being used in a certain scene, have the bypass state set to Mute to avoid the gain buildup oversaturating the amp. If you are using parallel drive block gain for scenes, the key is set up the block output levels when all the drives are on and...
  35. dr bonkers

    IRs Dr Bonkers Silver & Black Bass Cabinet IR Collection Volume 2A: Geek-T 4X10 Bass Cabinet IR Pack

    @yek or @iaresee Can you move this thread to the vendors forum? Here's a new play through from a happy user:
  36. dr bonkers

    Custom (bass) presets?

    If the custom presets involve IR files that I produced, then PM me to discuss what I need to help you. If the custom presets involve other IR producers' files, then I cannot help.
  37. dr bonkers

    IRs Dr Bonkers Guitar Cab-Oddities™ (MASTER THREAD)

    Actually a fellow Fractal forum member had a few of these cabs and was kind enough to give me access.
  38. dr bonkers

    IRs Dr Bonkers Guitar Cab-Oddities™ (MASTER THREAD)

    Here's a cab equally useful for guitarists and bassists... Releasing now is the Dr Bonkers Guitar Cab-Oddities™ Volume 29: PEML 1X12 Guitar Cab IR pack based upon 1980s Pearce Amplifiers® 1X12 Bass or Guitar Extension Cab with Electro-Voice ® EVM-12L Series II 12 inch speaker made in USA...
  39. dr bonkers

    Wow, what a great cover, for the Yes fans

    Mrs. B has a way of making certain preferences very, ahem, apparent, shall we say. Plus a man called Bonkers wearing a cape while walking the dogs wouldn't exactly increase the property values of the neighborhood, LoL!
  40. dr bonkers

    Wow, what a great cover, for the Yes fans

    Love this! The only thing missing was the keyboardist sporting a cape. I remember in kindergarten seeing a Creem magazine with Wakeman wearing one and I bugged the beegeebers out of my mom that I needed a cape. She would not let me get one. Mrs. B shares that sentiment today, LoL.
  41. dr bonkers

    Wish More FAS Amps

    I would love to see Cliff model Billy Sheehan's Pearce Preamp. Schematics here: http://www.travis-hartnett.com/Pearce_Amps/Pearce_Amps/Documents.html If he could get that going, then I would love to capture his Talas era custom JBL cabs. Rumor has it they have been at another MI company for a...
  42. dr bonkers

    How to dial in a great tape delay in Axe-FX III

    One of my chores for my older brother was cleaning the tape path and heads on his Echoplex every 20 hours with isopropyl and chamois swabs. It's what every 6 year old should be trained to do, LoL. I'm glad we don't have to do that with the delay block.
  43. dr bonkers

    How to dial in a great tape delay in Axe-FX III

    I remember when the big upgrade for the Echoplex was to upgrade the shitty Scotch recording tape to Ampex 456.
  44. dr bonkers

    Last year it was a guitar. This year it's a...

    I hear the arrival schedule is dead accurate.
  45. dr bonkers

    Wish 16 scenes

    This would boost the sales of FC-12 controllers. Chain 2 together to access all scenes along with tuner, tempo, and maybe switching on & off 2 external fx loops independently. I'm all for logical excess.
  46. dr bonkers

    Bloom-style reverb?

    Another method for expanding the swell is to put either an expander block or optical compressor (and make it pump) after the reverb or and multi-tap.
  47. dr bonkers

    Wish Add Dry Level Parameter to All the Fuzz Drives

    If you turn the mix down to zero on most of the fuzz drive blocks, no signal passes through. I seriously doubt that the wet fuzz signal is so much louder than the dry signal that having 0% wet fuzz results in silence.
  48. dr bonkers

    A cool band I discovered a couple years ago, thanks to Pandora's algorithms: Crack The Sky

    This is fantastic. I don't know why I never came across them before. Thanks! As I am listening to them, they are a great mix of The Sweet, Kansas, and another 70s band that never broke big, The Good Rats. The band logo is outstanding too.
  49. dr bonkers

    Axe-Fx Firmware Release Version 17.01 Release Candidate

    Yes, indeed. The fiscal support helps keep us in biz to make exciting new stuff.
  50. dr bonkers

    Wish Add Dry Level Parameter to All the Fuzz Drives

    It would be super cool to add the Dry Level Parameter in the Drive Block to all the fuzz based drives so you can get the dry level definition in them. The Mix parameter on the fuzz drives seems to act more like a volume for the fuzz rather than a wet vs. dry signal mix parameter.
  51. dr bonkers

    Axe-Fx Firmware Release Version 17.01 Release Candidate

    yes, this seems to be the case. importing the bundle is as easy as import preset with a dialog for the bundle. Works great!
  52. dr bonkers

    Axe-Fx Firmware Release Version 17.01 Release Candidate

    This update rocks hard! Did anyone notice that the updated Axe-Edit includes Preset+Cabs bundle export now? This save me a lot of headaches with people not reading documentation on cab packs. There's so much work to do now for me! Thanks Cliff for making this happen!
  53. dr bonkers

    Implemented "Uglier" compressor algorithms

    That's why I thought perhaps using a volume block with a modifier after the compressor might get you the gritty swell on the decay. This way you can keep the compressor settings you like, but dial in the swell more surgically with a volume block after it.
  54. dr bonkers

    Implemented "Uglier" compressor algorithms

    Here's an odd way of looking at getting the type of decay swell in your clip. Did you try putting a volume block after the compressor block and use a dynamics or adsr controller to raise the volume level as note decays?
  55. dr bonkers

    The Shawshank Redemption...

    Shawshank is great. I have a warm spot for the Walken version of The Dead Zone. I think it stands up well. Silver Bullet was also a good but under the radar King adaptation. I keep waiting for someone to tackle Eyes of the Dragon. That book was so good, I was sad when it ended.
  56. dr bonkers

    Axe-Fx Firmware Release Version 17.01 Public Beta #2

    We don't talk about Fight Club?
  57. dr bonkers

    Why Are Guitar Players Obsessed With Vintage Gear?

    I like new stuff with modern shielding & grounding as well as locking tuners. However there are certain vintage instruments that have appeal for me due to the fact that they are not being made anymore, such as Steinbergers with the phenolic resin bodies and trans trems or the Gibson Recording...
  58. dr bonkers

    Wish Will we ever get more bass amps/effects?

    Then be specific in what amps you are looking for. You do know a bunch of us wished for specific bass amps in this thread I hope: https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/wish-list-new-amps.137944/ A simple search of the forum shows repeated wishes. Another new thread of a general wish isn't...
  59. dr bonkers

    Wish Will we ever get more bass amps/effects?

    Ok, there's 3 things to consider here. How many solid state bass amps have radically different topologies? There's maybe 6 to 10 different topologies, if I remember. My mind is hazy on it and there's not many sources that discuss it. Can you get those sounds with the current amp models? For...
  60. dr bonkers

    Wish Will we ever get more bass amps/effects?

    Ok, one thing that helps to not see that disparity is to look at things as just amps rather than guitar amps versus bass amps. The cab really determines whether an amp works well for bass. Across 21 bass cab packs, I believe I used more than 100 different amps typically used for guitar instead...
  61. dr bonkers

    Starting to work on my Gilmour/PULSE tones

    I love your clip. I chopped my trem bar down like David did. It makes playing much tougher due to the fulcrum change and makes controlling the bends much more like his approach.
  62. dr bonkers

    Microsoft Announces Windows 11: New UI, Productivity and Gaming Features

    My longest running computer only had a lifespan of 7 years before some component would cease to work- usually the power supply or the graphics board dies on my machines. So the stoppage of Win10 support at the announced date will probably be the same time I need to upgrade the laptop and...
  63. dr bonkers

    Wish saving multiple blocks as a set to use in other presets.

    Wouldn't that be the same as copying the preset to another slot, and just editing the blocks in the copy as needed? All the desired blocks would still have their settings in the copied preset.
  64. dr bonkers

    Ooooh... Charts and Graphs Redux

    As Donald Fagen would sing, "No static at all..."
  65. dr bonkers

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 17.00

    One of the key things about using any sort mic signal (that is not close miking the cab speaker) is use it like salt. A little bit goes a long way, using too much makes things unpalatable. If you are hating the room mics, try lowering the level of them. The thing that separates a good...
  66. dr bonkers

    FM9 For Bass Guitar? Thoughts and Suggestions?

    Let me know how you like it.
  67. dr bonkers

    The music that got you going

    3 years old - I was listening to my oldest brother's 45 single of Whole Lotta Love with headphones on and heard the guitar pan from ear to the other and got excited. I asked my brother, "Who makes the guitar travel between my ears?' My brother replied, "That's the recording or mixing engineer...
  68. dr bonkers

    WISH: Cab Lab 3 - Stereo IR Mixing

    @FractalAudio Now that we have FullRes coming, it would be great to finally support Stereo mixing in Cab Lab with a Stereo Mode with the following features: Send Mix to Scratch Pad lets you designate two scratchpad slots to send the left and right files of the mix in order to audition it. Send...
  69. dr bonkers

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 17.00

    If everyone on this forum will all allow, I would like to give my perspective on this brouhaha that seems to have developed with some of the comments I have seen with the AFX III Mk I, M II, Mk II Turbo, FW 17, and FullRes support. Before I give this view of things, I would like to give some...
  70. dr bonkers

    Announcing Axe-Fx III Mark II TURBO

    What I really need to know is: Does the Turbo version play the first few synth notes of "Out in the Cold" by Judas Priest upon startup? I would have sell my Mark I to get the Turbo edition if that's the case.
  71. dr bonkers

    FullRes Cabs

    I'm waiting on this. I have a lot of 500ms files to convert.
  72. dr bonkers

    IRs Dr Bonkers Guitar Cab-Oddities™ (MASTER THREAD)

    Definitely let me know what you think.
  73. dr bonkers

    IRs Dr Bonkers Guitar Cab-Oddities™ (MASTER THREAD)

    Well, if I can find one in my area with the Big Tone speakers, and someone is willing to give me access, I will certainly capture the cab. Regarding the FullRes files, I have offered 500 Ms and in phase off axis captures (labelled fig8) since day one of having my own site. Mix those fig8...
  74. dr bonkers

    IRs Dr Bonkers Guitar Cab-Oddities™ (MASTER THREAD)

    Nice! Actually when you posted a picture of the Guytron on the forum days ago, I was chuckling to myself, "Just wait until Brad sees what I am releasing!" Whether one has a Guytron or into the Fender, Vox, or Marshall families of amps, this cab really handshakes well with them.
  75. dr bonkers

    IRs Dr Bonkers Guitar Cab-Oddities™ (MASTER THREAD)

    Releasing now is the Dr Bonkers Guitar Cab-Oddities™ Volume 28: GTRN 2X12 Guitar Cab IR pack based upon 2001 Guytron® GT212-OB™ 2x12 120w Guitar Cab. This cabinet included 2 AlNiCo magnet Fane® Alnico-12™ 12 inch 8 Ohm speakers made in England in 2001. Available in Fractal Audio file and various...
  76. dr bonkers

    Health Update

    I'm sending out good vibes for your speedy recovery. Your playing clips always brighten my day.
  77. dr bonkers

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 17.00 Public Beta

    Good times! In a previous FW, I remember that feeling in the pit of my stomach with the 5150 Block when I tweaked a few parameters and inadvertently turned it into a square wave generator. There seemed something wrong about making that happen.
  78. dr bonkers

    PSA: My Big Mistake! : "Compressors don't make a difference"

    Opto compressor with the foil option is amazing. On my personal presets, I use it a bit.
  79. dr bonkers

    Dad Jokes

    What did the Buddha say to the hot dog vendor? Make me one with everything!
  80. dr bonkers

    Marty, that was very interesting music.

    I've never seen a whammy bar for keys. That beats a pitch controller.
  81. dr bonkers

    The more you have to wait, the more…

    This is my attitude towards things. The journey towards a destination is every bit as exciting as the destination itself.
  82. dr bonkers

    Recommendations for a kids guitar?

    Ibanez Mikro line is amazing. Gibson Maestro line is also great. I have their Flying V and it is pretty fun for what it is.
  83. dr bonkers

    So, Fullbody or Semihollow? I can't choose!

    If it's semi hollow, are you making it ES-335 thick, hollow body Les Paul thick, or are you going thicker like ES-175 thick but with a center block?
  84. dr bonkers

    Favorite Songs/Solos Using Tremolo Bar

    What God Wants - Roger Waters featuring Jeff Beck In the Evening - Led Zeppelin
  85. dr bonkers


    I was trying to understand the basis that you had for your evaluation criteria. Thanks for your time and your clearer explanations on the matter.
  86. dr bonkers


    There are physical and acoustical properties to that room which sounds pleasing to you, correct? Can you quantify them or do you say, if someone is serving up a room mic then it must sound good? Either you have criteria about a room that helps back your evaluation or you just go by gut...
  87. dr bonkers


  88. dr bonkers


    If you are hard panning the mono left and right files as hard panned left and right and keeping the volume equal between the two IRs, yes they are the same. I you start to alter the panning or volume or accidentally use two left files, they will start to sound different.
  89. dr bonkers


    Correct. Most complaints I get about the separate left and right files are from people that either don't hard pan them or don't put them at equal volumes or when trying the stereo interleaved files, they inadvertently import two lefts. It would be great to make the process less error prone for...
  90. dr bonkers


    Sure thing. My last post addressed this last thing you said (sorry multi quotes is misbehaving on my phone); "Sorry yes in a reverbarent room, you can capture not only the cab but even the room reflections (even though the cut at the end sounds unnatural like the room parameter which already...
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