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  1. kmanick

    Do we have any OD that is a "flavored" OD in the Fx8?

    I've got a Splawn Supersport EL-34 that is my main rig now and I use the FX8 in 4CM mode with it and it works fabulously. last night the other guitarist in my band saw a Bad Company Tribute band and the guitarist was using a Supersport as well (Go Splawn) but he was running pedals into the clean...
  2. kmanick

    Looking for the best most transparent clean boost in the FX8 with no mid hump

    I recently picked up a Splawn Super Sport el-34 version and I'm looking for a boost that will not give me a mid hump , I just want a hotter signal with some hi/low cut. thoughts?
  3. kmanick

    Anyone know how to set the Rotary block for a Badfinger song?

    No matter what has appeared on my list of songs to learn for this band I've joined, anyone know how to get this sound just right? it's a Leslie simulation thanks Nick
  4. kmanick

    Can anyone tell me how to set up the pitch block to cover the harmonies in the Scorpions tune

    there's no One like you? I will play the mattias part but I've never been clear how to set this thing up. I know the Song is in "A" and t's a natural Minor progression (F to G to A Minor) so how do I set the pitch block?
  5. kmanick

    never mind

  6. kmanick

    I always lose a lot of volume when using my Axe II in 4CM mode how come??

    I thought it was the serial loop in my JVM but I recently used it with another head (Landry LS30) and had the same results anyone else experience this or have any insight to it? I don't lose any volume using pedals so I know it's something to do with the unit. My other guitarist has an FX8 and I...
  7. kmanick

    I need a Cream "Crossroads" Patch anyone know which amp?

    the cover band I've been working with is thinking of covering this and I'd like to get somewhat close to the sound he had live at winterland during that now famous recording. I played it the other night through one of my Plexi patches and it didn't sound quite right (sounded good but different)...
  8. kmanick

    what do you guys use for a lead/solo boost?

    I've been running my Marshall JVM 210H for a few years now and and finally I feel that the modeling through a power amp into a real cab is where it should be. I've been running my Axe II into the return of the JVM loop and using it for power and it sounds spot on. I just ordered a duncan Power...
  9. kmanick

    I don't know what Cliff did but "holy crap"

    I had been using my axe II in 4CM with my JVM head. Unfortunately the loop on this thing does not work very well with the axe II so I had to keep my channel volume down and it seems like I was always getting drowned out. updated to latest firmware last month really haven't toyed around with it...
  10. kmanick

    Anyone know how to simulate a clean 12 string

    the cover band I recently joined is doing "ticket to ride" and I would love to be able to emulate the 12 string part of this. anyone?
  11. kmanick

    So what is the FRFR "DUJour" these days

    I have been away from using the modeling in my Axe II for almost 2 years and just updated last night to 5.02. Is the Atomic CLR still the considered the "cream of the crop" or has the Friedman come in as the new front runner?
  12. kmanick

    Running my Axe in front of my JVM instead of in the loop

    I've decided to try running my Axe in front of my JVM instead of in 4CM. I lose a lot of volume from my amp using 4CM (it's the loop) so I decided to give this a try. Every effect sounds fine except for my delays (no surprise there), they sound distorted and way overdone. I've begun fooling...
  13. kmanick

    Do we have anything in the box to emulate a piano?

    I am in a cover band and it would be great if I could emulate some simple piano lines that are going on in the back gound of some of the songs we do.
  14. kmanick

    Any one have screen shots of how to set the Pitch block for Major 3rds?

    I need to play More than a feeling with these guys I'm jamming with and I just can't seem to get it to sound right. I know the short runs "pre chorus" are G maj and the actual lead is D major but I can't seem to get it to sound right :( Is there a "Boston" preset kicking around anywhere?
  15. kmanick

    Effect Question? lead in "The Wanton Song" led zep

    We've been throwing this tunr around and I'm wondering if I have anything in the Axe II that can replicate the effect he's using on the lead. I think it's something like a leslie speaker ..maybe? lead is at 2:28 We got this effect on hand?
  16. kmanick

    Saw a tribute band last night using Kemper

    Saw the Bon Jersey, Cold as Ice, Aerochicks show last night at the Showcase in Foxboro. What a great club to see a show at, the stage is big, the sound system is fantastic and not a bad seat in the house. The Bon Jovi guitarist was using a Kemper direct to FOH. I was with about 4 or 5 other...
  17. kmanick

    Freaked myself out tonight(bonehead move)

    So I've been using my Axe FX II in 4cm mode with my JVM for quite a while now (very happy with it BTW). I decided to go to 19.0 and see how much better the pedals sound, so I updated , no issues and ran my 3 main 4CM patches everything sound good, so for giggles I decided to plug in my seismic...
  18. kmanick

    Probably a really dumb question but I have no idea what this button does

    what does "Tap" control? I see it blinking and the manual says "tempo" but tempo of what" I could use that spot to assign to another pedal type but I'd like to know what it supposedly controls (since I've had this thing for 3 years now and not once have I touched that button)
  19. kmanick

    what are you guys using to transport your MFC's in?

    I got a chance to use my Axe FXII in 4CM mode a with my JVM yesterday at rehearsal sounded killer, a little hissy but I threw a gate in after the FX loops block and it silenced it right up. It's a little tight so I'll have to play with it but it worked great. I love the chorus pedals and the...
  20. kmanick

    4 cable method question

    has anyone tried running an amp model (of course the power amp modeling is off) instead of a drive pedal? I'm curious as to how a ....let's say a mark IV amp model into the clean channel of my amp would sound.
  21. kmanick

    OK I don't know what you did to the power amp modeling in 18.12 but ...WOW

    I updated to 18.12 last night so today just for shits and giggles I decided to run my Axe into the loop of my JVM today I started with a blank patch, Picked the Recto OR Vintage dropped an Eternal love pedal in front of it and a 10 band passive EQ at the end of the path left power amp...
  22. kmanick

    input volume on CTRL PAGE

    I just accidentally changed this and I have no idea what the default value any ideas here?
  23. kmanick

    Ok Updated to 18.03 which Cameron is== to the Cameron Hi

    I have 3 Cameron patches that I love and now I don't know which Cameron is the closest or Equivalent to the 17.04 and previous versions. Plus anyone else notice after they updated that they are having Volume swells occur intermittently? on several of my Hbe and Brit800 patches I had some...
  24. kmanick

    Is there a parameter that is equivalent to a negative Feedback control?

    I just got my JVM back from my tech and had him do a couple of mods to it. One was adding a pot that allows me to change the negative feedback. This mod really opened up the amp, so it got me thinking "is there something similar to this I can do to my JVM patches?"
  25. kmanick

    My buddy is at NAMM and the Fryette LXII is in the booth

    I hope it finally becomes a reality and lives up to it's "hopeful" expectations
  26. kmanick

    Ok wish me luck last chance for my CLR today with the full band

    Last chance for the CLR, I have no problem going FOH from output 1 and into a power amp cab from out 2 but if I can get this to work with just the CLR I'l be one happy camper. So far the other guitarist and bass player have both given it a big thumbs down. they like the sound of my JVM/Jcm800...
  27. kmanick

    Ok so I'm going to be using the Axe tomorrow in rehearsal (finally) a ??

    one of the things I love about my JVM is that I've got 2 master volumes so I can click on the foot pedal for leads and get a volume boost without anything else changing I want to do this with scenes how are you guys doing this? I have a 50 watt Plexi patch that will be my main patch for...
  28. kmanick

    Any One in the Boston area really good at shooting IR's?

    I recently picked up this JCM800 2 X 12 cab and the speakers in it are first year G12T-75's and it is easily one of the best sounding Marshall cabs I've ever heard. Definitely the best G12T-75's I've ever played through. These early ones have vents on the magnets (makes them easy to Identify)...
  29. kmanick

    So I updated to 16.1 and finally used the Axe Modeling through my JVM Power Amp

    I picked up a 1985 JCM800 2X12 last week with the original G12T-75's (they have vents on the magnets 1rst year) and my JVM sounds freaking amazing through this cab. I've been using the Axe FX just for effects through it (GEQ,chorus and Delay mostly) so tonight I figured since it's already...
  30. kmanick

    I know most people here don't use the AXE Fx just for effects

    in the loop of a real head/cab rig, but lately I have been. Specifically with my JVM 210H head and I must say I am very impressed. The new Passive GEQs work really well, the Delays sound huge and the chorus made me think I was Frank Marino for a bit on Sunday :lol I've also used it in the...
  31. kmanick

    Anyone using a CLR in a band where the other guitarist is using a 'real rig"?

    I just found out the other guitarist in this Road house blues project I've gotten myself involved in is using Bogner Shiva with a Bogner 2X12. I'm concerned that his rig may "squash mine" unless I completely blast which I don't want to do. Is anyone here in this scenario and seeing this or is...
  32. kmanick

    Anyone ever try to emulate a Harmonica with the Axe?

    we've got a couple of songs in our set that have harmonica in them and I'd love to be able to play those parts on my guitar. Possible?
  33. kmanick

    So I've been asked to join a Roadhouse blues band need some good presets

    A friend od mine who I had not seen for a while came by my place this weekend and told me he's starting up a roadhouse blues band and wants me to be one of the guitarists. First of all what does Roadhouse blues even mean? I'm thinking ZZ top dirty gritty guitar blues? I'm,guessing I'll be...
  34. kmanick

    So I made this recording a few years ago with a Rectoverb

    A real one with KT-77's in it through a Reto 2X12 cab and for the life of me I can't figure out which amp model to use in the Axe to get closest to it. It was thick but still relatively tight sounding (boosted with a modded SD-1). The KT-77's made quite a difference. This was in Vintage mode...
  35. kmanick

    Picked up a couple of old RG550's

    I've always been a Jackson/Charvel guy but I kept hearing about how these were such 'shred machines" so I figured I 'd try one (or two :lol) the Coral Mist just arrived today
  36. kmanick

    what was the last Firmware version that was the "smoothest"

    Before Cliff had his "revelation" and re did the Power amp simulation (which I love) what was the last version that was more Ideal for recording similar to the Ultra, "smoother and more polished" sounding, than what we've got now. I've got a friend with a II that is a long time Ultra user and...
  37. kmanick

    So I'm wondering if anyone else has tried this with their CLR

    so I've had my CLR for a while now and for the most part of enjoyed it. I was thinking that it might be overkill for someone who is not gigging and just using it at home. When I practice I am usually very close to both of my wedges and have a constant issue with the wife about volume. :evil So...
  38. kmanick

    Is there a difference between turning sag to zero or disabling power amp modeling?

    I am in the midst of creating several patches and I want the power amp modeling off. I noticed that when I turn sag to zero the depth knob does nothing. is there a difference when just disabling the power amp modeling? will sag do anything in that instance? I'm trying to figure out how to get...
  39. kmanick

    So in CabLAb , if you mix 2 .IR files how do you turn that into an Ultra Res IR

    the only save Option I see is a .Syx option. Wouldn't you need to save the Mix as an IR or a Wave? can someone walk me through this please?
  40. kmanick

    So I converted all of my OH wav files

    and now I have 2 versions of each file one s appended with an _XL what is that all about?
  41. kmanick

    I wish I could write songs like this

    and play like this. IMO one of the best instrumental CDs ever by two of my all time favorite players :o
  42. kmanick

    Question about Cab Input type and Null mic?

    so I set up this patch today and I initially had the input on both cabs set to stereo, but I have one panned left and the other panned right so is this when the new input parameter should be set to left/right? also what is the difference between a null mic and None?
  43. kmanick

    a great Ultra res combination I discovered tonight

    I decided to play around with settting up a stereo patch with 2 ultra res cab. the Friedman BE going into the CB-Fn-42 (4X12) on one side and the CB-M-SB-75 (4X120 on the other is one of the best "in the room" Marshall clone patches I've heard yet I was just going back and forth between my...
  44. kmanick

    Ok so now we have Axe manage back, but I still don't see how....

    to import an individual preset from a bank? I have an old version of axe edit on my desktop that I still use specifically(and only) for this purpose. the New Axe Manage does not allow you to click on a bank in the left side of the explorer window and populate the right side with the...
  45. kmanick

    Splawn QR 1irst kicks some serious ass now

    Splawn QR 1irst gear kicks some serious ass now hope this translates well recorded because through my CLR it sounds freaking amazing
  46. kmanick

    what amp cab would you guys use for a led Zep II patch

    been jamming along to Zep II tonight and none of my patches rally sound "right" for this type of sound. anyone here try to nail this album yet?
  47. kmanick

    Well this is a bummer top 3 buttons no longer respnd on my Mfc

    the Tap/Tuner/reveal buttons no longer work on my MFC. I was on 2.15 and they just stopped blinking. I updated the MFC firmware to the 3.0 version , now none of my buttons are lighting up except for the bottom row where I have my patches ughhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! *** edit didn't realize I had to re...
  48. kmanick

    running output 1 in Mono..what is the correct way?

    My Seismic wedge is going back today, I will be running my CLR on it's own for a while, what is the correct way to run out 1 in mono? Should I have my CLR plugged into Left or does it not matter? how should I set my output? copy left ->right? sum of left + right? I want to make sure I'm...
  49. kmanick

    Seismic SAX-12M-PW 12" powered coaxial monitor vs RCF VS CLR

    Review Seismic SAX-12M-PW 12" powered coaxial monitor vs RCF VS CLR So Jay came over today and we did this comparison, first off I'd like to thank Jay for lugging this stuff over here and for that JMP1 patch :) so how did this thing stack up against the "big boys"?...................Pretty...
  50. kmanick

    Since we still do not have an Axe manage...how do you clear a user cab slot?

    I've installed some user cab IR's that I am not going to use any longer how do you guys clear the slots?(Individually) With Axe Maage there was an clear/Delete option, now??? how can I do it?
  51. kmanick

    Anyone here run their Axe II into the return of a mesa mark IV?

    Curious if anyone has tried this and what they thought about it. I ran mine briefly with a mesa 50/0 but it was on FW 6.0....big difference now. thanks
  52. kmanick

    Bought another 2X12 today and I am quite suprised.

    I have been a Recto 2X12 fan for a long long time and that has been my cab of choice when going 2X12. I wanted to mix it up a bit and see how much more of a "Marshall" type of tone I could get out of my Marshall based patches, so fortunately I found a Marshall 1936 2X12 on GC's used website...
  53. kmanick

    OK I need some help need some Blackmore help

    I was just jamming along to Deep Purple "Made I japan" live "Strange Kind of Woman" what amp /cab to match this sound man I love the guitar tone on this album
  54. kmanick

    Question is this a do able scenario with the Axe II/

    i was just looking through the manual to see how you set up a rig if you want to just use the Axe FX for effects only in the loop of a head. I see you change you change input1 to "Rear" and plug the loop send into the rear input 1 and the loop return into Output 1 Left. but what if I want...
  55. kmanick

    So I got a chance to A/B the Axe II JMP-1 model against the real thing

    My buddy has 2 of them and let me take one home with me this weekend. Initial thought was ...."Man this thing sounds absolutely killer when paired up with the Fryette 2/50/2 played around with a few of the patches and really liked it.....to the point where I was thinking about buying it from...
  56. kmanick

    Expressions used on the internet that drive you nuts

    I can't stand it when people go on and review one of their purchases and then add "I couldn't be happier". really? this is it? you couldn't be happier??? "I am very pleased with my purchase" or something to that effect makes so much more sense. "I couldn't be happier" just sounds like...
  57. kmanick

    If there was one guys that you could play like who would it be

    If there was one guy that you could play like who would it be and why? I was going over some older Greg Howe stuff tonight ("Uncertain Terms") and damn the notes just fall off of this guys fingers. If there was one person I wish I could play like it would be him, he pulls lines together over...
  58. kmanick

    Do the stock Cali 4X12 or the producer pack 4X12 have C90's in them?

    I'm trying to figure out if we have the C-90 or the classic lead 80 in our arsenal of Cabs? thanks Nick
  59. kmanick

    FW 11.01 Mrk IIC in a mix

    forgive the clams I sliced my ring finger earlier today and shouldn't even be trying to play ..........................but you know how it is when there's new Firmware to be had.:) there's a bend at about 1:17 that made me winch in pain :( sorry about that, I just don't have another take in me...
  60. kmanick

    threw a Dimarzio Breed into my new GMW FW11 JMP-1

    and figured I'd mindlessly noodle and see how the JMp-1 sounds like in Fw11 I love this amp model Definitely not a "modern metal" guitar:lol
  61. kmanick

    I accidentally bought this last weekend

    A friend of mine was selling it and I thought I'd shoot a bid in to see if I could piss him off and score it for basically 1/2 of what it cost him G0193 ---- GMW Guitar Works it's got some floyd Upgrades to it as well (brass block and titanium saddles) I don't really need it but GMW's play...
  62. kmanick

    Anyone Try 11B through a matrix GT1000FX into a regular Guitar cab?

    I'm curious as to whether the changes Cliff made have added in that special "something" that I get from my Fryette. Using the Fryette with 11B was a total low res overload so I went back to 10.12 but I still have my matrix here and I could give it a try. Several earlier FW's were like this...
  63. kmanick

    Some old school grooving

    pulled out the 7 tonight and ended up playing something completely un expected. just a short clip ,forgive the clams it's been years since I played this tune and kind of just dong my own thing here I didn't think this amp would work for this type of jam but it does nicely :)
  64. kmanick

    My assessment of our FRFR /amp shoot out yesterday

    so we finally got a chance to get all 3 of these in the same room a CLR an RCF NX 12sma a Pair of Xitone wedges We also had a Matrix GT1000FX1U and 2U poweramps and a Fryette 2/50/2 We used Several guitars during our comparisons Jay brought his Anderson strat (sounded f'n killer I need to look...
  65. kmanick

    the XiTones have arrived and my VHT 2/50/2 has arrived

    Unfortunately one of the Xitones main driver keeps cutting out so I may not be able to run them in stereo, but at least I have one good one for our Sunday Test a thon :) Sounds pretty good too.
  66. kmanick

    Has anyone tried the Celestion Lead 80 + a V30 in a 2X12 with their Axe?

    I've got an Avatar Vintage 2X12 (basically a bogner clone) with 2 hellatone 60's in it and I'm wondering how a classic lead 80 would sound mixed with the V30 in a 2X12 cab. anyone try this combo with their Axe/power amp/cab rig? this is one speaker I've never used before
  67. kmanick

    Has anyone tried running a Passive CLR or Xitone wedge with a tube power amp?

    seems like the majority of CLR owners opt for the active version. I'm very curious as to how some of these passive FRFR wedges (CLR,Xitone,Matrix) would sound using something like the VHT 2/50/2 to drive them instead of the Matrix offerings or the built in power supplies. Anyone thy that yet?
  68. kmanick

    Randall RT2/40 or VHT 2/50/2 ???

    Randall RT2/50 or VHT 2/50/2 ??? I'm thinking about grabbing one of these to A/B against my Matrix GT1000FX anyone here try both of these to power a regular cab? I know the Randall is supposedly very heavy, but that is not an issue for me as this is staying put once I get it (either one). I...
  69. kmanick

    Wow Carol Ann may be just what I was looking for

    I've been trying to find a good greg Howe /Kotzen amp model for stuff like "Tilt" (which is very similar to what my writing style is ) no processing (no low/high cuts) raw Axe . I dialed this up in literally 5 minutes using the Gh65 cab and a RW G12M -R121 in stereo (this thing even sounds...
  70. kmanick

    My Matrix GR1000Fx just died on me Matt your inbox is full

    I can't pm you need as assist here Nick
  71. kmanick

    Amp Models thru the MATrix and a 2X12 cab. An observation and some questions

    So I had Pete (Guitarman86) over the other day and he helped me dial in some very good patches to use with my rig. I have made an observation however that maybe some of you other guys on here that use amps ->cabs can maybe help me out with. When using any clean amp model or a medium gain amp...
  72. kmanick

    So a question for you guys using the Matrix GT1000FX into a real cab

    So I had my buddy over today and we were going thru some patches and we both noticed that there is this "boxy" thing going on with all of the higher gain amps (it's there on all of them) and there still is this certain 'something" missing, that we can't put our finger on. he was quite...
  73. kmanick

    Pitch block issue in 10.02

    I have a few patches that I use a fixed harmony pitch block to raise the pitch up 1/2 step so I can use my GMW which is tuned down 1/2 a step as a normal tuning. Ever since I upgraded to 10.0 and now 10.02 the pitch block is all messed up. I have tried from scratch (no axe edit, front panel...
  74. kmanick

    So I took the plunge today an ordered a Matrix GT1000FX 1 U

    I've tried the power amp real cab thing in the past but never quite got to where I wanted it. Now with V10.02 and the GT1000Fx I've decided to give it another try. I'm going to keep my RCF (at least for the time being, I may move it and go with a passive FRR cab if I like the feel of the...
  75. kmanick

    Scratch Pad??? I don't see it

    I know it's supposed to be the last user cab slot?? but every time I audition a cab it overwtites user slot # 1 (every time whether it's thru Axe Edt or Axe O matic. how do I audition a cab here? bought the latest OH cabs last night and I wan tto runt some of them with my TriAxis yellow patch :)
  76. kmanick

    heavy Powerbal--7 string patch

    I use this with nevermore/Loomis ,scar symmetry stuff on my 7 Axe-Change - Download Preset - Power Ball Shred - by kmanick
  77. kmanick

    Nice Singing TriAxis Yellow patch

    very simple but sings, sounds great with my 7 string too:D Axe-Change - Download Preset - TriAxis Yellow - by kmanick
  78. kmanick

    V10 Poweball I like it some Nevermore

    V10 Powerball I like it some Nevermore had a quick break from work and decided to try and make a Jeff Loomis sounding patch this is quick I'll redo the whole song "right" later tonight this patch took all of 15 minutes to dial up V10 really is kicking ass.
  79. kmanick

    V10.....best firmware update yet :)

    So I usually play at pretty low to moderate volume and I play almost exclusively at home right now. I thought 9.02 was just a killer version of this software. I updated to 10.0 on Friday night but today was the first day I had the chance to "open er up" a bit thru my JSX combo and my RCF NX12...
  80. kmanick

    I'm bored this one's for you Guitarman86

    I can't believe I even recorded this but I was working on my JSX patch and it sounded so close to the sound of this live album that I had to do this. I did this completely from memory (I haven't played this song in probably 30 years :lol ) , I could not get into "Ace mode" so I just winged it...
  81. kmanick

    Doing a little Surfing with the Satch

    So a friend of mine entered that Satch contest a while back on GC and he gave me this backing track today so I figured I'd try to tone match something from this album and give it a try. I mistakenly played a second take while leaving one of the tracks armed so I got this "Randy Rhoads" doubling...
  82. kmanick

    Hey It's a Van halen day here in Beantown

    Couldn't resist as I love this old stuff this is Fremens Brown sound patch that I copied the PEQ block from Progressive Roccos Hot plexi patch that was just posted to brighten it up couldn't get the feedback at the end (the mrs was upstairs yelling at me to turn it down :lol ) I hope I...
  83. kmanick

    Is there any Utility available.....?

    that can read my patches and give me a printout of blocks/settings/cabs? I'd like to be able to see what cab combinations I'm currently using before I upgrade to 10.0. with all the new cab slots I'm sure positions will be moved (like they were last time with the last 'additions") and if my...
  84. kmanick

    Brit super with OH Beta LNL Brit Modern IR clip

    this is raw no post anything. I am using my GMW strat (all maple) Duncan tb 5 with an alnico 5 magnet in it. Right off the bat when I played this back I hear how full and dark these IR's are. they sound really, really good thru my RCF but I would need to add some highs and kill some lows here...
  85. kmanick

    what's a good super high gain lead amp to try and nail ...

    the Loomis solo album stuff with. I know he used an Engl SE but what do we have that would be close? is th ePowerball voiced th esam or would I be better off trying another amp?
  86. kmanick

    what's the most transparent drive boost pedal we have in the II?

    I have a couple of patches dialed in exactly how I like them but they could be a touch hotter when switching to lead but I don't want any mid boost or bottom cut etc, I just need to bring on the heat a little bit to get a little more of that "liquidy feel" which drive pedal is the most...
  87. kmanick

    who uploaded 6909 Lead 1 Mod 130113 to the Exchange??

    thank you,thank you thank you!!!! with my soloist thru my JSX 2 x!2 this patch is great to shred with (although I killed your inline gate I didn't need it. :) did a minor tweak to the PEQ you have in front of the FX loop block to give it some umphh thru my JSX combo, besides that...
  88. kmanick

    Brit Silver what cabs are you guys using?

    I for the life of me cannot get this amp model to sound "right" I have never played a real one so I have no idea how to dial it in a patch so some suggested settings would be greatly appreciated. Also what cab(s) are you guys using with this?
  89. kmanick

    so I see a lot of people raving about the Super Reverb

    I have not tried it is this amps strong suit it's cleans or is it and old school "dirty" amp sound that people were missing? I've never played thru one , just wondering.
  90. kmanick

    Anyone try running their Axe into the loop of a Carvin legacy or a JSX?

    I'm wondering if the power amp is similar to their stand alone power amp(the Carvin) A couple of guys local to me have a Legacy 2X12 Combo and a Peavey JSx combo both for relatively cheap. I'm very curious how they would sound (especially the peavey, I used to run a Jsx into a 4X12 cab and I...
  91. kmanick

    Expression pedal is no longer working ???

    I have a roland expression pedal hooked up to my MFC and when I calibrate the min and max the mfc sees it but when I set it on a wah or a pitch as the ext 1 (or 3 or 3 or 4) control nothing happens??? this used to work with firmware 7 but since going to 8.01 nada, nothing I'm on MFC firmware...
  92. kmanick

    Doing a little experiment today FRFR vs running thru a Power amp

    so I've had my RCf NX 12sma for about a month now and I' really love the way it sounds. the only complaint I've had is that it's a little stiff feeling when playing lead (very unforgiving) so I started playing around with the Sag and Xformer match parameters and throwing a compressor on and...
  93. kmanick

    Sold off the last of my "Real Amps and cabs" tonight

    So I decided to go with the RCFNX12 SMA as my fulltime solution for using the Axe II. I sold My Mesa 50/50 last week and tonight I sold my Avatar 2X12 and my Recto 2X12. So now all I have is the Axe, the MFC and the RCF. this is the first time I've been without a 'real rig' since 2001. I'm a...
  94. kmanick

    Surprising and Eye opening day Yesterday

    so yesterday I took my Axe FxII over to a buddies house to see how it would sound thru different power amps and cabs. My current set up goes out to a Mesa 50/50 ->an Avatar Cab with H30's and a Recto cab with V30's. I have 2 sets of patches one set I use thru my nearfield monitors and record...
  95. kmanick

    Request:Can someone put up a clip of the newAtomica Hi?

    I've heard some very killer Van Halen-ish clips on youtube of the real thing I'm dying to hear this. amp sim. I'm not upgrading from 7.0 yet (I love what I'm currently getting and everything is working for me so not yet,looks like there are bugs being flushed so I'll wait) the real deal
  96. kmanick

    V30's and H30's in X pattern in a 4X12 cab any one try this with their Axe FX?

    I've been looking at some diiferent cabs and one came up with this configuration and I'm curious if anyone here has tried it. it seems to get good reviews from people on line but I'm obviously more curious as to what it would give me with the Axe than what it would give me with a Splawn or a...
  97. kmanick

    Question on using one RCF wedge

    I'm learning towards going this route now but I will only get one. I have 2 outputs how do you guys run these if you just have One and how do you set Output 2 (which I will be using for this? thanks Nick
  98. kmanick

    Anyone in the boston area own one of these RCF wedges?

    I really want to experience one in person before I shell out that kind of money for something only to take a loss on it when I go to sell it if "it doesn't do it for me". Anyone in the Boston area have one that I can check out?
  99. kmanick

    Whoever posted the Msa Mark III tone match on the Exchange

    Whoever posted the Mesa Mark III tone match on the Exchange god bless you :D I used to have a Red Stripe Mark III and thru my 50/50 power amp out to my Recto Cab (I needed to add a high pass filter and a GEQ to slightly tweak due to the 50/50 adding a lot of bottom end, I have to do that to...
  100. kmanick

    VHT/Fryette Fat Bottom Cas with th AXE FX anyone here use them together?

    VHT/Fryette Fat Bottom Cabs with th AXE FX anyone here use them together? As I posted in another thread I'm torn on which way i want to go with my Axe rig. Seeing that New Fryette amp video recently, really threw a kink into my thinking as I was pretty much set on just going powered FRFR (high...
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