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    Recreate Aphex Exciter effect

    I see that there is an "exciter" type in the cab block preamp type, but what controls the "exciter" sound when it is selected? The controls on an actual Aphex Exciter are: Harmonics (Normal or High switch), Tune, and Mix. What are these controls in the Cab block? Or is this something that can...
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    What Tap Tempo notes for Ping Pong delay?

    What do you recommend so that I can use tap tempo on the delay block? I'm thinking a typical ping pong delay with something like 285ms and 385ms -ish? Thanks!
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    Character Knob: is it just a PEQ in the amp?

    The old character knob control on the amp block: is it simply a PEQ or Filter block within the amp? Therefore, if I used a character frequency of 1000 Hz, and a character amount of "4", is this similar to having a PEQ or Filter block after the amp set to a frequency of 1000 Hz and a boost of 4...
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    Outboard Gear w/ Axefx 3

    Am I correct in assuming that you can connect 3 different stereo devices (pedals, rack gear, etc.) into the Axefx 3? (I ask because of the different connector types in the back of the Axefx 3. Thanks!
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    Importing Axefx 2 IR into Axefx 3

    Sorry if this has been covered folks, just double-checking: I know that you can’t directly import a custom IR from an Axefx 2 into an Axefx 3, but I assume this is one option: doing a tone match in the Axefx 3 of the IR that is in the Axefx 2. This should work, correct?
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    Recreate an Eventide Eclipse preset? (823) "Verb>breV"

    Hey everyone, I'm loving this Eventide Eclipse stock preset titled "Verb>breV", and its preset number is 823. It is supposed to be a modulated reverb feeding into dual reverse delays set for a long amount of time. I'm sure that this can be recreated on the Axefx 2 (or 3), but I'm struggling...
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    Download Axe-Edit Version 3.00.04?

    I need a copy of Axe Edit Version 3.00.04, because it works best with my Axefx 2. Can someone point me in the right direction to download it? Thank you!
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    Audacity question

    Anyone here remember how to remove the left and right sides of a recording in order to hear less of the guitars but still hear the center sounds? I thought you can do that in Audacity, but I can’t figure out how. Thank you
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    Using 2 cabs in stereo question

    This is my first attempt going stereo in a guitar rig, and I noticed something odd: I have to raise the volume level on the power amp on one of the speakers output to clearly hear both speakers in unison. Not sure why. Using Matrix GT800FX into (2) old ADA split stack cabs (2x12). This is an...
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    2x12 Stereo Cabs?

    I'm considering using a 2x12 stereo cab with my Axefx 2 and Matrix power amp. I'm thinking of buying a vertical 2x12 with a slant on the top speaker, but this speaker cab can run in stereo. I realize that when this cab is setup for stereo usage ping-pong delays would then move top to bottom...
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    Anyone ever buy from Gear4music online as a US customer? Never tried them before, don’t know if they are reliable.Thanks!
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    Buying from Thomann?

    Anyone here having difficulty buying from the Thomann online store while living in the US? The prices are quite good compared to US online retailers.
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    What version of the Matrix GT800FX?

    Guys, Looking online, I see at least 3 different versions of the Matrix GT800FX out in the world, and I can't tell which one is the latest and most current design. The Matrix GT800FX on the company website appears to the oldest design or faceplate design. Can anyone find an image of the...
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    Real-Time Analyzer Question

    Guys, I have a cab that was made from another member's tone match, that has always amazed me, and I have wondered for years what is going on tone-wise with this cab IR. I'd love to know what the key factors are that create this eq signature sound, so that if I wanted to re-create it in a...
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    Turning on your powered FRFR speakers

    Just wondering what you guys do for turning on you powered FRFR speakers. Reaching behind the speaker to turn it on is a hassle (especially with 2 speakers), and my understanding is you want to turn on the powered speaker/power amp last in order to avoid the loud "pop" sound. Was thinking of...
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    Line Level into Input?

    Sorry I’d this has been covered before, but I can’t find it here. Can a line level signal be used when using the rear Input 1 jack?
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    Rack Eq Question

    Not sure where to ask this, but I figure people should have answers here somewhere: Question: Can rack graphic eq’s with 28 or 32 bands recreate the qualities of a parametric eq, due to having so many bands? Where boosting a single band on a 32 band can simulate a narrow ‘Q’, whereas boosting...
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    Stereo Outs to 2 Devices?

    Guys, I’m running a stereo pedal after my Axefx 2, and i’d like to be able to choose to use headphones sometimes or live FRFR at different times. I use a small headphone amp, which works fine, but i’d like to be able to use FRFR speakers without having to go into the rack and move cables...
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    Accugroove FRFR cabs?

    I haven't been hearing much about these cabs, and I wonder if anyone here has tried them. Also, check out the Accugroove "Robusta"! It looks like those old ADA 2x12's back in the late 80's! Finally a FRFR cab that looks right for hard rock/metal! http://www.accugroovellc.com/robusta
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    Pre & Post Eq for Clean Tones?

    For making clean tones even MORE pristine, what do you tend to do with eq? Do you use any in front of the amp as well? Thanks!
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    External EQ with the Axe

    How many of you guys prefer to use eq pre or post gain that is not inside the Axefx? For example, eq pedals or eq rack gear with the Axefx?
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    Mp3 Players w/ Axefx 2

    I like using the USB connection to play backing tracks, but I don't like having to use my computer every time for this purpose. Sorry if this has been covered, but: are there mp3 players available that output music through a USB cable? Having trouble finding any. (I'm already using the effect...
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    Fractal EV-2 vs. Dunlop Mini Volume (DVP4)

    I'm not sure where to post this, but, has anyone compared the Fractal EV-2 expression pedal and the Dunlop Mini Volume (DVP4) as an expression pedal? Just wondering what the main differences are. Thanks!
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    Wah Auto-engage Question

    I use the wah block with auto-engage, paired with a Mission EP-1 with spring load. While it works great, the size of the Mission EP-1 is big and heavy, and I'm thinking about using a small expression pedal (I don't use a lot of wah anyway) Question: wah block auto-engage setting with a regular...
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    Mastermind LT Phantom Power via Axefx 2

    For the Mastermind LT owners: Can the supplied power plug for the Mastermind LT be plugged into the rear of the Axefx 2 to provide phantom power to the Mastermind LT via midi? Thanks!
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    New Pitch Block

    So, when is new info going to be made available regarding the new types in the pitch block? So many interesting things, it sounds like...
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    Question for the MC6 users

    The Morningstar MC6 looks like a great midi pedal and nice alternative if you want a smaller, lighter midi pedal. I would typically use the MC6 with the Axefx 2 for changing scenes in a preset, but I have a need that I can't quite figure out looking at the manual: I need the pedal to also a...
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    Mini Expression Pedal with spring return?

    I like my Mission expression pedal with the spring function for wah, but the thing is kinda big for me. Does anyone make a small/mini expression pedal that also has the return to zero feature when your foot is off the pedal? Seems to me there is a market for this.
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    Synth question (revised)

    [revised question] Synth blocks: When playing guitar into the monophonic three-voice synth, will the synth follow the exact key I'm playing and do 3 voices of a note in that key? If the synth block is monophonic, why have 3 voices? They will all be the same key? We can't do chords with the...
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    Formant Choirs

    Guys, I’ve been able to setup formant blocks to sing low “oh” and “ah” accompanying classic 80’s synth pad sounds, but using scenes to change everything to a different key (so I can play guitar on top of the sounds key progression) Can the same low key formant sounds be played with the guitar...
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    Clean tones without a cab?

    I noticed something interesting using an Axefx. I would setup a nice clean amp tone (JC120 w/ thick chorus, parallel detune, circular delay, hall reverb, stereo enhancer) and some appropriate cab ir between the amp and effects. Out of curiosity, I would completely bypass the cab ir, and try...
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    Have a block in different places on different scenes?

    Not sure if this has been covered or tried, but would it be possible to have a given block, let's say the pitch block before the amp in scene 1, but for scene 2 we want the pitch block to be after the amp in parallel. This could be just as useful as the 4 channels per block idea. Thoughts?
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    12 Pitch Types in the Axefx 3

    There are 9 types of functions that the Axefx 2 has available for the pitch block. There are 12 types of functions that the Axefx 3 has available for the pitch block. What are the extra 3 types being made available? Somebody please tell us!
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    The New Pitch Block Double-Track Effect?

    Is anyone willing to record the new double-track effect with the pitch block on the Axefx 3? Distorted rhythms without it, and then distorted rhythms with the effect? Just curious. ;)
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    ETA on Axe 3 manual pdf?

    Wondering when the manual will be on the website.
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    Input EQ?

    Explain to me what "input eq" would be on the amp block. If I like a good mids boost going into an distorted amp, does the input eq cover this feature and remove the need for having a PEQ/GEQ block before the amp? Is the input eq parametric or graphic? Thanks!
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    I/O Blocks

    A lot of us are going to use the extra input and output jacks for external mono pedals and external stereo effects. Looking at the axefx block grid: this would probably mean having to use two I/O blocks per external effect insert. For using external effects, I wonder if we can have a version...
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    Pitch Block: 2 channels?

    The new pitch block has 12 different types but only 2 channels? I really hope this can be upped to 4 channels soon! :)
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    Synth block polyphonic?

    Polyphonic synth guitar pedals are now a reality with the EHX Synth9 and the Boss SY-300. Will the new synth block be capable of doing chords?
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    Physical Effect Loops

    How many actual effects loops can we plug in external devices in the III? I looked at the back of the unit, but it wasn’t quite clear to me. Can we have more than one Effect loop block in the signal chain?
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    Axe II mk 2 --> XL/XL+

    Thinking of upgrading from my Axe II mk 2 to an XL/XL+, but I'm not sure if the XL/XL+ will take my presets. Will the XL/XL+ receive them easily, or is there a problem? Thanks!
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    Boost for a solo question

    I know that some people use a boost in front of the amp sim that can be either a clean boost or an eq boost with the mids/higher freq's raised. I like it a lot. In addition, does anyone ever use an eq AFTER the amp for solos as well? Say a boost with a wide Q between 800 or 2k, for even MORE...
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    Anybody hear about the SIM1 pedal?

    Evidently, there is a new pedal coming out that can simulate different types of electric and acoustic guitars, and you can play all of them through your own normal (not Variax) electric guitar. Opinions? http://www.sim-one.it/
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    Mackie DLM12 or DLM8?

    Anyone here ever try the Mackie DLM series? Looks like a co-axial design, and lightweight monitors.
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    Small Tabletop Monitor w/ wide dispersion?

    Does anyone make a nice, small tabletop monitor with a wide dispersion angle, so that you don't have to be dead-center in order to get good sound? I hate the idea of sitting and playing guitar, and the sound dramatically changing if I lean to one side a little... This is for the axe and backing...
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    Electric guitar melodies over synth pads

    Guys, I love it in music where synth pad sounds are held in a slower-paced chord progression, allowing room for melodic electric guitar to solo over it. For the life of me, I can't think of many musical examples of this, except for Yngwie Malmsteen's Icarus Dream Suite Opus 4. There has got to...
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    Mid Boosts and Wah Pedals

    I don't like overdrive/drive blocks with solos, but prefer compression and a clean mid boost into a distorted amp block. When I use a wah for solos, is it typically best to put the wah before the mid boost/peq block, or after? Thanks!
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    Reverb w/ Live Hard Rock or Metal?

    I've heard some people say to not use reverb in a live setting, due to natural room acoustics, (especially if you use delay) unless the reverb is a critical part of the sound (i.e., lots of spring reverb in surf guitar music) When using headphones, I like a subtle, natural-sounding small room...
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    Auralex Gramma Pad for the neighbors?

    Guys, I've found that using floor speakers can annoy the downstairs neighbors. Low frequencies, mainly. Can Auralex Gramma Pads under my floor monitors help reduce the sounds my downstairs neighbors hear? Thanks!
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    XiTone 10" wedge cabs?

    Are these available yet? Don't see anything on the website.
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    Direct Sound EXW-37 Wireless Headphones

    Guys, I play my Axefx 2 through through headphones a lot, but the cord is obviously a pain at times. I see the Direct Sound / Extreme Isolation has a studio headphone that is wireless. This could be a great product! (I'm assuming that it's similar to the (wired) Extreme Isolation ex-29...
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    How to turn stereo to mono w/ blocks?

    I now it sounds strange, but I need to turn a stereo effect pedal in my Axefx 2 effect loop from a stereo signal to a mono signal (centered) in some situations. (otherwise, I'd have to buy a second effect pedal just for this purpose, and I'd like to avoid doing this if possible) What blocks and...
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    Compressor into Slow Gear effect

    I really like the "slow gear" type effect that I've been able to use in the Axe. I tend to use a compressor in the front of my chain for solo sustain in other applications/scenes. Is there any real benefit to using a compressor in front of the "slow gear" volume effect block? Will the slow gear...
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    Hey, Anybody ever try the loknob (locking knob replacement) for the front panel of the Axefx 2?
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    Any good solderless cables for pedals in rack tray?

    Guys, I'm getting a bunch of pedals that I like with my Axefx 2, and will use them with the help of a RJM Effect Gizmo in front of the Axe and in it's stereo effect loop. Regarding cabling: I'd like to try solderless cables and make it easier and cheaper than having a pro setup the cables...
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    Pedal in FX Loop lower volume/gain

    Guys, I'm experimenting with placing my EHX Mel9 pedal in the effects loop of my Axefx 2, and I notice a significant level drop compared to placing the pedal in front of the Axefx2. I want to use the effects loop for the routing options, obviously. What could cause this significant drop in...
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    Synth Freeze w/ distorted lead on top?

    Guys, I'm not sure how to do this: I'd like to play a chord with my EHX Mello 9 or Synth 9 pedal (clean, no distortion with chorus, reverb) and HOLD this chord and its effects in real time, then play a distorted lead tone on top of that with different effects setup. I would then freeze...
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    Synth sounds like the EHX Synth9?

    What do you synth guys think of the synth sounds on the Axefx 2 vs. the new EHX Synth9? (EHX claims that the Synth9 is polyphonic, which is believe the synth block can't do, correct?)
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    External Footswitch Controlling Effect Gizmo Momentarily

    Guys, I researched this, but I can't find the answer. I want to use an external footswitch, connected to the MFC, to momentarily turn one loop ON my RJM Effect Gizmo when I step on it, and OFF when I release my foot. The footswitch would be controlling one loop with one pedal connected that...
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    Adhesive-backed Tie-Mounts

    Guys, What kind of adhesive-backed tie-mounts do you recommend for securing audio cables to the underside of a Pedaltrain pedal board? Thanks!
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    Quantum Audio Cables any good?

    I have a couple of Quantum Audio pedal board cables with G&H connectors that I might use with the Axe. Bought them a while back in a music store candy bin during check-out. Are they any good, or is the construction pretty questionable/unreliable? Thanks!
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    External Footswitch for MFC

    I need an external momentary foot-switch for my MFC, and I can't figure out if the MFC needs a Normally Open or Normally Closed type of switch. Looked at the manual. Not clear to me. Ideas? Thanks!
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    Running out of Power Plugs

    Guys, I'm running out of power plugs on my power conditioner, and I need just 2 or 3 more for my rack. Is there a small lightweight surge protector that I can put in my rack to add some more? What do you recommend? Something that can be 3M mounted on the rack wall? Thanks!
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    Pedal Power Question

    Guys, I'm planning on using a Kenton Thru-5 midi thru box to connect the Axefx with a bunch of other midi devices. I'm trying to figure out if the Kenton Thru-5 can be powered with a Voodoo Labs pedal power brick. The Kenton Thru-5 needs 9vDC @ 50mA (2.1 mm center positive connection). Most of...
  65. C

    The Noise Reduction Block

    I'm experimenting with another stereo effects device in the effects loop of the Axefx 2. This device makes a little extra hiss or noise that the main noise reduction function in the Axefx 2 doesn't seem to remove. Is the additional noise block of the axefx there for reducing hiss from an...
  66. C

    Dynamic Reverse Delay?

    Is it possible to do a dynamic (ducking-type) reverse delay with the axefx 2's delay block? In other words, the reverse delay isn't heard until your playing pauses. Thanks!
  67. C

    Mellotron Sound?

    Hey, I haven't been able to find any mellotron synth-like sounds for the Axe fx 2. Anybody have an idea on how to get that mellotron "orchestra" sound? EH has the Mello9 pedal, but I'd like to see if it can be done with the Axe:
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    Axe-fx 2 Past Firmwares

    Guys, I've been searching on the forum, and I'm having trouble finding the place that has all of the past firmwares for the Axe 2. Does it still exist, and where is it? Thanks!
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    19 Reverb types or 7???

    The website and the manual don't convey the same message. The website says "19 reverb types", where as the manual says "7 reverb types (with variations)". Where is the complete list of reverb types in the Axefx 2? Thanks!
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    EWI Shock Rack Case?

    Any of you guys have experience with EWI Shock Rack Cases w/ casters? I'm just wondering if they are a good case, and what depth do you recommend generally? Either 18.25 inches or 22 inches. I could use either. Need a 10 unit rack. I'd love a A and S Kriz Kraft case, but they are over $1,000...
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    Axefx 2 Mark II w/ Midi Solutions Quarda Thru

    Hey, I'm using a Axefx 2 Mark II and I have other midi devices I need to use with it. I'm feeding midi data through my MFC via 7-pin midi cable into the Axefx 2 Mark II, and then midi data out of the Axefx 2 to the other devices. The Midi Solutions Quadra Thru is a nice way to send the midi...
  72. C

    Parametric EQ for Ear Fatigue?

    Guys, Do any of you have recommendations for minimizing ear fatigue by using parametric eqs? I'm looking for ways to use the parametric eq block (either before the amp or after the amp; or both) to save my ears but not dramatically change my guitar or amp tone. Ideas or suggestions? I...
  73. C

    Octave effect only on lower strings?

    Guys, I have a Boss OC-3 Super Octave, and I love it. In addition to using it as a regular octave pedal, you can set it also so that it only applies the octave effect to the lower/bass strings on a guitar signal. I wonder if there is a way to do this in the Axefx 2? Check it out @ 2:20
  74. C

    Right Post Delay Function

    Guys, I'm running out of CPU, and I love the Right Post Delay function on the mono or stereo delay block. Setting it either 15ms or 30ms. I need a backup delay unit that can do this as well when my Axefx 2 can't. What other pedal or rack unit can do this Right Post Delay function nicely...
  75. C

    MFC controlling an Axefx 2 and an Axefx Ultra

    Guys, Not sure if this was covered before, if so, forgive me. Can the MFC-101 control preset changes on a axe fx ultra AND scenes on a axefx 2? In other words, one scene button changes to a scene on the axefx 2, and also changes to a different preset on the axefx ultra at the same time...
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    FW 13.07 to 17 jump

    Guys, I'm still on FW 13.07 because I really didn't like 14, but I'm curious about trying someone's preset written in FW 17. Should I just go straight to 17 or 18, or do I need to incrementally move up for the axefx to follow the revisions. If so, what firmwares should I upload into the axe...
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    Detune doubling w/ filter beforehand

    Guys, Just wondering if anyone thinks this could work. It just occurred to me. Using detune to make a "thicker" doubled sound has its place for some players (VH, etc.), but a problem I have with it is how much clarity is lost of the original amp tone and some of the higher frequencies. If...
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    Quad Tap Delay Diffusion?

    Can any of you guys give some audio examples of diffusion with guitar? Thanks!
  79. C

    Line 6 G90 users: still like?

    Now that the Line 6 G90 has been out for a while, and I know many of you guys use/have used it, what do you think of them now? Thanks!
  80. C

    Current status of the Vibe effect

    What do you guys think of the vibe block in the Axe2 lately? I'm pretty happy with chorus settings and a slow rate for clean tones. Just curious what you think of it. Thanks!
  81. C

    Import/Export via USB & Midi

    Guys, I've had terrible experiences trying to use the Midi 2x2 device, and I want to be able to use the MFC-Edit program. I have: Axefx 2 Mark 2 MFC-101 Mark 1 Does anyone know how I can import/export the MFC files using my laptop's usb connected to my Axefx 2 Mark 2, and the midi connected...
  82. C

    Drybell Vibe Machine

    Anybody here compare the Drybell Vibe Machine to the Axe 2's Vibe setting? Just wonder how they compare. Thanks!
  83. C

    Compressor help

    Guys, I love the compressor on the Axe 2, and I use it for clean sustain on my high gain solos. Just adds great sustain and is totally transparent. Love it. It does take up some CPU, however. So, if I HAD to get a pedal compressor to free up some CPU %, what can do very clean, transparent...
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    Effect Guru Question

    Eventide's "GlitterVerb" here sounds incredible! Anybody have any ideas what is going on in this effect(s)?
  85. C

    Clean Sound Direct

    I'm noticing that I prefer my clean sounds to be more direct in the axefx 2. As in, JC 120 with no cabs or mics, into effects and out. In the real world, would this sound be the same signal path? Meaning, into a clean amp, line out into a mixer/board and add effects, out to full range speakers?
  86. C

    What would I need to buy to replace my Axefx 2...

    I recently thought about what I would need in a guitar rig to replace my Axefx 2 and do the exact same things in real-time. I wrote it out... it blew me away. Amps: (2) Roland JC 120 Friedman HBE Mesa Boogie Mk V Pedals: Suhr Koji Suhr Koko (2) Empress Para Eq Empress Tremolo Drybell Vibe...
  87. C

    Axefx 2 'Value' knob changing MIDI downstream devices?

    Guys, I just recently got a Pigtronix Infinity Looper pedal, and I have it connected to my Axefx 2 via midi. Axefx2 is Midi Channel 1, Infinity is Midi Channel 2. Midi Out/Thru jack of the Axefx2 into the Midi In jack on the Infinity. For some reason, when I scroll presets on the Axefx 2's...
  88. C

    Pedal powering question

    Guys, I have a few pedals that I'm using with the Axefx 2, and one of them has weird power requirements. I want to use one Voodoo Labs pedal power of some kind to power them all. The weird pedal is the Mooer Slow Engine, which requires 9VDC @ 128 mA. If I connect this pedal to a 9VDC labeled...
  89. C

    Clipboard problems?

    Any of you don't have the ability to add and post with the XY clipboard? I'm trying to copy the amp 1 X in preset 1 and paste it into amp 2 Y in preset 2. Preset 2's amp isn't receiving the new amp data. I'm using v. 3.00.04 Thanks!
  90. C

    Formant Question for Simeon/Bakerman/etc.

    I love the background synth presets that Simeon worked on where you can "play" the synth notes with your MFC via scenes, and I'm trying to add upon it a choir-like vocal formant. I've been trying to use the formant block, but I'm not getting anywhere close. Can the formant block in serial after...
  91. C

    20-tap delay?

    Looking at the classic Boss SE-70, I noticed the 20-tap delay preset, and wondered how does one recreate that effect with the Axefx 2?
  92. C

    Scene IA +CC +PC?

    Guys, I'm having trouble figuring this out with the manual, so perhaps you can help: can the mfc send a scene change, and to a 2nd midi device send a CC message AND a PC message with a single button press? Thanks for clearing this up!
  93. C

    Help with Looper

    Guys, I'm trying to use the looper, and its acting weirdly. 13 seconds recording time in MONO. Why? It should be 60 seconds. Axefx 2 FW 13.07 Thanks!
  94. C

    Low level Radio Noise?

    Guys, I use backing tracks thru an mp3 player that feeds into a small Rolls mixer, which mixes both the Axe 2 stereo signal and the stereo mp3 signal. From the mixer, I connect a pair of headphones. I tend to notice a low-level noise which often consists of some random radio signals through...
  95. C

    Axe II XL preset extras

    Has anyone specifically listed what extra instances of effects blocks and more X/Y options will be available in the "XL" version of the Axe 2?
  96. C

    Guitar Piezo?

    Has anyone here ever tried to tone match their guitar's piezo pickup? I ask, because if you can, I wonder if you can just use any electric guitar pickup into the TM block to get that piezo sound. If so, then with an piezo tone match and a acoustic guitar body tone match (into a user cab), you...
  97. C

    The Cult - She Sells Sanctuary?

    Anybody have the guitar intro sound for The Cult's "She Sells Sanctuary"? Can't quite get it...
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    Anybody own/use a Line 6 G55 wireless?

    The Line 6 G55 wireless looks like a good solution as a half rack unit wireless, but I'm concerned about the antennas being in the back of the unit, thus inside the rack. Do any of you foresee/experience a problem rackmounting this device with the antennas in the rear and not visible? Thanks!
  99. C

    Question for the FAMC Liquid Foot guys

    I'm considering using the Liquid Tracks in my guitar rig. My plan is to use my Axefx 2, and play backing tracks through the Liquid Tracks, while using headphones or speakers/monitors to hear both devices. My question is this: do I have to have both devices feed into a mixer to hear both, or can...
  100. C

    Tone Match a Stereo Signal?

    Can tone matching be done from a stereo signal, and include the different qualities of the left vs. right 'reference' sounds? If it can, does the 'local' signal in the axefx 2 have to also be a stereo signal?
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