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  1. TG3K

    Chinese Rover Discovery on Moon

    This picture has obviously been Photoshopped. We all know it's a Starbucks up there, not Taco Bell/KFC.
  2. TG3K

    FedEx Dropped off a Surprise

    Back in the early '80s someone stole my '68 Gibson Les Paul Custom. That guitar was my high school graduation gift from my parents, who purchased it used in 1975. It was the last Gibson I ever owned, since I never felt justified to spend the money for another one. One of my guitar students back...
  3. TG3K

    Beatles Get Back

    Exactly. I was wanting to yell "It's Tucson! Tucson Arizona!"
  4. TG3K

    Beatles Get Back

    I just started the second episode. Fascinating stuff to me. My first album ever was Abbey Road, which had just come out at the time. I think I was in 6th grade. I told my wife this documentary was three 3-hour shows. (Well, about 2 1/2 hours each on average.) Without missing a beat, she said...
  5. TG3K

    Happy Birthday Cliff!

    Happy birthday Cliff, and thanks for all of your efforts and innovation!
  6. TG3K

    Purchased Patches

    Petrucci probably uses a different brand of cigars. :D
  7. TG3K

    You Tube "Reaction Videos" I LOVE This!

    This is one of my favorites...
  8. TG3K

    Purchased Patches

    I agree with you in implementation, but not in principal. I don't use purchased presets either and have had very limited luck with shared free presets, but to say the ONLY way they would work is to have the programmer do it on the buyer's rig is a bit of painting with a broad brush.
  9. TG3K

    Purchased Patches

    OP, the fact that so many people have jumped in here to try to help you despite the fact that you badmouthed some of the most respected members here, just goes to show how polite and tolerant most of the people on this forum are. Fixed that for you. Based on the amount of positive feedback many...
  10. TG3K

    Lunar Eclipse tonight

    I found a used Tamron 150mm - 600mm on a Black Friday sale at Adorama yesterday. Should be here in a week or so. I spent money from my gear fund...decided that "gear" didn't need to be limited to guitar stuff, lol. (Plus, I've got too many guitars as it is.) I like taking wildlife shots too, and...
  11. TG3K

    Viewing the International Space Station

    I've been signed up for spothestation's notifications for a bit more than a year. It's cool to see indeed. 👍
  12. TG3K

    Lunar Eclipse tonight

    We had great clear skies and I'm always up at that time anyway, so I set up the camera and tripod to take some photos. Unfortunately, my Nikon really needs some better lenses, so the pics I got were nothing to write home about.
  13. TG3K

    Epic 80's Song that needs recognition

    I always thought the guitar parts in this were catchy even thought the vocals on the the verses tend to run pretty flat.
  14. TG3K

    Epic 80's Song that needs recognition

    I think most of us were doing the record club thing when Apple was still in Steve Jobs' garage. I joined a few times over the years. The last time I used my dog's name. He was still getting an assortment of unrelated junk mail for years afterward.
  15. TG3K

    Epic 80's Song that needs recognition

    Our band used to play that one when it was new. Fun tune to play live.
  16. TG3K

    Jackson Browne Austin City Limits

    Thanks for the suggestion. I just watched it on demand. He's been one of my favorite singer/songwriters over the years, and this show reaffirmed why.
  17. TG3K

    Tim Pierce with the Fractal

    I'd love to see a Tim/Leon collaboration video. 👍
  18. TG3K

    Just took the Axe FX plunge...

    Hold on tight...you're in for a hella fun ride! I run mine into powered FRFR speakers, both at home and at gigs. I'll echo the suggestion to at least give it a try through a pair of decent studio monitors. Having the availability of thousands of speaker IRs really opens up the sonic possibilities.
  19. TG3K

    Tim Pierce with the Fractal

    Great video indeed. I've talked to a fair number of guitarists who are afraid of the modeler realm because they don't realize (as Tim, Cooper, Rhett, and Rosh so rightly pointed out) that it's not necessary to use 300 different amps and countless different effects to get value from a Fractal...
  20. TG3K

    Only in Canada...

    I get first dibs on Beavers in the Library as a band name.
  21. TG3K

    Never stop playing!

    Tons of respect for this guy, but as an old guy myself, it kind of hit close to home.
  22. TG3K

    How would you describe this drum beat?

    Clapping (or drum punches) on 2 and 4 is very common. But looking at the notation, you're right about the BPM. (Although my metronome still says it's slower than 80 BPM.) And I agree...great song regardless of how you count it. It's all about the feel.
  23. TG3K

    Metallica Fc12

    "Best guitarist" is a subjective concept, and MY best guitarists seldom use a wah. Thank you.
  24. TG3K

    How would you describe this drum beat?

    I'm getting 142 bpm on the verses and 144-145 bpm on the choruses. Or it could be seen as 71-72 bpm/
  25. TG3K

    Health Update

    Glad to see things are going OK for you. Keep on keeping on, man!
  26. TG3K

    How would you describe this drum beat?

    Interesting beat indeed. I'd call it half time with a touch of swing. He's hitting on the 1, 2, and the and of 4. It's that and that makes it feel behind the beat to me.
  27. TG3K

    Best practices for making the move from Axe 2 to 3

    I'll echo the advice to start from scratch. I started out converting everything with Fractool, but in the end it was faster (and better) to just re-do everything. I'd also recommend buying Cooper Carter's Master Class. Even though I felt pretty confident about my knowledge of setting up my...
  28. TG3K

    Ooh! Scary stuff!

    Your video inspired me to install FW 17.01 tonight and throw together a quick (somewhat) copy of your preset. I added a volume pedal at the beginning for swells, a looper, two of the Pegasus reverb blocks in parallel (one high and one low), and another volume pedal at the end. Then I recorded a...
  29. TG3K

    Eric Gale

    I saw Jeff open for ZZ Top years ago. I'd never heard of him, but he blew me away. If I ever get a chance to see Eric Gales, I won't pass it up. He's got a great combination of chops and passion.
  30. TG3K

    Nita Strauss and Fractal

    A good friend of mine ran Alice's FOH for years, and i'm pretty sure 2018 was one of them. I'll have to give him some good-natured crap about that mix next time I see him and see if he remembers anything specific about the venue. ;)
  31. TG3K

    Matt Bacon?

    Maybe picone means bacon in some obscure Italian dialect? :laughing:
  32. TG3K

    Father shoots son over guitar playing

    Wow, just wow. Sounds like a fun household to grow up in. $60K bond isn't enough, IMO. (And I'm a gun guy. Certified and state-licensed instructor. I have no tolerance for that father's kind of stupidity.)
  33. TG3K

    Wow, what a great cover, for the Yes fans

    In a word, amazing!
  34. TG3K

    Axe-Fx Firmware Release Version 17.01 Release Candidate

    Awesome! Thanks Cliff!
  35. TG3K

    Captain James T. Kirk...To Boldy Go...

    Any word yet on whether the other three made it back safely?
  36. TG3K

    Is this the forum to post in when...

    In a panic, I once ditched my AFX right before a gig and switched over to the POD XT Live I had in the car as a backup. Got my Fractal rig unpacked at home and realized I'd forgotten to step on the volume pedal during sound check. I'm sometimes not the sharpest knife in the drawer.
  37. TG3K

    Watch the Ohio State Marching Band’s Incredible Halftime Salute to Rush

    Very impressive stuff indeed! I didn't think I'd actually watch all of a 14 minute halftime show, but I couldn't stop once it started.
  38. TG3K

    Is this the forum to post in when...

    Just a couple of nights ago I adjusted the levels on a bunch of gig presets because the volume was too low. Got through about 15 of them before I realized my volume pedal was not all the way down. Then about 15 minutes later I found several other presets that were too loud. Turns out the...
  39. TG3K

    Axe-Fx Firmware Release Version 17.01 Public Beta

    I'm holding off for a bit on the upgrade until I have a good window in the gig calendar, but I want to give a hearty thanks Cliff and the FAS team for finding a way for us Mk 1 owners to get a good taste of the FullRes IRs. As always, this little black box delivers so much more than bargained for!
  40. TG3K

    Band Stories. What Happened in Your Bands? The Good, Bad, & Ugly!

    We had some interesting times touring Montana in the early '80s, but none quite as sparktacular as that, lol. I remember one gig our agent booked us at in Billings where we showed up the day before the week-long gig and went in the bar to check out the venue. The "stage" might have barely fit...
  41. TG3K

    “Jesus, is there anything you people don’t bitch about”

    ...take this 2x4 and learn to fly 🎤... Growing up in the '60s in Los Alamos NM (as I did) was interesting to say the least. There were some Civil Defense fallout shelters around town, but we didn't even bother with bomb drills in school. Los Alamos was near the top of the Soviet's target list...
  42. TG3K

    Spy vs Spy, the guitar caper

    Very nice! A little higher-end than my "Tuxedo Twins"...
  43. TG3K

    The music that got you going

    First guitar influence was Glenn Campbell, about the time Gentle on my Mind was a hit. The next landmark was Jeff Beck's Blow by Blow album. Lots of other influences along the way.
  44. TG3K

    How to use Axefx with two line 6 rackmount wireless receivers ? Help please

    That's what I do. (Well, the transmitter is in my back pocket, but still the same concept.) I switch between 4 guitars all night long. I have one of my expression pedals set up as a volume pedal on all presets, so I just use that to mute between songs. I can swap guitars in less time than it...
  45. TG3K

    Help me decide?

    I use an Axe 3 with an FC-6 (+2 external switches and 3 expression pedals) for gigging. I use one preset per song and several of them are pretty complex. So far I've not run into any limitations I couldn't work myself through. That said, I'm on the FM9 waitlist, since I think it'd make a good...
  46. TG3K


    I've done that. More than once, lol.
  47. TG3K

    Your Worst Gig Ever

    Hard to pick a "worst" but one memorably bad one was at Angel Fire Ski Resort in northern NM. (Usually one of our favorite places to play.) I had broken my left elbow and had surgery to repair it a couple of weeks prior to the gig. My left arm was in a brace to limit the range of motion. I was...
  48. TG3K

    Can someone help explain this to me? Losing my mind again here.

    I'm totally gonna file that comment away to use on my drummer, lol. He's actually a good, reliable player who comes to rehearsals and gigs knowing all his parts, but I'd still like to see the look on his face when I tell him that. :D
  49. TG3K


    Dude, that's MY jam! :D
  50. TG3K


    Considering I have fewer than a dozen IRs in my user slots, that would work for me. I have tons of off-unit storage for non-factory IRs.
  51. TG3K

    Fun News Item Of the Day

    I used to work in a materials testing lab where we used both metric and Imperial measurements, but it wasn't until I got into a umm...different...business in the '80s that I learned there were 28 grams to an ounce. :D
  52. TG3K

    Fun News Item Of the Day

  53. TG3K

    Fun News Item Of the Day

    Americans will do anything to avoid using the metric system, huh? :laughing:
  54. TG3K

    Did you marry that unconditional fan that never missed your gigs?

    When I was engaged to marry my current wife, I had a female coworker who was like a best (platonic) friend. We called her my "weekday girlfriend" while my fiancee was my "weekend girlfriend". One night my ex-wife and her girlfriend were in town, and all four women came to watch me play pool in...
  55. TG3K

    Fun News Item Of the Day

    Stumbled upon this backstory about that photo a little while back... https://www.businessinsider.com/heres-how-this-fake-photo-went-viral-and-tricked-the-internet-2014-5
  56. TG3K


    That's a beauty for sure. I really like the maple fingerboard. 👍 My Custom 24 SE model (with a Floyd) got me hooked on PRS guitars. I have four now but all are SE models...I play inexpensive guitars into the best modeler on the market.
  57. TG3K

    Did you marry that unconditional fan that never missed your gigs?

    I did. We dated for a few years, then went separate ways for a few years, then were married for a few years after that. She divorced me and left me for another woman, and now, almost 40 years later, we're still great friends and she and my current wife get along great together. Current wife and...
  58. TG3K

    What Kind Of Music Do You Play? How Do You Practice?

    Same here. I use a steel pick but have never scratched a guitar with it. But I have an early koa BC Rich Mockingbird with a 1/8" deep hole worn into it from my pinky resting under the high E. My pinky also completely wore down the bobbin on the bridge pickup on that guitar to the point where the...
  59. TG3K

    Set list function

    Those of us who relied heavily on the set list feature offered by the Axe-Fx II and the MFC-101 would probably agree that something along those lines would be a great starting point spec-wise for the Axe-Fx III and the FC controllers. For my use case at least, it's probably the number 1...
  60. TG3K

    What Kind Of Music Do You Play? How Do You Practice?

    Much the same here, although I play in a primarily classic acoustic/electric rock cover band (with a few country songs thrown in for variety). I'm the electric guy in our band, but lately our acoustic guitar player has been working out of town every other week, so I've been working on some of...
  61. TG3K

    Bob Ross

    I did the same last night and also came to the same conclusions. Greed is a powerful drug.
  62. TG3K

    PSA 20% Off Cables for Fractal products

    I was very happy with my BTPA cables until the one for my wireless transmitter went bad. I tried multiple times to get questions answered by their support folks, and never got a response back from them.
  63. TG3K

    Fun News Item Of the Day

    It was the best of times, it was the worst of times...
  64. TG3K

    Set list function

    This is great news! Looking forward to using this functionality.
  65. TG3K

    Useless observation of the day

    Fact: Things are more the same now than they were before they used to be the same. And I'll take cantaloupe over watermelon (or any other melon, for that matter) any day of the week.
  66. TG3K

    Do you turn the AxeFx off when it's thunderstorming out?

    Haven't lost any electrical equipment to lightning, but years ago I was adding a quart of oil to my pickup during a rain storm, and a bolt of lightning either hit the truck or directly above it. The only part I saw was the large blue spark that jumped from the engine block to my forearm. Knocked...
  67. TG3K

    Migrating from AxeFX II & MFC to AxeFX III & FC12

    Being able to use 4 channels of almost everything (as opposed to the X-Y option in the AFX II) was a game changer for me in the way I saet up my presets. My suggestion would to be open-minded about recreating your 5 presets. In my case, I started with converting all of my presets via FracTool...
  68. TG3K

    Mayer used an Axe-FX 3 for his new album

    I did a "hired gun" session last summer at a studio I hadn't been to before. I took my Axe-Fx and foot controllers. We did a couple of songs with multiple guitar tracks. The producer/engineer was a tube amp guy, but was familiar with Fractal products, since Larry Mitchell (and probably others)...
  69. TG3K

    Favorite Coffee

    I start most days with Walmart French Vanilla K-Cups with enough hot cocoa mix and milk added to drown out any coffee flavor. I'll see myself out now, lol. Kudos for spelling "chile" correctly. :D Hatch is the best known, but there is a lot of good chile available here in NM. My wife works at a...
  70. TG3K

    Guitar Pick - Good for Pick Slides/Scrapes

    I've played with a stainless steel pick for decades. It'll do string scrapes forever. (With a plastic pick for scale and to show how I modify the shape.)
  71. TG3K

    Karen Metal

    I understand and agree in principle, but at some point compassion should also play a part in one's decision making. Karen was clearly unhinged, yet camera girl kept pushing her buttons needlessly.
  72. TG3K

    What guitars do you use with Fender amp models?

    Any of them, although most of my gigging guitars are either Strats with an SSS pickup configuration or my PRS SE Semi-hollowbody with Duncan Phat Cats (P-90 style in a humbucker-sized package).
  73. TG3K

    Happy Birthday @Burgs!

    Happy birthday, Brett! We all pitched in and got you a cake. It was delicious.
  74. TG3K

    Karen Metal

    After seeing this, I watched the original version of the Karen video, and IMO the girl running the camera should have just backed off and let it go, instead of egging the blonde girl on for over 20 minutes. Camera girl was just making the problem worse just to get herself a viral video.
  75. TG3K

    Perfect Leslie/Rotary - 60 Second Sounds #8

    Loving all of these 60 Second Sound videos, Cooper. Thanks!
  76. TG3K

    Emulating Bass Guitar

    Nicely done!
  77. TG3K

    What was the trick for faster boot up?

    I thought the "empty preset trick" only sped up the time to create a backup, not the boot time.
  78. TG3K

    Which Guitarists Have You Discovered, Maybe Late In Their Career, That You Never Knew Were Badass?

    I knew Tim at the beginning of his career (before he moved to LA), but I still get a kick out of discovering songs that he played on...songs that I've admired over the years without knowing he played on them.
  79. TG3K

    The 'Complete' Musician.

    Joni Mitchell
  80. TG3K

    How does everyone learn new songs?

    When I was a little kid, songbooks with chord diagrams and lyrics were about the only way to go for popular music. I went through several Glenn Campbell books back then. As a high school kid, I just about wore holes in my Jeff Beck Blow by Blow album back when it first came out. Back in the '80s...
  81. TG3K

    Is John Mayer....

    IMO John Mayer's playing can run circles around any screaming drop-tuned djentleman out there. His music may not be to your taste, but no amount of chugging and growling can match his musicianship. Also IMO, anyone who considers music as their path to getting laid has their priorities screwed up.
  82. TG3K

    I Lost my wife last night

    Very sorry to see this news. Sending my sincere condolences, brother. I don't know what I'd do without my wife. May the pain of your loss be short and the loving memories be forever.
  83. TG3K

    5 Minute Tones

    Maybe an Aussie national treasure, but he's definitely appreciated around the world. 👍
  84. TG3K

    Got a newsletter from an amplifier manufacturer today... Clearly they haven't tried Cygnus! Lol!

    That's part of why I still have the Quadraverb and the mid-'60s Deluxe Reverb my parents bought for me used in about 1968 when I was in 5th or 6th grade. Haven't fired either of them up in years, but I don't think I'll be selling either of them anytime soon. (Especially the Deluxe...I'll have...
  85. TG3K

    Your best electric guitars, do they sound great acoustically?

    One of the main things I look for when buying an electric guitar is how it sounds unplugged. I've bought several used guitars without ever plugging them in. I figure if the wood sounds good, I can fix/replace any of the electronic parts that don't.
  86. TG3K

    Got a newsletter from an amplifier manufacturer today... Clearly they haven't tried Cygnus! Lol!

    Thanks for saying that. I'd always read that it was the odd order harmonics that were most pleasing to our ears, and after reading the OP, I was starting to doubt my memory.
  87. TG3K

    Got a newsletter from an amplifier manufacturer today... Clearly they haven't tried Cygnus! Lol!

    In my case it was a Quadraverb. I'm glad those days are over.
  88. TG3K

    Acoustic Players Using Drum Loops Live

    You just reminded me of a one-man band guy I saw back in the '80s at a bar in Gallup, NM. He played acoustic guitar and sang, and had some type of cheesy drum machine foot pedal. He was playing a slow country ballad, with the drum machine going...
  89. TG3K

    Rituals before you play live?

    I do the same. And if time is short (or there's a line into the bathroom) I use rubbing alcohol and wipe them off with a towel. I keep a small bottle of alcohol in my gig bag for cleaning my strings and guitars after each gig. I do the same (minus the shot), usually as part of the hand-washing...
  90. TG3K

    Question on Friedman and other clean amps

    I don't know if this directly addresses your question, but I don't pay much attention the name of the particular amp models. If one model doesn't give me the sound or feel I'm looking for within a few minutes of tweaking, I just go to another model. I have yet to find a sound I couldn't get with...
  91. TG3K

    Buy Axe-Fx III?

    I'll second this. I have bought zero amps and effects ever since I got on the Fractal train. (Started with the Axe-Fx II, now running the III.) Now I just spend my extra money on guitars instead. :D
  92. TG3K

    SetList (Lack Of) Frustration

    The problem with that is the presets in the back up file will be outdated in the event of either A) a firmware update, or B) any tweaks to the "master" presets from which the list is built. As it is now, I have to be certain to only make tweaks to my "master" presets, and then copy them to blank...
  93. TG3K

    SetList (Lack Of) Frustration

    This x1000. Our set lists change every show. I use one preset per song and it's a pain in the ass to have to hook up my computer to the Axe-Fx each time I need to shuffle the presets around. Right now I have the factory presets in banks B through D. I've not had time to go through them all and...
  94. TG3K

    Gene Simmons documentary

    Hey, Cledus Maggard and the Citizen's Band was the greatest of all time. Of. All. Time! :laughing:
  95. TG3K

    Can you ignore a thread?

    I frequent two XenForo-based forums. One is a woodworking forum I help run, and I use the What's New feature there, because I want to see every new post that happens there. Here on the FAS forum, I'm primarily interested in the main Axe-Fx III forum and the Lounge, with occasional visits to...
  96. TG3K

    True Story

    That's one of my pet peeves. If you need to play to explain something, that's cool, but never at volume, and never when someone else is trying to say something. I'm fortunate that everyone in my band is willing to rehearse at moderately low volume. We also don't dick around between songs at...
  97. TG3K

    Echo in the Canyon

    I watched Echo in the Canyon last night on Netflix. It's a documentary produced and hosted by Jakob Dylan, and has interviews with a lot of the key participants from back then. It's a cool insight to the way the Laurel Canyon music scene in LA '60s started and evolved. It truly was a milestone...
  98. TG3K

    The question mark...

    From what I seen, it's getting worser.
  99. TG3K

    Share the oldest recording that you have

    That's a very cool thought. You made my day. Hard to believe I've been playing that song for nearly 50 years.
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