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  1. rudomat

    is it possible to only copy/paste the X-side of fx-block in ax8 edit?

    when i copy/paste a block, i always copy both...x- as well as the y-side of the block, right? is it possible to only copy/paste the x-side f.e...? thanks
  2. rudomat

    help: noise when switching from scene in 4cm to scene with internal preamp

    with internal preamp i meant an ax8 amp block...(power amp function is globally turned off!) thanks!
  3. rudomat

    help: noise when switching from scene in 4cm to scene with internal preamp

    can anybody tell me, if there´s a chance to get rid of this switching noise...? i´m basically running my whole setup in mono 4CM...only for one scene, i´m switching the fx-loop block off while the internal amp goes on...this causes some massive noise... any hints...? thanks!!
  4. rudomat

    Bug? Win10, AX8-Edit 1.8.7, tuner problems since 9.03!

    still freezes sometimes...!!!
  5. rudomat

    Bug? Win10, AX8-Edit 1.8.7, tuner problems since 9.03!

    still...after upgrading to 9.04 the same problem!!!
  6. rudomat

    Bug? Win10, AX8-Edit 1.8.7, tuner problems since 9.03!

    my tuner sometimes freezes since the latest upgrade!!! after restarting and turning disconnecting the usb connection to my pc, it´s working again...;-(
  7. rudomat

    Bug? ax8 edit: can´t store library wah in a preset

    win 10, fw 9.03, edit 1.8.7 i can recall my library sored wah, but can´t store it within the preset... when i changed the settings manually, i was able to store it then....but not from a recalled library block (incl. the library name)
  8. rudomat

    michael thompson clean sound preset

    saw that one too...especially the landau sound was very good!!
  9. rudomat

    michael thompson clean sound preset

    not really...;-(
  10. rudomat

    albatross, apache presets for di...?

    are there any around...? thanks
  11. rudomat

    where to find the larry mitchell presets...?

    can anybody tell me...? thanks
  12. rudomat

    Queensrÿche - Eyes Of A Stranger FULL COVER w/vocals (all AX8)

    wow...great!! reminded me, how much i loved this band, before geoff tate showed us all, what an ashole he is...
  13. rudomat

    Horn Patch Request

    are they available for ax8 as well....? thanks
  14. rudomat

    Wish Assign Scene 1/2 Toggle to External Switch

    yes...that need of a double switch once is the problem...i live with it and do use the ext.switch as toogle preset8/back
  15. rudomat

    fx send clip led freezes...???

    hi, it seems my fx send clip led sometimes freezes...when i power off and back on it´s ok again...now i suspect it also led to the signal slightly distorting until i powered off...is that possible...? that would mean i have to always carefully watch this led....??!!! thanks a lot, rudi
  16. rudomat

    Tone Matching Acoustic Guitar

    these do sound really great...would any of you guys be so nice and da a tone match to ir conversion (like this here: https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/tone-match-to-ir-conversion.123483/ ) for us ax8 guys...? ;-) would be so nice...best!
  17. rudomat

    lots of hum when connected via usb (4cm)

    ok, but i don´t get any hum when the whole gear in 4cm is hooked up...but only when i add the usb to pc connection...can it still be that the ebtech tool is the solution...? where should i place it then...? thanks
  18. rudomat

    Wish Maxon SD9 Sonic Distortion

    yesss please...!!! ;-)
  19. rudomat

    lots of hum when connected via usb (4cm)

    hi, when i´ve got my setup connected in 4cm everything works fine...as soon as i connect to the pc via usb, i get really loud hum...of course i want to work with axe edit and need the usb connection... thanks for hints....
  20. rudomat

    2nd amp block

    ...to run two amps the same time...and enough power for that...;-)
  21. rudomat

    Wish Names for Scenes

  22. rudomat

    can we store scenes with different footswitch ensembles...?

    i´d like to have my first preset recal scene 1 with different presets on switches 1-4... that doesn´t give me enough istant access to my pedals, so i´d like to jump and hold F2 for sticky scene mode and then recall scene 2 which then should be the exact same preset, only with all 8 footswitches...
  23. rudomat

    is it possible to switch amp and cab x to y by one switch...?

    is there maybe a global setting where i could select that switching the amp x to y will also simultanously switch cabs x to y...? thanks
  24. rudomat

    problem: extern. pedal to switch x/y...?

    i´ve set my ext. pedal (#2) to change to delay x/y in the I/O menu (control tab), but it simply doesn´t work... anybody´s got an idea, if that´s a bug or if i´ve overseen sthg....? of course i´ve checked the pedal and calibrated it in the I/O menu (pedal tab)...when i hit the switch it shows...
  25. rudomat

    anybody had this ax8 edit problem as well?

    what does that mean...i can´t work with ax8 edit anymore...;-(
  26. rudomat

    michael thompson clean sound preset

    wow...i can´t deny, i´m really shocked about the poor resonance...;-)...to be honest - i expected way more... maybe i should have asked for some super trash metal tone for more resonance..;-(
  27. rudomat

    michael thompson clean sound preset

    has anybody ever shared a preset that tried to simulate mt´s incredible clean sound...? i´d actually also buy such a preset, if anybody´s got to come really close...;-) (i´d only need 4CM of course...) in case somebody missed this great video of tim pierce and pete thorn with mt.... is it...
  28. rudomat

    colourcoding jacks...?

    ...not the cheapest way...if you need 7 different colours...;-)...but thanks a lot!...i´ll think about it...!
  29. rudomat

    colourcoding jacks...?

    hi! question: how do you guys colourcode your jacks...? i´m using a fractal audio ax8 and have my neutrik plugs colour-coded...i´m wondering what´s the best way to code the jacks on the unit... i´m afraid, rubber tape could come off due to heat and leave glue... actually i find it really...
  30. rudomat

    anybody got an e bow preset for 4cm...?

    has anybody ever seen such...? would anybody share...?
  31. rudomat

    cliff, will ax8 become able to send cc messages...?

    i needed this so badly...and since the manual says the ax8 is able to recieve and send cc messages my hope is, it will come...will it...? thanks!
  32. rudomat

    longer screws for the ax8 feet...?

    hey thanks! i actually didn´t even know, there is a 3,5M thread...;-)
  33. rudomat

    longer screws for the ax8 feet...?

    i´m trying to screw my ax8 onto my board...now i´m searching for screws, about 3cm long, fitting to the original thread...can anybody tell me about the original thread...? i´m from europe and i see, it´s not metrical...what is it and can anybody tell me where to get longer screws for that...
  34. rudomat

    e bow or sustainor preset..?

    hi, has anybody ever made such a preset...? is it available somewhere...? thanks!
  35. rudomat

    e bow or sustainer preset...?

    hi, has anybody ever made such a preset...? is it available somewhere...? thanks!
  36. rudomat

    hi! want to trade the fx8 for a line6 helix...? someday near austria...? best, rudi

    hi! want to trade the fx8 for a line6 helix...? someday near austria...? best, rudi
  37. rudomat

    fx8 in mono 4cm and acoustic to di wiring at the same time...?

    thanks...and i won´t have to fear ground loops or some noise...? ;-)
  38. rudomat

    fx8 in mono 4cm and acoustic to di wiring at the same time...?

    is it possible to wire the fx8 in 4cm in mono with the left output and at the same time wire the right output directly to the pa, so i could either select my amp setup, or switch to my acoustic and play directly to the pa...? thanks
  39. rudomat

    post fx parallel with analog dry signal?

    after the post ins, can i have a part of the signal pass dry through the unit in anolog, like on my lexicon mpx g2...? so i won´t need a line mixer for a parallel mix... thanks
  40. rudomat

    How much will it cost? Hmmm.....

    i think 1999,95 is obscene, and 1345,95 still is too much!!! the real power of the axe fx are the amp and cab sims, which are not included in the fx8....(and that really is a pitty, that there is no cab block to be able to send some fx directly to pa...!!! ;-(...so i buy this unit, one could...
  41. rudomat

    Ok. I'll start Wish list

    i´ve read, it won´t feature any, though stil can´t believe it...can´understand why they keep it poor...are they afraid nobody´s gonna buy the axe anymore....? also i can´t understand why it won´t feature the one or other loop, like the g System has... seems they don´t really want to release the...
  42. rudomat

    Coming Soon

    soon...last soon was about 1 and a half yaer...;-)
  43. rudomat

    Coming Soon

    i can live with it after the preamp, but not in front...did you play your eventide and 2290 in front...?
  44. rudomat

    Coming Soon

    ...so they should really build, what the majority needs...and that´s a unit with loops!! ;-) come on...do you really think professional guitarists, that care about tone (take landau, henderson, thompson, me...;-) ...just kidding...), will completely pass on their pedals in front of the amp...
  45. rudomat

    Coming Soon

    the problem of ad/da conversion especially in front of the amp is not only about noise...
  46. rudomat

    Coming Soon

    don´t know, why you´re saying such things...me, i definitely want the swiss army knife of pedalboards and nothing less...and the reason why i´m not playing a g system is, that i´ve had the feeling it affected the tone very much and it´s got too less influence on important parameters...and of...
  47. rudomat

    Coming Soon

    hi cliff, has the release date come closer or are there some unexpected postponements...? i really want to buy this unit, but needed to sell some equipment before...but i need this until the fx8 is available...can you maybe give us some news...? and on more question: will the fx8 basically be...
  48. rudomat

    Coming Soon

  49. rudomat

    Coming Soon

    yes...some switchable loop for the one or other favourite pedal (like, i think, the g system has...) would have been great as well... but i´m pretty sure, they´ve discussed this and decided to not include them...too bad...;-)
  50. rudomat

    Coming Soon

    pre-amp path totally analog and true-bypassable (which i think it is anyway...) would be cool... just kidding...i know this is not axe-fx then...but let me dream a little of a future unit...;-) like the vintage revolution thing in front of the amp, and the axe fx for post fx...? what do you...
  51. rudomat

    Digital crackle using 4CM ...

    i´m having the same problem...crackling comes with inserting the axe front input/out2-signal...having it set up like this: guitar- g-lab gsc5: loop1, 2: some pedals, loop3: axe front/out2...some other pedals....loop 12: send to herbert front input- herbert speaker out- custom box with line out...
  52. rudomat

    Firmware Version 10.12 Now Available

    ...did i miss sthg....? has there been a 2.0...? 3.0....where is it....?
  53. rudomat

    real amp plus axe-fx direct feed...

    thanks...how would you flip the axes´ output phase...? with the output 1/2 phase setting in the I/O-settings´ audio-tab, correct? thanks
  54. rudomat

    real amp plus axe-fx direct feed...

    when running different amps/speakers at the same time, i know, you have to check whether they´re in phase...do i have to check that as well, when running a real amp/speaker miced together with an axe-fx-direct feed...? if yes, how could i do that...? thanks a lot!
  55. rudomat

    Live performance of "I am the Slime" with Ray White and members of Umphreys Mcgee

    really, really great playing!!!...and sound...;-) what´s that guitar....? would you share this preset....?
  56. rudomat

    wet-dry-wet: modulation fx-volume too low...

    that´s not my screenshot...;-)...the dry headsignal goes from the speaker out into a small little box, a tech built for me, and the to the dry speaker...this little box has got a line signal-output, which goes to the axe fx...should have done a diagram...;-)
  57. rudomat

    wet-dry-wet: modulation fx-volume too low...

    no, my setup basically is guitar (through some pedals) to my engl powerball head, a line out after the poweramp goes to my axe fx, from there to the matrix gt800fx power amp into two 1x12" cabs...the powerball of course in the center feeds a cab as well...
  58. rudomat

    wet-dry-wet: modulation fx-volume too low...

    dry center and two fx cabs of course...
  59. rudomat

    wah makes output 2 clip...?

    hi! my wah is set to 0dB, so when it´s bypassed, it´s about unity gain, i guess...and when it´s on it often makes the output 2 light flash...is that ok? thanks
  60. rudomat

    wet-dry-wet: modulation fx-volume too low...

    my question: i´m running a wet-dry-wet rig...the amps´ lineout feeds the axe fx, which then goes to a matrix power amp and to two speaker cabs...now delay and reverb is is on nearly all of the time...when i want to add some modulation effect in front of the rev/del, the mod.fxs´ volume is much...
  61. rudomat

    Any E.T.A on Misha/Nolly Presets???!!!!!

    hey...axe edit will be here very soon!!!! maybe in september...
  62. rudomat

    switching scenes needs a second switch....?

    thanks guys...i´ve got it...on the gsc5 i can set the sequence, either pc first and then cc, or cc first and then later pc...í´ve had the set it to pc first and now it´s doing it...thanks!
  63. rudomat

    switching scenes needs a second switch....?

    i use the g lab gsc5...i don´t know how it´s on the MFC, on the gsc5 i simply choose my cc numbers and advise a worth for them...thanks!
  64. rudomat

    switching scenes needs a second switch....?

    i´ve stored preset 1 (on my floorboard) with axe preset #80, cc#34 and a value of 0, and preset 2 again with axe preset #80, cc#34 and the value of 1...now switching to my floorboards preset #1 should recall my axe-preset #80 with scene 1 and recalling preset 2 the same preset with scene 2...
  65. rudomat

    When tone matching doesn't work...

    that doesn´t sound like a typical strat, sorry...i don´t know why this shouldn´t be a les paul actually...i won´t say this is no strat, but i´d say i´m sure you could get nearly any guitar to sound like that...if you really want that...;-) btw. anybody knows if the singer recovered from his...
  66. rudomat

    very loud signal while changing presets?

    thanks alot...i can´t find PC REST in any menu....? is it IGNORE REDUNAND PC in the I/O menu´s midi tab....? best!
  67. rudomat

    very loud signal while changing presets?

    thanks...such a shame - i actually even don´t know what that means....;-)...it´s ok now since i switched spillover mode to off in the global menu...??? can i only use the same type of delay or reverb in the two presets when i globally activate spillover to not get this artifact....?
  68. rudomat

    very loud signal while changing presets?

    no...i´m using a g-lab gsc5 (only for midi and expressionpedals in this case - no audiosignal going into it....)...there i can alter the expression pedal transmission period between 4 - 8 - 16 - 32 and 64 ms...but also set to 4ms i do get this problem...
  69. rudomat

    very loud signal while changing presets?

    while changing from one preset to anotherone, i get this really loud signal for a short moment...does anybody know what could be the reason and if i could avoid that...? i´m changing from a higher gain preset with a cali leggie amp block to a lower gain ampblock with a friedman be ampblock...i...
  70. rudomat

    FRFR Tip: Give yourself a midrange boost

    thanks scott, do you use this in the same manner...so playing (building sounds) at home at lower volume with the expr. pedal to zero, and playing live you fade in some mids...? you´re adding the controller (with a range of Min: 0db and Max: +8db) to the PEQ´s final level parameter in the...
  71. rudomat

    AE for FW8.01a

    they say it´s coming soon...maybe there´s a chance for 2013...;-) who knows...how long did we wait for axe change...? it was always announced to come very soon...it took so long, now nobody´s really thinking about it anymore and it´s not really a great pool....;-(
  72. rudomat

    FRFR Tip: Give yourself a midrange boost

    do you guys only use that for frfr or with power amp/guitar speaker as well...?
  73. rudomat

    Bug? 8.01a: pressing fx byp button on an amp block mutes the amp (byp mode=thru)

    is this serious...? sorry, that´s happening when many are trying to be funny...
  74. rudomat

    Bug? 8.01a: pressing fx byp button on an amp block mutes the amp (byp mode=thru)

    thank you!...didn´t expect that to be a very hard to understand...
  75. rudomat

    Bug? 8.01a: pressing fx byp button on an amp block mutes the amp (byp mode=thru)

    yes...and it mutes the amp, when byp mode is in mute position, and it bypasses it, when byp mode is in thru position...i think you know that, don´t you?
  76. rudomat

    Bug? 8.01a: pressing fx byp button leads to "save/load global block"-window

    ...only sometimes, mostly it´s working... also, i´ve noticed i´ve worked on a presets´ booster (esoteric rc) and after storing the preset, powering down and 2 hours later powering up again, the drive-setting was totally different.... are these bugs...?
  77. rudomat

    Deluxe Tweed Ideas

    can you tell me what MV is...? actually...is there a newer manual or some site - maybe in yek´s how to´s - where you can watch for all the new parameters...? thanks!
  78. rudomat

    Deluxe Tweed Ideas

    can you share the preset...? best
  79. rudomat

    Really At A Loss With v7

    agree!!!! ;-(
  80. rudomat

    is axe edit working now with v7...???

    can we use axe edit with v7 now...? if not, when can we expect it...? would be great to get an extra "axe edit" room here in the forum...and more regular infos about these serious problems...;-( thanks
  81. rudomat

    Wanted: Amps to Model

    and a bandmaster, please!!!!
  82. rudomat

    Is Axe edit now working with v7?

    ...I've been using Axe-Edit 1.0.317 with FW 7.00 on OS X with no serious problems except for the occasional lockup... you're not playing much live, do you...? Occasional lockups are more than a serious problem, it's a real desaster!!! It's the only reason to consider selling the unit...
  83. rudomat

    Is Axe edit now working with v7?

    ????...i find the infos about all that pretty poor, to be honest...i'd actually wish axe edit to work with the new firmware as soon as it's released...no - i don't want to edit the axe fx without axe edit!!!!
  84. rudomat

    V6 firmware: Time to Release the Monster - Speaker Resonance Page

    thanks scott, would you maybe share some of your now in this sense tweaked fender, vox, marshall, and higher gain presets for all of us, who feel too stupid to do it themselves...;-)? thanks!
  85. rudomat

    Sitar Tone Nailed!!

    do you really think there´s life outside this forum???
  86. rudomat

    Sitar Tone Nailed!!

    wow!!! would you share this preset...? thanks
  87. rudomat

    Just to show my appreciation to G66

    totally agree!!! a big thank you to jacques and sussi!!!!!!!!!
  88. rudomat

    An Axe-Fx II with the 4CM seems the perfect setup, but all that AD/DA/AD??

    actually i didn´t see any need for this output2 mod, but actually i don´t use the 4cm routing very much (and i´m not too much into modern metalsounds or so...)...like luca9583, i use the glab gsc5 (looper) to be able to leave the pre-preamp-section out of the signalpath as often as possible, and...
  89. rudomat

    problem recalling presets of different banks...

    i´m using my g lab gsc5 midi controller and having problems with recalling the proper presets. the problem occured, that the axe fx II, on some specific preset switches, switched to the proper preset #, but not in bankA (as it should do) but in bankC (so my PC#1 didn´t recall preset #1 on...
  90. rudomat

    need to jump at pedal after changing presets to hear sthg...?

    no MFC...i´m using a g-lab gsc5...
  91. rudomat

    need to jump at pedal after changing presets to hear sthg...?

    hi! this is very easy for shure...can anybody tell me how i can solve this problem? after i switch to a certain preset, i don´t hear anything. i then have to jump to one of my expression pedals, which i use for master volume and wipe it...then i get to hear my preset...so what i actually want...
  92. rudomat

    AFX II Leslie simulation

    a real leslie indeed sounds greaaaat....and i haven´t heard sthg on the axe getting close...
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