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  1. m lebofsky

    FS Axe III, FC12, Mission Engineering pedal, cases, cables.

    1) Fractal AXE III in Gator 3u soft case New: $2100 + $130 2) FC-12. New: $700 3) Mission Engineering expression pedal New: $150 4) Soft case for FC-12 and pedal New: $100 5) XLR cables for all the above (2 long for PA, 1 shorter for FC12) New: $75 Total New: $3,255 $2,600 plus shipping All...
  2. m lebofsky

    FS Question on valuing a guitar

    I have a mint 'Gibson Custom Shop 1959 LP Reissue in the Brock Burst finish and Factory Bigsby. Manufactured in 2005. It was part of a run of 10 59's for Dave Carpenter of Guitar Sale back in 05'. What's the best way to value this guitar?
  3. m lebofsky

    Black Crowes cover band preset

    If you were to design one preset to use in a Black Crowes cover band, what would it look like? What amp block, cab, etc? I realize they used a lot of varying equipment over the years ... Thanks,
  4. m lebofsky

    Compressor settings

    There was a recent thread where people were comparing compressor settings and many came to agreement on the same basic settings, but for the life of me I can't find it. Anyone?
  5. m lebofsky

    Input USB block

    It would be useful for the "Input USB block" to have a channel selection drop down rather than the current fixed 7/8 value. Yes?
  6. m lebofsky

    Mixer is not an effect block?

    I would like to select channels of the mixer block via an FC switch; however, the mixer block is not listed as an effect to be chosen in Axe-Edit's FC Controllers TAP or HOLD settings.. Is this by design?
  7. m lebofsky

    FS Bogner 20th Anniversary XTC and matching 2x12 cabinet

    Located in Denver, pick-up would be ideal …. Comes with soft covers.
  8. m lebofsky

    Wish: Looper record armed (threshold set) - blink LED ring

    Looper block configured to use the threshold to start recording. It would be great if the LED ring would blink when not recording, yet armed. Once the threshold is exceeded, then recording starts and the LED ring turns solid. Great visual so you can know if you are actually recording or not.
  9. m lebofsky

    Assigning a "Solo" switch that adjusts things while remaining on the current scene

    FC12 Example: Layout 7 top row are presets Layout 7 bottom row are scenes: CLEAN, BLUE, RED. Each scene calls up varying channels and bypass states of amps, effects, etc of the current preset. I would like to assign a switch a latched "SOLO" switch that doesn't change the current scene, but...
  10. m lebofsky

    Scene select activating the "saved scene"

    FC12 Given: Layout 7 top row = presets, with one switch that gets me to Layout 8 Layout 7 bottom row= scenes Layout 8 = effect switches, with one switch that gets me back to Layout 7 Scenario: On layout 7, I select a preset, and then select a scene Then goto layout 8 and select a few effects...
  11. m lebofsky

    FC HOLD sticky function

    FC- hold sticky function. Is it currently working? When mine is on or off, it doesn't look different on the FC12 ….
  12. m lebofsky

    Univox Super Fuzz

    For you fuzz aficionados, what currently comes closest to the Univox Super Fuzz. AXE III Hard Fuzz ?
  13. m lebofsky

    Switch HOLD visual when activated

    Since I can't change the Post title, now that I am shifting my idea for visual display of a switch hold being held (not an LED ring topic anymore), I have created this new post/wish. It would be very nice to "see" that a switch hold is activated. I just figured out the easy, natural fix...
  14. m lebofsky

    Adjust playback volume of looper block from the FC-12 looper layout

    If I want to adjust the playback volume of the looper block from the FC12 looper layout (using two switches, Vol +/-) how can I do this?
  15. m lebofsky

    Ring LEDs

    Are the 4 LEDs that form each ring tied together, or will it be possible in the future to have them separately light up for a more granular view.
  16. m lebofsky

    Mutually exclusive (2 wah blocks, one expression pedal, one external switch)

    I have an Axe III and an FC-12. Using two wah blocks (one wah block uses expression pedal 1, the second wah block (cocked wah sound) uses the FC-12's external switch 1). This switch is in the toe of my spring loaded mission engineering pedal. I want to make sure that the expression pedal wah...
  17. m lebofsky

    Turning an IA switch into a preset switch

    Using Axe II mode. Bank size of 0 Edit>Midi set IA17 to NONE (ie no effects assigned to the IA). Edit>Midi >pc page set it to 1 (so I can go back to oreset 1 no matter what preset I'm on. I need this because I use back size of zero and use the up/down to get to my presets). The above...
  18. m lebofsky

    Wish Number of presets=0 feature request

    For those of us who use Number of Presets = 0 , the Reveal button does nothing. I personally would like the reveal button to be used as a global preset when Presets = 0 (thus allowing me to instantly goto my standard patch). Thanks,
  19. m lebofsky


    Trust me. Good stuff !! Whacka Whacka Whaaaaaaaa :D
  20. m lebofsky

    Tuner smoothness

    Cliff - If there is a way to get the MFC-101 tuner to be as smooth/responsive as the Axe's, I sure would appreciate it ... I still find myself walking back to the Axe to tune due to its smoother display of data ...
  21. m lebofsky

    Link function

    Great concept, but it would be great if you coud have none of the IAs within the "link set" be active. Currently one must always be on. I realize if you are trying to simulate a multi-channel amp, this is perfect. However, I would think more people would be able to use the Link function for...
  22. m lebofsky

    1 preset per bank mode

    Wouldn't it be nice if your in the "preset bank size of 1" for the "reveal" button to become the global preset IA. Is it too early to be listing the "wouldn't it be nice" stuff ??
  23. m lebofsky

    Mission SP-2

    Who (besides me) is using this pedal to control 2 Axe blocks ? Note: The SP-2 has 2 controllers coming out of it and a toe switch that toggles between them. Thanks,
  24. m lebofsky

    Amp block boost amount parameter

    "Boost amount" parameter in the amp block that would allow you to choose a fixed boost other than +12dB for the built-in boost switch, thus freeing up a filter block. This is a "Chase" comment from another thread that I though should be polled .... And - the ability to assign a cc rather than...
  25. m lebofsky

    Review ?

    To me, this is a short and simple review. I'm selling my Bogner XTC classic (it's in the For Sale section).
  26. m lebofsky

    For those with Bogner OS 2x12 cabinets

    I have seen more than a few people, who like myself, are using Bogner oversized 2x12 cabs. I absolutely love my current setup (X2 wireless - Axe - VHT 2/90/2 - Two Bogner cabs). The weak link for me is finding an IR or an IR mix that simulates these cabs. Note: One out of three gigs requires me...
  27. m lebofsky

    Loci wang drep grutchenburger knokdom

    Loci wang drep grutchenburger knokdom "CRACK" thain nighten dopensaugter chowdam.
  28. m lebofsky

    9.02 Lockups

    Config: Ultra 9.02 Rocktron All-Access midi controller (have not changed its configuration in over a year) During my first band practice with 9.02 firmware, axe lockups (hi pitched squeel and frozen) on patch changes After reboot things are OK for a few patch changes, then frozen again. In a 3...
  29. m lebofsky

    Axe small round midi power jack

    I'm trying to ditch my Rocktron All Accesss 5 to 7 pin cable and use just a 7 to 7 pin midi cable. For this switch to work I obviously have to use the Axe's small round midi power jack, but I can't seem to find a all wart that has the size needed for the Axe. Anyone ?
  30. m lebofsky

    I keep trying to go back ...

    So I spent a few hours today using the 4 cable method with my XTC classic stack and a new mini-gizmo midi switcher (allows my all-acess to not only control the Axe , but change channels on the XTC.). Works like a charm. However, now that I'm used to the verve 12ma's (their wide dispersion)...
  31. m lebofsky

    handles on the front of the Axe

    Can these be removed easily ? (i.e., unscrewed from the inside of the Axe without having to move electronics around). Thanks
  32. m lebofsky

    Sound Guy compliment

    I've been going back and forth between my Axe/FRFR (QSC HPRs) and my old school tube rigs for the past 1.5 yrs. We played a 500 person venue (Herman's Hideaway) this weekend that is known for good FOH, monitors and talent behind the board. I told the sound guy I needed two XLRs panned hard L...
  33. m lebofsky

    Cab Drive - What is it really doing

    Like many, I am trying to get closer to that "in the room, real guitar cab" sound/feel with my FRFR (QSCs) live. The cab drive variable, I assume is applying simulated speaker compression and distortion as you turn it up. Is this correct ? A few questions that I assume only Cliff can...
  34. m lebofsky

    Farfield (not close-mic'd) IRs

    Has anyone found a source for farfield, not close-mic'd, IRs taken with a reference-quality test mic? I know we have 3 in the stock presets (thank you Jay), but considering the amount of people going FRFR (who keep wanting the sound of their old rigs next to them), you would think this would...
  35. m lebofsky

    Controller that can access the Formant Filter's Advanced Tab

    Looking for a floor controller that can access the Axe's Formant Filter Advanced Tab functions. Will trade my mint condition original 59 Les Paul w/Brazilian neck. Thanks.
  36. m lebofsky

    Factory IRs (volume levels)

    Do you find the factory IRs to be all of equal volume ? Example: Assume mono hi-res cabinets in parallel, one hard left, one hard right. I assume changing speaker types (V30, 6", Metal, etc, etc) and speaker type combinations should not effect channel volumes relative to each other. I bring...
  37. m lebofsky

    6.Beta IRS (close or far miced)

    As per the release notes, 6.Beta includes: Updated the following cabinet models with new IR’s: - 1x10 BLUE - 1x12 TWEED - 2x12 BLACK - 2x12 CUST - 4x12 RECTO - 4x12 BRIT - 4x12 75W - 4x12 30W Added the following cabinet models: - 4x12 GERMAN: Based on Bogner 4x12 - 4x12 METAL: Based on Engl...
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