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  1. Jaz1956

    Advice for: Axe freezing and needing restart

    Hi BWB - I've had this happen in the past and it was nothing to do with heat/ventilation or even Firmware updates. It would happen randomly at different gigs or rehearsal studios and the problem was always dodgy mains supplies. I now run the AxeFX (and a laptop for adjustments via Axe Edit) via...
  2. Jaz1956

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 7.00 Public Beta

    Patience Fellow Fractallers!! I don't know if you've noticed but a load of the recent FW updates have appeared on a SUNDAY so it's either this w/e or next that Q7 will land and I'm sure it'll be worth the wait.
  3. Jaz1956

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 6.01 Firmware Released

    Like this wee guy (*_*)
  4. Jaz1956

    Noobie Question

    Or you could use "scenes". Sort your tone and volume in Scene 1 then for your solo move to Scene 2 and without changing anything apart from raising the Output volume for that Scene - easy:)
  5. Jaz1956

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 6.01 Firmware Released

    Mòran taing a-rithist gu na h-uile aig Fractal airson as ùire FW
  6. Jaz1956

    Remove Legacy Version Option from Firmware - Mark l/Mark ll

    Onwards and Upwards guys - the latest modelling is the thing to have if it's more accurate and like the real thing - no question!! I'd honestly be happy with 10 realistic Amps and Cabs that sound as close to their namesakes as possible plus all the wonderful effects that are available in this...
  7. Jaz1956

    Just ordered a Furman P-1800 AR for my AxeFx...overkill?

    Hi SB - you're right to protect your AXE from the nasties that may appear down the power supply! The AXE is an expensive computer basically and needs all the protection it can get especially if moving it from gig to gig or rehearsal rooms etc. I've had mine freeze up and had to reboot several...
  8. Jaz1956

    Pick the real amp...

    All the examples are very good and the Axe is incredible. I have waited patiently for a subtle change to the attack to become a little softer, squishier in a way. It's so damn close though it's not something I would be complaining about, I just thought I should share my own personal findings...
  9. Jaz1956

    Things to check before buying axe

    Hi there - I hope it all works out for you - you will love the AxeFX, no doubts about it. It's just so versatile and all that you need is in one box. The thing to remember though is that this box is a computer and probably the most expensive computer most folks will ever buy! So if you have...
  10. Jaz1956

    making clean amps dirty

    Great stuff Clarky! I'm guessing that you're cranking Power Amp supply sag and maybe doing a bit of transformer mismatch here. Nice to get back to the basics and get great tones THEN maybe add effects etc for different songs. Kinda reminds me of Bernie Marsden .... Player + nice old guitar +...
  11. Jaz1956

    Axe FX backup EEPROM chip

    Hi all - was watching the Forum recently and Jason mentioned that he'd accidentally messed up an update by switching off the power too soon and that he was ordering an emergency backup EEPROM chip from Fractal to get his Axe going again. Now I know that the XL and XL+ have these built in so I...
  12. Jaz1956

    Your rack

    Hi Joe - 20in deep will let you mount a power amp in there if that's your plan:) Don't know how many Units high you need but Axe + a 1U power amp is the minimum for a nice powered rig. I use a 4U and the Laptop on a 1U sliding tray has been replaced by a UPS now. Shock-mount stuff is nice but...
  13. Jaz1956

    Axe-Fx in your circle...

    Well... I'm in West Scotland UK and I've never met any other players with an Axe FX or Kemper etc but the dreaded Line6 are out around here! I suppose they're one small (low quality) step away from being gear Dinosaurs!! I've been playing over a span of 47 years now and back in the dark old...
  14. Jaz1956

    Nooooooo!! Flashing lights of death have struck....

    So for Mk1 or Mk2 users without the pre-installed backup EEPROM is there a spare socket in there to add one? Nerver had to open my Axe:)
  15. Jaz1956

    Had a rough Axe night

    Hi F - Ahh but Furman's latest flagship conditioner will cost you $600 and it's basically doing what a $150 UPS does! Even they are offering UPS solutions now - for $750 minimum! A lot of guys on here use their Axe at home only - maybe to do recording or just for the pure fun of playing through...
  16. Jaz1956

    Had a rough Axe night

    Hi PC - sorry to hear that you've got troubles with the best bit of gear around :( I get what you're saying that you need your gear constantly and you need it to be reliable - playing live is great fun and a real rush but kinda embarrassing when things don't go to plan! Back in the days when...
  17. Jaz1956

    Harmoniser disharmony

    Hi M - can be tricky but check out this thread .............. http://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/harmonizer-in-the-axe-fx-2.86251/ Hopefully might be some good info for you in there somewhere:)
  18. Jaz1956

    Nooooooo!! Flashing lights of death have struck....

    Sorry to hear of your woes:( Does this mean you need a new EEPROM chip to get going?
  19. Jaz1956

    Allen Hinds - Driving South

    or Lee Ritenour maybe?
  20. Jaz1956

    Any Former Kemper Users Here?

    Hi Karl - the Axe can do everything in stereo all through the chain including sending to the PA obviously but also has Output 2 in stereo to use (in my case for my onstage gear) in stereo but the Kemper can only monitor in mono
  21. Jaz1956

    Any Former Kemper Users Here?

    Former Kemper Rack owner here too ;) I got one because at the time there was a six month waiting list for the Axe here in the UK and I was keen to get into amp modelling so I bought the Kemper and ordered the Axe which meant that I ended up having them both at the same time. So because of this I...
  22. Jaz1956

    Anyone else enjoying the new Satriani Amps?

    Hi S - these are fairly smooth tones - if you're looking for a more metal tone you'll need to turn up the treble end a fair bit and you should be in heaven:)
  23. Jaz1956

    Anyone else enjoying the new Satriani Amps?

    The pre-installed F101 cab (4x12 Basketweave Green Mix) or just about any of the OwnHammer 412 MAR CB downloads do it for me:)
  24. Jaz1956

    You're never too old to Rock n Roll

    You're never too old to Rock n Roll
  25. Jaz1956

    Anyone else enjoying the new Satriani Amps?

    Hi fellow Axers. Have you tried out the Joe Satriani crunch/lead models yet and if so what's your take? I've found them to be possibly the best for proper valve/tube dynamics so far. Smooth and fluid yet clean up wonderfully well with guitar volume control - just needed to add a bit of top end...
  26. Jaz1956

    Detune or Chorus (80s rock)

    Definitely Detune for me :) Prob +11 cents / -13 cents and mix to taste - nothing wrong with Chorus but Detune is much more subtle
  27. Jaz1956

    I messed up my firmware update...

    That link takes you to the main FAS site but if you try to order anything from there you get bumped "Sorry - USA/Canada only" . Guess you'll have to deal with your local area Distributor for any parts.
  28. Jaz1956

    I messed up my firmware update...

    So for all us Mk1 or Mk2 guys if you screw up you need to order a replacement, wait for delivery then open up your Axe and remove the old ROM/install new one? (observing static discharge precautions of course) Better be careful guys:( Big advantage having an XL or XL+
  29. Jaz1956

    HFD! (Happy Fractal Day)

    Hi Saki and welcome to the FOC or Fractal Owners Club:) You're going to have LOTS of fun with your black magic box!! PS I think I remember getting free chocs AND a Fractal T-shirt in my box:)
  30. Jaz1956

    Cliff, you orta solicit this fellar...

    Tasty sounds and playing Henric :) Using the old PA amps reminded me of when Leslie West was touring with Mountain (not yesterday) and back then they used to have gear pre-booked in each city they were playing instead of hauling tons of stuff. Only problem was, one night some PA amps were...
  31. Jaz1956

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" 2.00 Public Beta Numero Tres

    Errr...... F5 just refreshes your internet browser page - for folks that just can't wait for the latest Firmware so they keep checking again and - you get the idea:)
  32. Jaz1956

    Small rack with the Axe-FX

    Hi Saki - I've found that I need a 4U case which covers all my needs for home practice and also gigging. 2U for the Axe, 1U for a stereo power amp and 1U for a UPS to protect the Axe when plugging in on unknown stages. (The UPS is a recent addition - used to be a slide-out drawer with my Laptop...
  33. Jaz1956

    Here is how to share XL and XL+ Presets with Mark I and II

    Share the CSV file and Layout Grid Screenshot with all us Vintage Axe-Fx II Mark I and II owners :) Great idea! Now we just have to wait for kind-hearted XL users to share.
  34. Jaz1956

    First time My Axe left the house

    Hi C - you've summed the Axe up perfectly there - it's just inspiring to play through and just encourages you to play more (and more) Do you find that you've got a big smile or at least a blissful grin when you're playing? My bandmates keep telling me that I have:D
  35. Jaz1956

    Former Kemper user, just bought axefx II

    jzucker said: ↑ Love the kemper but the effects are horrible. So , I just bought an Axefx II. That's my opinion too - had the Kemper Rack and Axe FX2 in my rack together - lovely tones from the Kemper but had to use floor pedal effects to get what I needed whereas the Axe I can use without any...
  36. Jaz1956

    Do the Axe-FX Units Ship with a Manual?

    Hi S - yes they all have a manual supplied in the box when new. I know that you could download it but as for printing it, that's another thing entirely because it's 201 pages!! That's a lot of ink :)
  37. Jaz1956

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" 2.00 Public Beta Deux

    Glad you were specific about adjusting the amp as you would in the 70's - a lot of guys on here weren't even born :p
  38. Jaz1956

    Axe FX Rack Interface Panels In The UK!

    USB 2 is just fine Paul :)
  39. Jaz1956

    Finally sold my last tube amp . . . sort of

    So very true - Axe FX is nowhere near as fragile as tubes :)
  40. Jaz1956

    Finally sold my last tube amp . . . sort of

    So true man - you can never have too many guitars:p But all you need now is an Axe FX - except maybe another one for backup LOL
  41. Jaz1956


    Hi Simon welcome to the Big Happy Family of Axe Owners. I'm sure that you'll love using this wonderful machine and that you'll be smiling for years! If you're into Ac30 territory I'd recommend getting a download of some sweet IR's for that model to complete your sonic Nirvana. There's a LOT of...
  42. Jaz1956

    Pimped out MFC board

    Oh and I only just noticed your pepperoni pizza pedals ---- hohoho:) A player with great humour and Taste!
  43. Jaz1956

    Pimped out MFC board

    Really smart floorboard dude BUT you've gotta get a better diet -LOL:p
  44. Jaz1956

    Former Kemper user, just bought axefx II

    WOOHOO - Q1.07 Satriani on the way and now Q2.0!! It's Christmas all over again:)
  45. Jaz1956

    Axe FX Rack Interface Panels In The UK!

    Yes I know - maybe most guys haven't the time or skills to make a panel like that BUT £320/$450 is a LOT of hard-earned cash for such a simple thing (which you can get by without really). Guess I'm lucky being an ex-telecomms engineer :) I'd happily make one for you for £150..............
  46. Jaz1956

    Addicted to Rock- Retired - but not from R'n'R

    Addicted to Rock- Retired - but not from R'n'R
  47. Jaz1956

    Axe FX Rack Interface Panels In The UK!

    Hi Paul - yep you could do this yourself with a 1U pre-punched panel and your selection of Neutrik connectors and some cable plus a bit of time for around £100 - I got all the parts from Audiospares. Somebody is charging quite a bit for their time in that link you posted!
  48. Jaz1956

    Another Convert

    Hi Dave - glad that you're having fun with the Fractal - you'll find it just gets better and better with each new update! I've sold all my valve gear now (Marshall, Mesa Boogie, Digitech etc) and use the Axe only. As for the monitor solution Pauly from Oz said it earlier and that's what I use -...
  49. Jaz1956

    Axe Fx Buzz Kill

    Hi Hoth looks like you found out the hard way that the Axe is the business! I've been tempted many a time to go back to valves but, as you've found out, why bother. Over here in the UK the new best thing are Victory amps and they sound lovely but then as an Axe owner you think - do I need all...
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